Will Emails Undo Clinton?

The New York Times reported that all of Clinton’s emails as Secretary of State were from her private email server which could open her to criminal charges.

It appears Secretary Clinton rarely, if ever, used her government email. That is poor practice because it makes her responsible for providing all emails in response to FOIA and oversight committee inquiries. If she is found to have not provided some, it could open her up to a felony if she is found to have intentionally concealed or destroyed information. She could also run into the same silly problem General Petraeus did with mishandling classified information, which is a misdemeanor. Unlike the background noise about donations to the Clinton foundation, this one could have truly endanger her viability.

Will the Obama administration which so vigorously pursued Petraeus even though the person who accessed the information had Top Secret clearance, purse a much more egregious four year breach of protocol to see if anything is there?

Is it possible that the NYT has been running these reports to open the Democratic field to an Elizabeth Warren or other candidate or are they trying to trot out potential Clinton scandals now so they are old news by next year? Is it time for Democrats to think about plan b?

The power of this one brought Clinton out of her undisclosed location for a tweet.

I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible

Now the fact that she has all of the emails on her own server is the point. Does this mean that she is turning over complete access to her server or is she referring only to emails that are already in the State Department system because they came or went to a government account? As usual, the Clintons raise more questions than they answer.

One question that no one else seems to be asking is why would anyone want to be a federal appointee with all of the insane possibility of committing criminal actions in your everyday life? It is one more reason not to expand the federal system to the private sector.

A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats?

When President Kennedy said a rising tide lifts all boats, he was referring to the fact that developing natural resources in an environmentally sound way and restoring our manufacturing productivity was beneficial to all. Pursuing policies of full employment would lead to more wealth for all.

Today, his quote is used to back the idea that if we pursue policies aimed at Wall Street, Main Street will benefit. Surely, policies aimed at undermining Wall Street will undermine Main Street. You cannot long enrich the poor by attempting to impoverish the rich. We need investment and opportunities for all us to benefit from capital formation. Still, the idea that you can transfer wealth from the worker to the investor and benefit the worker is equally fool-hearty. This idea has resulted in stagnant wages, a declining manufacturing base, and declining median household income. Economic growth is anemic. The East is rising, the West is stuck in a morass. The global top 1% are prospering. In the U. S., 95% of income gain has gone to 1% of the population during the Obama years. It appears some of the boats ran aground and are yet to recover.

What is the solution? Do we need a big government picking winners and losers? Do we need our dreams of success being taken away by regulators and replaced with mediocrity? Do we exchange our freedom to achieve for the monotony of sameness? I say no.

We need a strategy of economic inclusion. We need to insure that our policies are business friendly, family friendly, and benefit the general welfare (common interest) while not attacking the individual welfare (special interests). Government belongs to all of the people. Its policies should be sensible and generally benefit all of the people not just those who give political donations or have armies of workers.

We should tear down barriers which have redlined communities. We need to affirmatively bring capital formation to those communities with 21st century enterprise zones. We should insure the family is considered in every policy. We should follow the intent of our founders for a limited government. We should protect property including intellectual property with reasonable opportunity to profit. Our tax system should be simple, fair, family friendly, labor friendly, investment friendly, and proportional. Our contracts should be accessible to small and medium size businesses including minority run businesses. Unlike Dodd-Frank, we should encourage Angel investors and not regulate minorities out of non-public IPO’s. We need to reduce the felony rage and not make everything a crime. We need to keep our people safe. We need to build a modern infrastructure for energy, transportation, and water/sewer. We need to develop our natural resources in a sensible manner. We need to demolish barriers to reentry into the work place. Things like food stamps, earned income credit, vocational rehabilitation, veteran credits, Pell grants, and work force development make sense because they subsidize work. We need more subsidy of work and less subsidy of the lack of work.

We have to tackle problems of substance abuse. We need to partner with non-profits and the faith community not only to expand treatment but prevention. We need to teach relationship skills and so people can repair the family.

We need policies which will set an environment where everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or religion can prosper. Government should not pit one group against another. Whether you are a homeless person or a business person, an immigrant or a 10 generation American, in a wheel chair or a NASCAR driver.

Delaware’s Congressional Delegation Had Differing Responses to BEBE

Senator Carper seemed to forget his moderate image and boycotted the Netanyahu address, while Senator Coons and Congressman Carney found common ground with his concern about Iran. While Carney faulted Boehner for politicizing the format, he thought Netanyahu gave a strong speech and was acting in his nation’s interests.

