Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_4.16.14_Edition-

Cleaning up leftover business. Vance Phillips files for another term, the Sussex Council argument AGAINST the Sherriff, Ruth King wants women paid equally….much more.

Silly Suggestion that DNREC take over Delaware voted down
Though I’ve been following this drama of DNREC and the so-called Wetland Advisory Committee I really do not know where this committee came from or why on earth Markell thought the committee would return singing and dancing with the news that Sussex county desperately wants DNREC to take over half its land, that the farmers and property owners are delighted to be relieved of the boredom of land care.

Whatever, this Wetland Advisory Committee, which my muddle mind recalls consists of all kinds of folk to include Sussex county representatives, farmers, the vaunted bureaucracies, of course.

Heh. Well the majority of them said no on April 9, what the hell did Markell think would be the result of such a stupid thing?
Battered Councilman Vance Phillips files for another term

In what has to be a public relations coup of the century, within a few days of the horrific condemnation of a SEATED Sussex councilman by the Sussex county GOP, Vance Phillips filed for another term and pushed back at those who want him gone.

The Sussex county GOP did, very publicly and without taste, throw Phillips under the bus, yes this same Sussex GOP that warns us NOT to primary the Blue Blood elected Republicans then goes and does even worse.

For to primary an elected Republican is to give his or her constituents a choice in the matter. But to go public and lambaste an elected guy is tasteless and nothing less.

New Picture (10)

For the record, I’d feel the same way if the Sussex GOP did this to George Cole, a fellow who really needs to be replaced for his addiction to law making.

It was in poor taste and only presents to the public a fractured and crumbling Sussex county GOP.

Which it is.

In due course I will be speaking to the Sussex GOP PR guru and promise to give THEIR side of the story.
Ruth Briggs King participates in vapid and silly PR session

Right now let me give my apologies to Ms. King. She looks great and I know that people in elected positions have to sometimes do things like this.

So I don’t want to drown King in my sarcasm because it’s not really about her.

How could King NOT agree to show enthusiasm for “equal pay day” and to protest the fact that women are paid less than men?

Or something.

I mean, come on. It’s a bipartisan thing and likely the only bipartisan thing Dems and Pubs can agree on anymore.

There comes a time when the silly games get old.
This women’s pay thing got pulled out of the mothballs and it has to be awful to pretend like this is something serious.

New Picture (101

My former congress critter, Barbara Mikulski even espoused that laws be made to make all payroll salaries public information!

They won’t be happy until that is exactly what they get and from then on all salaries for jobs will be federally mandated to a delicious socialist end.

In case you guys didn’t know what this is all about.

I think it’s sad that a classy Republican elected woman has to participate in our own country’s destruction.


Oh I bet the Sussex GOP hears from the state guys quite a bit. As I consider, it’s the state guys that want Vance Phillips out of there.

The new gas tax opens the door for Republicans to call for a more wide-ranging public debate about a better, fairer way

Said by Delaware GOP chair Charlie Copeland.

Deep. Real Deep.

Sussex County’s View of the Sherriff

So I promised a response of sorts by the Sussex county council to the flap about Sherriff Christopher and I have one.

Sort of.

It’s a matter of public record and so I perused the compilation of concerns and complaints by the Sussex county council to Sherriff Jeff Christopher’s ….eh…antics.

It’s simple matter really. Sherriff Christopher thought a Sherriff’s job consisted of certain duties and he ran his department that way.

Sussex county council, meanwhile, considered the main duties of the Sherriff’s office to be delivering subpoenas and eviction notices.

Christopher kept doing stuff that frankly, made me smile, He’d send deputies to addresses transmitted over police radio, his deputies made traffic stops, somehow Christopher managed to worm his way into some police database or another.

Back in my day we had job descriptions clearly written and I had to do the job like it said or they’d throw me out.

I don’t know if the good Sherriff had a job description but give him credit, he stuck to his guns, so to speak, up through the court system.

The bigger problem, the elephant in the room, as The Wise I has wool-gathered, is that the Sherriff is elected in Sussex county and the people do like this.

However, the Sussex council FUNDS the Sherriff’s office and without money good intentions often are stymied.

Sussex county, come on, it’s Sussex county, a weird, constantly growing place that has it all, farms, resorts, sea side, bay side, one of the largest homosexual communities on the east coast, family retreats, low property taxes….it’s a great place.

And it’s probably not ideal for a Sherriff police situation, I kind of understand that. But in a world where police seem to be given more and more power, the people, especially us heathens in Sussex county, kind of like the idea of an elected head of law enforcement.

Hey, Jeff Christopher is running for Sherriff and he has an opponent. Let’s see how this goes.

If Christopher wins maybe the county council needs to reconsider how to effectively fit the guy elected by the citizens more snugly in the policing of the county.
Finally, New Sussex Resident Granddaughter Sums It Up

My daughter and her family moved to Sussex county last year and there’ve been adjustments. Before the move they lived in Baltimore, nothing like Sussex county.

