How Kevin Wade Can Win

Other conservative, Republican candidates can win, too–of course.  But a large bloc of Delaware’s non-voters must decide to vote.

According to, Evangelical Christians are the largest voting bloc in America.  They could create momentous changes in Washington and Delaware—IF they actually voted.

There are approximately 60 million bible believing, born again evangelical Christians who are eligible to vote, but only 33 million of them voted in the 2004 and 2008 general election. Only 30 million voted in the 2012 general election.

Here in Delaware, evangelicals comprise 26% of population. 9% of Delawareans are Catholic and 16% are black Protestants.  The statistics do not include those of the reformed faith or those belonging to charismatic churches.

If the above groups voted according to their churches’ principles, conservative candidates would win in a landslide, even in deep Blue Delaware.

The pastors of Delaware’s churches should be alarmed enough by current developments in the political scene, even though their alarm may be due to self-preservation. Given the increase in attacks against Christians and the Church, pastors should use the four letter word “VOTE” from the pulpit.

According to Nicole Theis, President of Delaware Family Council, “California churches are forced to pay for dismemberment abortions.  Ordained ministers in Idaho are threatened with jail for not performing a same-sex “marriage.”  Pastors in Texas are ordered to turn over their “speeches” and confidential communications to the government.”

Her link to voter guides:

Any given pastor needs to address his congregants’ civic duties and responsibilities, as there is certainly scriptural warrant to do so. And, you, if you are a member of a conservative leaning and bible believing congregation, can to talk to him about his responsibilities to his congregation. Ask him to allow you or others to pass out the voter guides prepared by Nicole Theis.

Even a few thousand votes can help conservative candidates win.  If you have been a non-voting evangelical, I have a message for you:





Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_10/22/14___Edition-

The Sussex county council struggles to define “children” and freeboarding continues to make no sense. Plus….y’all heard about Joe Biden’s son, right?

Joe Biden’s son Hunter Kicked out of Navy

images[6]Hunter Biden was tested for cocaine in mid-2013 and was officially tossed out of the navy reserve in February 2014.

Somehow this little tidbit was kept a secret until now so you got to wonder who spilled the beans.

I never met Hunter Biden though I often like to tell the story of a cigarette I shared with Beau Biden at the Delaware State Fair.

Sounds like Hunter would have shred more than tobacco.


The Sussex County Council Meeting 10/21/14

I generally do an entire post on the Sussex County Council meeting but of late there’s been not much but sewer projects and how boring is this?

I might remind George Cole that he promised me an interview and I’ve not heard from him yet. Cole is running for his council seat and I’d do a nice write up on him if he’d give me a call. George could also enlighten me about a few of the issues being discussed of late at the Sussex county council meetings.

First, I note those requesting grants from councilmatic accounts, as follows:

1. Town of Milton for park improvements.

2. Delaware Diamonds Gold Fastpitch Association for tournament and equipment costs.

3. Beebe Medical Foundation to sponsor the Beebe Ball fundraiser for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT)

4. Dagsboro Church of God for emergency food pantry.

5. Ellendale Open Arms Food Pantry through United Methodist Church –Ellendale.

While I not gripe about elected people with the power to rain money down upon those requesting, I do question this bit about giving taxpayer money to churches.

Understand that I am no nut job hating churches or God but listen up…MY church feeds and clothes and provides medical care for more human beings than any other church since the beginning of time. I am quite sure yon readers have all heard of St. Vincent de Paul?

Yet the Catholic church would never request money from any county council….we raise it ourselves! And yes, St. Vincent de Paul feeds many; my parish alone collects and distributes thousands of dollars a month for the poor and hungry.

I’m not really complaining….I’ve nothing against poor and hungry people. I just scratch my head and wonder if this sort of thing is something taxpayer money should be funding.

Next is the infamous freeboarding debate. As best I can I shall explain. Freeboarding is a term used to indicate a big space between a house’s foundation and where the living space begins. Houses on stilts, in other words. Why FEMA calls it freeboarding…I dunno. I suppose it’s a term to indicate how much of an area between the house’s living foundation and the ground is built WITHOUT boards.

But I guess. George Cole… me! I need your help!

Anyway, FEMA, as part of the federal gubmint, wants towns, counties and cities to come up with some kind of standard for homes prone to flooding.

The larger the required freeboard height in any given locality will determine the discount to be given to those seeking federal flood insurance.

Or something.

Finally, heh, we have the problem of children living with their parents.

This past Sussex county council meeting there was discussion of the local definition of “children”, in that….well to further define who may live in singled residential units versus multi-family residential units.

It seems simple enough to define a family unit as two adult parents and their children.

Only, due to this roaring economy given us by the likes of Biden and Obama, lots of ADULT children too live at home with their parents. Adult children often have children of their own.

Give me two adults with three grown children, add in the children’s children and their spouses and soon….well throw in a chicken or two and you might have a typical illegal immigrant’s home here in Sussex county.

The council never did come up with a proper definition of a child but we all know what the problem is.

Again, George Cole could really help me out with this.


All of the potholes in Deerwood, the community in which I own TWO houses and former home of Senator Pettyjohn, HAVE BEEN FIXED!

Indeed I distributed a flier to all the homes in my community and told everyone we would get those things fixed even if we had to have a fundraiser and pay for it ourselves.

The other day big trucks roll in, hot asphalt containers, rollers….the whole works.

My bike-riding dog loves not having to run through the potholes and know that writing this column makes things happen.

I’m jus’ sayin’.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT :  Trying to interview George Cole, Ruth King and Scott Dailey.  Hoping one of them talks to me.

The National Scene-Sunday Political Talk Shows 10/19/14

CNN Host Candy Crowley walks into setting up Ted Cruz for perfect response. Liberalism explained in one truth-revealing sentence. Dem and Pub Chairs debate, Wasserman-Schulz loses, as usual

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Dr. Anthony Fauci, infectious disease chief at the National
Institutes of Health; Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee chairman; Reps. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., head of the Democratic National Committee; Tim Murphy, R-Pa.; and Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota.

MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Fauci; Sens. Bob Casey, D-Pa., and Roy Blunt, R-Mo.

FACE THE NATION (CBS): Fauci; Richard Umbdenstock, president and CEO of the American Hospital Association; Dr. Robert Wah, president of the American Medical Association; Jean Ross, co-president of National Nurses United.

