The FLY ON THE WALL-Orchestrating the Trayvon/Brown Racial Drama

This is a new feature I’m trying out. It’s my buddy the Fly on the Wall and I trained him and taught him and he tells just how it all came down. Today, the story behind the Michael Brown case.

“So come on in,” I heard Valerie Jarrett’s assistant say to a young guy who I knew not.

I am the proverbial Fly on the Wall and I surreptitiously fly around various meetings to record conversations my scribe would never know about if not for me.

“Wow, I didn’t know this place existed,” I heard the young man say to Valjar’s assistant. “My names Marsha and I will be your mentor as you are trained in the art of public relations.”

The young man extended his hand to Marsha. “I’m Josh and I’m so happy you chose me to work here. Are we in the White House?”

New Picture (24)Well Josh asked this question because hey, I’m a fly and usually understand where I’m at but gosh I hid in Valjar’s blouse sleeve as I had been trained and I lost all sense of direction and placement. Once inside I quickly flew out of the sleeve and onto a nearby wall that I may hear it all.

“We are not,” Marsha answered sharply. “And if you know what’s best for you, you won’t be asking such questions.”

Josh quickly shut up. He’s been warned he was going to the “spin room” and he had some idea that this was where the administration polished and spit-shined all news to the public.

Marsha sat down next to Josh and leaned in toward him in a serious manner. “We like your writing Josh so you were recruited to be part of our team. But understand that this is all confidential, that the distribution and shaping of the news is sometimes a bit…..,” with this Marsha looked to the ceiling for an answer. “….well you got to change things a bit, orchestrate stuff.”

Valeria Jarrett entered the room and Josh jumped to his feet.

“Sit. Sit. You are Joshua?”

Josh nodded affirmative to Jarrett but said nothing.

Valerie Jarrett took a long sip of coffee placed before her by her assistant.

“Josh, we have a situation in Missouri that requires our action.”

Marsha sat down next to her boss and Joshua beamed with joy to be included in this “action”.

“We have a young man who was shot dead by a cop in Missouri that we’d like to take advantage of,” Jarrett said, stopping for another sip of coffee.

“You see Josh,” Marsha took over the conversation, “this administration was elected by several factions, or groups of people with a common interest. One of those factions is the African-American vote, this is no secret.”

Joshua quickly nodded that No, this was no secret.

“There’s still rampant racism in this country, Josh, make no mistake. And the only way to deal with it is to create a national dialogue to make the people aware of it.”

Josh’s eyes remained wide but wheels were spinning in his head, even I, a mere fly, could see. Joshua was a black guy although by me he looked just human as all flies are black and we have no racism issues. While Josh didn’t really think there was “rampant” racism in the country, he sure understood how it appeased a big base of the president. At least as I the fly-on-the-wall considered but I’m just a fly.

“We want to create a scenario that the cop shot Brown in cold blood, while he was kneeling and with his hands in the air.”

“Is that what happened?” Joshua asked.

Valerie clucked her tongue. “We don’t really care what really happened, Josh, and glad you asked because this is part of your job. You are to create a reality that WE decide is appropriate. The truth is irrelevant.”

Joshua leaned back with the force of these words.

“It’s not just us, Josh, get over it. The Bush people tried to change the reality of Katrina, the Clintons tried to lie and make Monica a deranged stalker. It’s what administrations do, they set the national dialogue. Here at the Obama White House we are very good at it.”

“No problem,” Josh said with animation. “What do you want me to do.”

“Josh, we want you to work with an experienced spin doctor here….that’s what we call them, with affection of course. Josh, we need about two weeks.”

“Two weeks for what?”

Marsha folded her fingers into a tent presenting a woman in thought. “We need to create a crisis,” she said, slowly. “We really don’t care what went down in that incident. We try to create a race crisis whenever we can cause like I said, African-Americans are a large part of our voting base. When we come across an incident involving a cop and a black person we check it out and jump in if it seems like a good case. You remember Trayvon Martin?”

Joah shook his head, he did, indeed, know about the Trayvon Martin case. “I do remember that but the guy doing the shooting got let off. I’m not sure I’d call it a PR victory.”

“IT WAS A PR VICTORY OF THE HIGHEST ORDER,” Valerie Jarrett shouted out loudly, causing both Josh and me, a little old fly, to jump.

“It doesn’t matter that the Zimmerman guy got let off, Josh. It’s only about the first week and during that first week is when we have to get out and make the drama on the national stage. Like this shooting case in Missouri….more than likely Brown was involved in some nefarious activity. The truth of the matter, Josh, and we know it, is that most cop shootings, be the cop white or black, of young black men are completely justified. The justification, Josh, usually comes AFTER the event. We don’t care bout that.”

Joshua blew a breath wind up his face. “Okay, I got you. What do you want me to do?”

At that another, older fellow, entered the room. “Hi Josh, I’m John Braden. We’ll be working together on this.”

After all introductions, this John Braden began to talk.

“We’re going to send Eric Holder to this place, Josh, but first we got to set up the narrative. We got at the most two weeks to create our version of reality before the truth gets out. Speaking of, we already got an assignment for you.”

Josh sat up straight to hear the cherished assignment that would make him part of this PR machine, his dream come true.

“We hear there’s a video of our victim strong-arming a convenience store. We want you to do everything possible to keep the owners of that video from releasing it. Threaten an IRS audit, if need be….we have contacts in the IRS that can make people miserable. Understand Josh, we only need you to hold them off for a week, until we set the national dialogue we want.”

Joshua had pulled out his Blackberry and was furiously typing stuff as Braden continued.

“With my help we need you to compose a statement for Holder, also we need to work on what words the President will say. We want you to work with the Ferguson police department to get the cop who did the shooting out of the limelight. We plan on bringing in a Missouri state police captain, a black guy. We need a speech from him that will emphasize his blackness.”

Joshua continued typing on the Blackberry and looked up in surprise. “I got it!” he shouted. “I get your plan. Is there any way we can get some high placed elected guy to make a strong statement? How about the Missouri Governor?”

John Braden leaned back and smiled at both Valerie and Marsha. Braden knew this Joshua kid had what it takes, just needs a little training is all.

“In fact we’ve arranged for Governor Nixon, a Democrat, to put a fairly strong statement. You and John will be writing his narrative for the Sunday talk shows but we want the words “vigorous prosecution” used by the Governor in reference to what will happened to the cop who did the shooting,” Valerie Jarrett said.

“Now Josh, Nixon is a Democrat and is going to need the support of this administration. He’ll do what he’s told and you’d well learn a lesson on how to force folks who owe you to do your bidding.”

“He’s going to get a lot of criticism for using the word “prosecution” before the facts are released and/or known,” Josh said, softly but he was concerned and the concern showed in his words.

Valerie Jarrett stood up and straightened her clothes, finished her coffee. “Josh, like we told you, we need a week to spread whatever we want our version of events to be. No, it’s not a version of events that reflects the truth or anything. Whatever comes out later, we ignore or deal with. For now, this is what we do, we invent a truth that will further our cause. Are you in or out?”

I real quick flew down and buried myself in Jarrett’s sleeve so I could get outside with her. Need to deliver my tape to my scribe, the writer of this Blog post.

Look for more Fly on the Wall’s in the future because, hey, I like this job!

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

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Valenzuela Claims Victory in Debate


August 21, 2014

WDEL’s Rick Jensen Rips Simpler Debate Performance: Weak, Awkward and Creepy

WDEL political talk show host Rick Jensen has leveled devastating criticism toward Ken Simpler and his performance in the recent WDEL Treasurer debate. Jensen described the performance at times as “weak,” “awkward” and “creepy.”

Speaking live last week on his daily radio show, Jensen said Simpler’s opponent, Sher Valenzuela, was “strong, tough and every time Simpler took a swing at her, she blocked it and hit him real hard in the face.”

Jensen concluded that he “didn’t think [Simpler] is very good at this debate stuff.”

Throughout the debate, Simpler continued his efforts to mislead the public about the role of the state Treasurer. Simpler claimed that the Treasurer handles the “collection, investment and disbursement” of state money and “controls” investments.

In fact, as the state Attorney General has made clear, the “constitutional powers of the State Treasurer do not include the power to make investment decisions regarding State funds…. Whatever inherent constitutional powers the State Treasurer may have, [they] relate to the receipt, care, and disbursement of State funds, not the investment of the State’s $2 billion cash portfolio.” Attorney General Opinion No. 13-IB09, November 26, 2013.

As Valenzuela and the Attorney General noted, decisions regarding the investment of state funds are left to the sole discretion of the state Cash Management Policy Board. Jenson said Valenzuela “nailed” this point, as you “didn’t hear Ken Simpler” quoting Constitutional authority for his view of the state Treasurer’s role.

Jensen outlined numerous false, “twisted, and “insane” attacks launched by Simpler throughout the debate.

First, Simpler claimed that Valenzuela had proposed outsourcing the functions of the state Treasurer. In fact, since Simpler’s claims that he will be a “super investor” for the state are false (again, the Treasurer does not make state investment decisions,) Simpler is essentially running for the role of “super accountant/book-keeper.” Valenzuela’s point is that we don’t need a high priced elected official for that job – that could be outsourced. Instead, the Treasurer should do more and be an advocate for growth, limited government and lower taxes, as is the case in other states. For these reasons, Jensen described Simpler’s outsourcing claim as “weak” and “twisted.”