I agree with Congressman Carney that the PM was acting his nation’s interest, but I also think the Speaker was. He was asserting the duty of Congress to bring to the forefront a critical issue that affects our national interest. It is not politicizing something to debate and discuss it. 90% of the politicizing was on the side of the Obama administration and Minority leader Pelosi. They are the ones who appeal to partisanship and image while refusing to discuss the issue. That is the essence of politicizing the issue.

Bebe Brings The House to Its Feet

Netanyahu struck a tone of reconciliation to Democrats in the beginning but did not compromise on his hardline toward Iran. Most Democrats attended the event despite efforts to rally a boycott. The address even enticed former Congressman, now Governor, John Kasich back to the chambers. For those with slower internet, a taste of the address is below and for those watching, go to about 22 minutes. Continue reading

New Energy in the Delaware Political System

Widespread Early Jockeying is a new trend in 1st State

The political dynamic is going to shift some in Delaware next year. The Governor and Lt. Governor slots will both be open. Matt Denn vacated the Lt. Governor slot to be Attorney General, leaving it open for the next two years. There will be no incumbent in that slot to whom the Governor can transition or who will have the public eye this year. Governor Markell is term limited out of office.

Republicans are fresh out off of their momentum gaining 2014 with people already stating their intentions for 2016. Former state trooper Lacey Lafferty is still running for governor, but she is joined by State Senator Colin Bonini. The only Democrat announcing is former Attorney General Beau Biden, but the New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon seems to be making moves and others are preparing the ground for Congressman John Carney just in case Biden’s plans change.

For Congress, former Mayor and Kent County GOP Chairman Hans Reigle is testing the waters with a serious eye toward running. He had 3 tables of supporters at the Lincoln Day Dinner in Dover 2014 nominee Rose Izzo already has a 2016 site, but oddly her team blocked Delaware Politics (which has been the fairest and friendliest media source to her three campaigns) from her Twitter feed. She is said to be doing some sort of political makeover. Rumors have Businessman Fred Cullis considering another run after an aborted run in 2010. A number of Democrats seem interested as well, but are waiting to see if John Carney runs for Governor. None would be likely to primary him.

For Lt. Governor, the Democrats have County officials looking at moving up. New Castle County President and former Black Elected Officials Caucus Chairman Christopher Bullock is strongly considering running. Kent County Levy Court Commissioner Brad Eaby is seriously contemplating running. Rumors have it that the Speaker of the State House of Representatives, Pete Schwartzkopf is somewhat considering running. On the Republican side, Levy Court Commissioner Glen Howell is mulling over a run. The only other name that I hear floated, oddly enough, is an effective Dover City Councilman, who is writing the article and is too occupied with other projects this year to be part of this early speculation.

Insurance Commissioner is interesting. The Democratic incumbent Karen Weldin Stewart seems to have a number of dissenters withing her own party. On the Republican side, former Clerk of the Peace George Parrish is running. There are always perennial rumors about former State Representative Dave Ennis running.

The 2016 early line started before the 2014 election ended. A combination of renewed competition between the parties and the prospect of open seats for top statewide offices and a vulnerable insurance commissioner have encouraged candidates to test the waters. This will make 2015 unusually intriguing for the politically astute. It is my hope that a vivid vision and a fresh approach will accompany the desire to serve. Delaware needs a solid plan to move forward.

Obama Edges Forward With Plans To Ban Ammunition For The AR-15 Semi-Automatic Rifle

Obama Administration Surges Forward With Plans To Infringe On American’s Rights To Keep And Bear Arms

In a move that is certainly not a surprise to most Americans, The Obama Administration plans to ban the manufacture and sale of ammunition for one of America’s favorite weapons, the AR-15 Semi-automatic rifle. Accusations from gun rights group members have stated that there have been thousands of letters sent to Congress asking that Obama’s backdoor gun control not be approved.

Obama appears to be using his last two years in office to destroy the Second Amendment rights of Americans, which states:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Plans are also in the works to restrict the armor piercing 5.56 millimeter “M855 green tip.” The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said now that this rifle bullet has now been adapted to handguns this ammunition has become a threat to police agencies.

N.R.A. Executive Director of the Institute for Legislative Actions, Chris W. Cox stated, “This latest action, while alarming, isn’t surprising, as it is his latest action in a lifetime devoted to the dismantling of the Second Amendment.”