THIS WEEK (ABC): Fauci; Judge Clay Jenkins, top administrator for Dallas County, Texas; Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York.

STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Fauci; Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas.

Debbie Wasserman-Schulz and Reince Priebus , Chairpersons of the Democratic and Republican parties respectively, engaged in a little debate on Fox News Sunday.

Come on, is it even fair to compare the two? The Wasserman woman has one debate tactic, which is to lie and lie some more. She will say, merrily, that the sun rises at midnight and not blink an eye at any outrageousness of her statement.

Priebus did okay but after all the guy has to do act normal and he makes Wasserman-Schulz look like the idiot she is.

Debbie beat on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, as is her wont, for HIS slapping around of women. At least as Wasserman-Schulz defines political abuse.


Last week these two were scheduled to go on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley but they did not. I’ve got to wonder if Fox put pressure on to have them on their show. Intriguing, in a fashion.

Over on Meet the Press we have the renewed Chuck Todd who is now “going on the road” as Todd cavalierly announced on MTP the day of these talk shows. Well I’m impressed. Imagine a political talk show host in Iraq, for example, or maybe in full hazmat suit deep in the heart of Liberia.

The Wise I is keeping….well, a wise eye on all of this.

Over on Face the Nation, with Bob Schieffer, who I do NOT like, we had some different sorts of folks giving us info on the Ebola break. As an aside, if another case of Ebola does not break out this week I expect that topic will be not be such a hot item on this coming Sunday political talk shows. I DO expect, however, to be seeing a lot of this new Ebola Czar, Ron Klain.

Most of the Ebola talk of the day was re-treads of recent events. However Schieffer had the President of the American Medical Association on as well as the head of the National Nurses Union.

New Picture (6)

In a not-so-shocking revelation we learn that medical personnel were NOT provided with updated information for dealing with Ebola OR the protective equipment required.

I think God Blesses America with this Ebola outbreak, such as it was, in Texas. It would appear that only the victim and two nurses managed to catch the deadly virus. Nurses handle more bodily fluids than us average people on the bus or even in the infected’s home. The virus does not, as of yet, appear to transfer all that easily.

The ineptness of this first Ebola case in America brought national attention and concern to the problem.

As to banning all air traffic to and from those affected countries, I’ve got mixed emotions about this.

First, there would be no banning of flights INTO the affected countries, why would there be? Anyone willing to go INTO those countries should be allowed.

As for not allowing air traffic INTO America, I just think it would be a mess and probably wouldn’t work. There’s something to the concerns of forcing the desperate into alternate routes that might be much more difficult to police.

Remember, the infected guy, Duncan, came into the country on a flight from Belgium, NOT directly from Liberia. And, assuming circumstances and statistics stay the same, Ebola does not appear to be spread all that easily. Finally, I think to implement such a ban would be more hassles and cause more problems than it would solve.

images[5]Possible future presidential contender, Ted Cruz, disagrees with me, however. And I could be wrong; it’s been known to happen. Seldom, but sometimes.

Cruz was guest on Candy Crowley’s CNN show “State of the Union” and right now I predict that this woman will NOT be hostess of this show next week. If, indeed, this show even stays on the air. I think I’m the only person watching CNN on the east coast and Candy Crowley is just awful.

The best, the absolute BEST thing, was when Candy, trying to frame a question like she does in that awkward way of hers, asks Cruz if…”the government shouldn’t make every attempt possible to make it appear that they have everything under control.”


She really said this!

This opened up Ted Cruz’ excellent replay, good on ya Ted, you got my support for next Prez…: “Well, Candy, it’s better to not just have it APPEAR that the government has everything under control. It’s best for the government to REALLY have things under control”.

I couldn’t have written it better.

Somewhere in the middle of all the Ebola discussion, I learned that the war against ISIS is not going so well.

As best as I understand the problem, quite a few radical Muslims are part of groups fighting against the ISIS thugs. Kind of like New York gang wars….ISIS here and “another radical group of Islamic thugs” over here.

The argument is that America would be better served to help the Kurdish people fighting against ISIS.

First, the Kurds are adults and don’t go around murdering people in the name of an oppressive religion.

Second, the Kurds do not run when someone in the vicinity farts, leaving valuable weaponry behind for the enemy to use.

But can’t do that. No. It would not make the Shiites or the Sunnis happy for us to take sides so we do it stupidly.

Until next week, we’ll be watching and ready to call it in like The Wise I sees it.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Some interviews and more tidbits. Ruth Briggs-King coming up soon as I get hold of her.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The10/17/14__Edition-

Cindy Green Betrayed by Dave Wilson and my own source tells me more! It’s the October surprise and it’s a big one. Many issues with Sheriff Christopher and we still like the guy. Apologies to Bob Lee and Chris Coons soothes us about Ebola.

Our Beloved Senator Coons Assures About Ebola

This past week our Senator and spokesnoid for the Obama administration assured us that there’s only been one Ebola outbreak so we should stop getting all scared.

“In the U.S., there’s just one confirmed case—that of Thomas Duncan, the Liberian man who passed away in Dallas on Wednesday.”

Above is Chris Coons’ recent quote, tweeted out, no doubt on urging by the Obama spin machine. Coons is not a particularly smart man….he follows the commands of his leaders.

Since two more people showed up sick despite Coons’ reprimand to us boobs who worry, we’ve not heard from the man.

Sheriff Christopher’s Lying All Over the Place?

I won’t include the link from that “other” Blog….yon readers can find for yourselves.

It’s a guest post about Sheriff Christopher, currently running a write-in campaign after his Republican primary defeat by Bob Lee-more on him later.

I thought the content of the post intriguing and worth a mention. The argument is that Sheriff Christopher did not do such a good job of raising revenue as he brags. Revenues from the Sheriff’s office, both past and projected, have been reduced by two million dollars due to losing a bid for the Family Court.

The bigger lies by Christopher, according to the Blog post, was his exaggeration about the cost of the legal fees incurred due to Christopher’s lawsuit.

Christopher asserts that the county pays a retainer to a law firm so the legal fees were absorbed thusly. Tis not so and frankly I agree with the Blogger. Having worked for both law and accounting firms, I know that retainers are standard amounts paid out but the tab is settled when the hours as submitted are multiplied by the agreed upon hourly rate. Deduct the retainer and any excess time beyond the retainer comes due.