Second, Jensen noted that Simpler attempted to use derogatory language toward Valenzuela early in the debate, then lied about it later, denying he made the remarks. For example, at one point Simpler called Valenzuela an “upholsterer” in degrading fashion, then denied using the phrase altogether.

Third, Simpler launched an “insane” attack against Valenzuela’s work for the federal government. Jensen noted that small, private businesses doing work like Valenzuela’s for the U.S. military is a positive. The alternative would be, as Jensen noted, creating a massive federal work force with the government doing all the work itself. Jensen was left with just one question about Simper’s off base attack – “What the hell were you thinking?”

Fourth, Simpler poked fun at a trade journal article identifying Mr. Simpler’s hedge fund as a “case study” for the problems in the financial industry that led to the 2008 recession, claiming that the link to the article was “dead.” In fact, the article is available at:

“While Mr. Simpler wants to discount the credibility of this article,” Valenzuela said, “there are numerous reports about his hedge fund’s activities, although he will probably tell us next that sources like Bloomberg, Business Insider and the New York Post are non-credible too.”

Options Scam Lets Citadel, Hedge Funds Exploit Bonds, By Caroline Salas, Bloomberg, September 12, 2006, available at:

Analyst Kinnucan Shakes Down Citadel: The Feds Wanted Me To Wiretap You And I Didn’t So Pay Me Already, by Courtney Costock, Business Insider, April 5, 2011, available at:

Griffin’s Citadel a Leader in Leverage, by Michelle Celarier, New York Post, April 9, 2014, available at:

Simpler’s hedge fund background is more consistent with the Democrat party, Jensen said, whose major backers include the likes of hedge fund titan George Soros. In fact, Simpler’s former hedge fund, Citadel, is a major supporter of President Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and it has been rewarded handsomely by insider political deals with Democrats.

Hedge Fund Owned By Emanuel’s Top Campaign Donor Stands To Profit Off DePaul Arena Deal, Apr 9, 2014, available at and

The Hedge Fund That Ate Chicago, 05/09/2014, available at:

Referring to Simpler as “Mr. Hedge Fund Guy,” Jensen said Simpler needs a “reality check” when it came to his hedge fund past.

Taking a position that is perhaps unique among candidates anywhere in the nation, Simpler attempted to claim that hedge funds were “conservative” investors.

Jensen noted that hedge funds played a critical role in creating the debt-fueled stock market crash and recession of 2008.

After the debate, Valenzuela said, “the idea of placing a former hedge fund manager in place of state investments (again, contrary to the state Constitution but advocated by Mr. Simpler) would be a gamble we just can’t take. Mr. Simpler’s view that hedge funds are conservative investors should send shudders down the back of all Delaware taxpayers. Citizens want to know that their investments are safe and are not being treated like the ‘high risk, roll the dice in off shore tax havens’ investments for which hedge funds are known,” Valenzuela said.

Commenting on what can only be described as a bizarre section of the debate, Jensen suggested Simpler’s repeated “whining” to the Moderator sounded as if Simpler was “crying to his mommy.” These were “awkward” and “creepy” moments, leading to Jensen’s assessment that Simpler had “wimped out” and that Valenzuela had delivered a “smack down.”

“Every time [Simpler] tried to take apart [Valenzuela’s] platform, he failed,” Jensen said. Valenzuela “turned all of Simpler’s attacks into positives and turned them around on him.”

Jensen concluded that Simpler had finished the debate “weakly” and that Valenzuela “would have done much better [than Simpler] in a debate against Chip Flowers.”

Summing up the debate, Valenzuela said, “Clearly, Mr. Simpler got into trouble with the facts on more than one occasion, even going so far as to claim that he would be responsible for ‘investments’ as Treasurer, despite the office holding no legal authority to make investment decisions.”

“Honesty is a conservative value,” said Valenzuela. “Either my opponent doesn’t know what the Treasurer does, or he’s deliberately misleading voters about his ability to control investments.”


Listen to Rick Jesen’s debate review here:

The Preceding post is a campaign media release.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_8/21/14___Edition-

The Blue Blood Elected Republicans are fighting Common Core? Who knew? Upcoming political events, and a great update on the Bodenweiser debacle. New laws and much more.

RNC, Common Core, Schools in Delaware

At this point I am more concerned about my granddaughter having classes in a tent in Georgetown elementary school this fall due to the almost 100 border children said to be attending that school this year.

But Common Core-that national joke that will federalize schools forevermore, is very much on my mind.

So I am surprised that the national RNC is working on it and that a local Delaware politico is also involved on this national level.

Resolved, The Republican National Committee commends the work of the mothers, fathers, and other citizens who fought or are fighting to persuade their state executive and legislative branches to faithfully and fully resist federal intrusion into education policy-making, particularly via the Common Core State Standards.

Primary Sponsor: Ellen Barrosse, RNCW, DE

APUSH stands for the Advanced Placement US History exam provided by the College Board for high school AP students. The students take the popular AP courses to earn college level credits while still in High School. The architect of Common Core, David Coleman, is CEO of the College Board and there is recent, significant controversy over apparent liberal changes to the US History Curriculum and exams which will be effective in school semesters starting in September, 2014. The “College Board” is a non-profit organization and is not a government agency.

I did not know about this APUSH thing but hey, there’s so much we don’t know about out here in la-la land where we might as well spit into the wind as to stop this runaway train that is our gubmint.

We are working on Common Core and soon we shall be updating the status and our fight against it.

When in doubt, remove the federal gubmint from everything you possibly can, that should be our aim.

And running the local schools of our children?

Come people, stand up and fight.

Upcoming Events

There are many fundraising events coming up and while I’d like to go to all of them, well I can’t.

I did receive some kind invitations to some and will take up the offers, thank you all very much.

For now, and for what little public exposure this Blog may make, one or two people out there, the information on upcoming events-some are real soon- all that I have, is provided below.

New Picture (16)New Picture (18) New Picture (17)

3rd Annual Covered Dish Supper & Straw Poll Event
Saturday, August 23 at 5:00pm
Roxana Volunteer Fire Company in Frankford, Delaware

Ignition interlocks Makes Me MADD

I think the Mothers Against Drunk Driving are a bunch of nothing-burger losers, no insult to anyone I know might belong.

Come on, name me one mother who’s IN FAVOR on drunk driving!

However, if these ladies really want to stop drunk driving, quit giving the gubmint and cops more power to put stuff on our car ignition locks and let’s not forget the hidden compartment thing.

According to information supplied by the Delaware Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), which supported the new law, “ignition interlocks can reduce the rate of re-arrest among drivers convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) by a median of 67 percent, making them more effective than other prevention methods.  Drivers with interlocks also had fewer alcohol-impaired driving crashes than drivers who had their drivers’ licenses suspended because of a DUI conviction.”

The new law requires all drunk drivers convicted with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or greater to use an ignition interlock on their vehicle for at least four months.  Offenders with a BAC of .15 or greater, or who are repeat offenders, would be required use the interlock for a longer period.

Notice that bit about REPEAT OFFENDERS. Maybe these repeat offenders should have their license removed or maybe…THROW them in jail!

One of my beloved sources always posts news articles that depict this or that drunk driver and the number of their prior offenses. Seems Delaware judges are letting these people go even if they’ve been caught many times prior for driving under the influence.

Hey MADD, if you really want to change something, protest and boycott the judges letting these people go!

Gun obsession laws.

Man, they dream of guns. These gun obsessed lawmakers have dreams of storming our houses and wresting our guns from our hidden compartments and now we have this big state police agency that’s going to focus on illegal gun sales.

Gov. Jack Markell announced the move Wednesday at a press conference in Wilmington. Portions of the city have been plagued by violent crime that has often been committed with illegally obtained weapons.

According to the governor’s office, the new unit will be specifically tasked with investigating crimes related to firearms transactions, including violations of laws regarding:

•Possession/purchase of firearms by persons prohibited from owning them;
•Providing a firearm to a person prohibited;
•Criminal history record checks required to be conducted on firearms sales;
•Private sales requirements for federal firearms background check;
•Engaging in a firearms transaction on behalf of another person (straw purchases); and
•Mandatory reporting of a lost or stolen firearm.

THIS will stop the violence in Wilmington!

Do we really need to spend state tax money on this? Is the illegal possession and sale of firearms really such a big Delaware issue that we should add a whole nother state police unit to it.

I understand there are rules for firearms but the gangs and violence in Wilmington has nothing to do with me selling my gun to my neighbor on the QT.

Those state cops being assigned to this nonsense should be let loose on the streets of Wilmington and start arresting the street thugs out and about and up to no good.

Bodenweiser update

So there’s now an entire web site devoted to the silliness of the Bodenweiser trial and the AG decision to re-try the guy.

(August 20, 2014) Georgetown, DE….Nearly two years after the arrest of Eric Bodenweiser in a case that has garnered national attention, the state of Delaware has spent more than $1.2 Million dollars on a trial which ended without a conviction.

The accuser, a twice convicted felon (strangulation, witness tampering) who admitted to lying under oath to the court has not been charged with perjury, but will again get to testify in a second trail after the State of Delaware determined a second trial is in the best interest of the people of the state of Delaware. During testimony, it was learned through a Facebook posting that the accuser hoped to earn “Mad Ass Cash” from a conviction followed by a civil suit. is one avenue for average taxpayers to respond that enough tax dollars have been wasted and that this case serves nobody’s best interests, by signing a petition to the Attorney General’s office. The site summarizes the case, presents an outline of events from the initial accusations to the present time, and displays contact information for the people’s voice to be heard.