ISIS Has A Dover Connection

A former Dover Micro-Businessman was arrested in Jacksonville Florida for trying to finance some colleagues who wanted to go to Syria to join ISIS according to the News Journal. I am so glad that we are safer than ever according to Secretary John Kerry.

Update: According to Gary Bauer, “While addressing the National Association of Attorneys General yesterday, FBI Director James Comey made this startling statement: “We have investigations of people in various stages of radicalizing in all 50 states. . . . This isn’t a New York phenomenon or a Washington phenomenon. This is all 50 states and in ways that are very hard to see.” All 50 states!

Net Neutrality Drama

Update: The FCC adopted broad new powers to allow it regulate internet providers. Some revisions were made, but the thrust of the Obama proposal was adopted. Some companies are already promising a court challenge once the regulations are actually published to the public.

A Democrat on the FCC may hold the key to net neutrality. She is demanding the scope be trimmed back in order to get her support. Without it, it fails 3 to 2.

The new proposal goes way too far and is bound to be overturned either by Congress or the Courts if passed. Will this Democrat save the initiative by making it more palatable or will Democrats politicize the FCC and take it off a cliff with this power grab? I like the idea of net neutrality, however it seems to be a solution in search of a problem. Now it has expanded into a government power grab instead of a check on some big businesses that use the public right a ways and infrastructure. Many companies that favored it are now abandoning it. It appears this administration cannot even execute a good idea. Everything has to be used to expand its power. Everything is a bait and switch. It is a shame. Net neutrality started out as a reasonable proposal. Maybe Congress can make it right.

I will update this sometime after the vote.

It is Cold! Shut Down the Schools?

A week ago, near zero degree temperatures prompted the closing of all Delaware schools. It came on the heals of 16 children being hospitalized the afternoon before in a 3 school bus accident due to blowing snow icing over a rural road. Critics have blasted the action, but supporters point out that today’s stores don’t even sale coats fitting to such weather.

When I was a child just 30 and 40 years ago, they sold winter coats in the winter. Clothing was made in America and reflected our climate. Kids didn’t ditch their coats to be cool then complain about being cold. Real coats did not cost half a week’s salary or a full week for many of my constituents. Today’s kids are used to climate control everything. They don’t spend much time outside in the winter. When we do get those extreme temperatures every few years, they are not prepared and the stores have spring fashion not selling on the floors so you cannot prepare them. The coat you bought 2 years ago fits you, but the one for your kids is outgrown. Frost bite can create life long injuries. The coldest time of the day is when some children catch the bus. Their parents are leaving for work so they cannot take them to school.

Recognizing these facts, is the right call to cancel school? If that is true, then why not cancel summer vacation and have winter vacation? Why don’t we the people email and call the big retailers and tell them to stock winter clothes during winter? Where does it end? What message are we sending to the kids? That we are sensible or that we are a wimpy society? What is your view?

Why Support for Traditional Marriage is not Anti-Gay

America is about family not so called gay marriage. Too few people have any understanding of the dynamics of this nation, and why the nuclear family is central to it. Undermining it with the latest fad is detrimental to our national character. Marriage has been the central civilizing institution of humanity. It is the union of the sexes to form a family unit not a contract between two people.

The family in the Anglo Saxon version is what made us unique. It formed our understanding of liberty, and it made us entrepreneurial and free market oriented. The dynamic of being independent with our own property and able to move across the expanse and build a new, stable life is what gave energy to the Manifest Destiny that made us a great power. The family and the church were the two keys to colonizing then expanding this nation in a stable fashion. If we had the continental model, it would have been different. Because America is so fundamentally intertwined with the family as its main organizing unit, it is also uniquely subject to quickly taking hits when it weakens. The other institutions of some societies are weaker or nonexistent here. The family is the main safety net, the first education system, the place were faith is passed on, the place where we learn skills for the marketplace, and more. This is why our laws became designed around encouraging the family. It is how America could invest money in productivity not welfare and leap frog nations thousands of years its elders.

If you want people to be able to form domestic partnerships to make a shared life easy, I have no issue with it. That is fine by me, people should be able to share their lives with whomever they want without bureaucratic red tape. Provide healthcare to those they love. Pass on property to those they love. Have their health care decisions made by the people they choose. That in no way undermines the family. If that is what you want, I am with you. If you want to pretend to redefine marriage and family, I will have no part in it. I will fight it. Marriage should have a special place in society and should be honored, rewarded and encouraged because the sacrifice made by a man and woman preserves and advances society for the next generation. It is the crucible that forges us into an advanced people. It has taken us from the swamp to the stars. It is fool hardy to tamper with its fundamental definition for no gain but supposed equality.