It ain’t rocket science and frankly I’m quite sure Christopher knows this. It IS fodder for spinning the math for the public and it happens all the time. The criticism that Christopher was costing the county money with his lawsuits didn’t much matter to his supporters. The government spends millions to research why lesbians are fat or making monkeys drunk so a few legal fees don’t annoy us. It was an argument made by the anti-Christopher people as they had few others.

Here’s the truth, write it down, people are voting for Jeff Christopher for Sheriff, either in that close primary or via write-in this coming election Tuesday, because it’s one way for an average citizen to flip the Blue Blood elected the bird. Yes, we want you to know we are out here and we like Christopher’s stance on citizen power.

As for Bob Lee, I owe him an apology. I referred to him as Bill Lee in a recent column. I know Bill Lee. He once ran for Governor.

So Bob Lee, please call or email me at 302-245-8188, I’d love to interview you, I thought you handled yourself very well at the recent GOP meeting, I want to hear what you think a Sheriff’s office should be and should o.

Some consider The Wise I a bit of a heathen but I argue that I am very fair and will listen soberly to your arguments. Word is Governor Markell reads this column every day, not that I’m proud of that necessarily. But people do read my drivel so why not give them a chance to read your wise thoughts?


aplle-scrapple-2[1]I will not reveal my source but it’s not Dave Wilson or Greg Fuller. Actually I have several sources on this story and I will reveal none. Just know that I’ve had to deal with the Registrar of Wills in my recently widowed past, I have several friends in that office, indeed I consider Cindy Green a friend even if she does invent words in our online scrabble game.

I am to understand that Dave Wilson, Representative in the 35th Delaware representative district and an elected Republican, IS PUBLICLY ENDORSING THE DEMOCRAT CONTENDER FOR THIS ROW OFFICE?

Here is the audio, provided by Dan Gaffney himself, on WXDE 105.9. The audio includes Dave Wilson calling up Gaffney and for all the world to hear, endorsing a Democrat even though a Republican fairly won the primary. Also Cindy Green called in and to my astonishment, so too did Greg Fuller.

First, a message to Fuller….I have sent out word via my underworld minions for you to call or email me. I’d love to interview you. We do Democrats here, though not all that often. My email and phone are above.

John Rielly, how you going to handle this? Can you kick an elected guy out of the Sussex GOP, a guy who dares to very publicly, much more than, say, Laureen Purdy’s T-shirt-endorses the candidate of the opposition party?

Because the Sussex GOP is all over the place with their rules and I’m thinking they ought to do away with rules completely.

Because what Dave Wilson did was reprehensible.

Maybe Wilson has a point but listen to the audio. He says that Cindy is taking credit for modernizing the Sussex county Department of Wills and she does not deserve it.

Cindy Green calls in and mysteriously says that Wilson is “following the money” and we got to wonder what that’s all about. Something about an assessment fee but us morons out here in la-la land need more of an explanation.

Congrats to Dan Gaffney, btw, for handling this October surprise so well. The situation was left with Cindy promising to come on his show to both debate Fuller and to explain Wilson’s sudden traitorous behavior.

Cindy often flatters Dave Wilson as her mentor and supporter when she ran for the row office of Register of Wills. I’ve never seen such a blatant betrayal.

BUT….ladies and gems, several of my secret sources told me that Wilson is right, that Green greatly over-states her success at that office.


Give me time folks. I’ve reached out to Cindy and will further question my sources.

Aren’t October surprises great?

I will also be contacting John Rielley to ascertain the planned Sussex GOP reaction to such a blatant violation of Republican protocol.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Lots of interviews coming up preceding the election. Got Ruth Briggs-King, Scott Dailey, George Cole, maybe Ernie Lopez if he’ll talk to me.

A Few Reflections on the Wade/Coons Debate

When I was a child, my parents went over the Westminster catechism and had us memorize the tenets of orthodox Presbyterianism. The idea was to provide a spiritual platform from which we would branch out spiritually and intellectually.  We weren’t supposed to stay frozen in the bare bones of orthodoxy.

Chris Coons struck me as an adult who has never gotten out of the orthodoxy of the Left. He has spent too much time in the sheltered environment of the bastions of the Left and wound up as a boxed in fundamentalist.

He gave canned, unemotional, memorized responses that never veered from the Left’s catechism. No matter what the issue, be it rising sea levels, global warming ObamaCare, big government, Common Core, Ebola, the economy, sequestration, balancing the budget, Hobby Lobby or immigration, Coons recited the Leftist catechism by rote.  I happen to know that Leftist catechism well, having been educated in liberal schools from first grade on.  It is really canned and boring.

In contrast, Kevin Wade had some intriguing and original ideas which he fielded with conviction. He came across as passionately engaged.

I applauded his commitment to securing our borders, enjoyed his common sense engineer’s expertise that contrasted sharply with Coons’ emphasis on global warming and vegetable energy sources—which Wade properly called “pipe dreams.” I liked Wade’s insistence on a clear strategy concerning ISIS and the Islamist threat, his analysis of our “zombie” economy while including practical solutions concerning job creation for Delawareans.  I liked the fact he prioritized American citizens.  While not without empathy for illegal aliens and for West Africans, Wade emphasized commitment to Americans first, whether it be border security, job creation (full time jobs, not part time), safety from Ebola that disallows the triumph of ideology over disease; and energy independence by utilizing the vast resources under the ground.

All in all, I knew beforehand what tired mantras Coons would recite from the catechism of the Left; while Wade gave some unorthodox, innovative but still commonsensical solutions to problems America faces in the here and now.



Senate Debate Night

It’s debate night.  Here is a link to a live-stream.  At least on my connection the live stream is a little jumpy so if you prefer you can watch it on C-SPAN 2 or listen on these radio channels WDDE 91.1 FM,  and WMPH 91.7 FM

Congressman Carney was on first for an interview due to Rose Izzo backing out and 3rd Party candidates not being invited.  He didn’t really do much to impress, but he did show up so that’s something.

The real show starts at 8 when Keven Wade goes head-to -head against Senator Coons.  Once again there will be no third party candidates, for better or worse.  However, I expect to see the two candidates that are on stage to bring their A-game.

I’ll be watching the debate so this post may be updated.  If you have an opinion or a post-mortem on the debate it is welcome here.


Syria and ISIS are the topic of the first question… followed by a discussion about Ebola.

I missed a couple questions, but we are now on the topic of sequestration, specifically its impact on the military.

