Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_9/23/14___Edition-

The Sussex County Council discusses Freeboard and no, it’s not a song. Some upcoming important dates, hearings on a new Rt. 1 shopping center that will make the NIMBY people roar and Phillips takes last minute potshot at Joan Deaver.

I am so not into the Sussex county council meeting today as everything discussed was put on hold for more information except for millions of dollars moved in the county pension plans.

We begin with “freeboard” height and I’m a bit confused. The county had to vote on the proper height for all buildings in a flood zone….example below.

New Picture

This is all about the federal flood insurance because there are people, ladies and gems, who buy property in known flood zones then expect you and I to pay for flood damage when it inevitably happens.

What wasn’t clear as I heard over and over that it didn’t matter what the county decided as FEMA has the rules and all must obey.

Round and round the presenter kept saying this was just a formality, that Lewes has its own freeboard requirements and so does Rehoboth.

I think the county ought to demand a twenty foot freeboard….that would be great to live that high up. See what FEMA thinks of that.

This was the first agenda item turned into old business.

Then we had a presentation about the county pension and folks, here my eyes glazed over. I will note that many millions were moved to a new account on the recommendation of the pension committee. The county is not in debt to its pension system and this is a good thing.

Then we had a presentation of the wetlands committee and these people get old…DNREC and the EPA…a match made in heaven. Somehow this item got pushed off too.

The big ticket agenda item of the day was the new proposed shopping center on Route 1 across from Cave Neck Road.

Katie bar the doors!

The NIMBY (Not in my back yard) crowd will be sobbinb and wailing, dear Lord we might have to leave five minutes early!

I say if they don’t let Pires do his country and western festival then this shopping center should not happen either. In summer you can’t get across Route 1 because the tourists all block the intersection, may they burn in hell forever. Imagine a shopping center adding to it all?

But I jest, tongue in proverbial cheek. I would LOVE to have a mall close to me. Imagine that… free shopping in a nice mall….I’d be okay with that. Don’t put up any lights and let God sort them out is my suggestion.

Finally, just a bit of gossip. Seems Joan Deaver was doing a lot of sighing during today’s meeting. Vance Phillips, who is on his way out and I will miss him, let me be perfectly clear, asked Joan if she was tired and a little flap ensued.

It was the most interesting part of the meeting.

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NEXT : Looking into an interesting piece about the future of Delaware health care. Might write a thought-provoking piece about this.

The Fly on the Wall-Defining “war” and Dealing With ISIS(L)-Who are NOT islamic


Suppose you were a fly on the wall when political discussions were taking place and the TRUTH was being told.

No fear of bugs in these sessions, the electronics have been swept and removed if necessary.

Except that bug the fly, which has the ability to Blog, intriguingly

New Picture11111

I’ve grown very find of our weekly meetings at this point and consider myself to be almost as good a spinmeister as my human counterparts.

To catch up, I am a fly and via Valerie Jarrett’s sleeve I slip into these weekly PR spin sessions meant to change public perception of events.

It’s a neat trick, turning truth into lies, non-fiction into fiction. Flies don’t do much but sit around on poop and rotten food so I’ve come to admire this fine art.

Jarrett was, as always, head of these sessions. The other attendees are not known by the public (hell, Jarrett’s got more power than anybody in this administration but few of the general populace would know who she is) but were known to the many journalists and PR folks who received their prepared spin with eagerness.

I have a recorder taped under my wing, tiny thing, of course, but it carries the words of lies and spin back to my expert fly trainer, this Blogger now typing the words I taped.

Jarrett stood up and paced the room in that manner of the boss of a concentration camp. Three young people sat quiet and solemn as they wait to learn what public relation battle they will have to fight. They also are very anxious over the PR battles they themselves have battled this past week and it wasn’t a battle, they appeared to be thinking, it was a war.

“Now about this ‘war’ problem,” Jarrett said, as if reading their minds. One formerly shy young Jarrett protégée raised her hand. Before given permission the young woman spoke: “Val we are all a wreck after spending a week arguing over what constitutes a ‘was’ and ‘boots on the ground’. I got so that by the end of the week my head was spinning.”

The other young protegees nodded affirmative and goodness, even me, a humble insect, heard John Kerry tell us that America’s fight with ISIS was a ‘counter-terrorism’ effort, some called it a battle, some said that soldiers currently very much on the ground in Iraq were wearing boots so why say no boots on the ground.

Maybe someday I will be a Jarrett protegee and between Val and First Lady Michelle will too learn how to twist truth, if not outright lie.

These people knew the value of words and they understood full well that the word “war” used in conjunction with anything in Iraq was forbidden. War was something Dubya Bush did, not President Obama, he who walks on water and brings peace to the planet.

Again, even my humble insect self understood the value of the bully pulpit. People are inclined to believe what comes from presidential speeches, press conferences and the like. Flies have queen flies and such, depending on our breed, but no one much listens to our queen; her job is to lay eggs.

Humans place value on their leaders and even if their leader is an idiot, he or she can speak stupid over and over and many of the humans accept it as truth.

It’s why I’m a Fly on the Wall… gather the info and tell the wise humans what’s behind the spin.

“And how about this stuff about ISIL not being Islamic?” a young man said, too after raising his hand and not waiting for permission to speak.

“The first word in ISIL is ‘Islam’,” my favorite young protegee said, a cute gum-cracking chick.

Valerie stopped her pacing and took a deep breath.

“Remember, if the President says it, over half the population will accept it as truth,” Jarrett said, looking toward the ceiling as if reading a ceiling teleprompter.

“All those reporters don’t buy it,” the youngest protegee yelled out. “They’ve been pounding our office lines all week. And Fox News is devoting entire shows to just why ISIL is very much Islamic.”

“We sent out talking points,” Jarrett said, looking pointedly at the young upstart who evidently annoyed her.

“What?” the source of Val’s irritation shot back. “We’re supposed to tell the media that ISIL members are recruited from the population of many cultures? That only makes the administration look cavalier, declaring Americans are part of ISIL. Even if they’re not Muslim when they join up they all must convert immediately.”

“The President had to say that ISIL isn’t Islamic,” Valerie sighed, running distracted fingers through her hair. “There are many factions of our party that get direct contributions from Muslim countries for the purpose of preserving their image. The President had to say it, guys, so get over it.”

Valerie allowed silence to permeate the room, and get recorded on my tiny recorder as well.

“Guys, we’ve discovered a new product that will change our jobs completely. It will, in fact, change the world!”

All human eyes in the room got wide. My fly eyes are already very wide but still I focused my many lenses on Jarrett. New stuff that’s going to change the world is big news. I wanted to be in position to get it on tape and delivered to my blogging owner.