It began with the chicken trucks. Daughter and granddaughter argue about a truck in front of them as they drive. Granddaughter insists it’s a chicken truck.

“Mom, if I know anything, I know my chicken trucks.”

Child rides a school bus two hours a day and, indeed, knows her chicken trucks.

And so the other day the Delaware air is permeated as only Delaware air can be. We all know it, we smell it, in due course our noses adjust.

Daughter complains about the heavy “farm” smell in the air. Granddaughter takes a whiff and says, I am not making this up: “Smells like home”.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Happy Easter and Remember the rule: Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Did the Sussex GOP Over Step Its Bounds?

It is no question that the Sussex Regional GOP Advisory Committee decided to throw one of its most effective elected officials under the bus. Why? Some members believe that we should have standards beyond competence, intelligence, effectiveness, and leadership. They believe character matters and they have come to doubt the character of one of their star players. They have been roundly condemned, including on our cousin blog, Delaware Right and questioned here. Understandably, this is so. The person in question is a long time friend so it is hard for me to make a judgment, but if I do not, my silence will be assumed to be an endorsement of position laid out on this page. For the record, I personally can not support the 5th district councilman in his reelection bid unless he makes a credible case to me otherwise.

I do agree that a resolution asking the chairman, especially without his consent, to contact elected officials and others to withdraw their support of a candidate is WAY OVER THE TOP. It is none of their business who I or anyone else supports. It is blackballing and that should be rejected as a very bad precedent by the Executive committee. I agree with Frank, Pat, and others on this score. I do not agree that it is inappropriate for the advisory board or committee to determine who they support and think the other resolution was appropriate. I think in normal matters, the party should be neutral, but it has a duty to take a stand where it believes public morals or the reputation of the party is at risk.

My position is generally that one’s personal life is not one’s public life and should have no bearing on the other in very few jobs such as ministry. I don’t elect my political leaders to be my moral leaders. I draw an exception for criminal behavior or actions that hurt others. People who are entrusted to make laws should generally obey the laws (with the exception of when higher law demands it such as when Senator Seward sheltered a runaway slave). I will accept an apology for minor offenses. Major ones, I find disqualifying, for at least a time. I believe in the rule of law and the presumption of innocence. The mere accusation of wrongdoing does not equal it. A person cleared of criminal wrongdoing is not guilty. I also believe that individuals who look at all of the facts can make their own judgment based upon what is more likely true than not. They can make a choice on what they believe. In the absence of a legal determination, we all have to make are own when the allegations are as serious as these. The party would be cowardly if it did not at least express an opinion to fitness for the job.

So what do we do about a case where two credible people have completely opposite stories that make us choose that one is either a monstrous liar or the other is sinister rapist? People will take sides. The leadership of the Sussex GOP by majority vote said it believes enough of a cloud exists to look toward the future. Is that wrong? I don’t think it is.

Some think the procedures where wrong. I disagree there as well. The mere accusation of wrong doing is not wrong doing. We know that the elected official, who I am saving from yet another Google bomb by not mentioning his name, would be fool to talk about the matter while a civil suit is pending. He does have a right to address his fitness and character and should. Once the resolution passed the advisory committee, it should not have been brought to the full Executive committee on an emergency basis or under suspension of the rules. The people effected by it should have been given notice and a month to make the case for their point of view. The Chairman was absolutely right to give a courtesy call not because the person was his friend, but because anyone should have the right to make their case in an endorsement vote and not one given minutes before a meeting. If I have any fault in the matter, it was that the resolution was voted upon in the advisory committee so quickly, it should have been a two month process with the endorsement happening in May. I also believe that it should be a positive endorsement of the challenger not a negative one withdrawing support from the incumbent, but it is not my call.

I cannot predict the outcome of the vote next month or even if it will be necessary. I do not presume to make a judgment on what it should be or to instruct the another committee on how they should vote in such a complicated case. I do believe they are right to express an opinion. That mere expression of an opinion is not circumventing the voters. We have seen in the past that endorsements do not equal a primary victory. The truth is, a primary could be the best thing that could happen in the race. If the incumbent wins, he is vindicated and has a shot of winning the general. If the challenger wins, we saved the seat from someone who did not even have a majority of his own party any longer and a victory 7 weeks before the general over an incumbent would propel him the general. I do not think the party should spend money and tip the scales. I do think expressing an opinion and giving a clear message that there is a moral or character exception to supporting incumbents is fair game. I do not believe a party simply exists to serve elected officials.

The Sussex GOP deserves praise not condemnation for bringing the subject up. Everyone else is talking about it. I encourage members to follow their consciences after listening to all sides. Do not make a snap judgment, but judge righteously. Let each voter, make their own judgment, but each of us, including the party, has a right to appeal to that judgment.