Now the topic is Obamacare or “The Affordable Care Act”

Next topic is Common Core, or “Obama-core”

Now they are discussing birth control and the Hobby Lobby case.

Well the live-feed gave me too many problems so I quit trying to update the topics that were discussed, but it was rather wide ranging, including ethanol, sea-level rising, and militarization of the police force.  My simple take on the candidate’s answers is that Senator Coons touted his efforts to work across the aisle in Washington on legislation, and that it a legitimate claim, but his ultimate votes on legislation and confirmations as well as the positions he staked out in his answers tonight are the definition of towing the party line.  Kevin Wade’s responses were likewise largely in line with his party’s platform, though he had some solutions that were, at least to me, unique.  He promises to be an independent voice for the citizens of Delaware to our nation.  Some of his plans suggest a willingness and ability to think outside the box, but not having a political career to point to it remains to be seen how firmly he will resist political party pressures.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__10/14/14__Edition-

The Sussex GOP Introduces the primary winners…except Ernie Lopez….he’s not good enough for us peons? What’s the latest on the Sherriff flap?

First, let me say that the evening of 10/13/14 was a most pleasant evening. Sure there were some sore feelings and folks were a bit testy. Quite a few of the elected folk were present and they were great.

Amongst the attendees of the elected group we had George Cole, Bill Lee, Rose Izzo, Steve Smyk, Cindy Green, Brian Pettyjohn, Ruth briggs-King and Rob Arlett.

SNew Picture (11)ome comments…Rose Izzo has to go. She brings nothing to the table and word is she refused a debate at the U of Del….Rose….go away!



Bill Lee has never been a man of many words but he was humble and self-effacing. Lee won the Republican primary for the Sussex county Sherriff against Jeff Christopher, the current incumbent and a man of some controversy. He introduced himself and pointed out that he didn’t win by 21 votes as is the mantra of the write-in Christopher folks. Lee said he won by over 5,000 votes in Sussex county and he has a point.

New Picture (10)

Ruth King, who I have never interviewed and who I gave my card to let us see if she takes my offer, spoke. As always she looked just great and she’s always been a good speaker. Sometimes she comes off as entirely too shy for someone in an elected position.

George Cole, with no opponent in his primary, spoke words of good cheer and gave Rob Arlett, primary winner of the 5th Sussex county councilmatic district against Vance Phillips, a big shout-out. Looks like those two are going to be county council partners of a sort and that’s okay with me. Loved Cole’s reference to unseating Joan Deaver, the only Democrat on the Sussex county council.

Rob Arlett has a tough campaign ahead but he was animated and optimistic. We wish him well.

Cindy Green did a great job championing the accomplishments of her row office. There was another candidate at this meeting, a candidate for the row office of Recorder of Deeds. Dag, I didn’t even know Sussex county had an elected Recorder of Deeds. I gave the fellow my card and let’s see if I get some contact. I’d sure love to chat about this.

Steve Smyk, also fighting a tough contest against an Independent….Don Ayotte, and a Democrat, spoke and while I sometimes have issues with Smyk and his law-enforcement loyalty, I can’t help but like the guy.

Like I say, a nice evening. Folks who care about the country, care about their county, folks who get out and practice their freedom to assemble.

Sussex Chair John Rieley did a great job conducting the meeting with calm and presence. He did deal with a sticky issue and so now shall The Wise I deal with same issue.

It is, of course, the matter of Jeff Christopher, the incumbent Sussex county Sheriff who lost the primary this election past. As I am told, the “Karl Rove Wing” of the Sussex county Republican party pushed opposing candidate, Bill Lee, as Christopher is more a champion of the people and the Blue Blood elected do not like this at all.

The entire Sussex county council, for one, did not, and does not, like Jeff Christopher. I am not at all sure why but all of them have fought Christopher from funding to job duties and this is almost never a good thing.

On the other hand Christopher is the champion of the people, an orator of the language, practitioner of the constitution as it was meant to be.

I, for instance, love Jeff Christopher and I don’t think I am either a Neanderthal or a heathen. I do have very mixed emotions about the matter but nothing can change the fact that Bill Lee won, even if by skimpy margin.

Christopher is the sponsor of a write-in campaign and some would consider that being a sore loser. I have been all over the place on this write-in campaign, at first

against it, then changing my mind FOR a write in campaign.

Well yeah, if I sound confused, I am. Which is why I plead for a chance to interview Bill Lee, to be fair, to have the candidate himself change my vacillating mind.

Let’s see if he calls.

Let’s see if George Cole calls as he said he would, Ruth King and that guy running for Recorder of Deeds….let’s talk!

The Sussex GOP did go into executive session that night
And I am to understand that a resolution was passed, duh, that would have members of the Sussex county Republican executive committee-IE the ED’s and RD’s- publicly endorsing the elected primary candidate and to NOT be ostentatiously for a write-in substitute.

Laureen Purdy, love her dearly, was a wreck, worried about getting kicked out, former Republican of the month as she was. Goodness there is none better or more dedicated than Laureen and to John Rielly’s credit, he didn’t want to go kicking out Jeff Christopher supporters.

He just wanted them to tone it down.

On another note this pleasant evening…where the hell was Ernie Lopez? Isn’t the Sussex county GOP good enough for him? He IS running, I would remind…..he should show up once in a while, give us peons a wave.

IO’m jus’ sayin’.

Anyway, the great Sussex County Republican Woman’s Club has a couple of cool fundraisers coming up, one that all of us can participate in.

They are making holiday goodies and you must order by 11/12 for thanksgiving orders. The gals are making cookies, holiday breads, biscotti, fudge and pumpkin roll. Orders can be piced up on 11/24 from noon until 3pm at the Rolling Meadows Clubhouse behind the Home Goods Store in Lewes. We all know that store, the place where the tourists go nuts, throwing anything with a price tag in their cart.

Contact Carole Andrejko-302-945-8737/ or Joanne Townsley-302-945-5992/ for prices or more information.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Hoping to have an interview with Bill Lee, hoping he talks me out of writing in for Jeff Christopher.

Coons: Americans Should “Stop Freaking Out” about Ebola in US

Senator Coons recently tweeted that Americans should stop freaking out about a single case of Ebola in the US and pay attention to West Africa.  Kevin Wade responded via radio, suggesting that American lives are the ones that should be paid attention to first. (Of course, there is now more than one case.)

The full Tweet story, including Wade’s response, is linked below:



Where is the recovery?