“It’s a medicine,” Valerie began, then pausing to span the room with her eyes and create drama with the announcement to come. “Right now it’s in liquid form but we are assured that it can be made into an aerosol that came be sprayed surreptitiously in a room. Soon this new amazing product can be delivered to entire populations via their water system or very atmosphere over their towns!”

Goodness, all my lenses were pulsing with anticipation. Something that could affect entire human populations? I had to wonder if flies would be immune.

Jarrett leaned into the table. “It’s a narcotic of sorts,” she said, almost in a whisper. “and it makes people forget anything you want them to forget.”

With this Jarrett leaned back and waited for her words to be absorbed.

“So, say, “Valerie said, a little louder and with flourish now that she had their human attentions. She had this fly’s attention as well. “you want all the people in a country to forget that the President said that ISIL was not Islamic. You just pump, over the air, into the water, via their natural gas lines as I am to understand, this narcotic and everyone who whiffs, drinks or requires warmth will forget it.”

One timid hand went up but Jarrett held her palm out in warning for more to come.

“Oh there’s an art to it,” Valerie continued, beginning an effort to answer the questions her listeners might have. “Somebody’s got to suggest what is to be forgotten and that might be difficult to get an entire country to kind of be hypnotized on such a mass scale. And my example, of course, might not be the best one. But just think….”

We were all already thinking, including my fly self, but Jarrett wanted us to think more…”with the push of a button you can get everyone in a room to forget something. Imagine the possibilities!”

Then Jarrett chuckled…”Course it might make us all be without a job as what would we do? We have this narcotic already designed. We meet with the CIA, the situation changes, we spritz some of our “forget” liquid, boom, no leaks to the press, no worry work for us.”

Jarrett took a deep breath and began gathering her papers, indicating the meeting was over. The meeting attendees slowly gathered their things and shuffled out in that manner of humans without fly wings.

I went down and tucked myself into Jarrett’s blouse sleeve, still blown away by the concept of being able to make large groups of people forget something.

Someone in control of such a thing would rule the world.

Although, my fly self argued to my worries, these guys do the same thing really….as in “Forget what you heard, here’s what I said”.

Or something.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT : I don’t know yet.

The Official Endorsement of Ken Simpler

Now that the primary is over, the unsurprising endorsement of Mr. Ken Simpler to be our next state treasurer is here. Simpler and Anderson

It is really so simple. Ken Simpler is the most qualified person to run for the office in a long time at least since Janet Rzewnicki and arguably ever. Janet Rzewnicki showed the value of an elected treasurer having knowledge of the field. She stood up to putting state money in risky derivatives. Having someone with the depth of knowledge that Ken Simpler has could once again professionalize the office.

I respect Sean Barney. He is a patriot and a great American. If all other factors were close to equal, he would get my vote based upon his service. Sadly, he has been part of the failures of state policies as the policy guru for leading Democrats. Giving him a platform to do even more ill conceived damage is not wise especially at one of the offices that he seems to know little about. Even if you agree with him on policy, this is not the office for him to achieve any of it. It doesn’t fit.

Ken Simpler really is the one of the two that I would trust my family’s investments with so I will vote to trust my state’s investments with him. It really is that simple.

Election 2014

The day of the Delaware was also that of the N. H. primary. Now we know that Scott Brown has received a huge boost as Republicans have rallied behind him. Every poll that I see recently has the race tied. Colorado is starting to lean to the GOP. Udall’s pro-abortion ads seem to backfiring and he has lost a net of 8 points since blanketing the airwaves with them. Most people are not pro-abortion in this day of ultrasound and his lie that Congressman Gardner wants to ban contraception was so blatant that it blew up in his face. Now he is behind. Democrats are in deep trouble in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Colorado where they are either tied or losing. Those are the friendlier states. Even worse for them, Michigan is tightening again, but the Democrat still leads by 5. If they lose Michigan, it will be a wave. If they have to fight for Michigan, they are really in trouble in North Carolina. Karl Rove’s hand picked candidate is weak. We had two stronger candidates in the primary. I think the GOP will still win it, barely. It is the one race were the Democrat actually leads in a Red state. Alaska polling is shifting towards Sullivan. Republicans should have allowed a strong primary opponent to Pat Roberts. The guy who doesn’t really live in the state is in trouble to an Independent now that the Democrat withdrew. He is the only Republican incumbent polling behind his opponent. Arkansas and Louisiana are looking good for Republicans but way too close to count in the column.

Democrats are fighting hard and outspending Republicans thanks to the hated Superpacs they claim to loath. I could actually see a scenario where they hold it to 3 net losses. I can also see one were they lose 10 seats net. Both are equally probable. Right now I would say 5 to 7 seats with a better than even money on a GOP Senate.

The Republican Party could have sealed the deal if they were not afraid of taking a stand on some simple issues such as a unified health plan, repealing sequester on Defense, a job creating infrastructure bank, and tax reform. Now they struggle with no message, but the Democrats have failed so deeply that it may not matter. Just go out there and say I am for the Constitution and it may do the trick.

Maine was a write off in the Governor’s race, but campaigns matter. Now it is within 1 point. I think the GOP may also win Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Michigan South Carolina, and Wisconsin again. They were all states were Democrats thought they had a chance for various reasons. They still do in MI, WI, GA, and FL, but they are behind. I see only Pennsylvania as the state that we lose though Kansas bears watching as the GOP civil war may claim two casualties much like the craziness in Virginia. I think both Brownback and Roberts win, but not if the election were held today, they would both lose by 4 points. Democrats are in trouble on their own turf in places like Illinois, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Hawaii. I bet they lose 3 of 4.

The big winners out of the Governor’s races would be Susana Martinez of New Mexico whom we highlighted before and Governor Haley. The other winner may be Governor Chris Christie. Governor Walker barely surviving with Chris Christie coming to his rescue may not be the strongest jumping off point for President. If Rubio is not on the ticket, I bet Martinez will be. Republicans cannot run another ticket of two white males anytime soon. We said that in 2012 and it proved accurate. Republicans lost ground with Asian and Latino voters in an increasingly diverse electorate. I wish Sarah Palin just retired instead of resigning, but it is what it is.

The National Scene-Sunday Political Talk Shows 9/21/14

Ray Rice and the NFL….let’s discuss. And Chuck Todd makes most interesting observation.


FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Reps. Peter King, R-N.Y., and Adam Schiff, D-Calif.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Sens. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and Chris Murphy, D-Conn.; Michael Mullen, former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman.
FACE THE NATION (CBS): Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.; Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich.
THIS WEEK (ABC): Samantha Power, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations.
STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Oh my goodness y’all know I’m a Ravens fan, right? Born in Baltimore and still fuming how our Colts took off in the middle of the night.