Chick Kickoff a Success


Sam Chick, Republican candidate for state representative in the 31st District, held a campaign kick-off April 13th at Fraizer’s Restaurant in Dover that was attended by scores of community members and leaders.

Chick, an Iraq War veteran and small businessman, filed for the open House seat in March.

Addressing the crowd of supporters, he said, “I’m running because I believe in open, responsible government that works for ‘We the people.’”
Chick outlined four key areas of importance: Economic prosperity, education, liberty and justice, and responsible government.
“Looking at today’s government, we are all aware of areas of shortcomings,” he said. “We’re reminded daily through reports of corruption and mismanagement, education woes, violations of rights, unemployment and a weak economy, among other things. Instead of real solutions, we’re presented with unnecessary legislation and complicated regulations; party politics and handouts to special interests; irresponsible spending followed by tax increases and more debt; and a general lack of common sense.”

Chick emphasized that he will be an independent voice for the people of Dover.
“I pledge to protect your rights and represent you fairly,” he said. “I will fight for a justice system that operates fairly, treats all equally, and exists to secure liberty and order.”

Chick said he is optimistic about Delaware’s future.
“I see liberty and prosperity on our horizon. [...] When honest people come together freely to make their communities a better place to live, amazing things can be accomplished. It’s time our government reflected that idea. We deserve better, we can do better, and we will do better.”

Sam Chick's Kickoff

Sam Chick’s Kickoff

To learn more the candidate, visit his website or find him on Facebook at

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_4/14/14___Edition-

So Master Tires on Route 113 has Sussex county all atwitter? What about the poor property owner forced to live next door to a slob flipping the finger at the county? Cry not no more, my friend, for PAUL REIGER’S NEIGHBOR HAS TIRES ON HIS PROPERTY TOO!

Paul Reiger is a nice man. He lives on a “farmette” sort of property, less than 5 acres . His property, and those of his neighbors were carved from a 62 acre farm into 28 lots.

I visited Reiger’s property and got a few pics myself, not to mention an eye full. Reiger’ lives next door to a fellow that simply does not care about Sussex county laws as he flips them the bird and laughs at the Rubes on the county council who would cause him grief.

New Picture 11

Let me list the “crimes” of this neighbor. He slaughtered over 20 hogs on his property and come on, how many of us want to lives next to someone slaughtering livestock on property less than 5 acres in area?

The guy has old tractor trailer containers for use as a chicken house. He is an entrepreneur, this fine, fine neighbor. Thus he opened a paintball business on that same lot next to where people actually live.

The paintball business was a failure but those tractor-trailer tires still line the paintball field, such as it was. MORE tires than Master Tire and Reiger has to look at them all day.

New Picture (4)

Just ONE pile of tires on Reiger’s neighbor’s property. I saw at least three similar piles and am told there are more.

If the slaughter of pigs and paintball business weren’t enough, the guy decides to put in, not ONE, but TWO ponds. Imagine living next to two ponds that overfill from the rain and drains on your property.

Of course he attracts lots of ducks and of course then we must open our land to hunters. I myself saw Reiger’s neighbor’s turkey and hens waddling around with no boundary, even crossing the street and creating hazards there.

New Picture 111

Ducks from pond walk casually across busy county road.

Here’s the thing yon readers. We have, in Sussex county, an uncaring citizen that thinks he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants, laws and regulations be damned.

Reiger has been diligently approaching his Sussex county council person and also wrote his concerns to the Sussex County Director of Planning and Zoning.

That department did a very good job of researching Reiger’s complaints, both in terms of the state law, various county ordinances and, get this, the property owners in the sub-divided properties per some Plat on file in the county basement.

And like I’ve been saying for the past one hunnert months, passing laws didn’t help.

Get this quote directly from the Director of Planning and Zoning”

Mr. Reiger’s comments make reference to the storage oftractor tires. Tires are nodifferent than any other debris or accumulation. The Zoning Ordinance, Article XXV
Subsection 1 15-191 .4 makes reference to Prohibited Accumulations: “The purpose of this section is to prevent the accumulation of rubbish, trash or waste materials so as to createan unsightly condition and/or a nuisance detrimental to the use or value of adjoining properties and/or to create a potential fire or safety hazard that could endanger the safetyof the owner, possessor or other persons.” The County Constable, per Subsection 115-
1 9 1 . 1 A., is a designee that enforces County regulations relating to rubbish, trash or wastnateriaIs. The State Department ofNatural Resources and Environmental Control alsohave regulations relating to the accumulation oftires. The Office ofthe State FireMarshal also have regulations relating to the accumulation of tires.

So, per the above, we have a zoning ordinance dealing with tires. SO WHO IS ENFORCING THIS ORDINANCE???

I give Sussex county council kudos for keeping property taxes down and its quiet governance. But unless we want our county taken over by people as thoughtless as Reiger’s neighbor, it’s time for the county to grow a pair, even Joan Deaver.

