100 Days

President Franklin Roosevelt faced a crisis like no other and needed a way to rally the nation to quick action. He introduced a 100-day plan. President’s have been judged by a silly standard which doesn’t make sense in most circumstances. President Trump fell into that trap with a ridiculously ambitious 100-day plan, so ambitious that he could have resigned after 100 days and been one of the 10 best Presidents.

After 100 days, I am delighted. He is better than I expected. President Trump earns a B+ in my judgment. The reason he does not earn an A is because he is not staffed properly at the lower levels. He has a top flight cabinet, but they were slow-walked by Senate Democrats hoping to slow his pace of accomplishments. This caused some errors and allowed Obama holdovers to sabotage the administration.

Successes include protecting life, deregulation on a large scale, Keystone Pipeline, saving the coal industry, and an originalist Justice on the Supreme Court. Add to these, improvements at the VA, asking the right questions in education and setting out a tax reform agenda. He has been a border hawk. Syria was an international success as he enforced the Obama redline. He is remaking trade.

He had no failures, but he had setbacks. The most notable is the blow up with a rushed health care proposal which got worse everytime that House Republicans changed it. It died a merciful death. The remake has yet to be revealed. The border wall is on schedule. It would have been unheard of to pass such a major project mid budget year. It is essential that Republicans get their act together and pass the annual appropriations bills on time to avoid the filibuster. North Korea is undetermined.

The fact is that 28 bills signed is the most since Johnson. The media dismisses it because they decide to determine what is a major piece of legislation. He was able to most of his actions by executive decree because most of what was needed to be undone was by executive decree therefore you cannot measure his 100 days in the same fashion as previous Presidents. The critics will be critical. They alternate between Trump launching the appocolypse or not doing much. Neither is true. The real test is the next year not 100 days. He is a winner with his base. Will he expand it?