Is it really the job of the NFL, when all is said and done, to be decider of how kids are disciplined or wives are slapped?

Because that’s what this is all turning out to be. All day the discussions raged. One pundit opined that just because your kid responds to taking away a favorite toy doesn’t mean mine will. Another pundit told the story of choosing his own switch for a whupping. I remembered mine own childhood and whippings with a belt. No…I didn’t think that was necessary.

Whatever I think, it appears that a road to proper behavior is being established and the NFL, willingly or not, is setting the standards.

There’s caveats on this, more on this later.

For would we be discussing the sorts of corporal discipline we received, on through to a national consensus of sorts over appropriate or inappropriate physical punishment, were it not for the situation with yet another NFL player applying switch to his 4 year old son?

There is, ever present, the ongoing discussions over wife abuse what with Raven Ray Rice shown punching his wife and dragging her out of the elevator. It was pretty bad but hey, she married him! She married him for the money, no doubt, for sure not his gentle touch?

Now he’ll not be making the money so she must get beaten with no reward.

Somewhere in all that I’ve inserted some irony.

It’s not important what famous pundit said what about the NFL thing but I must ask, suppose these people worked at Verizon.

Suppose Joe Blow in accounting was shown in an online video punching his wife. Would the president of Verizon be holding press conferences apologizing or would Joe Blow’s boss be writing pieces for the Wall Street Journal justifying his actions for hiding the video?

Now I know the argument would be that accountant Joe Blow of Verizon isn’t considered a hero by many young people; he isn’t famous thus supposed to be setting an example.

So okay now here’s more irony. The American public hasn’t worried a whit over these bad football players, they’re still micro-waving velveeta and Rojo, they’re still ordering pizzas and beer. This as they settle in and watch the game.

To many Americans football players are doing their job. They’re not much concerned about what the guy does in his private time. If he’s breaking the law they’ll put him in jail.

Or so goes my supposed logic.

But it’s common sense yon readers and none of the pundits on the Sunday Talk Shows have any.

For that you must come to this Blogger. Thank me very much.

images[3]There was one highlight of yesterday’s political talk show circuit. It was Chuck Todd, new host of Meet the Press and he made an interesting observation.

There was discussion of mine own former Senator Joe Biden’s endless stream of gaffes and discussion moved on to speculations of a presidential contest between Hillary and Joe Biden.

Now yon readers, know now that I have heard no discussion of a primary of Biden versus Clinton but evidently they discuss this under the media dome in DC.

Todd suggested that such speculation is journalistic wishful thinking. I tend to agree.

The longer Todd stays in his vaunted position the further they get away from the common sense.

Again, for that you need The Wise I.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT : Let’s see, we got a fly on the wall coming up. And the Sussex County Council.

NJ Democrats Blame Republicans for the Fact Their Candidate Said N-Word While Mooning People

You have to love the brazenness of Democrats. Their council candidate dropped his pants and mooned people while drunk in a diner 7 years ago. What made it worst was yelling the N-word and other profanities while doing it. Imagine if a Republican had done this 7 years ago. With this being public record, you think that he would have addressed this earlier and talked about how long he has been alcohol free. When it was revealed, he choose to drop out. What makes this a big story is the reaction of his fellow Democrats. It is the big bad Republicans fault. Really? Talk about tone deaf politics. If they spent time saying that this was unacceptable, but in the past and talk about the need for redemption and that the man is different today, I respect that. This I don’t because it dismisses the offensiveness of the actions. I could vote for him sooner than them. At least he knows it was wrong. I can respect that. They don’t seem to. That scares me.

Joint statement from Chrissy Buteas and Joe Lambert

We respect Joe’s decision. This in no way reflects on the Joe Sorrentino we know today as a dedicated teacher and coach, and positive influence on the lives of everyone around him. What’s most disappointing is that the Republicans will stoop so low as to seek to personally destroy him for something that happened years ago and for which he has not only apologized with his words, but also his actions. It’s become obvious that the only play in the Republican book is to seek to personally destroy everyone who disagrees with them. Our community deserves much better than this type of politics.

Of course Republicans have some brazenness of their own. The Points of Light Foundation is a fine organization founded by the Bush family and supported in bipartisan fashion by the Nunns. Son Neil Bush now runs the charity, but one of the people who headed it was now senate candidate Michelle Nunn, a Georgia Democrat. She is now being attacked by the Republican National Senatorial Campaign for supporting known terrorists One of the Charities that was designated to receive funds was Islamic Relief Worldwide that Israel accuses of aiding Hamas, but the U. S. Government has found no evidence of this and the organization denys it. So donors Ebay donors designated an organization independently of the board that is a legitimate charity and she gets blamed for discovering it after the fact. It sounds desperate. Nunn is consistently trailing in the polls but either within or right under the margin of error. You think Perdue would be talking about giving President Obama another vote in the Senate to destroy jobs, block energy independence, harm health care, and weaken National Defense. There seems to be plenty of issues that are truly meaningful.

These two examples are why consultant driven politics on both sides result in a courser discourse and avoidance of real issues.

