10 Years in Afghanistan

I just want to take a moment to remember the sacrifice of 1780 servicemembers who lost their lives and over 14,000 who were injured in the defense of America in Operation Enduring Freedom. Thank you Troops and families.

2 thoughts on “10 Years in Afghanistan”

  1. Never forget veterans and yes, let’s get them home soon.
    Two weeks I had the honor of flying the remains home of a veteran from Atlanta to DC. I got to the airplane and saw the assembly of the honor guard and escort team. I sent the First office to get the airplane ready and I introduced myself and attended the brief ceremony to put the remains on the airplane.
    On the way I made an announcement about the remains- a Viet nam veteran from 3 Nov 69 who had been MIA since then. A Green Beret who was fighting with the Montangards in Laos.
    In Dc we did the reverse and I met the siblings who were happy their brother was ‘home’. So was I.
    Let’s hope any time we send our troops anywhere it is for a purpose and mission we can all support.
    Mike Protack

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