10 Reasons to vote for Marco Rubio

With the Virginia primary being today, I will give you 10 Reasons to vote for Marco Rubio. The campaign is becoming too much why not to vote for certain people.

1, he will fight for our Constitutional rights minus his failure to combat the NSA. He stands for religious liberty, free speech, the 2nd amendment, property rights, the tenth amendment and more.

2. He stands for life.

3 He stands for fundamental tax reform that will revitalize our economy and benefit our families/

4. He has a sensible plan for encouraging paid family leave which is vital to the well being of our families in an age where both spouses work or many are not married.


A 25% non-refundable tax credit for businesses that voluntarily offer at least four weeks of paid family leave, limited to twelve weeks of leave and $4,000 per employee each year.

It would be: •Adaptable to all employee arrangements, including part-time work. •Available for new parents; caretakers of sick parents, spouses, and children; employees with serious illnesses; and military families. •Based on the Strong Families Act, introduced by Senators Deb Fischer (R-NE) and Angus King (I-ME).

5. He understands the need to rebuild our defenses and has stood with the troops while others including Cruz abandoned us.

6. He is strategic in his thinking and does not go down failed policy path after failed policy approach.

7. He has a detailed plan to defeat ISIS.https://marcorubio.com/is…/isis-plan-policy-proposal-defeat/

8. He has the most original and sensible jobs plan and has been fighting for it for years. He takes a truly comprehensive approach. Including opposing new internet taxes and supporting an all of the above energy strategy.

9.He is opposed to one size fits all Common Core and has the most innovative plan for reforming our higher education system.

10. Rubio was one of the leaders in passing the VA Management Accountability Act. He fights for vets.

2 thoughts on “10 Reasons to vote for Marco Rubio”

  1. I just watched Rubio’s “victory” speech on FOX News. Is he really as delusional as he sounds? He hasn’t won a single primary. In several today, he finished third. At least Cruz has won Iowa, Texas and Oklahoma. Rubio won’t even carry his home state of Florida.

    Concerning Trump, Rubio keeps saying “we” won’t let Trump be the candidate, “we” know he can’t win the general, “we we we.”

    Who is “we?” Certainly not the voters. I guess he means his “Gang of Eight” buddies, the losers who are being rejected by the GOP rank-and-file.

    Of course, Runio whines that he’d be winning if there weren’t so many other candidates in the race. Really? Guess what; Little Marco might get some Kasich votes, but most of Cruz’ and Carson’s supporters will go to Trump- especially now that Rubio has aligned with Bitch McConnell and Sen. One Percent.

    His act is getting old. For a guy who’s lost every primary he’s entered, he seems to be rather arrogant- and delusional.

  2. Aw c’mon Rick. Rubio totally crushed it in Minnesota today. He obliterated the opposition there, and now has unstoppable momentum.

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