New Picture (5)

water from neighbor’s pond spills over to Reiger’s property.

While you folks are out there ridding DuPont Highway of the eyesore of Master Tire, stop by and do the same, AT THE LEAST, to Reiger’s neighbor. Reiger lives right down the road from Master Tire.

Sam Wilson, your heart is healed. Get with the Division of Planning and Zoning and set an example of what happens to folks who think they’re going to turn this county into a cesspool.

This sort of thing is more important to Sussex Countians than barking dogs.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Update on the Vance Phillips debacle.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_4/11/2014__Edition-

Carper responds to my question. Downtown Development Districts-a way to launder money and redistribute wealth. HB115-the law I claim is against ME, changed. I don’t know what the heck the new one means. Much more.

HB115 Given New Name, Same Rules

This Act creates a statute of repose for actions based on alleged negligence in the preparation of a land survey or survey product. Currently, more than 30 states, including Pennsylvania and Maryland, have statutes of repose protecting land surveyors. Similar to the statute of repose applicable to architects, engineers and other design professionals (Delaware’s Builder’s Statute – 10 Del. C. §8127), this Act requires any action against a land surveyor for an alleged error or omission in the preparation of a survey to be brought within 10 years of the preparation of the survey. The Act also requires the party bringing the action to have had a contractual relationship, or be a successor or assign of a person who had a contractual relationship, with the land surveyor. Actions based on a claim of gross negligence in the preparation of a survey are not covered by the statute of repose and are, instead, subject to general statute of limitations set forth in Title 10 (3 years from the date of discovery). Actions commenced prior to the enactment of the statute of repose are not subject to the provisions of this Act.

It has been turned into another committee.

To me the above looks like the same text as HB115 but I spoke to Sen. Pettyjohn and others about my concern and for now I am going to trust that I don’t come out of this at the ugly end of the stick.

Speaking of surveyors, yet another pair of them now surveying property of the twenty houses I got abutting my lot in the year…part of that Cluster housing thing cause those folks got a big lake in the middle of their community so all their houses are behind me in a weird cocentric circle which has made me miserable.

And now one full year later there they are, a pair of them, wearing a hoody at 7:30 am on a foggy morning. Dog runs out barking cause that’s scary, two men walking about behind your fence like that, couldn’t see their faces though goodness these guys are deemed holy and special by the Delaware legislature that they should have their own law.

I really didn’t know they were surveyors cause like I say, they looked like robbers or something. So I yelled something, I don’t know….just to figure out what they’re up to.

“Your fence is five feet over our client’s land,” the guy in hoody number 1 said. I ask yon reader…HOW LONG WILL THIS TORMENT GO ON? How long will I see some jerk in a hoody who decided to insert himself, a real important guy what with his own law and everything, AND FIND ME GUILTY without benefit of a trial. All of them with their freshly inked surveys from 2013 and me with that old ancient thing from 2003.

This is worse than the Czar of land boundaries declaring me guilty. Not that either of those folks are elected or anything but the surveyor does have his own law going on, makes him feel important.

This is the FIFTH house behind me declaring my fence on their land. All of them got three, maybe four feet abutting my square lot while theirs is triangular.

So I went a little nuts.

Who wouldn’t?

But they got their own law and I am not so special. Maybe if I tried wearing the hoody?
Carper’s Response to my query as to why he voted to allow the UN to take our guns
Coons has yet to answer.

The response was basically a bunch of words that said “I did it because I do it for the Democrat party. We are the party that wants to take away all guns in this country and we stick together.”

images[9]Carper goes on to explain that this UN thing is really only for those countries involved in arms smuggling, that I should rest my troubled heart:

Moreover, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2014 (H.R.3304), which was signed into law by President Obama on December 26, 2013, includes a provision that would require a one year ban on the use of funds by the Department of Defense to implement the Arms Trade Treaty unless the treaty is implemented through the advice and consent of Senate legislation.

He spends several paragraphs explaining, in different ways, what a wonderful champion he is for gun ownership, at one point launching into a smarmy narrative about days spent shooting guns with his son.

Let me assure you that the Supreme Court has ruled that international treaties cannot supersede the U.S. Constitution, including the Second Amendment.

He ends it all up with a note to assureme of his support of the second amendment:

In the meantime, I will continue to support the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution that allows law-abiding citizens the right to bear arms.

Man by the time I got done reading Carper’s explanation I’m mad at all the Republicans that didn’t vote this wonderful thing.
Downtown Development Districts-say what?
So Markell didn’t have enough things to spend money on and he wanted to raise the gas tax just to feed the children.

So this new thing-”downtown development district”…first of all, get clear this is NOT for incorporated towns. So Lewes, Georgetown, Rehoboth….not applicable.

So okay let’s take Laurel. Out there where they got those big buildings with the Flea Market, the Amish market….that could be made into a “downtown development district” with an infusion of money or….