Delaware’s unemployment rate has been going up even as the national numbers have been falling the last few months. The latest U. S. jobs numbers are encouraging, but it is still noteworthy that we still have not recovered the income or jobs that we lost in spite of massive stimulus from both the fiscal and monetary side.

The U-6 which measures the real employment situation of full time workers shows 11.8% unemployment rate. A large number of workers are working part time or temporarily when they want full time work. Women have been negatively impacted. The labor participation rate of white women is still dropping and is at its lowest point in years. The unemployment rate for black women has been at 11% until this last month when it dropped to 9.6%, but unemployment for black men went up over 11% leaving the black unemployment rate close to 11%. Nearly 19% of white youth are unemployed and 30% of black youth. Raising the minimum wage may be okay, but raising it to $10.10 is likely to close the door on many 16 to 19 struggling to get that first or second job and keep those who are not getting minimum wages from getting higher incomes as the money in the labor budget gets redistributed. The incentive to cut hours because of the Health Deform Act is already there. Adding further incentive is likely to keep the U-6 nearly double the official unemployment rate. Real wage levels won’t go up by a mandate, it goes up by demand for labor. I am not knocking a modest increase, but I am just pointing out that this $10.10 solution is desperation and will not improve the lives of most Americans. Successful increases of the minimum wage have been after economic growth. Otherwise it just cuts hours or jobs or is paid for elsewhere with inflation or stagnant wages. It becomes redistribution. A negative income tax or advanced earned income tax credit would make more sense to help low income families.

Wages are stagnate. Income levels are still 4.7% below 2007 levels. We need some real solutions. It is apparent that the Democrats are out of answers.

I think that we need reform on a wide scale. First is fundamental tax reform that encourages capital formation, investment in America, does not punish wages, and treats imports on a par with domestic goods while allowing tax free exports. I support the FAIR tax. At the very least, I support 9-9-9 with a healthy earned income tax credit. Second, we need to rebuild our infrastructure not only transportation but energy. We need the keystone pipeline, alternative energy, and other energy sources. America has become the largest energy producer in the world thanks to Bush. It is the bright spot in our economy. President Obama seems to be working to undermine even that. We need to look at upgrading our air traffic control, and storm alert systems. We also need to repair our highways and bridges. There is new train technology that we need study before we put another trillion in old transportation. Third we need to make human investments. We need to find a way to deal with college financing that doesn’t create huge debts and inflation and abandon one size fits all corporatized education for something more individualized and worthy of the 21st Century. Fourth, our founders helped create a scientific revolution that changed the world and gave us 200 years of unprecedented prosperity with the patent protection in the Constitution. We need to push the envelope for bringing technology into American production in the 21st Century. That will take its own post. Fifth, we need to keep some control on the deficit. If we did these, we would restore a growth path for decades.

source Bureau of Labor Statistics

Kent GOP Candidate Video

The Kent County GOP has put together a video of several of their candidates so that you can hear from them in their own words.  The video could use a some fine tuning but this shows some initiative that I have not seen out of the Republican Party since I have been involved in Delaware Politics.   It is well worth a look if you live in Kent, and since it is on YouTube it is easy to skip ahead to find the candidates in your district.

The National Scene-Sunday Political Talk Shows 10/12/14

Ebola strikes again but we are not to worry. ISIS beating the hell out of everyone but we are not to worry. Krugman rates President Obama above Reagan in effectiveness but we are not to worry.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Theodore Olson, who helped lead the legal team that challenged Virginia’s gay marriage ban; Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): White House national security adviser Susan Rice; former secretaries of state Henry Kissinger and James Baker..
FACE THE NATION (CBS): Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas; former Defense Secretary and CIA Director Leon Panetta.
THIS WEEK (ABC): Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro; Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich.; Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.
STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Reince Priebus, Republican National Committee chairman; Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., head of the Democratic National Committee.

Though CNN’s State of the Union advertised a confrontation between Republican Nationals chairs they were no-shows. More on this later.

Meanwhile lots of talk about the second Ebola victim, some talk about ISIS, some soft talk about gay marriage and syrupy praise for Obama from his number one puppet.

On Fox News Sunday Ted Olsen and Tony Perkins duked it out over gay marriage. Olsen, the attorney who argued the Florida recount case in 2000 and whose wife died in the 9-11 plane that crashed into the Pentagon, compared bans of gay marriage as being akin to the early bans against black/white marriage.

Now I’m no Supreme Court Justice….I am just The Wise I, humble Blogger here. But there is no comparison to our country’s often bans against blacks and whites. Using Olsen’s logic, bans against multiple marriages today will be the stuff he will argue for tomorrow. Then we shall stop the banning of marrying our pets because….why I love my dog.

The elephant in the room-soon we shall be able to wed said elephant- is the common sense assumption that marriage is an institution to better raise the children.

Since nobody says this then why can’t anybody marry anything, any dog, any pet, even a goat?

A black person and a white person can produce a child so any bans against such a marriage in the past was naught but racial prejudice and nothing about protecting the children. Not that racial prejudice is a good thing but then we stopped that sort of thing didn’t we?

This discussion was based upon the recent supreme court decision to NOT hear arguments that would overturn several higher court bans against certain states’ anti-gay-marriage laws. Effectively, through refusal to hear, de facto allowing state’s to ban legislation that would ban gay marriage.

220px-Susan_Rice,_official_State_Dept_photo_portrait,_2009[1]Over on Meet the Depressed we had Susan Rice telling us the truth of it, insert guffaw here.

Now here’s a woman held in high truth-telling esteem, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Rice tells us that Iran is not helping America in the battle with ISIS….and she said ISIS….not ISIL.

Next week, so host Chuck Todd announced, MTP will have Democrat National Chair Debbie Schultz and Republican National Chair Reince Priebus. Guess that’s why they weren’t on with Candy Crowley as advertised….they’d rather go at it on Meet the Press.

The health guru on MTP speculated that the second Ebola victim likely made a human error that caused her to catch the disease.

All day The Wise I was treated to explanations as to why that nurse caught Ebola even though it is alleged she wore a proper hazmat suit. Turns out that there’s a careful method of removing those suits and all I can think is dear Lord, no matter how much the CDCNIHWHO people assure me, I see a gazillion pitfalls in this thing.

CNN’s Candy Crowley is about to go the route of MTP’s Gregory I suspect, had John McCain on, who preached and prayed for war, as is his wont.