Wade Within Striking Distance of Coons

Critics will say Wade may be with in striking distance, but it is a lightning strike. Still, the latest public poll with Rasmussen shows that Wade can indeed win the Senate race if some significant though less than likely things come together. Chris Coons is polling under 50% and Kevin Wade is 15 points down. Wade got a boost off his big primary win. In another year, national money would flow to Delaware where a million dollars could mail, blanket with local radio, target phone call, and flood with internet ads as an insurance policy in case some of the tight races don’t pan out or add padding if they do. Calling the Koch brothers, this could be our Scott Brown shocker. It won’t happen naturally though. Senator Coons is the favorite and can count on a strong union base in New Castle County. Kevin Wade currently does not have the resources to get his message out to close the deal and the GOP is not yet rebuilt to do it for him. So do we give up on him and say if only? I don’t think so. I say it won’t happen naturally. Wade entered late and doesn’t have the organization that he would normally have. Coons will spend millions. He is a likeable and intelligent. He truly cares. He has a strong organization. The Obama average approval rating is 60%. It can happen though if people decide to make it happen, starting with a determined GOP. Kevin Wade has several strengths. He too is likeable and intelligent. He cares. He may not have millions, but he has real ideas to do more than care. Wade relates to normal Delawareans. He is successful, but he built that himself. Kevin did grow up with a silver spoon, he grew up with stainless steel. He was drafted into this senate race by fellow Delawareans who wanted a voice in Washington. Here is a path to victory for the guy with a short name that is easy to remember. We, the people, have to do it. National is busy with NH, NC, CO, IA, AK, AR, LA, GA, KS, KY, MT, WV, SD, and if they expand the field then MI, MN and OR will be ahead of us. The cavalry is not coming. They are not going to bother a state were President Obama still has a 60% approval rating. That is also a small bit of good news. The Democrats won’t worry about the state either. They won’t even poll the race seriously. The cavalry won’t come for Coons either. Wade has to keep hammering the issues. It is time to capture the imagination of Delaware of a 7 point issue blitz. Jobs, local control of education, energy, civil liberties, constitutional order, national security, and forgotten person. He needs to be doing web videos on the issue of the week and pushing them through paid and earned (shared) Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pininterest, AOL, Blogs local and national, and Drudge. In the 20th Century, revolutions were won through audio tapes being distributed. Iran is the biggest example. The web is our audio tape forum. Not having national figures makes him his own man. He won’t be tarred with the national GOP which is not popular in Delaware. He should use his contacts with Rummy or whomever to raise some money, but keep the national guys away. Maybe these new poll numbers will encourage some Tea Party groups who would like redemption in Delaware to send out a couple of emails. He needs to juice up the Website and Facebook page for the General election and put his bio in a compelling interview with quotes from his wife and daughter. We have to share them, build our text and email lists. Kevin Wade needs to start with the draft list and go full on activation. First get them to stuff to share and part of a ning group. Second, if each person sends $5 minimum this month, October, and the 1st of November, then he gets needed funds of course some can send $1000. Third, get them to duplicate the Bush effort and be responsible for identifying 10 people and making sure they get them out to vote. He needs people at every possible event in Delaware giving out literature and the Constitution (to remind people that we are losing our rights and control of our government). I have other ideas, but this is not the forum to discuss them. My point is that Kevin Wade can have a ground up path to victory. Even if he doesn’t win this time, he can build a firm foundation of liberty minded voters who can help others win down ticket. If he wins 43% or more of the vote, he can win the lower two counties and we pick up a few house seats and crush the super majority and maybe two senate seats with the NCC district in play. You see, Kevin Wade doesn’t have to win for the state conservative movement to win. He needs a solid showing. The interesting fact is though, if we build it, they may come. Plant the crops and see if GOD sends rain. Then be ready to harvest it if He does.

Sea Rise Awareness Week

This annual event should be the last week of October because it is when they try to scare us for no good reason. At least this week, the theme is actually positive. They want to adapt to sea rise with green solutions. Reestablishing a natural and living shoreline to form barriers against ocean intrusion is something that we can all get behind. In the long run, the only way the successfully fight nature is with nature. The best way to beat it is to join it. Combining technology with natural science gives us the best chance to get flood protection whether or not there is sustained ocean rising. Over the last hundred years, we have tried to fight the oceans, but the oceans will always win. It is better to guide the oceans then at least we will win, at least longer than it matters to us or our grandchildren’s children.

If the Department of Natural Resources would abandon its scaremongering and heavy handed regulatory approach and focus on common sense, maybe we could get a positive consensus on some important issues. The City of Dover passed an ordinance this week banning grass clippings in the streets, sidewalks, or storm drains. Naturally, I added an amendment to make it apply to consequential amounts not that incidental to trimming or acts of GOD in case the wind kicks up. Why did we need such a law? The Department of Natural Resources pushed it. We already have issues in compliance with runoff and we were concerned that if we did not pass this nonsense that we could end up with 10k a day in fines. That is why the Department is not well viewed. Whether it is trying to tell you what car to drive beyond its legal authority, inhibit your property rights, or bully towns and cities, it is not viewed generally as a partner in protecting the environment. Hopefully this is a positive turn. Science is our first line of defense not over regulation.

The Corporate State and Administrative Regime

We ratified the United States Constitution this day in 1788. 226 years later, we are still governed by this beautiful expression of American self governance. Happy Constitution Day!

Tim wrote a good post on the Constitution so I will not duplicate it. I would like to discuss the challenges to it. I think everyone recognizes that perpetual war is a constant challenge to civil liberty and the scope of government. Thanks to the global situation, this is a reality and we must guard ourselves against over reach in the name of national security. I will continue to advocate for civil liberty in time of war.

What is often less though of on my side of the aisle is the rise of the corporate ownership of power and wealth. On the left, what is often not thought of is the rise of the Administrative bureaucracy supplanting elected officials. Over the coming months, I would like to challenge both. I have often said we suffer from the disease of big, big government, big media, and big corporations. Everyday proves this contention.

During the antebellum era of America, proponents of slavery justified their inhumane treatment and claims to own fellow human beings as property by claiming the North engaged in wage slavery. They would say that we have slaves in the South, but you have slaves in the north who instead of serving on plantations serve their corporate masters in factory so leave us alone. Eventually, the moral clarity of ending slavery lead to the union movement and anti-child labor movements which cleaned up abuses in the factories and mines. The anti-trust movement placed limits on the corporate oligarchy which was locking up vast sums of American wealth from its people for the few and beginning to corrupt the government and pervert the economic system. Balance was restored to the system. Slavery was abolished and the worker had their dignity protected.

Today, we have the same rise, but it is more pervasive than ever. I have no issue with wealth inequality. Not everyone has the same goals, ambition, or desires. I do have an issue with the middle class being decimated and wealth being used to booster global regimes not loyal to our country called international corporations. I also have an issue with losing my voice in government to the evil twin of the corporate bureaucracy in big government. The simultaneous rise of the corporate state and the administrative state may be the greatest threat to liberty since World War 1 and the rise of the income tax, the Fed, the bureaucracy, and the War and Emergency Powers Act. Wilson built the administrative state which expanded later. Now we are to the point where laws are passed in Congress, but we don’t know what they mean until the regulations emerge out of the national archives. I think 700 Pennsylvania Avenue may be more relevant to my daily life than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Worse yet, the Iron Triangle of lobbyists, bureaucrats, and corporate bureaucrats and the revolving door between them, has led to a community of shared interests and objectives between them. You and I get left out of the mix too often.

The creepy world that has emerged has given the corporate state control over education system. This is what Common Core and the standards based movement before it is about. It is the new CSA (Corporate States of America not Confederate) raising up new worker bees to their needs and standards not raising up citizens to reach their dreams and think independently.

It gives us trade agreements that are not free trade, but a free for all to move American assets around the world. What we create no longer belongs to us. It is shipped overseas, destroying American jobs and products are sold back to us and our money is taken out of the country in a balance of payment deficit. The “trade deficit” is not our problem. The balance of payments deficit is the number to study. It is more of the corporate media bait and switch.

The tax laws are not written to grow the American economy and be fair to everyone. They are written to redistribute wealth. Enough is given to the poorer quintiles to keep them from becoming out of control, but the real winner is the international corporation.