Well I don’t know what. And I don’t have to know because it’s not only a very dumb idea, it’s a fine way to launder money and redistribute wealth to our campaign-contributing buddies.

When money’s tight, don’t go expanding on things not needed.
Quick Takes
I note that George Parish never contacted me about primarying George Cole. I assume he will not if Cole decides to run again.

A bit kudo to Senator Pettyjohn for his efforts to keep Punkin’ Chunkin’ in Sussex county.

Sussex county is PERFECT for a Punkiin’ Chunkin’ event, what with its farms and proximity to a rich resort area.

But the lawyers got their fingers in the pie so despite Pettyjohn’s efforts the Delaware legislature won’t take up setting limits on liability.

Catapulting big objects like pumpkins through the sky is way more likely to cause pain and destruction than, say, a flea market.

Now I understand that alternative sites are being sought. Note to Sussex county council, STAY ON THIS!

While on the subject, I think promoting biking and bike paths is a good idea, frankly. The state is nice and flat, a perfect place by the sea shore. Yeah I don’t like much those bicycles all around in the summer but again, taking tourist dollars keeps the property taxes down.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT : Paul Rieger’s got tires too! If the county hauls away Master Tire’s mess, they should take care of his problem. Check in for full and somewhat funny story.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__4/10/14__Edition-

Vance Phillips thrown under the bus by the Sussex/Delaware GOP. Here’s the inside skinny, here’s why they’re all hypocrites.

Let us make it very clear here that I understand the importance of winning elections and good candidates tend to win elections. I understand that unless a candidate wins an election that party’s idealology does not get implemented. Just letting yon reading masses know that I am not unaware of the logistics of the thing.

vance[1]I also know that there is a Democrat candidate that filed for the Sussex county council 5th district seat and he is a formidable political challenger. Bob Wheatley was on the Sussex Planning and Zoning Commission and his wife was, until now, a county employee.

Vance is also challenged by a member of the Republican party, one Orvin Strickler, Interview here

It’s almost a sin how the local Sussex GOP is handling Vance and that orchestration is being conducted at the state level. Republicans were never know far and wide for their intestinal fortitude.

Let’s get out of the way that Vance has issues.

Goodness the issues Vance has could fill a book. A book I hope to write some day though that’s just a pipe dream.

It’s no secret he somehow got involved with a young girl a few years back and she has since filed criminal rape charges with a civil lawsuit looming in 2015.

There was also that matter of the Sherriff and the infamous kick in the gonads, as well as the fall from an experimental airplane that has left Vance permanently disabled.

Indeed if I were to make an argument that Vance should not run again it would be because of his health.

And as a bow to transparency I consider Vance a personal friend who I’ve know for over ten years now. We would never be confused for bosom buddies but I’ve been to many of his crab feasts and eaten more than a few of his watermelons.

None of which matters because had the Delaware GOP thrown any other ELECTED candidate under the bus in the careless manner that is being done to Vance Phillips I’d be just as mad.

The SAME day of the so-called advisory board meeting when it was decided to query other elected Republican officials as to their feelings about Vance Representative Dan Short warned all attendees at the monthly Sussex GOP meeting NOT to primary a Republican incumbent.

So do NOT primary Republican incumbents is the message but it is okay to throw the elected guys under the bus by publicly humiliating them? This is better than to encourage some young whippersnapper to take on the old guy, maybe slip him or her some bucks under the table?

What did this act accomplish? What is to be gained by so publicly throwing Vance under the bus? Is it the frightening Democratic opponent?

For I agree, on the surface Bob Wheatley is a real challenge. God bless America if he wins, he wins and the people elected him.

“But we don’t want him to win Pat!” the voices scream.

Well no, much better to keep the Republicans on the Sussex county council and I understand that the Democrats want to get in there and pillage the nice surplus in the Sussex county coffers there due to good governance. Wheatley and Joan Deaver could have a ball hiring thousands of dog catchers and passing laws all the hell over the place.

And who was responsible for such good governance? I can tell you Vance Phillips was one such person.

Assuming that by throwing Phillips out of there we get another good guy Republican in there….who?

Here is where I throw out a resounding whistle to Orvin Strickler. Orvin if you’re really interested in the job now is the time to get out and campaign like there is no tomorrow. All you got to do is say the Ruling class GOP decided to throw Vance out of there, that you had nothing to do with it but want to insure Vance’s former constituents that they have another Conservative representing them.

Not saying I like it coming down to this but Orvin has a very nice smile and loves dogs. To the new demographic now populating Sussex county, that’s really all you need.

It’s not like this horrible action will guarantee in any way that a Republican can keep that seat in the 5th district and it’s not because of Vance’s indiscretions.

The Republicans -the state guys and the local guys- should have pulled Vance in behind closed doors and read him the riot act. They should have shouted and screamed that supporting him is carrying a big price. They then should have committed to supporting him but with one big caveat:

Okay….I’ll say it.


