18th District Special Election Lining up

Democrats Pick a Candidate?

Representative Michael Barbieri resigned to head up the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health for the Department of Health and Social Services. This has set in motion a special election for sometime in September.

Progress is being made regarding finding a replacement. If you are a Democrat, you may be out of luck if you wanted consideration. Democrats had an emergency special meeting last night to look over hand selected candidates and are rumored to have made a decision. David Bentz, who is a legislative aide for the Democratic House Caucus. He is a University of Delaware graduate who previously worked for Pennsylvania House Democrats. Republicans, who are conducting a more open interview process according to GOP Executive Director John Fluharty, plan to have a decision next week “that everyone can support”.

According to state law, the parties pick special election candidates for a special election which must be held 30 to 45 days from the vacancy. Rep. Barbieri was to resign effective August 3, 3015 though rumors are that he may move it up if Democrats have settled on a candidate which would force an earlier election. Expect his last day to be July 31th which allows a pre-labor day special election if Democrats want it. This maneuver would give Republicans who held the heavily Democratic seat for decades less time to mount a special election challenge where they have been most successful. The Democrats have a super majority on the line for the House in this election. A loss here would mean Democrats lose leverage to raise fees and taxes in both houses of the General Assembly without negotiating with Republicans. Such negotiations this year resulted in some reforms to the bidding and prevailing wage process which will result in state and local taxpayer savings.

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  1. “Republicans, who are conducting a more open interview process according to GOP Executive Director John Fluharty, plan to have a decision next week “that everyone can support”. ”

    In what way is that “more open”?

  2. You and John Fluharty are full of shit. The 18th RD committee had 7 candidates present to the committee and members of the district. The whole committee showed up, except for one member and they voted for David Bentz. Prior to that email went out to the whole district as well as a robo call. Mike Barbieri submitted his resignation for 7/31 and it was never for 8/3. If this is the best you can come up with I suggest you don’t even bother fielding a candidate.

  3. Let’s see, Democrats gave a day’s notice despite the fact that they had time to give more. When was the resignation known publicly? How could they give a day’s notice? Republicans have an ongoing process. People can still apply. The vote will happen fairly and then the County leader will make the choice. It is not manipulated by the former district chair. Surprise, surprise the winner is the former 18th district committee chair and legislative staffer to a committee where his mentor had a leadership role. There is nothing wrong with that, but please do not pretend it is an open process.

  4. You are technically correct that he only submitted a resignation for the 31st however, it was reported in the papers and elsewhere that he intended to submit it for the 3rd. Then came the consultations and change. Why? It is simple. It is manipulation of the calendar.

  5. The people who needed to make the decision, voters of the 18th, had over a weeks notice of the meeting. The constitution calls for the speedy process in scheduling a special election, so how much time could they have? Just because the paper reported Aug. 3rd, doesn’t mean it was Aug. 3rd. But, don’t let facts interrupt your narrative.

  6. “that everyone can support”.

    Since when has the republican party all supported any of their candidates without “shooting themselves in the foot, and fighting among themselves, and ADQ is right, Fluharty is full of shit.

    If the republicans want this seat, they better get their act together and support and campaign for the candidate they select, and somehow suppress the errant left of center republicans who continually tear the party down.

  7. Hey Don, Since your an expert political strategist, what race have you won??? No insult needed just a simple reminder of your great political mind

  8. @James

    That’s exactly the point and facts of my comment. When I ran for the County Council as a republican against Joan Deaver I only took about 46% of the vote. Had the moderate wing (liberal) of the Rethugs had supported me I would have won that race. The liberal left of the Republican Party worked heavily against my campaign, even primarying me, a race which I won! Hence, shooting themselves in the foot and losing seats. There is a serious problem with the rethugs; they are revengeful and don’t care who wins or loses as long as they can take out their perceived enemies. The left wing of the party that claims they are “Delaware Right,” have continued to tear up the republican party with their blogsite, causing severe damage to several individuals.
    The state leadership WILL NOT hold them accountable and have failed to take the lead in any form whatsoever. All you have to do is go over to their site and read their poorly written diatribes to understand the seriousness of this problem.

  9. The Republicans came up with a good candidate. The issue will be settled over Common Core. I see this district as flipping based on the track records over the past ten years.

  10. Great comment Kavips, I would like to see the republicans take this seat and it will also help sway the General Assembly out of such a super majority. I hope they work together and help this candidate with money and good volunteers.

  11. In the event that that an IPoD emerges, the candidate will announce.

    Interested prospective candidates should contact: ipodosc@yahoo.com .

    Serious inquiries only…

  12. So, David, you are going to allow one of your contributors at this site and a commenter on “YOUR” thread to call out another blog by name, and encourage your readers to go to that site to read their message, and when I supplied a link for the sake of openness, he removed it from “YOUR” thread.
    I did not take the conversation in that direction, but for the sake of transparency I will again link to the site. (redacted, I’ll decide what links go on our site,)

  13. Frank
    I’m not one of his contributors. I am a full business partner in The Midlantic Dispatch LLC and its publication Delawarepolitics.net. The exact details are not for you ears.
    From now on you are not welcome here commenting or in any other capacity. Don’t go away mad Frank, just go the hell away and stay away.

  14. Another classless comment from your Business Partner David. It’s your reputation that is lowering to Don’s not the other way. I don’t always agree with the ‘other ‘ site but at least they don’t seem to edit like Don does. But I suppose it’s because he’s your editor.

  15. Frank—–I have asked many times that you not bring your deplorable style of attacking the many good people that have had the honor to be on your “hate list.”
    The people you work for allow you write despicable untruths about anybody whom you have decided is on your hate list however. it won’t be allowed here on our site.
    I won’t have anything do with a person of your character. Please respect our wishes and stay on your site or other sites that allow your type of behavior.

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