Our homes are taken by banks out of control who own the regulators. Read the Inspector’s General Report on the Justice Department and FBI making mortgage fraud a very low priority. A good summary is here.

Our privacy is nonexistent. In 1967, the Supreme Court ruled that the Fourth Amendment protects people not places. Katz v. the United States created the standard for a reasonable expectation of privacy. That expectation is in shambles because the the new CSA now has everything from our medical records to our personal correspondence, to our financial records, to our whereabouts through GPS. They own our musings, family pictures, and most personal communications to our friends, lovers, and families. Now we know because of Jones v. United States that the USA uses its connections to circumvent nuisances like warrants and the Fourth Amendment by going to the CSA. The Corporate States of America are not bound by Constitutional protections and their lobbyists write the laws and shape the regulations. Their lawyers have a revolving door on the courts.

American wealth and freedom faces the challenge of a century. Those who want to remake us control key elements of finance, the economy, the education system, the media, and government. For a lessor people it would be over, but we are Americans. There is no challenge that we haven’t met. We have just begun to fight. Liberty and prosperity are the American birthright and we will not lose it.

A Little Constitution Goes a Long Way

Today’s blogpost is courtesy of National Archive which provided the transcript. All credit goes to The Founding Fathers (listed at the end) and though some will disagree with me, our Creator.

Happy Constitution Day!


We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Article. I.

Section. 1.

All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.
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Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_9/16/14__Edition-

Sussex county council meets again. We need money to fix our roads and what’s this thing with byways? And Sam Wilson campaigns in front of a voting place?

So the most interesting thing about the Sussex County Council meeting this week didn’t even happen at the council meeting.

For the council meeting was boring, filled with dreams of money for Sussex roads, reincarnated byways, and monies given to an organization with a Spanish name that has me asking…why?

More on all this later.

images[4]Heh. It would seem that councilman Sam Wilson got a bit enthusiastic at last week’s primary and was seen shouting and politicking outside of a polling place.

WGMD interviewed Sam Wilson-who called in to defend himself against the allegations. Sam said he was over a hundred feet from the place where people vote while WGMD said they were told he was only six feet away from the voters.

Well there’s a big difference between 6 feet and a hundred feet. Somebody’s off here.

I am to understand that Sam was hawking for the voters to pull the lever for Sheriff candidate Bill Lee rather than Jeff Christopher.

The Sussex county council does not like Jeff Christopher, this is no secret.

Whatever the case, hey, Sam, I like your verve. If they send you to jail I’ll help bail you out.

So the Sussex council submitted their wish list to the state for monies needed for transportation projects here in Sussex county and dear Lord the list went on and on.

Sussex County Priorities
2016-2021 Capital Transportation Program Request
Ø East-West Improvements
v SR 24
v SR 26
v Routes 404/9
Ø SR 1 Improvements

Ø Park Avenue/US 9 Truck Route Ø Local Roads
-sussex county airport
Ø Alternative Transportation

New Picture (1)

Just when my boggled mind got over all this I discover that there is such a thing as the “Nanticoke Heritage Byway” another federally funded bit of fluff that has counties all over the country vying for federal bucks.

The presentation of this byway was nice but mine eyes glazed.

We’re keeping an eye out on it.

And finally I must note that grant money was given to an organization called Primeros Pasos.

One thousand bucks of my taxpayer money in fact and just why does this organization NOT have an English name?

They might be a perfectly fine organization-I am to understand that it is some kind of school, but I have concerns that my tax dollars are financing a continued form of alienation to our Hispanic citizens.

I’ll be looking into this and ask yon readers to enlighten me if they can.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT : Tidbits and another Fly on the Wall explains “war” versus a “anti-terrorist” action. Come back tomorrow.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_9/15/14__Edition-

Couple of juicy tidbits including Delaware’s Republican of the Year, Joe Biden nude and my opinion on the Sherriff Christopher’s proposed write-in plan….it pains me to say it.

Republican of the Year Our Own DELPOL Editor!

New Picture (7)Well he was also named Republican of the month and myself got confused.

Now he is the Republican of the Year, congratulations David!

Upcoming Event to Prepare for the November Elections

If your organization is sponsoring an event to better prepare the public for these very important upcoming elections let me know and I’ll give it a shout on this Blog.

For now, some information below:

Free, Public Invitation To the First Sussex County General Election Candidates’ Forumon Monday, Sep. 22 at 7 pm – after the Primary Elections.

Candidates are invited from 5 Delaware political parties for:

US Senator, DE Treasurer, Attorney General, 18th DE State Senator, State Representatives, Sussex Register of Wills & County Sheriff.

These candidates are on the Nov. 4, 2014 General Election Ballots.

Lincoln Community Center at 18883 Washington St.
Intersection with Second St. in the “Kids First Academy.”

DIRECTIONS: From Route 1 or Rt. 113 traffic light (2 miles south of Milford) turn into Lincoln on “Johnson Rd.” Drive to the midtown traffic light. Turn on Third St. for one block to the public school. Turn right for one block & arrive at Sussex County’s EMS ambulance and go into the Kids First Academy.

Meet, hear, question & learn about our General Election candidates.

The non-partisan, Lincoln Civic Association welcomes you on Monday, Sep. 22: 7 – 9 pm – Doors open 6:30 pm.

Delaware Republican Convention a Snooze Fest BUT FOR THIS…

The Republican convention pass a repeal of the Common Core Resolution as I am to understand.

So what about the Rising Star Greg Lavelle who voted FOR making the Common Core standard to replace the current DCAS…moving Common Core implementation in Delaware one step closer?

Has anybody from the Republican convention had a little talk with our Rising Star who betrayed us by voting FOR it after voting AGAINST it.

He sold us of down the tubes for a chance to be a Rising Star on MSNBC.

Kudos to the members of the Republican convention as Delaware’s education system is already in the toilet, we don’t need Common Core to flush it down the sewer.

Casino Updates

Been paying attention to the situation with the casinos here in Delaware. Because nearby home state of Merryland is putting casinos up everywhere and Pennsylvania won’t be left out. Meanwhile casinos in Atlantic city are closing up shop and our own state’s entry into the gambling biz ain’t doing so well.

So there’s this group of folks called “The Lottery and Gaming Commission” and they are charged with recommending needed actions to lawmakers come this January 2015.

I’ve no idea how people are put on this commission except that state Rep Tim Dukes-R-of Laurel is on it.

I wonder if I can get on this commission? What are my qualifications? Well I love to gamble and am a Blogger.

What else is needed?

At any rate I am keeping a Wise I on this situation because state gubmints across the country view gambling casinos as a source for tax revenue.

Only Delaware had to fork over over nine million bucks to our gambling industry last year.