You better go out there and campaign like there is no tomorrow. You better go back to those constituents who know you and shore up their support. Then you better go to the newer constituents and assure them of your ability, the years of your service, the fine financial situation of sussex county, the low property taxes.

If you don’t think you will win, Vance, THEN DON’T RUN.

If you think you will win, Vance, then RUN.

Based on the great service you’ve given the Republican party over the years and your experience in good governance as exemplified by Sussex county council, the Republican party of both Sussex and Delaware will support you though we have doubts.

We can’t emphasize enough how important holding on to the Sussex county council is to the Delaware Republican party. It’s your choice Vance.

Don’t let us down.”
Or something.

For by the Republican party standards Orvin Strickler is the bad guy here for daring to challenge an incumbent while the Republican party itself is wise and wonderful for throwing a loyal and very successful Republican elected official under the bus, very publicly, as if THIS wouldn’t bring down evil speculation had not the Sussex GOP decided to go releasing all kinds of PR blurbs.

Finally, don’t you think the VOTERS of Vance’s district should decide his fate? Because for the local party to do such a thing is to essentially take the choice away from the voters, or, at best, to insinuate the party into what should be a fair election and change it into an election with taint.

It was nothing less than a cowardly way to handle things.

It’s entirely possible the demographics of the councilmatic 5th district are changing to the point where a well-rounded Democrat like Wheatley can step in and grab the vote.

Going nuts by throwing proven and successful elected guys under the bus is NOT the way to handle this.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : I’m not done with this matter. I got so much skinny on the inside of this scandal but first, I have to editorialize. It’s what I do.

Sam Chick’s Campaign Kickoff

Please join us and show your support at my official campaign kick-off this Sunday. Your presence will help show that Delawareans are ready for real change in our government. The event is free and open to friends, family, and community members supporting my campaign for 31st District State Representative.

Light hors d’oeuvres will be served, with drinks available for purchase.

Pick Chick Campaign Kick-off
Sunday, April 13th from 2 to 4 p.m.
Frazier’s Restaurant, 9 E. Loockerman St, Dover, DE 19901

We want to start the campaign off with a bang, so please come out and bring your friends & family– the more the merrier!

Help get Sam elected!

To volunteer for the campaign, visit my website at call 302-265-3605 or email

Please send your most generous donation to:
Friends for Chick, 40 Maple Lane, Dover, DE 19901
Or donate online at:

As always, please contact me with questions, comments and concerns.

Sam Chick

Delaware Strong Families Wins a Huge Initial Victory for Free Speech

For Release: April 8, 2014 Contact: Joe Trotter Phone: 210-352-0055 (Cell)

Wilmington, DE – A federal court today issued an order barring enforcement of a recently adopted Delaware law that would have forced a group that publishes non-partisan voter guides to violate its members’ privacy.

Judge Sue L. Robinson of the United States District Court in Wilmington granted Delaware Strong Families (DSF)’s motion for a preliminary injunction, writing that Delaware’s compulsory disclosure law “is so broadly worded as to include within the scope of its disclosure requirements virtually every communication made during the critical time period, no matter how indirect and unrelated it is to the electoral process.”

The Delaware statute, passed with the claim that it is necessary to inform voters about political spending, would force Delaware Strong Families to disclose personal information on financial supporters and donors.

“The court concludes that the relation between the personal information collected to the primary purpose of the Act is too tenuous to pass constitutional muster. Therefore, DSF is likely to prevail on the merits of its claim that the Act, as applied, is unconstitutional.”

DSF is represented in Court by the Center for Competitive Politics (CCP), a group that litigates for First Amendment rights to free political speech.

“We are pleased by the Court’s decision and quick action. The government cannot impose extensive regulatory burdens, or violate the privacy of donors, where an organization does not advocate for any candidate,” said CCP legal director Allen Dickerson.

“I’m thrilled the Court upheld our First Amendment right to speak,” said Nicole Theis, the president of DSF. “We can now continue to publish our nonpartisan voter guide and inform voters on the key issues of the day without registering with the government and handing over contributor lists. Today’s decision will allow us to publish this information again this year. Lawmakers need to remember the purpose of disclosure is to allow citizens to monitor the government, not for the government to monitor the citizens.”

“The purpose of campaign finance disclosure laws is supposed to be to allow the people to monitor the government and elected officials,” said David Keating, president of CCP. “But in recent years, disclosure has been turned on its head, with states and the federal government passing sweeping laws designed to harass donors and spenders, intrude on privacy, and allow the government to monitor and potentially retaliate against the people, even when no official receives any money for his or her campaign. Today’s decision marks an important victory in our long-term effort to battle overbroad and vague disclosure laws.”