On June 16, 2014 the trial of Eric Bodenweiser ended in a hung jury. The “evidence” consisted mainly of the accuser’s description of the defendant’s home and several inconsistent accounts of sexual abuse. No other victims have come forward and the accuser’s testimony has no corroborating witnesses.

The state has spent more than $1.2 million dollars and failed to secure a conviction. The timing of the accusation, the reputation of the accuser, the amount of time since the alleged incidents, and the lack of transparency over who is authorizing all these tax dollars suggests the decision for a retrial and additional wasted dollars that don’t serve the people of the state of Delaware suggests a hidden agenda.

At the time of his arrest, Mr. Bodenweiser had just won an election and was perhaps the loudest Christian Conservative voice in the state. Regardless of politics, the petition at is for ALL Delawareans to make their voice heard about the spending of tax dollars that do not serve the community. The accuser still has every right to a civil trial, which has a lesser burden of proof. Visit to sign the petition and learn more facts about the entire case.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : I got more tidbits, folks and there will be more. Chip Flowers, the new anti-heroin drug, some snark, gossip and political discussion. Also working on interview with AG candidate Ted Kittila.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_8/20/14___Edition-

Sussex county accepts withdrawal of Pires proposal for a country western festival in Sussex. The inside skinny on why and how. Also, “For the Love of Sussex”-a maudlin dedication to my new home county.

Sussex County Council Accepts Conditional Use Withdrawal

So I went back and read all the council minutes and even my
own post on the matter.

Let’s summarize. Mark Baker owns a big farm, over a thousand acres, right around the corner from me, in a fashion, so I am not doing a NIMBY (not in my back yard) on this issue. Baker wants to team up with Alex Pires, a local entrepreneur who…..gasp….wants to start businesses and make money.

The plan was for this newly formed LLC to mark off 500 acres of the Baker farm and set it up for music festivals.

Pires presented his proposal to the council and had submitted various resources to the Bureau of Funny Walks…NO WAIT….to the Bureau of Planning and Zoning. In addition the LLC consulted DELDOT and the county engineering.

The Bureau of Funny Walks….oops, Planning and Zoning, suggested vetoing the idea because….well Alex Pires walks kind of oddly.

So last week the concept was up for a vote and go to hell, let’s not have Sussex county think ahead or anything, don’t be trying to bring those people in here maybe four times a year and keeping us awake and blocking our roads.

Not that the county council aren’t supposed to be leaders and have the best interests of Sussex county in their votes.

It was obvious, even to Joan Deaver for God’s sake, that Vance Phillips, once it became obvious that the council might vote NO to the Pires proposal, was looking for a way to block the vote.

The council attorney said, in response to Phillips’ query if a vote to withdraw the request could be made….and how. The council did postpone the vote until this week.

This past week-Tuesday 8/19/14-Alex Pires pulled his proposed music festival from consideration.

This was done because once the council votes NO on a proposal such as this…..IT TAKES A WHILE TO BRING IT UP AGAIN!

But since the proposal was withdrawn, well Pires and his people can address the concerns of DELDOT and the Bureau of Funny Walks.

Hey, Sussex county council, act like leaders. Especially you Joan Deaver, who is supposed to represent ME but has yet to vote for one issue like I would like. I understand the woman has other constituents besides me but I know quite a few people that think like me and it’s like Deaver does not represent them. I’m grooming a replacement for her but for now it’s like Deaver flips us the bird every chance she gets.

Of course you had eight or nine people show up to protest that which might bring dust motes into the very air, might bring a few more cars around the area, might have some inconvenience.


And DELDOT kind of shrugs over the matter while the Bureau of Funny Walks recommends NO to the festival because, well they don’t want to be thinking about a Sussex county using its inland areas that will be bring people also to our wonderful coast, making it WIN-WIN for everybody.

It’s obvious that Vance manipulated the vote so that Pires can take his proposal and, I’m thinking, with a little help from some folks, maybe get around the several homeowners that would complain if you were putting up a fruit stand across the way.

The people that would be in FAVOR of this idea are many. The Wise I has conducted a very scientific poll around these parts and most of them are okay with a limited music festival that would bring jobs and increased tourism to the area.

Of course the Bureau of Funny Walks could care less about tourism.

You guys on the Sussex council, think about it. In the long run this is a great idea. Act like the leaders you were elected to be. And to Joan Deaver, I say if those homeowners who protest the thing hurt your feelings I will personally kick the crap out of every one of them.

I suggested in my prior column and will re-iterate. Figure out a way to have at least ONE festival take place.

Then let sit down and discuss the problems. Then the concerned homeowners’ concerns will make more sense instead of the dreams their worried heads are digging up.

DO NOT let this opportunity pass by. Pires is a successful entrepreneur in this area and now he can go back and dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s, maybe give a few bucks to the Bureau of Funny Walks, whisper sweet nothings in Joan Deaver’s ear.

I’m thinking Phillips will help open the doors for the LLC and get a proposal that covers all the concerns, even if they have to lie.

Consider the greater good for once you guys!

For the Love of Sussex

I took a drive south bound on 113 late last evening and I realized just why I love it here.

First, we have lots of wonderful breezes here near the ocean and that’s great.

Second, you drive around you got big farms, then small towns, then stretches of stores.

Sussex county is a great combination of farm and semi-rural and the county council has done a pretty good job of keeping it all contained.

I saw the election signs: Arlett, Wheatley, Phillips, Butler. I smiled, good old American campaigning.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could entice a new and dynamic business that would promote tourism and promote our inland with sweet visions of the nearby Atlantic ocean?

Deaver, please represent me, just once!

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Tidbits-funny, serious, big and small. This and that, here and there. Come back for an amusing, informative read, with details of upcoming political activities.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_8/18/14___Edition-

It wasn’t any of the attendees of the 9-12 Patriot’s debate last week who convinced me that Sheriff Christopher’s the man. It was a Lewes liberal who set me on the right track. Check in for update on the mighty (NOT) Sheriff candidate debate.

So I consider the circumstances all this past weekend and review my conclusions.

It was a beautiful evening and the locale was perfect at Independence Hall in Millsboro. The tables were laid out nice with little sheriff badges on the table, some sparkles, a flag. They told me to sit at a white table because I didn’t reserve in advance but I sat at a red table with one of my clandestine sources named Matthew Opaliski.

Goodness there was a fabulous spread with lunchmeat, fruit and all sorts of desserts. Coffee and soft drinks were available. The deviled eggs weren’t near the caliber of mine but you can’t have everything.

Everyone knew in advance that the two challenges, another Republican and the only Democrat, were NOT going to show up.

“It would be walking into a trap,” was how one of the candidates too cowardly to come allegedly described it.

Well we are heathens here in Sussex county and would sooner rip off disagreeable heads and poop down the necks than to allow an open an honest debate.

If nothing else, this turn of events should convince all of yon readers that Sheriff Christopher is going to win this thing.

There were three other speakers that evening, Doug Beatty of WGMD, Mike Peroutka, a fellow who won a spot on the Anne Arundel county council, jeez might even be my old district, Pasadena, Merryland. Both were amiable fellows, inspiring in a low key manner.

New Picture (4)Sheriff Richard Mack from Arizona was on hand and yes, surprise, he was selling books!

Actually he was selling an idea, a concept, a truth. Mack served as a motivational speaker and nothing wrong with that. I even browsed through his book and he pointed me out as the “pretty lady” looking at his books so hey, got to like this.

I had to leave before Christopher spoke but hey, I got to hear Sheriff Christopher for a full 45 minutes one night, all to myself. I even commented about how mesmerizing he was in the post I wrote of that interview and got mocked for it.

Sheriff Christopher is a mesmerizing speaker but I get that you got to be really interested in what he has to say.

I also get that Christopher fought his position for arrest authority to the state supreme court and he lost.

We heathens in Sussex county don’t care. We’re going to elect Jeff Christopher again so get over it.

Actually it wasn’t the speakers of that night or even Matthew Opaliski to my left who convinced me that Sheriff Christopher was going to win this election. It was a Lewes liberal who I happened to have lunch with today who convinced me.

Now not all residents of Lewes are liberals, I hasten to insert here. But there’s a lot of them on the other side of Route 9 and I know most of them.

A “Lewes Liberal”, as I describe it, is a person with a socially liberal outlook but is conservative in every other way. Many Rehoboth Beach Residents are such liberals as many are our Sussex county homosexual brethren.

You get the Lewes Liberals you win the election. Glen Urquhart failed to get the Lewes liberal vote and he lost the election.

New Picture (5)

So this Lewes liberal asks me about politics and surprise, I had some input. I mentioned the Sheriff debate and everyone in Sussex county knows that Jeff Christopher wants the elected law enforcement office of the sheriff to have more power in Sussex county, including full arrest power.

The Sussex county council, however, the guys with all the money, don’t agree with Christopher and no money, no power.

Or something.

I try to cautiously phrase my summation of the sheriff issue. “You know,” I began my explanation, “the current sheriff wants to expand the sheriff powers in Sussex county?” The Lewes liberal did, indeed, know this.

“It’s just that Sussex county has a lot of little towns that have their own police department….,” I said before the Lewes liberal held up his hand.