Stay tunes as we keep reporting on this issue.

So…Sherriff Christopher….The Wise I Speaks

I love Jeff Christopher, really I do. I like his zeal and passion and hey, he’s my kind of politico.

And the man keeps hanging on here in Sussex county, God Bless, through failing court cases, anger from the Sussex county council, on and on but Jeff Christopher believes in something and he’s not backing down.

Except I think that now it’s time for Christopher to step down.

The above statement, I know, will make me a force of comment anger, I know this.

And make no mistake, there are lots of citizens in Sussex county who believe in Christopher and our constitution and the concept of ELECTING folks with power over us. Then again we are the heathens in this county.

I just don’t think having Christopher split the vote in the upcoming general election is such a good idea. He will only split the Republican vote and the worst that could happen is we get a Democrat Sherriff!

Jeff, I ask you to compose a noble, short and succinct statement that in the interest of the greater good of Sussex county, you do not encourage voters to write in your name for Sherriff, that they should vote for the Republican contender, Bill Lee.

I will not write in Jeff’s name but I am still his supporter and have no doubt he will rise again, perhaps form a group of constitutionally-minded folks and lead the way?

I want to see Sussex county win this Sherriff’s election and that will not happen if a Democrat/liberal gets elected.

Ending With a Smile-Biden in the Nude


If this isn’t the damn dumbest story of the week.

Seems the Secret Service have revealed that our own former Senator Joe Biden likes to frolic around his house in the nude. The pic below is allegedly such a pic as ole Joe loves to skinny-dip in his pool.

Sheesh… sad is this?

New Picture (8)

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT : Sussex county council is back in session and it’s up to me to keep an eye out. Soon I shall be going up in person but for now I watch over the Internet and report immediately.

The National Scene-the Sunday Political Talk Shows 9/14/14

Defining just exactly is a war from Secretary of State to WH Chief of Staff. Also discussion about football because hey, that’s political, right?


FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): White House chief of staff Denis McDonough; Sens. Jack Reed, D-R.I., and Lindsey Graham, R-S.C; Michael Hayden, a former CIA and National Security Agency director.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): McDonough; former Secretary of State James Baker; Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.
FACE THE NATION (CBS): McDonough; Secretary of State John Kerry; Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y.; Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas.
THIS WEEK (ABC): McDonough; Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa; Education Secretary Arne Duncan.
STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): McDonough; Harkin; Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn.; Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich.; retired Army Lt. Gen. James M. Dubik; retired Army Maj. Gen. Paul D. Eaton.


imagesI608B442So Chief of Staff Denis McDonough was on all the Sunday talk show and he did a pretty good job of making this coalition to destroy “ISIL” sound like it’s not the fiasco it is and made President Obama sound remotely capable.

The big discussion of the Sunday talk shows was whether this current action against those lawless thugs taking over Iraq is a war or is it not.

President Dubya Bush called it a War on Terror. Obama doesn’t want to call it any such a thing because Obama is he who will stop all wars. While walking on water, let me add.

So we begin on Fox News Sunday with ISIL and the beheading and now we move on to Ray Rice.

I am from Baltimore and am a rabid Ravens fan.

And I was horrified by that slap in the elevator like everyone else.

As time went on and thought settled into our brains, I began to see whispers that perhaps suspending Rice for what seemed to be the rest of his life, perhaps thought ought to be given to the fact that a)the woman was charging him, a clearly evident act on the video, and b)SHE MARRIED HIM ANYWAY!

Cause for all the talk about domestic abuse, the abused often takes the abuser back, at least once, but multiple times. THAT is one of the biggest problems in dealing with domestic abuse.

Now we move on to Meet the Press to discuss that beheading of the British Aid worker.

This will make the world LOVE those ISIS thugs, but of course.

The guests continue to surprise, including former Secretary of State James Baker…why him?

No wait! Current Secretary of State John Kerry was on Face the Nation. He sounded like he had marbles in his mouth.

The red herring this week is, of course, whether dropping bombs on these guys is considered a war and Kerry described it as…well how about this…”part of the war on terror” he said.

This administration really needs to make up my mind.

Later on we get discussions of Hillary’s potential run Goodness we are told that Katie Perry is going to write her a theme song and Hillary will soon be undergoing a makeover.

Oh, and guess who’s running for President? Bernie Sanders, the liberal kook from Vermont!

Chuck Todd gave an interesting demonstration regarding presidential approval ratings.

Seems that right now Obama only has a 40% approval rating. Also seems that both Clinton and Dubya had higher approval ratings at this point in their presidencies, Clinton with impeachment looming and Dubya with the post Iraq war glum upon him.

I thought that very interesting and really interesting that Meet the Press would cover this unpleasant face.

The verdict is in on the “war” talk. John Kerry says if you want to refer to the ISIS attacks as war you most certainly can. See how we spend too much time talking about language in this country instead of taking action?

As for Ray Rice, the verdict is still out. For the liberals have done went and made the NFL into a big social experiment. Football is, after all, a very American sport.

If one wants to fundamentally change America, for sure part of that would be to fundamentally change its most cherished national sports and activities.

We’re keeping track on the talking heads and the verdict on having the NFL top boss resign.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Goodness we have tidbits and time to compile them into a post. From a nude Joe Biden to Republican of the Year, tune in for this and Sussex county council meets again.

Blogger Wins Republican of the Year

David Anderson receives Republican of the year for 2014

David Anderson receives Republican of the year for 2014

I first started volunteering for the party as a teen in 1984 for the reelection of President Reagan. Over the past 30 years, I have helped north of 70 candidates in 5 states. I have served this great country in Afghanistan. I have represented our values of more effective, less intrusive government on city council. I have worked to make the party more inclusive and served in many capacities. I love my party. It was an honor to know that my party loves me back. Thank you members of the Executive Committee, especially my own Kent County.

Delaware Republicans Go On Record Calling for the Repeal of Common Core

The following Resolution passed overwhelmingly at the 2014 state GOP Convention.

