Patrick Henry Hughes

All parents think their children are special and I certainly believe the presence of this unconditional love makes you a better person. As a father of five, I have been blessed, but I must admit I wish I had the honor of being Patrick’s dad too. I’m jealous. I hope everyone takes a few minutes to view what optimism and inspiration can produce. Sometimes we forget the good when we concentrate so hard on uncovering the bad. I suggest that if a blogger conference/dinner is ever held, we round up the resources and invite Patrick to Delaware as the event’s featured speaker. Link to his story here What a wonderful human being.

Please, Stick Your Email Forwards In Your [EDIT]

I can think of my own reasons to vote for or not vote for any candidate.  However...  Got some juicy Barack Obama emails about why I should be frightfully concerned about him? Stop the crap, now.  I am tired of it and it pains me to think I know of so many naive...scratch that....utterly gullible and stupid people.  Please, stop tossing your litter into my email box and make your new friend.  As a matter of fact, do not ever again send me your forward crap until verifying your content through Here, on this topic, I will lend you a hand: Obama content from Friends don't let friends become embarrasingly's your friend. P.S.: There is a date and time stamp with that great tag line for!  It's mine!!!  Except for the part. Read more

Is America really ready for you know what?

Is America really ready for a Black President?  It has been only a hundred years since we were allowed to study Negro history.  America being an historically racist nation, conducted a sort of ethnic cleansing of history.  It is bad enough that non-whites were given inferior education.  What was even worse is that they were not even allowed to know what they achieved.  Even today except during black history month, you would think that the only accomplishments Blacks made was in opposing slavery and supporting civil rights. Is a nation which is less than 45 years removed from legal segregation ready to accept one of the minority class to represent it on the world stage?   I think the answer of the majority is yes.  No candidate has gotten as much excitement in the Democratic Party since Bobby Kennedy.  I think the Clintons think no. There actions show that they believe the race Read more

The Story of Stuff–The Latest Gambit to Sucker You Out of Prosperity

You have to see this video.  It is called "The Story of Stuff".  It blasts our wasteful and materialistic society.  On a lot of the points I have to agree, we need to implement better ways of production, cut waste, and return to caring about people more than stuff.  It's author, Annie Leonard is well informed and articulate, but she seems to think government should run everything and corporations are evil.  She seems to think American prosperity impoverishes everyone else.  She seems like a nice lady, but listening to her, I would think that Americans are a thuggish, thieving, trashy people destroying the planet and ravishing the third world. I respectfully disagree.  If the world were more prosperous before our economic advancement, then a case could be made.  The truth is the world is more prosperous because of us.  100 years ago the world could not sustain 1 billion people Read more