Delaware spared no effort in defending the law. The state hired the white shoe law firm of Wilmer, Cutler, Pickering, Hale & Dorr, a firm with 1,000 lawyers in 15 offices around the world, which had previously helped to successfully defend the McCain-Feingold law in federal court. The State was also represented by the Campaign Legal Center, a pro-regulation nonprofit organization.

An appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit is expected.

The Sexual Revolution: The Last Domino is Falling

(Below, text from my piece on today’s American Thinker blog):

The sexual revolution begun in the 1960’s was initially supposedly about consenting adults doing whatever they wished to do in the bedroom.

At the time, few suspected the movement would morph from Hugh Hefner’s and Helen Gurley (Cosmo Girl) Brown’s advocacy for free sexual encounters between men and women.  Few believed sexual “freedom” would mean more than a rapid increase in a playboy and playgirl mentality.

But morph it did, with one domino after another falling in rapid succession.  Sexual freedom began to be redefined in ways formerly not contemplated at the beginning of the sexual revolution, with the LGBT movement leading the way for decriminalizing homosexual behavior.

The last domino to fall has been the prohibition against sexual encounters with the very young. Try as they may, organizations such as NAMBLA, which openly supports sexual encounters between adult men and teenage or prepubescent boys, have never been accepted by mainstream America.  That is because by and large, Americans have a healthy revulsion toward pedophiles and pederasts, particularly when the abuser is a parent.

The consequence of the nearly universal revulsion toward pedophilia, particularly when incestuous, is that the law has supported the prohibition against sex with underage children.  Sex offenders routinely receive lengthy prison sentences and then remain on sex offender lists for years.

Until now.

In a case receiving virtually no in depth analysis, a wealthy Delaware DuPont heir accused of raping his three-year-old daughter and molesting his nineteen- month-old son has recently received probation rather than a prison sentence from a Delaware judge.

Judge Jan Jurden, who has since been assigned a security detail because of public outrage over her decision, stated that the accused rapist, Robert H. Richards IV, “would not fare well” in a prison atmosphere, so she recommended probation.   His prison sentence was waived.

This, in spite of the fact Richards admitted the crime after being confronted by his now ex-wife.  According to Cris Barrish of The News Journal, Delaware’s leading newspaper, apparently Richards’ daughter spoke to her grandmother, Donna Burg, reporting that her father told her the abuse was “our little secret” but that she didn’t want “my daddy touching me anymore.” The grandmother then told the girl’s mother, who filed charges.

The eventual result: Jurden gave Richards an eight year prison term, but suspended all the time in prison, substituting probation instead.

Jurden does not always give offenders such light treatment.  In 2006, she ordered a man who twice exposed himself to a 10-year-old girl at his workplace to wear a T-shirt emblazoned with the words, “I am a registered sex offender” in bold letters for twenty-two months — after serving a 60 day jail sentence.

Evidently, the case was also disregarded by Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, whose spokesman Jason Miller said the Vice President’s son, who has made the prosecution of child predators is a top priority for his office, did not know about the case.

The leniency of the Jurden decision will certainly have repercussions for Delaware and elsewhere.

Jane Agni, who writes satirical pieces for the National Report, sarcastically notes Judge Jurden’s decision has encouraged sex offenders to move to Delaware:

“Ever since Judge Jan Jurden’s light-hearted sentencing of Robert H. Richards IV on charges of 4th degree sexual assault, pedophiles everywhere have moved to the state in droves, hoping for similar treatment should they be caught committing indecent acts on their underage victims.

“Members of NAMBLA are calling Jurden a hero, and something of a patron saint of pedophiles everywhere. They applaud her for what they believe to be a courageous step forward in decriminalizing sex between adults and children.”

While Agni is writing in the style of The Onion, she has a valid point.  Citizens of Delaware just may find their state facing an increase in pedophiles hoping for an appearance before the compassionate and tender-hearted Judge Jurden, should they be caught raping small victims.

More seriously, angry Delawareans gathered Monday, April 7 to protest the judge’s decision, holding a “Remove Judge Jan Jurden Rally” in front of Attorney General Biden’s offices in Wilmington. Enraged citizens are also petitioning for her removal from office.

The problem is that Jurden’s clemency weakens children’s protection from pedophiles, as it sets a precedent establishing extreme leniency for sexual predators.

Jurden’s decision is also indicative of the Left’s preoccupation with the perpetrators of crime rather than with their victims.  Obsessed with “rehabilitation” of criminals; determined to uncover and bring out the natural good in every perpetrator of crime; refusing to admit the dark side of human beings is beyond the abilities of the high priests of psychiatry to fathom, much less to effectively address, the liberal manipulation of the legal system turns justice on its head. Liberals are obsessed with trying to “help” rather than to punish the worst members of society.

The softness of the sort exhibited by Judge Jurden toward hardened sex criminals like Richards has the potential to affect attitudes toward sex crimes such as human trafficking and child prostitution, both of which may be regarded less seriously.