There is no equality between a gay relationship and a marriage in the value it brings to society. An individual may see the same or greater value in their lives, which is why they should not be hindered in pursuing the relationship. The value to society of the many other relationships, gay, straight, non-sexual, is not the same. It costs the individual to be married and raise a stable family, yet it is good for all of us. That is why we recognize the value and offset the costs. It is why we give special recognition. We do so because we receive a special value. We do not reject other relationships to do so. We are not discriminating against other relationships. We are encouraging what is best for children, families, and most individuals in our public policy. We are building policy not just to feel good, but for posterity.

This is why, I believe traditional marriage should be enshrined explicitly in the Constitution. We cannot long have a country without strong families. People can buy property, live in households, or share finances with whomever they want. They can love whomever they want. I have no issue with legal recognition of that right. Giving that does not require changing 100,000 years of human tradition. The burden is on those who want change to justify it. They only give empty rhetoric. Their goals can be achieved through other means. The family cannot be strong if we do it their way. Therefore, we must raise our voices and stand for traditional marriage until we can just say marriage again.

Dover Marching Ahead With Jobs

The Dover Post had an article that showed how many major vacancies are being filled in Dover. Not only is Downtown in the midst of major revitalization (We gave final passage to new incentives Monday, but how successful our efforts are to reclaim “empty big boxes”. The article highlighted some of the challenges, but save one, everyone covered was either opening, filed a site plan, or was under contract. It sited the incentives that we passed when I came on board Council.

I expect to see the same with downtown because we have a comprehensive approach of security, economic business incentives, controlling taxes and fees, residential aid, and youth outreach. We built our plan from the wishes of the people. It took more than a year to survey, hold meetings, have focus groups, and seek community leader involvement, but the results have been solid. The people know what is needed better than a central plan coming out of a book. Unemployment in Dover has already dropped almost in half from higher (9.9%) than the national average to lower than the national average (5.4%) in 3 years. Now we have to tackle the tougher issues that plague us and other cities long term. If you want to serve the people, involve them. Common sense conservative governance works.

Keystone Veto Ironic

As most of you know President Obama, who was supportive of Keystone in 2011, vetoed a bipartisan bill to approve the Keystone XL pipeline after 6 years of delay. What you may have missed is the reason given.”Through this bill, the United States Congress attempts to circumvent longstanding and proven processes for determining whether or not building and operating a cross-border pipeline serves the national interest,” opined the White House.

I am puzzled because the system was designed by Congress and Congress has the ultimate Constitutional authority to approve it or determine the national interest. His administration abused the authority given by Congress. That is why it is being taken back. Every excuse given such as environmental concerns and pending action by the Nebraska Supreme Court have fallen by the wayside. There is no legitimate reason to delay it. It does not even make political sense because it divides Democrats, unites Republicans, and turns Independents away from his party. That does not make it ironic.

The Irony is that the President vetoed a jobs and infrastructure bill to protect longstanding “processes” that have been undermined by his political interference, while fighting Congress and Courts to undermine the much longer standing Constitutional responsibility of Congress and Immigration law. Hypocritical is the word that comes to my mind, but I will give the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they just do not see how weak their case is in both matters, and how much weaker they get by the day. The Keystone XL veto just exploded any argument on the Presidential Memo on Immigration. The only continuity is his desire to govern by executive fiat.

ISIL Has Nothing to do With Islam Proclaimed Kerry

The Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam because John Kerry said so? That is the stupidest statement out of the State Department in a long time. I guess a jobs plan will solve the issue.

I liked the President’s statement that they are a perversion of Islam. That is what Kerry should have said. It is an extreme perversion that is corrupting Islam and threatening the stability of the Middle East. The interpretation of these folks are around a quarter of Islam. They are in at least 16 countries. If we deny the basis of the movement, we can not fight it. We will just go from one organization to another and not fight the movement. Reagan understood that Communism must be defeated as a movement not individual countries or guerrilla groups. We need the same approach to radical Islam.

We cannot defeat an enemy that we are afraid to engage on the ground, and refuse to engage on the battlefield of ideas.