WHEREAS…America is a society which values rugged individualism, family, excellence, and diversity;
WHEREAS…The Common Core Approach to education is a one-size-fits-all standard, regardless of personal and professional goals or individual talents, thereby conflicting with the aforementioned American values;
WHEREAS…Common Core is based upon a high stakes test which is contrary to the best research which supports local regular quizzing and classroom testing;
WHEREAS…America has long valued local control, and the Tenth Amendment of the Constitution leaves Education in the hands of the States and the People;
WHEREAS…Common Core is a national standard masquerading as local standards and has bypassed the process of legislative approval, public development, and has had limited local control;
WHEREAS…Common Core is being rejected by teachers, parents, and concerned citizens across America;
WHEREAS…Common Core, as currently being proposed to be implemented, will harm special education students and their rights under federal law;
WHEREAS… Common Core will cost tens of millions to implement in Delaware in addition to the money already spent, in order to purchase new curriculum.
WHEREAS…Power is being taken from local school boards and elected officials and concentrated in the Delaware Department of Education and the Federal Department of Education;
WHEREAS…The Common Core Assessments and Implementation have been criticized even by those who supported it in 2012, such as the DSEA and DE PTA. Opposition to Common Core crosses party, ethnic, religious, and ideological lines; and;
WHEREAS…Common Core will undermine centers for excellence in education such as home schools, private schools, unique charter schools, and even affects colleges and universities;








Never Forget those Fallen On 9/11

Tonight the 9/11 Museum opened. It is a very fitting tribute to some great Americans who risked all for others. My hope is that while we are still engaged in a war for humanity against radical Islamofascism, we do not compartmentalize the experience into a mental museum. We must not give up the fight. Our adversaries are still at war with us, but once again we started acting like we were not at war with them.

Last night’s address by the President made timid steps toward getting us in the right direction, but it was the right direction. It was too slow and too timid, but at least he is moving and that will save lives and make us safer. Sadly, some in his own party are fighting a vote to back him before the election or like Senator Udall from CO wants to oppose him. I support my President when he is working to secure our country and so should the cowardly Democrat Party. No wonder there is a 23 point gap in which party is better against terrorism. The GOP advantage is greater than a year after 9/11.

Slashing the military in a dangerous world makes us less safe. It is obvious, but if you need experts, read the respected National Journal. The best way to support the troops is to let them do their job. If the President really is serious about finally recognizing the threat facing us, he needs to start protecting us instead of pink slipping military in the war zone and other disgraceful and destructive policies.

This 9/11 let’s recommit ourselves to an unwavering commitment to protecting the American way of life.

Sheriff vote total upheld. Christopher considering write in

The Sussex Department of Elections conducted a recount of the absentee ballots in the Sheriffs Race.

With both candidates in attendance, the vote totals from Tuesday were confirmed. Sheriff Jeff Christopher has indicated he may engage in a write in campaign.

In the video provided by the News Journal, a woman, who appears to be Republican State Committee Vice Chair Nellie Jordan, is seen sitting next to Christopher and whispering in his ear. (Mr. Lee is sitting on the other side of the woman.)

Simpler Responds To Barney’s Negative Political Attack

The following is a campaign release

Simpler Responds To Barney’s Negative Political Attack

State Treasurer candidate Ken Simpler, fresh off of his impressive victory in Tuesday night’s primary, reacted today to Sean Barney’s immediate negative attack.

“I’m disappointed that my opponent’s first communication in this race was not one welcoming us to the campaign, or encouraging a high-level debate on the issues, but was instead a negative, political twisting of some words I once wrote,” said Simpler.

“My opponent is unfamiliar with Delaware tradition, since he’s only lived here a few short years, but I’d like to restore some civility and substance to our political contests. Delawareans deserve more than cheap-shot politics.

“I also hope I don’t develop symptoms of whiplash. I’m merely hours away from a primary campaign where Sher Valenzuela spent hundreds of thousands of dollars telling everyone in shouting distance how liberal I was, and now Mr. Barney is doing the same shouting to convince people that I’m too far to the right.

“That said, I understand my opponents’ desire to paint me into a political corner. Like my primary opponent, Mr. Barney desperately needs to distract voters from the real choice in this election, which can be clearly framed in one question to voters: do you want the billions in your tax dollars that flow through the Treasurer’s office managed by someone like myself with 20 years experience successfully managing money, or by my opponent, who has no experience at all?

“Voters didn’t buy the distractions and negative attacks yesterday, they’re not buying them today, and I don’t think they’ll buy them on Election Day. They know that the Treasurer’s office should be a non-partisan position focused on finance, and I’m the only candidate in the race with the skills to properly execute the duties of this office.”

Ken Simpler presently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Rehoboth Beach-based Seaboard Hotels. He previously managed a successful billion-dollar portfolio for a global financial institution, Citadel LLC. Ken is a board member for Draper Holdings, the parent company of WBOC TV, and a finance committee member of Beebe Healthcare.

A Delaware native, Ken received his diploma from St. Andrew’s School in Middletown and graduated from Princeton University. He holds advanced degrees from the University of Chicago in both business and law, and is currently completing his Master of Public Administration from the University of Delaware.

Ken is a resident of Newark along with his wife, Liz, and their three children.

Copyright © 2014 The Simpler Campaign, All rights reserved

Barney Greets Simpler with Nasty Distortion

Sean Barney is a great American and a true patriot.  It is too bad his campaign is not living up to those standards.  Barney is obviously not as qualified in finance as Simpler.  It doesn’t mean he can’t do the job, but that difference must be intimidating because the Barney campaign couldn’t wait an hour to begin smearing and distorting Simpler’s writings and topping it off with name calling.  It is shameful, but unsurprising.

WILMINGTON, Del., September 9, 2014 — The Barney campaign released the following statement in response to the results of the Republican Primary for Treasurer:

“Delawareans face a real choice, between Sean Barney’s record of mainstream leadership and public service and Ken Simpler’s right-wing approach of comparing seniors on Medicare to bank robbers,” said Barney Campaign Manager Andrew Wilson.

The Barney campaign cited an editorial Mr. Simpler penned last election cycle entitled “One Man’s Savings, Another Man’s Robberies.” On the article, Wilson said “Ken Simpler wrote that seniors on Medicare were stealing from drug companies. And Simpler wrote we should make seniors pay more for prescription drugs so drug companies can make higher profits. That sort of Tea Party politics is the last thing we need in Delaware.”

Simpler never accused seniors of stealing from drug companies. He criticized price controls imposed by the federal government as a form of theft by the government. I think that is a pretty big difference. It is at best a distortion of his position and at worse an outright lie. Here is what Ken Simpler actually wrote:

The right hand side of the page heralds the arrest of one Brian Wayne Sutton on a variety of counts of robbery and theft. Mr. Sutton, a Maryland resident, allegedly used a .22-caliber rifle in a string of convenience store holdups (in addition to an apparently aborted attempt at a bank robbery as well as the successful stick-up of a pizza parlor). Mr. Sutton is not charged with having physically harmed anyone, but is accused of carrying off a considerable sum of cash. He is being held in Cecil County jail without bail while awaiting trial for these various armed robberies.

On the same day, just to the left of the story of Brian Sutton’s capture, appears the headline: “Del. Leads in Medicare Savings.” In this piece, we receive the good word that more than 12,000 Delawareans on Medicare saved an average of $757 in prescription drug coverage in 2011—the highest per capita savings in the country! What’s more, this is no one-year fluke. Even greater savings can be expected next year as part of the changes to our national healthcare system as prescribed under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“PPACA” for short, or “ObamaCare” in slang).