“Whatever the case,” he said, “it’s always better to have the elected guy with the most power.”

I smiled and shut up, moving on to descriptions of the setting and food as I did above.

This is why the opponents didn’t come to the debate that pretty evening. Because the heathens in Sussex county will always choose somebody elected over somebody appointed.

In fact I had been thinking that exact sentiment all weekend but thought….Nah….it’s too simple.

It really wouldn’t matter what the two opponents said. Jeff Christopher talked the talk and walked the walk and us heathens in Sussex county are going to send all elected folks a message.

The rule, per a Lewes liberal: It’s always better to have an elected guy with the most power.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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Next-Sussex council votes on the country western festival, we’ll be watching, trying to catch up with Ted Kitilla.

Time for Grand Jury Reform

They lost their minds in Austin. They indicted Governor Perry for exercising his legal and constitutional authority in an open and transparent fashion. They claimed he abused his power. Now that is not a criminal issue, that is a political issue taken care of by legislative overrides, court injunctions, elections, or in extreme cases impeachment. When you start to criminalize the political system, you become either third world or Italy. The people who did this need to be indicted for a misuse of the criminal justice system and false charges, better yet Perry should call a special session and the prosecutor should be put on impeachment charges.

Perry had no personal benefit and was acting in what he believed was the public interest of not having a drunk who allegedly resisted arrest as head of a prosecutorial unit. I personally think arrest is not a conviction and people should have their day in court so I disagree with Perry’s action even though the incident was on video. That is a policy issue not a judicial issue.

I love this quote from New York Magazine which is not a Rick Perry cheer section. The article is entitled “Rick Perry Indictment is Unbelievably Ridiculous”. The danger of this is in the money quote in the passage, “The theory of behind the indictment is flexible enough that almost any kind of political conflict could be defined as a ‘misuse’ of power or ‘coercion’ of one’s opponents”.

But that statute also specifically exempts “an official action taken by the member of the governing body.” The prosecutors claim that, while vetoing the bill may be an official action, threatening a veto is not. Of course the threat of the veto is an integral part of its function. The legislature can hardly negotiate with the governor if he won’t tell them in advance what he plans to veto. This is why, when you say the word “veto,” the next word that springs to mind is “threat.” That’s how vetoes work.

The theory behind the indictment is flexible enough that almost any kind of political conflict could be defined as a “misuse” of power or “coercion” of one’s opponents. To describe the indictment as “frivolous” gives it far more credence than it deserves. Perry may not be much smarter than a ham sandwich, but he is exactly as guilty as one.

This incident has made me look into the issue of state grand jury reform. Half of the states rarely use them any longer. They have been perverted from independent investigatory bodies into one sided rubber stamps that lack any due process. Only one side of the story is told. The accused may not even know they are investigated let alone see the evidence and challenge it. Evidence collected illegally is allowed. It takes in many states only a majority vote to charge and there is no minority report.  Even worse is that the state is not obligated to present all of the evidence even if it may be exculpatory and show  the defendant’s innocence.   Over the the last three centuries, we lost what the grand jury system was supposed to be. Now it is tool of injustice. Prosecutors have a 98 to 99% success rate in getting indictments. One has to wonder what the 1% of cases must have looked like. We need to have a discussion about making the system fairer and more meaningful.

I support 7 simple reforms.  All evidence needs to presented.  Defense counsel should see the evidence after the prosecution rested and be allowed to argue their theory and present exculpatory evidence much like a preliminary hearing.  Witnesses should have a right to counsel unless they have immunity.  Secrecy of grand jury deliberations, while they are going on, but with allowance of disclosures in their presentments, they should have access to the laws and case laws to understand what applies.  There should be a super  majority to get an incitement.   They should be selected by a neutral party not the prosecutor or judge and selected at random from the general public, with perhaps some filtering to remove biased individuals and provide balanced representation, but without “stacking”.

For those interested in how the system got so perverted, CATO has a great report.

The National Scene-the Sunday Talk Shows 8/17/14-Missouri, Rick Perry and the Obama/Hillary flap.

Rick Perry runs for president, we even have a couple of teenage “boys” that were born girls. What an exciting Sunday political show lineup!

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas; Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis.

MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Gov. Jay Nixon, D-Mo.; Reps. John Lewis, D-Ga., and Michael Turner, R-Ohio; Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake of Baltimore; City Councilman Bernard Parks of Los Angeles.

FACE THE NATION (CBS): Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich.; NAACP president Cornell William Brooks.

THIS WEEK (ABC): Reps. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, and Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill.

STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Nixon; Reps. Peter King, R-N.Y., and William Lacy Clay Jr., D-Mo.

Rick Perry was on a few shows on the Sunday political talk rounds. Seems he was indicted for daring to go against some entrenched Dem in his neighborhood.

This is the guy who told us peons out here in la-la land that we should be ashamed for not inviting the illegals in with open arms.

Oh yeah! That’s when he was running for the Republican presidential nomination wasn’t it? When he wanted the money from the chambers of commerce?

Now that he sees what those unguarded borders-which was supposed to be taken care of the LAST time we granted mass amnesty to some five million-he sings a different tune.

Meet the Depressed had on Missouri Jay Nixon and he was asked why does his police force look like the military.

As an aside, this matter was discussed in detail on several of the Sunday shows so let’s talk. What the hell is going on out there? Police forces have battering rams, wear head to toe riot gear. It’s been scary and, indeed, Governor Nixon said he was as surprised as anybody.

Evidently it was Nixon, probably in cahoots with the best AG this country has ever had, Eric Holder, got the head of the Missouri State Troopers, a black guy, to be the spokesnoid of the police.

It was awful. The guy told us about his son who wears his pants down around his ankles with tattoos all over his body…his BLACK son….

I feel certain that the administration is orchestrating all this cause President Obama, he has to raise money while the getting is good.

On the indictment of Texas Governor Rick Perry, Nixon said something very telling, and the REAL reason for the charge:”You don’t ever want to run for President with “indicted” by your name.”

Heh. They did the same thing to Tom Delay. Must be something in the water in Texas.

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake from mine own home town of Baltimore said that…yeah, Baltimore police have some of that military equipment.

The round table folks told us we have a lot to learn from the “gentle giant” Michael Brown.

Heh. First, he’s dead but second, the only learning from that thug is how to best avoid the police so you won’t get shot.

New Picture (3)Congress Critter Don Lewis gave a totally non-understandable narrative on all things racists. By me the guy was drunk as a skunk.

Finally, come on, two teenage “boys” spoke their piece. They were born girls but are really boys, so phooey. Somebody needs to tell these people that you get an XX or an XY chromosome and that’s pretty much it. Sure you can dress however you want and a scalpel can cut extraneous parts off, maybe add some.

But you are what you were born and it really can’t be changed. Too bad.

On Face the Nation we once again had Missouri Governor Nixon, as arranged by the Obama administration I have no doubt. On this show we learned that Eric Holder is sending in 45 FBI agents and ordered a FEDERAL autopsy.

45 FBI agents?


An actor from Gray’s Anatomy was on State of the Union with Candy Crowley and right there we got expertise that we should sit up and listen.

There was various talk about the, heh, Hillary/Obama snafu last week where Hillary spoke badly about the current administration’s foreign policy.

Which makes me laugh in that it was Hillary who came up with the Russian Reset button.


Finally, hey I watched The McLaughlin Group and didn’t even know it was still on.

I have a fondness for this show in that I was born Pat McLaughlin.

We are a bunch of hillbillies but I always liked having a name associated with such prestige.

Eleanor Clift is still around and she’s still a shrill liberal.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT :In depth and thoughtful post about the recent 9-12 Patriots Sheriff Debate. The Wise I sums up the problem.

Government is not God

I saw a story recently on IJReview about a fourteen year old girl named Chloe who has Cystic Fibrosis. Apparently, the state of Arkansas refused her treatment because it was too expensive. Meanwhile, they are currently treating thousands of healthy adults.

Because the government has taken over our health care, they now have the ability to choose who lives and who dies in our society. Since when did they become God? Every human being is fearfully and wonderfully made and those in the government have no right to make a decision such as this.

I read a book in freshman year that most are probably familiar with. Animal Farm, a short book by George Orwell was written to reflect the brutal dictatorship of the Soviet Union. In the book, the animals free themselves from the evil humans who mistreated them. Under the rule of three pigs, the animals create a new, socialist government and begin to work together to keep the farm. When they began their new system of government, the pigs came up with several “commandments”. Some included that whatever walks upon two legs is evil, whatever walks on four legs is a friend, and that all animals are equal. Over time, the pigs began changing the commandments piece by piece until finally, the pigs began to walk on two legs, whatever walked upon four legs was inferior to them, and all animals were equal, but some were more equal than others.

Is this not what is going on now? Why should the government let this young girl suffer because she’s not valuable enough to society? Are all Americans equal, but some more equal than others?

“Obamacare was sold to Americans as the compassionate way to cover the poor, sick, and uninsurable; but in reality, the most vulnerable among us, like Chloe are being adversely affected.” –Kristina Ribali, IJReview

Sher Valenzuela says Flowers Announcement Good News for Delaware Taxpayers and Delaware Women

Valenzuela says Flowers announcement is “good news” for Delaware taxpayers, women

Republican state Treasurer candidate Sher Valenzuela called current Treasurer Chip Flower’s announcement that he would not seek reelection “good news for Delaware taxpayers and Delaware women.”