O’Donnell Treasurer Resigns

The Campaign Treasurer for the Christine O’Donnell campaign, Matt Moran, has resigned as of 1-31-15. The COD campaign is currently facing charges of misappropriation of funds. The charges were filed by the Federal Election Commission. The decision to prosecute was made by a unanimous vote of the FEC commissioners. Both COD and Matt Moran have stated that Moran’s resignation has nothing to do with the pending FEC litigation. At issue is approximately $20,000 that was paid to COD personally by her campaign for the use of her residence as a campaign headquarters. The issue of COD using campaign funds for what appears to be personal living expenses has been raised on several occasions. COD has stated that Matt Moran’s is standard and a non-issue. In a written statement COD calls the move an attempt to “consolidate” her campaign. I’m not sure how much one can “consolidate” a campaign when the campaign staff could hold meetings in a broom closet. Christine O’Donnell is no longer a registered voter in Delaware. She is writing for the Washington Times and has not been seen at public events in Delaware. www.delawareonline.com/story/firststatepolitics/2015/02/24/odonnell-aide-lawsuit/23932003/

Flu Deaths Spiral in Delaware

The number of flu deaths in Delaware have exceeded the total deaths for the last 5 years. The 23 deaths from the flu, 18 of which are in New Castle County is concerning public health officials. One of the reasons that we have the worst season in years is that our vaccination system is not up to date. It is based upon guessing almost a year in advance.

The H1N1 outbreak should have alerted the FDA, CDC, and the NNPHI that we needed to move with dispatch to funding and approving new flu vaccine technology. The old egg technology is not fast enough. 3 years later, spurred by the latest outbreak, the FDA is finally getting around to approving the incest cells and vaccines grown in mammalian cells gained approval in November.

How slow is the FDA? It took 20 years to prove the technology to them. How many people died unnecessarily on the alter of bureaucratic caution? “I am from the government and I only want to protect you”, is sometimes the scariest sentence in the English language. How many more casualties of the Administrative state will we tolerate?

Cox said it took a very long time to develop Flublok and gain FDA approval, in large part because the agency had many questions about the safety of the new production technology. “It took 20 years to go from proof of concept to convincing the agency that this would work,” she said. Although the vaccine is highly purified, it contains some residual proteins of nonhuman origin, Cox noted. “All the evidence was that it was safe,” she said. “There were no signs that our new cell line wasn’t good enough. It’s always very hard to prove a negative.”

Learning and teaching the Constitution By Larry Mayo

Guest Post

Back in a campaign some years ago, a young man handed me a pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution and a pamphlet with a well known (to some) story about his quest for re-election. In the story the constituent told Mr. Crocket that he either was incapable of understanding or hadn’t read that document that he swore an Oath to uphold and defend, so he could not cast a vote to re-elect him. The story may or may not be accurately told in the pamphlet, but it sparked something in me. It made me realize that this man, a farmer in the early 1800’s had a better understanding of that document than I did. I quickly realized that even though I had graduated from one of the highest rated schools in my state, with a B+ average, I hadn’t ever read that document in it’s entirety. So , I read it, in fact I read it several times. I realized that it was pretty easy to understand, since it was written in English, even if there were a few obscure words and phrases in it. I began to question, why it didn’t seem to be being followed too well and figured I just didn’t really understand it.

Several years ago I heard about a free course from Hillsdale College and enrolled in it. The course was great and gave me a much better understanding of the document and many of the phrases that I had issues with prior, leading to me reading many of the writings of the men who had a hand in the creation of our Constitution. In addition I took several other courses on the history of our founding and the Constitution, however none of this had as much of an impact on my comprehension of it than the course I wish to introduce to you here.

Three years ago I enrolled in a course called “The American View of Law , Liberty and government, The U.S. Constitution” provided by the Institute on the Constitution, an organization from Pasadena, Maryland IOTC for short. As I sat through the first of twelve one hour lectures, I quickly realized that there was more to this one than the others I had taken. The conclusions I had reached over a period of years of study and the fundamental principles that had taken hundreds of hours of reading had been summed up in just the introduction to this course. I must confess, that in the next 11 weeks, due to life getting in the way, I was late to some of the classes and negligent in doing the homework, since I didn’t think I really needed all of that and was also a little leery of investing the extra money, which I really didn’t have into the books and DVD’s for the homework. Even so, by the end of the twelve weeks I had been blown away by the amount of information I had absorbed, and thought to myself “ how much more did I miss?”. I took this course two more times and lead a class that was taught by a live video stream in six two hour lectures. Each time, during each lecture, I found myself having one of those ah-ha moments.