George Steponallofus’ “This Week” had one of the more interesting commentators on this past Sunday.

None other than the NY Times Paul Krugman, winner of the Nobel prize for economics and on the payroll of somebody to praise Obama when required.

I’m serious, this guy puts Obama right up there, ahead of….get this…Bill Clinton….and RONALD REAGAN!

Guy sold his soul to the devil eons ago.

And you got to know Bill Clinton’s going to love having President Obama classified as a better president than him. When it was pointed out that President Clinton had eight years of relative prosperity compared to Obama, Krugman said Obama got dealt a bad hand.

Krugman’s main reason for putting Obama near the top of all American presidents was….he really said this….”Obama has fundamentally transformed America where none of the others did.”

And this is good because….?

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Lots of tidbits, opinions and brickbats. And if the Sussex county council is even remotely interesting…maybe that.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_12/8/14___Edition-


We will have NO shopping centers in Sussex county, we will have NO punkin’ chunkin’, we will remain a rube berg in Sussex county Delaware. Finally, my position on Sheriff Christopher’s write-in run.

Meet the 20th RD Candidates

Came across this notice about a chance for us in the 20th RD of Delaware to meet our candidates. Date is Friday 10/24 at the New Zion A.M.E. at 28594 Lewes-Georgetown Highway. ALL candidates, regardless of party affiliation will be present. The Wise I shall be there.

There will also be BBQ.

What the Hell Happened to Punkin’ chunkin’?

First I heard mine own State senator Brian Pettyjohn promising that this year’s Punkin’ Chunkin’ would be in Sussex county. Next thing I know I hear it’s going to be in Dover, at the speedway.

Now I hear it will not return until 2015….MAYBE.

New Picture (20)

Come on guys, this is a big deal, a real way to lure people to our tourist areas, a way to spread tourism dollars all over the county.

Lawyers. I blame all of this on lawyers.

Cause a pumkin flying through the air at high speeds, might hit someone.

Well have them all sign a waiver or something!

Delaware will always be a nothing-burger of a state as our bureaucrats and legislators refuse to let us grow and expand.

Steve Smyk Wants Nothing to Do With Any Mall Object Violating our Sacred Shores

According to Smyk’s recent constituent email, his voters do NOT want that awful, awful mall coming to town, supposed to be in Milton, on Rt. 1 and Cave Neck Road.

Smyk says:

“Additionally, if this project is built, it will encourage subsequent attempts to commercially develop nearby properties,” he said.  “That domino effect could, over time, lead to a significant expansion of the Rt. 1 Commercial Corridor.  That type of sprawl is not in anyone’s best interests.  New commercial development should be targeted to the areas where the infrastructure already exists to support it.”

No Steve. We do NOT only build where there is an infrastructure to support it….that’s not how it works. Usiing that silly logic N OTHING would ever be built in America anywhere because guess what? When Columbus arrived at our shores there was NO infrastructure to support anything.

As I understand there is a planning and zoning hearing on this on 10/9/14 when Smyk plans to protest the plan.

Understand here that I’m not saying it’s right and perfect. But Delaware is a state with no sales tax. In order to lure money from other states shopping is a great way to do it.

BUILD THE INFRASTRUCTURE, STEVE! It’s a damn dumb excuse.

Plus Smyk’s been known to declare the wishes of his constituents erroneously, having never even asked them.

We’ll keep an eye on this yon ladies and gems.

Sheriff Christopher and His Write-In Campaign

In a recent post, HERE, I took a stand against the prospect of a write-in campaign for Sheriff Christopher.

In fact it took a while for Christopher to embrace a write-in campaign and now I am to hear it is going full force.

I took the position, a position which has now changed, more on this later, that Christopher might be encouraging the Democrat to win when, well better to have a Republican Sheriff than a Democrat one, right?

New Picture (21)

Another world-famous Blogger, like myself, has publicly challenged the Sussex county GOP to rid its executive committee of the likes of Lacey Lafferty and Larry Mayo, amongst others. The Blogger-Frank Knotts, let’s not be coy, too got expelled from the Sussex county GOP. He asserts, with good argument I admit, that the rogues who voted for Christine O’Donnell wanted their primary choice respected.

So too should those who voted for the losing Sheriff candidate, in this case Christopher, should respect the primary winner-Bill Lee.

I think the Sussex GOP should do whatever it needs or wants to do, I don’t much care.

But there is an argument to be made that lots of RD’s and ED’s are very ostentatiously endorsing flipping the bird to the Sheriff candidate who actually won the election, albeit by a very slim margin.

So I’ve done nothing but sit and muse the choices and, finally, made my choice.

I’m going to write in for Jeff Christopher.

Yes, my vote, and all the other write-in votes, might tilt the election of Sheriff to the Democrat candidate.

I decided I don’t care. As I see it, a Democrat candidate probably isn’t much worst than Bill Lee-a nice guy I must suppose but he’s anti-Jeff Christopher and that’s enough for me.

So who knows?

Good luck I say to Sheriff Christopher and I know the odds are against him.

Still I hope he wins.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : More tidbits, Flies on the wall of our local politicos….you’re gonna love it.

Department of Health and Social Services Discovers Its News Feed

After 3 days and being publicly called out here and elsewhere, DHSS and Public Health have finally decided to use their official news release website. There is no Ebola in Delaware. Let’s hope that being days late and a dollar for a test short is in the past. Citizens will be safer and feel more confident in their government.

The Division of Public Health does yeoman’s work everyday. They have a number of professionals who work with our best interests at heart. Their public relations effort needs to be at the same level. Public health has to be public. Enough happens that their news webpage should not go several months between articles. Just like a doctor is responsible to communicate with the patient he/she serves, so is our public health service responsible to the people as a whole to help us have the knowledge to be healthy and informed.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

We are dedicated to ending domestic violence where ever it is found.

You cannot judge how a man treats a woman by how he treats his fellow men. I know a man who was generally well respected. Served his country, his church, and his community. He had a problem. He had unresolved issues with his mother. He took out anger on his wife. One left him. He married again in a quick courtship. He told her that he didn’t have a lot of friends in the area, he really did not want anyone warning her. They got in a fight, she fell down the stairs. Her arm got broken. He threatened her that worse would happen if she reported it. She waited until the pain got so bad that she had to go to the doctor with the typical initial cover story. Her arm did not heal right and she suffered multiple surgeries and two years of pain. She could be verbally abusive. The idea that verbal abuse justified such cruelty is abhorrent.