“As the only female candidate for state Treasurer, I was particularly outraged by Mr. Flowers’ conduct. I was the first of these candidates to call on Mr. Flowers to resign,

Flower’s decision following my call for resignation shows that bold leadership counts. As Treasurer, I will continue this kind of leadership, working for lowers taxes, limited government and job growth,” Valenzuela said.

Valenzuela said she was pleased that her primary opponent, Ken Simpler, followed her lead in calling for the resignation and eventually issued a press release of his own.

“There is great irony in Simpler’s statement speaking about issues regarding women, however. Given that Simpler has taken the view that the Treasurer has little role in state government and should only speak about the state’s financial balance sheet.”

The proceeding was a campaign statement and is unedited.

Simpler Responds to Flowers withdraw with jabs at opponents

Republican candidate for State Treasurer made a bold and pointed reply to Chip Flowers emotional withdrawal. Both Simpler and Valenzuela called for his resignation yesterday after Flowers former deputy accused him of harassment and threats to her son complete with text messages. She was the third woman to allege abusive behavior from Mr. Flowers. Mr. Flowers disputed the context of those messages and offered his own. Today Simpler issued the following statement.

Simpler Reacts To Flowers’ Announcement

Republican candidate for State Treasurer Ken Simpler today reacted to the announcement by Treasurer Chip Flowers that he will not seek re-election, following Simpler’s call yesterday for Flowers to step down from the office.

“Hopefully, Chip Flowers can now focus on the job for the last few months of his term,” said Simpler. “As I noted yesterday, his scandal-ridden tenure dominated his time and put our state portfolio at risk. This is what happens when you put political opportunists in office instead of highly qualified specialists. The Treasurer’s job should be about performance, not headlines.”

Simpler noted that the Flowers saga should be a cautionary tale for Delaware voters as they head into November’s election and beyond.

“When people vote for a candidate based on promises and party registration, bad things happen,” said Simpler. “One party rule has been bad for Delaware. It is my hope that voters this year will look more closely at the candidates’ backgrounds and what they will specifically bring to the day-to-day management of the office, rather than simply pushing a button because it’s on one side of the ballot or the other.”

Simpler also noted the absence of Flowers’ primary opponent, Sean Barney, in the discussion about Flowers’ latest scandal.

“I was surprised that Sean Barney failed to show leadership at such a critical time,” said Simpler. “It was clear that yet again Mr. Flowers had behaved wildly inappropriately. Mr. Barney made a poor decision to sit by silently while this happened. Leadership matters most when it matters most.”

By virtue of Mr. Flowers’ decision, Mr. Barney emerges as the lone Democrat in the field for this year’s Treasurer election.

“Mr. Barney is a formidable opponent,” said Simpler. “He is a card-carrying member of the so-called ‘Delaware Way,’ a consummate insider who has the support of the status quo politicians who have led us astray, but don’t want to see the boat rocked. Competing and winning against the Dover insiders takes significant resources and a clear argument. Primary voters know that I am the only Republican candidate who can mount a full campaign and win in November.”

Ken Simpler presently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Rehoboth Beach-based Seaboard Hotels. He previously managed a successful billion-dollar portfolio for a global financial institution, Citadel LLC. Ken is a board member for Draper Holdings, the parent company of WBOC TV, and a finance committee member of Beebe Healthcare.

A Delaware native, Ken received his diploma from St. Andrew’s School in Middletown and graduated from Princeton University. He holds advanced degrees from the University of Chicago in both business and law, and is currently completing his Master of Public Administration from the University of Delaware.

Ken is a resident of Newark along with his wife, Liz, and their three children.

Chip Flowers Drops Out

The latest scandal took too much of a toll on Flowers. He is moving to Massachusetts after his term is over and getting married–GOD help her if the other three women weren’t lying. We wish both of them the best.

This means that debate loser, but war hero Sean Barney now has a clear path to the Democratic nomination for state treasurer while Republicans have to settle on a candidate next month in the primary. The timing of this is bad luck for Republicans, but the office is now an open seat and the Democratic presumed nominee has been shown to be unprepared and less than qualified for the office by the aborted primary campaign. It is a 50/50 proposition which party wins and the best prospect for a statewide GOP pick up. Democrats also benefit by ending the cloud of scandal–justified or not is for you to decide– on their ticket.

Free Speech Can Be Annoying

Do you ever get the feeling when you read some of the comments to almost any subject on this blog that one writer thinks the Jews are to blame for whatever? Sometimes I do, but that is not exactly what he/she says. Comment after comment manages to fall within our rules, some barely, a few can get deleted for being off topic or crossing a line, but the writer brilliantly manages to tie in everything in a defensible way to the topic. Much to my enduring frustration. Some people have asked me to ban the commenter, but wouldn’t that give credence to the point he/she makes that the powerful Zionist conspiracy is brainwashing America and crushing all dissent? How do you prove that you are not afraid of bad ideas? I say by presenting good ones. We will not allow blatant antisemitism here, but saying that you are against a philosophy or the actions of a certain group of people–like international, Zionist, or even Jewish bankers is not the same thing. I love Muslims, but I am opposed to the oil tycoons who fund terror. I see no overlap. It is hard for me to make that distinction and say someone else can’t in another way. However, when 90% of the tirades seem geared where one group of people get the short end of the stick, I believe I know the score. Our rules in effect the last 3 years have been very effective in screening out demagoguery that targets people based upon immutable characteristics. One commenter however seems to be smarter than we are no matter how the rules are adjusted so we just have to accept that just like the crazy uncle upstairs.

While my opinion is well known, we have hundreds of new readers every day so I must repeat my views occasionally. I reject categorically any disparagement of anyone based upon race, gender, national origin, age, religion, or disability.

My only recourse is to say I support the Jewish people, I support Israel, and I reject the notion that every thing wrong in the world is the fault of some Jewish person. I think that line of thinking leads us to a very bad place which historically has led to innocent people being persecuted and even killed. It concerns me deeply when ever I hear or read it. I know were it can lead. As a person who has been discriminated against because of my race (on rare occasion thankfully), and as one whose parents went to segregated schools and whose grandfather was an activist who petitioned to integrate the schools, I am very sensitive to others concerns in that regard whether young or old, Jew or gentile, minority or majority, gay or straight, foreign born or native born or person of faith or secular.

My Christian faith is after all started by a Jew and all of the initial apostles were Jews. Rejecting my Jewish friends would be rejecting my own heritage of faith. I love Jesus with all my heart, but his mother called him Yeshua in the Hebrew tongue. Christians shouldn’t forget that.

No Smoking in County Parks?

Smokers careless littering may be their undoing in Kent County Parks. Some point to public health effects, but the studies are dubious at best. It appears that someone has to be blowing in your face over time or a large volume of smokers in an patio situation near an indoor facility where the smoke blows inside over time are the only situations where there is any concern at all. Nonetheless the Air Quality Board of Standards in California has declared tobacco smoke a pollutant. Kent County is not alone in its consideration of the move. The entire state of Maine has banned smoking from parks and beaches. Some Delaware beaches have also adopted the ban. The American Lung Association has model legislation.

My take is that smoking bans inside made sense. People could not escape the smoke while they made a living or participated in commerce. You should not endanger your health for some reason that is unnecessary to accomplish those tasks. People do not have a right to their bad habits in the public square when they start to harm the health of others who choose not to participate.

The outdoor smoking bans are dubious. The littering issue is a real one and most compelling. If those are taken care of, I see no reason to unnecessarily hound smokers when they are not hurting anyone else. Some people find smoking relaxing. Why should a person not be able to sit down or walk around and unwind in a public park? There is zero evidence of any public health benefit to others by this ban. As I read through the studies, none of them apply to the situation and they are questionable. In fact, they tend to prove the opposite contention by showing that exposure must be close and regular. In the absence of evidence of public benefit, I believe that we should leave people alone. If liberals have an issue with that, just pretend they are smoking pot.

50 Years of Liberty for All: A look at those who stood tall when equality’s time had come

America promised liberty for all, but it was more like a tiered system of liberty. In half the country, legal segregation of some type interfered with the exercise of liberty by people of color. Justice Harlan proved correct that separate was inherently unequal. A 100 year struggle for equality after the Emancipation Proclamation began to tear down the institution of slavery saw fruition. Now 50 years later, we are still winning the battles for equality and consolidating those victories into the mainstream. Changing Demographics guarantee that we will never go backward to Jim Crow. So while the struggle for liberty is never over, it helps to pause and celebrate the different world brought about by those who risked it all so that the life of my generation was one of equality under the law. One of us even became President.

It should be noted that the best friend for the struggle for civil rights and equality over the past 150 years has been the Republican party. A straight line goes from Ripon, Wisconsin to today. Along that line is Lincoln, Stevens, Hays, T. Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Dirkson, McCulloch, Nixon, Huckabee, the Bush family, Gingrich, Steele, Rubio, Williams, Haley, and Sensenbrenner. Reagan did as much as anyone to institutionalize the civil rights consensus. He kept affirmative action plans as a condition for government grants to local governments, signed the King holiday, and secured renewal of the voting rights act. He also helped deal with the excesses that some were pushing and headed off a backlash based upon perverting affirmative action into quotas and reverse discrimination. The balance of equal opportunity provided an enduring consensus. Some believe that would win the day while others saw it as “turning the clock back” on Civil Rights. There were voices in the Reagan Justice department that frightened the civil rights establishment such as Brad Reynolds and Edwin Meese. Much of the concern seems overblown in retrospect, but time seems to have shown the value of the Reagan consensus. The Civil Rights bill of 1964 was not that different from measures supported by Republicans for 100 years. One wonders how much pain and turmoil would have been prevented if the Supreme Court had not overturned the Civil Rights bill of 1875.