Several of us who have taken this course have recently formed a non- profit organization, with the Blessings of the IOTC called First State IOTC and are organizing classes to allow those who may have an interest in this course to get it. To get more information or sign up, send an email to FSIOTC@gmail.com . We are currently offering the course for free, I recommend you get the workbook which we sell at cost, which is $35.00 (including shipping), but it is not a requirement to buy anything. If you prefer to take the course at home, you will find it available on this website; www.theamericanview.com in DVD form and additional books and DVDs available.

As a side note. Because this course came to us through a candidate that was in a controversial election, there are some people who think there is a conspiracy to brainwash you into something, I’m not sure exactly what, and have been saying some pretty ugly things about some of the people involved, in an attempt to discredit the organizations mentioned above. All I can say is take a look for yourselves. We have nothing to hide and the only thing we have to gain, is a more informed electorate, as Thomas Jefferson said “I know no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of constitutional power.”

For more information It is for all ages.

Representative Keeley Should Read This

I have been critical of the movement to decriminalize pot. Now Slate has an article that shows decriminalization makes it more likely to cause interaction with the justice system for the offense especially for minorities.

Well, the great promise of decriminalization is that it will stop putting people in jail for minor offenses, right? And most states, when they decriminalize an offense, they eliminate jail as a potential punishment for it: The statute might say, for example, that the maximum penalty for marijuana possession is a $250 fine. However, if someone then fails to pay that $250, the courts can and often do take measures that result in incarceration anyway. For example, they can issue a failure-to-pay warrant. Or they can use the power of contempt to incarcerate people for failure to pay. In other words, they’re in contempt of the order to pay $250 and are jailed—not for the original marijuana offense but for being in contempt of that order. So, as a result, we see people all over the country being jailed for decriminalized offenses because they cannot afford to pay the fines and fees associated with them.

I believe it is the worst of both worlds. Decriminalization leaves the drug trade in the hands of criminal syndicates, with no oversight for health related issues. It allows them to work with a degree of impunity. It makes it more likely that someone will be cited since it will not go on the criminal record. It could affect future military service by putting short term use on the record and maybe financial aid, depending upon the current federal interpretation of punitive anti-drug rules. The state misses out on revenues from legalization, but the state absorbs the costs from wider drug use.

As usual, half measures rarely work. You either legalize or you do not legalize. Half measures feel good, but they are not honest policy. They do not work and create more problems. Decriminalization will just entrench the drug trade in poorer neighborhoods and increase sales among the middle and wealthier classes. It will give more money to drug dealers to buy guns to protect their wealth and more innocents will get caught in the cross fire. We should have a serious debate about the merits of legalization and prohibition. Splitting the difference is a cop out.

A Reflective Ash Wednesday

I wish everyone who observes a reflective and redemptive Ash Wednesday. Today I received my ashes at St. Polycarp. I was there to work with other citizens to do some good in our county. I believe Scripture tells us the two are related. Whether that is Mathew 25 or Isaiah 58. As we renew our consecration to our Lord and reflect on his redemption, let us not just fast by giving up something, but fast by dedicating your heart to GOD and stretching your hand out to your fellow people.

4″Behold, you fast for contention and strife and to strike with a wicked fist. You do not fast like you do today to make your voice heard on high. 5″Is it a fast like this which I choose, a day for a man to humble himself? Is it for bowing one’s head like a reed And for spreading out sackcloth and ashes as a bed? Will you call this a fast, even an acceptable day to the LORD? 6″Is this not the fast which I choose, To loosen the bonds of wickedness, To undo the bands of the yoke, And to let the oppressed go free And break every yoke?… Isaiah 58: 4-6 KJV

The fast that matters is one where we lose part of ourselves to break the bonds of oppression. It is making a difference. Love never fails because it never quits.

One way is to come to our Chili Cookoff this Friday. I am pleased to renew the tradition of supporting a local charity with this event. The details are here. 6:30 pm 25 Maggies’ Way STE 3, Dover, DE 19901 Turn onto S. Little Creek Road (the Target/Safeway road). Cost donation or bring Chili. This year’s charity is Take A Knee After School program. Attachment #1 – Dog Pound Boxing (1) dog pound

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