I remember some decades ago a gentleman, a soldier, and a cousin who lived down the street from me when we grew up left his wife. She tried to kill him. She claimed that he cheated on her. Of course one could argue what came first, his feeling that she disrespected him or his alleged cheating. The idea that alleged adultery justified two attempts on his life in 5 minutes is abhorrent.

Once again, I promote the idea that we need to help people gain the tools for relationship happiness and conflict resolution. The majority of violent crime in America is relationship based. We need to condemn those who take to violence as an option for non-violent offenses. We also need to begin teaching our children and adults the right way to deal with problem. It is not a problem of just men or women or parent or teen. It is a problem of humanity. The sooner we deal with it in that way, the sooner we limit its damage.

National Scene-the Sunday Talk Shows 10/5/14

Some good gossip on the Sunday Talk Shows this week, one Communist crows about how Ebola brings us closer to his form of government…much more.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Dr. Anthony Fauci, infectious disease chief at the National Institutes of Health; Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; White House adviser Dan Pfeiffer; Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee; former Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va.
FACE THE NATION (CBS): Fauci; Reps. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., and Elijah Cummings, D-Md.; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
THIS WEEK (ABC): Frieden.
STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Frieden; Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Jack Reed, D-R.I.

I’m a little late with my Sunday talk show compilation but not to worry, The Wise I did watch them all and found them quite interesting this week, in fact. Some great speculation so read on.

Whether is was Dr. Anthony Fauci or Dr. Tom Frieden, both part of the CDC or the NIH or whatever bureaucracy the Blue Blood elites have invented without our knowledge-it was all about Ebola and we are not to worry.

On Fox News Sunday Fauci assured us that the disease is not really transmittable but he goes on to say that you can get it frm touching someone. Which, I suppose, means that Ebola is not yet transmitted by air but it only takes a little time for these sorts of things to mutate, I know this.

There was also talk about this joke of a Secret Service and here’s a rumor….the “former” director of the Secret Service-the woman who testified before congress and finally was forced to resign, was allegedly promoted to that post because she fills two Democratic voting slots….she’s female and she’s gay. I could see she was female but didn’t know she is gay.

She allegedly told her employees that the Secret Service has to be more like Disney World, where she once was employed.

Heh. Disney World and the Secret Service! She really said this.

One of my more favored Sunday Political Talk Shows is THIS WEEK with George Steponallofus. I know cutie pie Georgie was a Clinton hack but he puts on a pretty good show says The Wise I, mistress and expert on Sunday talk shows.

New Picture (13)More discussions on Ebola, this time by Dr. Frieden, guru at the CDC. All day this guy’s telling us how everything is under control and his big talking point was that blockading the countries with wide Ebola outbreaks would not be wise.

Hmmmmmm. Dr. Frieden said that until we go into the three countries currently besieged by the virus and stop the spread. For now The Wise I is going to agree with this solution as, well the guy made a good argument, perhaps there are some grown-ups in this administration.

Good rumor by George, in that Hillary Clinton was out campaigning for Tom Harkin somewhere in the Midwest. Steponallofus speculated that perhaps Hillary could campaign for candidates where the unliked President Obama cannot.

What a crazy world this is when Hillary Clinton is a better representative of the Democrat party leadership than the very President!

George also told us that Jeb Bush is very beloved by the Republican party elites, go to hell they are determined to shove this lover of Common Core and illegal immigration down our throats aren’t they?

2016 will be the year when the elites take on the country class. The elites have the money, the country class has the numbers. Should be interesting.

Van Jones was on This Week and, heh, he actually said that this Ebola outbreak is a good time for Democrats to argue that “OUR” form of government is the best.

Now I’m not sure what Jones is calling this government but if communism-Van’s professed political party, or just plain BIG government that will save us from a virus, neither is good. And the Democrats should use this argument, so says the Communist Van Jones!

Now I did watch Candy, Face the Nation, even my own relatives The McLaughlin Report but let’s wrap it up with Meet the Press.

I do very much like Chuck Todd better than that awful Gregory guy. He has a spanking new set on Meet the Press and he gave a great election update this past week.

Hagen is up inj North Carolina by 4%, Ernst is up in Iowa by 2% and Pat Roberts is down by 10% in Kansas to some kooky Independent candidate who is really a Democrat.

Also of note, Andrea Mitchell, wife of Greenspan on the weekly Meet the Press panel groused that those rosy economic numbers put out by the administration last week do not take into account Americans who dropped out of the job market completely.

Course The Wise I and yon readers knew this long ago and none of us have to be sleeping with the head of the Federal Reserve to understand this.

I’m jus’ sayin’.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT :Got a Fly on the Wall lined up, Sussex County Council and some great tidbits soon to be read after posting by The Wise I.

Chicken Court

It is despicable cowardice and an affront to people governing themselves. It has allowed conflict between the districts. It is the worst tolerance of judicial activism in recent years. The High Court should be ashamed that it did not take the same sex marriage cases before it. Same sex marriage is a fad that needs to be banned because it harms the family which is the foundation of civilization.

As predicted, marriage rates have fallen. Every prediction of the consequence of same sex marriage seems to be presenting. The Supreme Court has a duty to allow the people and the states to govern themselves. Instead of doing that, it ducked the issue surprising almost every expert. Liberals on the court don’t want it brought before the SCOUS because they may lose. Conservatives on the court likewise have the same fear. It only takes 4 Justices to take the case. Everyone seems afraid of Kennedy.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_10/7/14___Edition-

Book review by a local author….always want to encourage the local folk.  “Sandy Shorts” is the title and it’s all about women and life in Delmarva.


Nothing stands in the way of revenge, romance, and rediscovery for the women in these stories, who make the most of second chances.  Whether coming to terms with lost love, or facing real and imagined demons on an amusement park ride, these women do what it takes to survive…and then some.  Stick with them through sunny days, shifting sands, stormy skies, and starry nights as they learn about life and love at the beach.

Let us get all of my personal prejudices out of the way here before I go into the many reasons why I love, love, love this book.

And I have one big word of advice for the author and know now that I do KNOW the author, personal prejudice one now stated.

Nancy Powichroski Sherman is in my church choir. So I am now reviewing a book by an author that I personally know, who has, indeed, been a guest in my house. She sings very well too.