Democrats repealed Civil Rights laws when they got the chance under Cleveland and Wilson when they had the Congress and Presidency. The real victory of the 1964 Civil Rights law was the radical change in Northern Democrats affected by the civil rights movement. Eleanor Roosevelt was the beginning of a sea change that culminated in the Kennedys. Truman proved that a Democrat could win being pro-civil rights. Once John Kennedy found his voice, he helped galvanize the active support of the nation.

The crucial elements to passage turned out to be the churches. The truth is that every positive social movement in America came out the churches. Those who favor the sexual and drug revolutions will beg to differ, I am sure, but I see those as self destructive. The Civil Rights Movement came out of the “black” churches, but many Senators were persuaded by the active support of the National Council of Churches and evangelical leaders like the popular Evangelists Billy Graham and Oral Roberts. Hollywood had a role as well. Conservatives like Charlton Heston and left wingers like Harry Belafonte found common ground. Of course the base of public mobilization was the Civil Rights movement inspired by the leadership of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The violent opposition to a nonviolent movement awakened the conscience of a nation.

In Washington, the alliance to pass the bill made for strange bedfellows. One of the most significant civil rights advancements in American history came as a killer amendment. The Rules Committee chairman in the House was a Virgina segregationist Democrat. He decided to add sex to the list of protected classes. By doing so , he made the bill one that protected a majority of people not just racial, ethnic, and religious minorities. Now inadvertently, 70% of America had skin in the game. The Johnson administration lobbyist for the bill had a problem, the Democratic leadership in the house did not care or was opposed to the bill. Political analysts at the time gave it no chance in the House. They found an ally with the ranking member of the Judiciary committee, William McCulloch. McCulloch of Ohio was a staunch conservative against federal education aid, for gun rights and prayer in school. His district is now represented by the current Speaker of the House. He not only got the bill out of the committee, but in a rare move, became the floor manager for the top priority of the Democratic administration. He had promised Kennedy that he would work to see the passage of the landmark law. Even after Kennedy died, he kept his focus. In spite of the fact that Democrats had more than 250 members to around 170 Republicans almost as many of the positive votes came from Republicans. The Civil Rights bill was no longer a Republican bill or a Democratic bill, it was an American bill. Jackie Kennedy Onassis said that he was the single most important person in the passage of the bill.

In the Senate, Hubert Humphrey and Everett McKinley Dirksen formed an unbeatable coalition. Humphrey was the Democratic Whip and Dirksen was the Republican leader (minority leader). They negotiated the minor changes that the bill needed to gain 71 senate votes. It needed 67 to proceed from the longest filibuster sparked by Majority leader Mansfield’s courageous decision to by pass the segregationist stronghold judiciary committee and go directly to the floor. For two months, the Senate was brought to a stand still and America watched to see if the words of Senator Dirksen were true that racial integration was “an idea whose time has come”. “The time has come for equality in government, education, and employment”, he stated. Dirksen chided lily white(the term for Republicans who would compromise away civil rights to gain votes) Republicans to remember this “Is a article of living faith ” for the party. Do we forsake this article of faith when equality’s time has come, he asked. Dirksen also chided Democrats for dragging their feet on the issue, including Kennedy’s two year delay in sending a bill and Democrats waiting another year to bring it to a vote. He noted that was no Johnny come lately on the issue. He had fought for Civil Rights for 30 years. In the end only 6 Republicans did not support cloture. Unfortunately for the party, one of them was Senator Barry Goldwater, who believed a white backlash would help him eke out a victory over Johnson in the fall. Goldwater had already clinched the GOP nomination effectively so GOP caucus and primary voters had no recourse. While Goldwater was a minority of the Republicans on that issue, he became the face of the party and torpedoed its traditional black support for 50 years and counting.

As I look back into what for me is history, I am reminded what it looked like when America worked for all people. Leaders were not afraid to stand for what was morally right even when they did not benefit or they feared the other party would. Johnson rightly feared that the south would be lost to Republicans when race was off the table to hold them to Democrats because of the more conservative culture. Republicans rightly feared losing some votes of blacks and women when those issues where no longer gluing them to the party. Both were right. They did it anyway.America was forever changed in a way that even the Civil War did not succeed in changing us. Thanks to leaders willing to take a stand, I never knew the sting of legal segregation unlike many in my family for the previous 300 years. When I say the pledge, “with liberty and justice for all”, it is not a promise, it is a reality–more or less.

Big Sister Watching What You Eat/ I say let them eat cake

Once again, the government is trying to play nanny. The government currently keeps food data purchased by SNAP as classified as a trade secret for retailers. The busy body class is not satisfied with school lunches and are mad about losing the soda battle in NYC so they are going after the working poor. They only want to help of course. They want to force healthy choices down the throats of the poor and lower middle class whether they want it or not. The fact that a balanced diet can include a bag of chips and a box of cupcakes along with fruit, vegetables, meats, and diary is beyond their understanding. I support the food stamp program because it is a vital link to keeping America an humane and first class nation. It allows the working class to not choose between rent and food in a time of rising rent and declining wages. People working two and three of those ten million part time jobs that Obama brags about to replace the one full time job that they lost can at least stay above water. Now that 45 million plus Americans get SNAP due to the Fouled Up But According to Regulation (FUBAR) economy, the government sees an opportunity to control. (Think what it will be like when they consolidate control over health care.)

The purpose of food stamps was to supplement the food budget not have government decide what people should eat. WIC is a disaster because it forces a diet that is unhealthy in the name of health that has more to do with certain food lobbies. It is a diet biased to white preferences and actually negative toward Asian and black tolerances toward certain foods. I am for the opposite approach, eliminate the government nanny state and let people do what they want. It would cost less for us to abolish WIC and put the money into food stamps.

It should have been a warning when they changed the name to SNAP. Now it is the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Government changes what is healthy by whatever fad or lobby is in vogue. Vitamins are important, then vitamins don’t matter, it is fat, then it is trans fat, then they want a high carb/low fat diet. Then sugar is bad. Now some nutritionist with WIC wants to go after the healthiest nutrient of all, bottle water. Why? Sierra club doesn’t like it. You see once you open that door, you open it special interest lobbies not improving health. It will become one more tool of picking winners and losers by the all powerful state.

It won’t stop there. First it was busy body labeling. Labels actually had valuable information until the government went from nutrition to fad diet info. Then we had to save the children. Now they want to see if people will go for SNAP being regulated because the idea that a working mom gets a cheap birthday cake at the supermarket is horrible. A bottle of soda with your milk, water, and juice is the end of life as we know it. You see once they can get the camel’s nose under the tent, they will keep going until they get the soda tax, limit restaurant portions, and try to control our food. I will express my opinion in the regulatory comment period this month and say government doesn’t need to be involved in individual decisions. Once the data is made available to be tracked and made public, busybodies will demean people’s choices. The busybodies will want to hire nutrition advisers to come to people’s homes. The program will be WIC on steroids. Just let them eat cake. Maybe the French royal was on to something. It has eggs, milk, flour, and everything nice.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_8/12/14- part 2__Edition-

Sussex county council votes to delay vote on country music festivals. Here’s my take on what they should do that will please everybody. Plus the low down on who shone and who didn’t.

So as I type the most painful thing any individual should have to hear is falling upon mine ears.

It’s like Punkin’ Chunkin’. Man what a great PR event that was for Sussex county! A way to use the vast inland in a state that will lead to the ocean once the pumpkins were chucked.

But such as Punkin’ Chunkin’ events involve throwing huge round projectiles into the air. Sometimes people get injured by pumpkins misfired or chunks of same splatting upon unprotected heads.

So we tried to get a monetary limit on lawsuits and the lawyer lobby say No. The lawyer lobby contributes greatly to all sorts of elections.

Now Sussex county no longer has Punkin’ Chunkin’, a real shame.

With that sad history as backdrop, witness a local businessman who wants to join with a local landowner to use 500 acres of the landowner’s farm to situate a so-called “country and western festival”. Actually that’s what I “so-call” whatever it is that local entrepreneur Alex Pires wants to set up on the Baker Farm.

It sounds cool as all get out to me.

As I type I have heard the agony of trying to do the right thing.

Baker owns the land. Pires has the expertise. Again, a use of Sussex county’s inland that could serve as gateway to our coast.

But we are idiots here in Sussex county. We do not want our roads blocked and our sensibilities offended.

The wealthiest countries on this planet are those that welcome and encourage monies from other states/countries.



So I shall wax philosophical for a moment and suggest that Sussex county does not, yet, know what it wants to be.

Do we want a Sheriff that evicts people or a guy we choose to head our law enforcement?

Do we want to lure the folks with our inland then send them to the coast, a scenario where the entire county benefits?

Do we want our farms to lay fallow or do we dare to allow the new and unique?

I must compliment the Sussex county council, especially Vance Phillips and Sam Wilson who were leaders.

George Cole, I hasten to add, did a fine job of changing the phraseology in a manner that was evident that he understood all of it.

Joan Deaver was very quiet but that’s okay too. I could hear her thinking out here in la-la land over the Internet.