As the article goes on to make clear, the key factors in the savings are actually mandated by the PPACA. In the first instance, the federal government subsidized 7% of seniors’ generic drug costs in 2011, but will double that subsidy in 2012 (with further increases through 2020). More significantly, PPACA requires drug companies to discount brand name drugs for Medicare recipients by 50% (yes, half). Linda Nemes, assistant director for market regulation for the Delaware Insurance Department, sagely notes that “spending 50% versus 100% can be a huge savings for some seniors.”

What is every bit as criminal as Mr. Sutton’s stealing, however, is to report on the two events as if one is a taking and the other is not. Here is where, regardless of your political stripes, you should lament the reporting on the new healthcare law. There simply are no “savings”. While paying for drugs for our eldest citizens is surely a politically conscionable act, let’s not pretend that the savings enjoyed by such citizens are not equal to the dis-savings of taxpayers and pharmaceutical companies. If that’s not the case, then by all means, let’s be fair to Mr. Sutton and charge him with Armed Savings.

The bottom line that we all know but often refuse to acknowledge is that the political process does not create any free lunches. When we allocate resources through public policy we create winners and losers—that’s how it goes in a democracy. The new healthcare law is an incredibly complex and ambitious piece of legislation that was hotly contested and remains exceedingly divisive. The voting public deserves to understand its ends and means clearly as it goes into effect. On that score, The News Journal owes us a higher standard of reporting than to brag on Medicare savings on Friday and lament the layoffs and closures at AstraZeneca on Tuesday.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_9/10/14__Edition-

The Delaware/Sussex county 2014 primary elections are over (almost) and they are very interesting. Congrats to Rob Arlett and Bill Lee!

If there’s nothing on this planet I have respect for it is the will of the people.

Yesterday the people of Delaware spoke and, indeed, I am surprised.

Below Vance Phillips comments on the hard fought election in the 5th councilmatic district, one of the more attention-getting primary races in Sussex county. Rob Arlett won the seat quite handily.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me today. Your vote is a very precious possession and I cherish every single vote I received today.

I’ve competed in a total of eight elections since 1996 and each one has been an exillarating experience. The teams that we have put together have been amazing and I feel so fortunate to have worked with people of such high moral character and competitive spirits. To all of the voters who have supported me over the years, I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to serve this great County. It is not a God Forsaken Place, as some have characterized it, it is a God Blessed Place and I am so lucky to call it home

Vance had a tough go of it, running with all kinds of baggage to include being somewhat crippled, a scandal that will result in a court case next year and the very public refusal of the Sussex county GOP to endorse him.

New Picture (26)

I was rooting for Vance, being the underdog and everything, and I really resented the Sussex GOP getting involved in that race.

Nonetheless the likeable and charismatic Rob Arlett took home the token and if I were to be honest if Vance had to lose I’d be fine with Arlett.

We’ll be keeping an eye on him as he ascends to the podium of the Sussex county council and joins forces with his mentor, George Cole. It will really be fun to watch him interact with Joan Deaver.

The Sherriff race is a real surprise though come on guys, as of this writing Lee is only ahead by 23 votes. There is an automatic recount so as of yet this race is not official.

Whatever the result, the powers that be got to know that Jeff Christopher, having lost a bunch of court challenges but still carrying the flag of the need for greater authority for the Sussex county sheriff, still managed to pull off half the vote in Sussex county.

A lot of people like the guy is what I’m saying here and Jeff, buddy, keep up the good fight and make sure they don’t cheat you out of a victory.

Another race of great interest, the run for Delaware Treasurer Republican nominee between Ken Simpler and Sher Valenzuela.

I called up WGMD yesterday and told them I voted for Valenzuela because she was from Sussex county. Another caller phoned in and called me “dumb” because Sher is not from Sussex county.

Such class from that caller, I bet he’s a Blue Blood elite.

Lookit, this primary between Valenzuela/Simpler was perceived as a battle between Sussex and New Castle, on some level. Frankly, and it’s a bit sad, both of those candidates were good ones and I am very happy with Simpler.

And I think he will beat Sean Barney handily.

I’m expecting to see Valenzuela running again and she will do a great job, just like she just did, coming in late, out of nowhere, and keeping the results way closer than anyone thought.

Cindy Green won her bid for Register of Wills so now she should stop playing words that don’t exist in Words for Friends.

Kevin Wade, but of course, got the nod for the GOP Senator to run against Coons. I got a bridge to sell anyone who thinks he will win.

But hey, kudos to Kevin, he’s a great guy lost in an increasingly blue state.

The upcoming races to watch are the battle of Arlett versus Wheatley in the Sussex fifth councilmatic district and Simpler versus Barney in that Treasurer race.

Make sure you vote on that day and congratulations to the winners and to the losers, come write political gossip with me.

We’ll get rich and famous together.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Time for some tidbits and first up we’ve got a naked Joe Biden! Tune in soon.

Low Turnout Marks Primary Races

A finance guy for a finance job, Delaware Republicans decided to make the choice in November simpler by choosing Ken Simpler in a close race.    He said in a short speech that he was honored and energized to accept the nomination of his fellow Republicans.  With that, the fall campaign is underway.  Turnout was less than 15% for statewide Republicans and half that for Democrats.

I sincerely wish him and all of the winners well.  We need a united party to fight for Delaware families who have not been served well the last 14 years by the Democrats.   Our finances are handled worse.  Our job quality is declining.  Our business environment has stagnated.  Our families are weaker.  Our education no longer serves everyone.  Our streets are less safe.  Change begins with the state legislative, county races and the lower tear state offices.   The people of Delaware deserve a choice.  It is time to link hands and move forward.  I support Ken Simpler 100% in doing so I support Sher Valenzuela.  We need people like Sher to bring home statewide office in 2016.   The best way to accomplish that is restore the GOP.  Keep Wagner, get Simpler, and break the super majority  in the General Assembly.

I am thrilled that we have a man of ideas in the Senate race.   He is a credit to his party.   Here are the results in the paper and the official, unofficial tally.

Update:  My internet got interrupted and published an old version so I am republishing the full version  as an update.

An interesting side note is that Sher won Kent County was close in New Castle,  but took in water in Sussex.  Kent seemed to be friendly ground to the non-prevailing parties on the Democratic side as well.  With Chip Flowers and Ken Matlusky’s best showings.  Discontent may be brewing in the middle county.  Sussex seemed to be the emerging of a conservative establishment alliance vs the conservative insurgency.   The Sheriff’s race recount will be closely watched statewide.

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