Now personal prejudice number two, this book has the best TITLE ….EVER!

It is a compilation of short stories by Sherman and personal prejudice number three, I LOVE CHICK LIT!

Make no mistake the book is filled with stories of chick lit and this is a favored genre of mine.

So take the clever title (short stories….sandy beaches….get it?), the fact that the locale of the stories is in mine own neighborhood surround and this is NOT a personal prejudice….NANCY WRITES VERY WELL!

Yon readers know that THIS writer….well I can conjugate a verb with a noun as well as anybody. IE I think I’m a tough judge. While I probably wouldn’t write bad things about Nancy’s writing, I’d likely not be praising her art of story telling with concise and clear words to the high heavens.

New Picture (12)

We begin with a story on the Lewes Ferry….a really great story about dogs, mistaken identities and perhaps a true love. We move on to nail-biting tales of lost little boys, a cougar woman considering an extra-marital affair through best friends forever choosing a man between two choices.

Every story, not only well-written, has a clever plot that Sherman leads the reader through to, perhaps not a happy ending, but mostly a satisfactory one. Lovers of chick lit understand this.

I can’t imagine a better book to read while lolling on a Delaware beach. Short stories are all the rage now and as a short story writer myself, it’s not the easiest genre in the world to effectively develop, from capturing the reader’s intrigue on to an ending that will please.

My advice to Sherman….get rid of that long middle name. I know, I know it’s her maiden name, I’ve no doubt. But writers need short names, better to autograph books with.

Beyond that girl, I suggest chick lit lovers pick up this book and I use Nancy Sherman to keep on writing.

She’s got abundant talent.

Media Media Frenzy Moves to Next Rumor, but Public Health Needs to Take Note

As quickly as the media scare about Ebola in Dover started, it is ending. Public health officials are putting out more information bit by bit and the media is now looking elsewhere.

I am disappointed that the public health service did not use its website to put up its public statements. In this day of instant communication, it is essential that public health officials stay in the game. People need official channels that are dependable. Local government officials deserve to know the official story. Public health is just that public. They work for us and need to communicate with us. We do not need Personally identifiable information. We do need dependable information to keep the public safe, informed, and rationally secure.

Media reports have different ages. They have differing times in the country. They have differing school districts. We need somewhere to get the basic facts. Information breeds calm. Concern, yes. It is always better to have rational concern than irrational panic. If a press statement or letter to a school district goes out, it needs to be available on the state public health website and feed to everyone.

It also helps to have definitive answers by quick and easy testing right away. The public is better served by certainty of action. We have a dangerous virus going around, Entera68, which has resulted in local infections. There is an international fear of others such as Ebola which is less likely, but obviously possible. The way to manage concern is information. Information also will help manage containment. How do you contain the flu or E-68? You do it with public awareness. Maybe something good will come out of this weekend leak. I think it was a wake up call. Hopefully complacency has become a causality, and that will prevent some real outbreak from causing real causalities.

Dover Responds Well

The talk around town is the sick child quarantined at KGH. It is national news The child was from Liberia and had symptoms that led Bayhealth to take Ebola precautions. The good news is three-fold. First, CDC thinks that we are out of the Ebola window. Public health has issued a statement to that effect as well. Second, Bayhealth is handling the situation on the ground well. Third, the Mayor is very engaged in this. I contacted him 11:30 pm Sunday about this. He was already up. He tracked down information until 1:15 am then called me around 6:30 am with an update. He had meetings at 7 and 7:30am for starters. We are developing new communication protocols.

I am very pleased with the fact that Mayor Robin Christensen shares our concerns and is engaged. I want to assure my fellow citizens that we are not idly waiting for things to happen. I know many people are concerned and I think that concern is well placed. Please tell your friends and family that panic is not well placed.

I am not pleased with every aspect. They should have contacted the mayor not the other way around. This Mayor is ensuring that communication is better. Contrary to those who blindly accept the CDC not testing based upon theoretical incubation periods, I think there should be testing of the patient. The virus mutates. I will continue to monitor the situation. I do feel that we are safe. Yes, I share some concerns with the protocol, but we ARE NOT in danger. Bayhealth is taking all appropriate safeguards. The odds are overwhelmingly in favor of the CDC position and if the they are not right, Bayhealth has taken additional precautions which should satisfy all reasonable concerns.

The Mayor and Council are just as concerned as you are because we live here. Our families live here. Be assured that Dover is safe.

Immigrant Children Overwhelming DE Schools?

Readers will remember Governor Markell, an ally of Obama, was not consulted about the placement of undocumented teenagers in Delaware.  As one savvy politician I recently spoke with noted, at the very least, what tremendous disrespect was shown to Markell by the Obama administration!  Is the governor of our state not even to be consulted about matters affecting our state?  Is he to be run over roughshod by an arrogant federal administration–in this and other matters?  Is Delaware a satrapy given orders by an overweening and arrogant federal machine?

I’m not a big fan of Rush Limbaugh, but he makes some good points and raises some legitimate questions about the illegals and the difficulties in accommodating and assimilating them in the link below.  A rosier version of the situation in Frankford, DE appeared recently in the Huffington Post.




Flowers Flips for Simpler

According to the News Journal/Delaware Online, the current state treasurer gave a not so veiled endorsement to Ken Simpler. Call it an October surprise. The twists and turns in this race don’t cease.

Democratic state Treasurer Chip Flowers says he will support Democrats in November, but did not endorse the Democrat running to replace him in the treasurer’s office.

“With respect to the state treasurer’s race, I have spent my career standing for the fundamental principle that ideas matter over endorsements. Based upon this principle and the questionable actions over the last 60 days, I cannot in good conscience endorse a candidate for this office,” Flowers said in a statement posted to his social media accounts.

In the statement, Flowers appeared to make a veiled nod to Republican candidate Ken Simpler, a former hedge fund manager who works as chief financial officer for his family’s hotel management business.

Simpler is running against Democrat Sean Barney, a former political adviser to top Delaware Democrats and Marine who served in Iraq. Barney does not have any direct financial experience.

“I encourage voters to support the candidate who has not only campaigned with the highest integrity, but has the financial education and experience to manage our $2 billion portfolio, will continue the “Honest Way” reforms to the Cash Board which have made over $50 million in returns for Delaware and supports mandatory background checks for those state employees having access to our state financial accounts,” Flowers said.

Where public policy meets common sense