Mike Vincent, of course, cast the deciding vote into whether to postpone the vote on this matter to next week and by this humble Blogger he did the right thing.

Here’s what I’d like to suggest to the Sussex county council.

You will never have another chance to vote for an enterprising fest like the one Pires wants to put on that farm. Sure the Bureau of Planning and Zoning said no but mostly because they didn’t think the site plan as submitted by the entrepreneurs was substantial enough.


The entrepreneurs said that getting input from the ambulance and fire departments, getting the info on local medical….all that sort of stuff, is not normally done until the special use has a go-ahead from the county council.

I understand that you had eight or nine folks from the Sam Adams community and all around but how many people live in that area?

In the hundreds-I am one-? The thousands perhaps. It would make sense that the disgruntled would show up first and foremost.

Joan Deaver, my own council lady, last time this matter was discussed you mused that the local homeowners could maybe rent out their homes.

Which means, to me, Joan, that inside your soul you know this is a good thing for Sussex county.

George Cole, you acolyte Rob Arlett, said, last night at the Sussex county GOP meeting that he would vote for the festival.

How about this guys?

Figure out a way, SOME kind of way, to try it ONE time and no more. Make it mandatory that all reconnoiter after the first effort and compare notes.

I’m not sure that Pires and Baker will buy into this but get a good lawyer and some out-of-the-box thinking and you can do anything.

Tell the naysayers that it’s a one time thing only, that the event will be revisited after the fact and all concerns from what DID happen versus this constant speculation of what MIGHT happen is getting old, unwieldy and mind-boggling.

Be brave Sussex county council members, soldier on! Do what’s right for this county!

We lost Punkin’ Chunkin’, let’s not throw away this opportunity.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Juuuust Souuuuup….I promise.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__8/12/14__Edition-

The Sussex county GOP meeting on 8/11/14 had some intriguing guest speakers. Lessee….there’s Cindy Green, Vance Phillips, Rob Arlett and the big surprise, Ted Kittila. Let us critique.

So it was quite a peaceful and calm meeting, this monthly gathering of the Sussex GOP, an organization that can, ahem, run hot and cold.

I discussed the GOP upcoming convention on 9/13 at Deltech in Dover.

I am willing to cover or live Blog this convention but I would need some help. I would need a ride and help with the money.

Hey, I know no one will do this as I am but a lowly Blogger but doesn’t hurt to throw the suggestion out there. I promise I would entertain with my gossip and snark. All offers considered.

There will be no Sussex GOP in September as it would fall on the evening before the primary. The week after the primary would be the convention. It was deemed sensible to avoid the meeting and have the ED’s and RD’s go campaign for their candidates.

Sussex GOP chair John Rieley awarded the Republican of the Month award. Rieley nixed the rule that such an award should not be given to members of the executive board and gave co-chair Fred Silva the award.

Fred does do a lot of work for the party and he deserves the honor.

Now to the meat of the post. There were several speakers on this night of the Sussex GOP meeting and it was worth the listen.

Speakers included Cindy Green, running for Register of Wills, Rob Arlett running for councilman of the 5th councilmatic district, Vance Phillips, current incumbent for that same district, and the big surprise of the night-Ted Kittila, running for Delaware Attorney General.

Fellow Blogger Frank Knotts really was very unfair to Cindy in his assessment of her speech and her depiction of her job duties.

First I have personally had to deal with the Register of Wills department and found it very efficiently run. One of my choir mates also works in that office so I regularly get an update on what’s happening in terms of wills, probates and dead people.

Cindy has done a wonderful job with that office but no, she does not directly oversee the daily operations of that office. None of the so-called “row office” elected run the offices daily, that’s not the purpose of electing someone to those offices.

New Picture (8)Here in Sussex county where we are all heathens and will rip off your head to poop down your neck, we PREFER to have as many bureaucrats elected as possible.

Nothing worse than dealing with an unelected bureaucrat.

We don’t elect them to run the daily operations, omeone tell Frank Knotts.

And, indeed, Patty Bodenweiser is the one hired to run the office on a daily basis and she does a great job.

Cindy spoke of her experience working the office, the accomplishments, the challenges. She outlined a plan to modernize the office by scanning all documentation.

Green did a great job with her short and sweet narrative and anybody with a good ear could not come up with a single reason why she should not be elected again to keep up the momentum.

The two Republican candidates for the Sussex county councilmatic 5th district spoke, beginning with Rob Arlett.

Rob did a nice job. Rob is essentially an upbeat optimistic sort of guy and it was reflected in his short narrative. I am to understand that this offer for these guys to speak was not planned but hey, gives the voters a chance to see the candidates unrehearsed.

Still and so the most major thing Rob said was that Councilman George Cole supported him.

“The longest serving elected Republican in the state,” was how Arlett phrased it.

Heh. Well that won’t impress Sussex county heathens all the much. In this neck of the woods we get a bit tired of everlasting incumbents and Cole has turned off a bunch of folks lately.

But hey, somebody might think having George Cole’s support is a big deal. Me? Not so much?

Next we had Vance Phillips, current incumbent for the Sussex 5th councilmatic district.

Yon readers, in case unawares, should note that Phillips is facing a challenge due to accusations of rape, the affidavit of which was made very public.

Vance has not been arrested for a single thing and myself, for one, consider this very important. There is scheduled to be a civil case on the matter early next year but should this be a reason for the Sussex county  GOP advisory board to refuse to endorse Phillips? Arlett, I add not because I disapprove but because I wouldn’t be doing my duty as a Blogger here if I didn’t point out that he is a member of that same advisory board that refused to endorse Vance Phillips, the current incumbent.

Vance did a wonderful job with his narrative to the Sussex county GOP membership and guests.

He started off a bit rocky with his over the top praise of John Rieley. Everyone knew that John was a big mover in that refusal to endorse Vance what with John being the Sussex GOP chair and everything.

Whatever, Vance did get across the impression that he and Rieley had an interesting and bittersweet past in local Republican politics.

Vance continued on with a background of his life, detailing the history of his three daughters and the current love of his life. This was very effective in fleshing out Vance as very much a family man, very much in love, very much NOT a crazed rapist that even the AG won’t effect an arrest for.

The best job Vance did was to tell his story of the Sussex council budget, how there are currently many surpluses, that the council began a journey to replenish a treasury that would soon be going empty.

Those of us with small property taxes would agree with Vance and I even give George Cole and Joan Deaver a little credit for this.

Vance, you did a good job. Kudos to you.

The biggest, and most pleasant surprise of the evening, was given by Ted Kittila, the current nominee for Delaware Attorney General.

Now we all know Beau Biden is running for Governor, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost that God does not curse Delaware like this.

Kittila, as I see it, jumped into the race a little late but nevermind, this guy is a great speaker with great ideas.

He grew up in Seaford and currently lives “above the canal”. I suppose we can forgive him for that.

Kittila has a great speaking voice, a dynamic presence, he’s asNew Picture (9) qualified as Beau Biden to be AG, not that Beau’s any good at it.

Kittila said that the office of Delaware Attorney General is “not a waiting room for the Governor’s office”.

A great sound byte, those words.

I am currently arranging an interview with Kittila, who I ran into after the meeting.

I gave him my card, he gave me his, I asked for an interview.

“Yes, I read your column all the time,” he said, with enthusiasm.

Well hey, right there I am impressed.

Whatever the case, know that this Blogger is impressed by Kittila. And while this might not be his election to win, he’s got a future in Delaware politics, so remember his name.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : We have Sussex county council live Blog and this week the Juust Souup post. Also a good tidbits coming up. Stay tuned.

Attack of the Kangaroos: Lessons for Political Change

Republicans interested in minority outreach need to remember the lesson of the Armed Kangaroos. Dealing with mere surface issues won’t change long term voting patterns. Many Republicans do not even entertain that their are any reasons for a lack of minority voters other than they have been brainwashed or too many are on the dole. The idea that there may be something that irritates minority voters that we do is rarely discussed. If it were just one group of voters, it would be easier to understand. I think first a funny story out of Australia can illustrate the point. I got this from Snopes, it is basically a true story.

killer kangaroos

Mutant Marsupials Take Up Arms Against Australian Air Force

The reuse of some object-oriented code has caused tactical headaches for Australia’s armed forces. As virtual reality simulators assume larger roles in helicopter combat training , programmers have gone to great lengths to increase the realism of the their scenarios, including detailed landscapes and — in the case of the Northern Territory’s Operation Phoenix — herds of kangaroos (since groups of disturbed animals might well give away a helicopters position).

The head of the Defense Science and Technology Organization’s Land Operations/Simulations division reportedly instructed developers to model the local marsupials’ movements and reaction to helicopters.

Being efficient programmers, they just re-appropriated some code originally used to model infantry detachments reactions under the same stimuli, changed the mapped icon from a soldier to a kangaroo, and increased the figures’ speed of movement.

Eager to demonstrate their flying skills for some visiting American pilots, the hotshot Aussies “buzzed” the virtual kangaroos in low flight during a simulation. The kangaroos scattered, as predicted, and the Americans nodded appreciatively . . . and then did a double-take as the kangaroos reappeared from behind a hill and launched a barrage of stinger missiles at the hapless helicopter. (Apparently the programmers had forgotten the remove “that” part of the infantry coding).

The lesson? Objects are defined with certain attributes, and any new object defined in terms of the old one inherits all the attributes. The embarrassed programmers had learned to be careful when reusing object-oriented code, and the Yanks left with the utmost respect for the Australian wildlife.

Simulator supervisors report that pilots from that point onwards have strictly avoided kangaroos, just as they were meant to.

I would submit that merely changing showing up to an event, forming a committee, and going to few churches in an election year, will not change the fundamental dynamic of minority voters. Minority outreach has to be more than meeting some people and telling them why they should be Republicans, as important as that may be. It has to recognize something fundamental, political parties exist to form coalitions to gain political power. If you want someone to help you gain power, they have to have a seat at your table. That is not true only with minority voters, but any discussion of party building. Conservatives in Delaware were treated like second class members of the Delaware Party for many years. Conservatives in Delaware should be the most sensitive to this concept. After Pete DuPont left office, Bill Roth and Jane Brady were our only links statewide. Tom Wagner avoids issues outside of his purview. Conservatives in Delaware are its largest minority group, but by finding common ground with like minded citizens in the minority community, in education, in the business community, in working class communities, in the veteran and military communities, and in the faith communities, there can be a governing majority.

It will take a systematic two way communication, and real cooperation on some big issues such as common core, charter schools, crime, small business development, and family strength. It is time to go beyond outreach and move toward inclusion. When people feel included in shaping policies that shape their lives, they will buy into giving us a chance at implementing the solutions. It also helps to see serious support for serious candidates who happen to be minorities. In Kent County, there has been a long tradition of African American Republican office holders, we hope to add two more and keep Rep. Don Blakey. At the state level, which party has more people with Latino heritage? I think a serious case can be made that with a few adjustments that Republicans in Delaware can have a serious presence in many communities. We can reprogram the perception.

The National Scene-Sunday Talk Shows 8/10/14-Chris Coons!

Yes we have some Chris Coons calling businesses back to America. John McCain urges more war as is his wont, Ebola and the mess in Iraq. Much more.


FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Ben Cardin, D-Md.; John Engler, president of the Business Roundtable.

I got a Chris Coons story.

I have a Part D prescript plan that allows you, as most do, to “pre-order” your meds at their site. I just click on the box that says something to the effect “click here and your scips will automatically be refilled and mailed to you.”

Been doing this for years, works well for me.

Except last time I went to doctors my blood work was amazing, so said the doctor. “Let’s cut out your Tricor,” Doc said.

Only thing, on that very day my next three months scrip of Tricor was mailed out and I couldn’t get a hold of the part D jerks to stop it.

“Too bad,” they told me.

Trico for three months cost ME about $175.00 so I lost that money!

But wait! It gets better!

For the cost to me is only 35% of the cost so the REAL cost-so they say- is almost triple that. And you get charged what the TOTAL cost is before going into the donut hole. I am, every year, over the limit and have went into that donut hole to a cost of a couple hundred bucks.

I get samples and all from my docs to avoid this but this time I have no choice.

So not only have I lost the $175, at year end I will go into donut hold with the almost $600 bucks this scrip cost.

So I wrote mine Senator Chris Coons a letter and goodness they all got back to me cause I sent a letter to everyone.

Coons’ people called me back, asked that I get a copy on my doctor’s letterhead that my doc did, indeed, stop the scrip, which I obtained. They couldn’t get me back the $175 but the Coons people thought they could help with the donut hole thing.

Well they couldn’t. I just got a letter from them saying…TOO BAD!

I mean, come on, this Part D company allows me to pre-order and I would return the pills.
TOO BAD is what they so.

I MUST BE PUNISHED! I must be punished to the tune of over $800 cost to me!

Coons’ people couldn’t help.

Also, since Coons talks about corporations….come on…Delaware is the home of corporations…or used to be.

Now they all leave because hey, it’s Delaware, run by Democrats like Coons right into the ground.

This past week I had to drop Bank of America for they have NO branches in Delaware!

Had BOFA since 1988, don’t especially like them but routine and all that. Don’t hate them either.

Bank of America will not set up in Delaware because, as they told me….”Delaware is too destructive to business.”


Now Coons is some kind of business expert? He couldn’t even get Medicare to keep me out of the donut hole!

Lindsay Graham, like his partner John McCain, urged more war in Iraq and George Will, who I have NO respect for, spoke while I didn’t listen.

Finally, Ivanka Trump? Must be part of the deal Fox has with her father, The Donald.

MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Coverage of the crisis in Iraq.

So the coverage of the sad Iraq situation was covered but allow me to summarize.

What you have is a bunch of sons of camels with no particular talent except their ancestors were in charge of the oil fields.

So the population has no discernible middle class and they can’t have any kind of army as armies tend to turn on people.

The only way the sons of camels can keep their power is to harness the restless “class” of commoners-everybody who is not involved in oil- in the form of terrorism.

In fact those Muslims came over here many years ago and began to recruit Muslims from the jails and the disaffected black folk of the era.

It is how Valerie Jarrett first into all this and some would say Barack. They get the academic nothing-burgers like Ayers and send a couple of those punks to college, teach them community activism and how to steal elections.

Put a thug in charge of the justice department and we got our own little nest of wannabe terrorists right here in America.

I mean come on, give me a couple of weeks and I could recruit you a whole bunch of nothing-burger thugs because hey, for reasons of genes and environment, some humans are born with a need to kill. It’s small matter to find them, every country has them.

This is what this ISIS is but come on, Obama, in a fashion, is one of them.

A bunch of thugs taking over Iraq. How sad is that?

Guest Robyn Wright, a real flaming lib, says America created Al Queda. How much does this dimwit get paid for her lies?

FACE THE NATION (CBS): Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I.; Dr. Keiji Fukuda, the World Health Organization’s assistant director-general for health security and environment.

The WHO guy assured us that Ebola is very contained. Somehow I wasn’t comforted.

THIS WEEK (ABC): Army Gen. Carter Ham (retired), former commander of U.S. and coalition forces in Mosul, SIM medical missionary Dr. Frank Glover, Jr. and Amb. Robin Sanders, former ambassador to Republic of the Congo and Nigeria.

The most interesting article here was about my own fine home city of Baltimore and that curfew that is said to be the strictest in the nation.

Ah, I once loved Baltimore. Loved the harbor, loved the buildings, worked downtown for many years.

Baltimore is ruined now, too many years of Democrat rule.

They really need this curfew. Somebody tell me why a seven year old should be out after 11pm.

New Picture (3)

STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., General Jim Jones, President Obama’s first National Security Adviser, and Zalmay Khalilzad, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq under President George W. Bush.

John McCain appeared on this show to encourage war so nothing new here.

An interesting discussion on presidents and their vacation schedules.

Stephanie Cutter says she used the meme that the president isn’t working herself plenty of times on President Dubya Bush.

Dear Lord the poor guy once went back home, in AUGUST mind you when congress was on vacation too, and as he cleared brush from his land the cameras rolled and the pundit mockery flower.

One of the round table people said, heh….I am NOT making this up, that “this president doesn’t get a break.”

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost I can’t believe anybody would say that! President Obama gets more of a break than any president ever from the Lamestream media.

In summary, the pundits think America should, and could, bomb the thugs of ISIS to another planet, that Obama should NOT issue an executive order granting amnesty to millions, that it’s okay for presidents to take vacations and Democrats ruin everything they run.

Did I get it all?

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT :Lots coming up. Sussex county council tomorrow and update on that country western festival thing maybe. The Bureau of Funny Walks said no so let’s discuss.

Bodenweiser, Delaware’s Political Prisoner?

Since the Bodenweiser trial ended in a “hung jury” over one, third degree count, there has been much speculation that the Attorney General’s office bound Mr. Bodenweiser over for another trial until the elections are over.
A concerned citizen opted to have “Free Bodenweiser” bumper stickers made and they started appearing on the bumpers of cars and trucks in Sussex County on Friday. They have become such a hot item that there are very few left. They are going like hotcakes, so to speak.


MP Fiyan (Vian) Dakheel: In a World Crying for Leadership, One Emerges

UPDATE: The U. S. is engaged in limited air strikes and humanitarian airlifts. Does anyone hear I vote present?

This lady is a real leader who will do what she needs for her people. She feels their suffering. She fights for them and refuses to be shut up. If the PM cared as much for the country as she does, Iraq would be in better shape. The question for us is have we forgotten? Where is the leadership in America?

I am disgusted with the fact that we are allowing religious and ethnic cleansing before our very eyes. ISIS seems to have in mind genocide to wipe out the “Devil Worshipers” minority Yazidis. They are destroying the Christian communities. Hundreds of thousands of people are being displaced at a time. Millions are displaced (2.8 Million Iraqis and hundreds of thousands of Syrians) thanks to the terror army. These Islamic extremists have pledged to see us in NYC. They won’t stop until someone stops them.

It is time for the U. S. to step up and intervene, It would have been easy when the numbers where less than a thousand, but we fiddled while Iraq burned and Syria was over run. The U. S. needs to stop genocide because we are the only ones who can and because the more power the enemies of freedom and modern life get, the more of a threat to us. America cannot afford to allow a terror state to form in the heart of the middle east. If we do, it will be a nightmare that will last decades. War, occupation, insurgency, terrorism, like we have yet to see. Stop it now. There is no negotiating with these Islamic extremists. They must be defeated so let’s do it while the cost is low.

Congressman Frank Wolf is one voice of sanity.

Where public policy meets common sense