Parents may have even more cause to worry about pedophiles.  Jurden was obviously not moved by the fact Richards violated his own daughter, a mere baby of three years.  The child is scarcely mentioned, much less taken seriously.  Her testimony is considered unreliable, so is of little consequence. This is to say nothing of Richard’s baby son, who allegedly also was sexually molested.

Where is the justice for the traumatized children?  Who will uphold the law on their behalf?  Protection for children will be considerably weakened if Jurden’s decision establishes a new way of dealing with predators who target the “least of these,” the most innocent among us.

Frankly, Judge Jurden should be removed from the bench.

Persons of Interest

One of my favorite TV shows is Persons of Interest on CBS. It is a series about a computer program that is constantly spying on us, so it really plays into the concern that many people have with the surveillance state. Of course the program was installed for a good reason, to track down terrorists and prevent them from carrying out attacks, but since the program tracks everyone it could also be used to prevent murder and crimes on a smaller scale, but that was outside the scope of the governments interest so the programs designer created a backdoor to give him access to the more personal crimes so he could do something about them. He gets a former military/government operative to help him do the heavy lifting and BAM you have a really intense and engaging story.

Well, rather than science fiction, I think people will look back on this series as a thriller, but also as a historical fiction. There are real life programs that our government uses to track terrorists, but also other criminals. One of them is dedicated to tracking the slave trade, particularly child sex trafficking. Our government has been using it for about eight years, but only to help children within its scope. Basically they see were child pornography is being shared in real time using this software, and they can see every case around the globe, but unless it is related to a child abducted in the US, or a US citizen abducted abroad they don’t or perhaps can’t take action.

Fortunately the makers of this software have made it available to some private citizens including former Navy Seals and CIA operatives that are able to make use of this program outside the scope our government has defined. These private groups have acted in the shadows, but they aren’t nearly as secretive as Harold and Reese from the CBS series, and now they are starting to go public with their efforts via Glenn Beck on the Blaze network and a documentary that is in the works from producer Gerald Molen called “The Abolitionists.” They are actually rescuing children that have been sold as sex slaves and anyone can help in the effort as part of a new Underground Railroad.

Now this blog is called Delaware Politics and this article doesn’t really have a whole lot to do with Delaware, or politics. Except that when you look at the map of this program that tracks child rape videos that are being shared, it looks like there is a fair amount of activity happening in Delaware. Now maybe none of those people in Delaware have child sex slaves of their own to rape, then again maybe some do, but that is beside the point. The people watching this trash in Delaware are helping to fuel child sex slavery wherever it is happening around the world. Many of these people seem very normal, not menacing or blatantly evil. However, whether they are the ones online watching real slaves be abused from thousands of miles away, or they are the ones selling, or abusing the children directly they have all made one choice in common. They have decided that something is more important to them than the freedom, innocence, and virtue of a child.

We each make choices. Do your unbridled appetites fuel slavery? Do they enslave you? Or do your bridled and focused passions help abolish slavery? Are you a slave, a slaver, or an abolitionist, or do you find yourself wavering between the three? Tonight I decided to help, in a small way, to build Operation Underground Railroad. I hope it is never a relative or a child I know that is on the receiving end of this project, but at least I will know it is here if they need it.


Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_4/8/14___Edition-

Live Blogging the Sussex County Council….SOMEBODY TELL JOAN DEAVER SHE REPRESENTS ME!  She represents a whole bunch of other people and they don’t want DNREC taking over private property either.  Let’s put HER on the Wall of Shame!

There was some talk on Markell’s newest piece of crap called “downtown development district”, another turd gubmint offering that sounds good but Delaware shouldn’t be embarking on this kind of stuff until it gets its own financial house in order.•

It’s senate bill 191. The cost for this absurd notion is listed as 7 million dollars and the entire council, EXCEPT George Cole, is not favoring the concept, particularly with Markell wanting to increase the gas tax and all.

George Cole, the John McCain of Sussex county…..he reaches across the aisle until I want to rip off his arm, expressed an interest in this silly concept.

Here’s the biggest problem with this idea….what about the businesses ALREADY here? This downtown development thing is only for unincorporated towns and hey, they are the gubmint and they are there to help.

So new businesses get money to help them come to towns and start up. While there are businesses that have been struggling to stay afloat in this difficult economy. What about them?

Whatever the case, only George Cole offered support for this idea….let’s unelect this guy.

Now about the DNREC wetlands….a member of that committee charged with ascertaining if Delaware should let DNREC take over private property….that’s right I said it….gave an interesting talk at the Sussex county council on the notion of DNREC taking over control of Type 1 wet lands.

He represents the Farm bureau on the committee and gave an interesting background on the story and history of what once an act to protect navigable waters which eventually turned into the Clean Water Act of 1944.

In 1987 the EPA got control over naviagable waters AND “adjacent waters”. The Farm Bureau speaker said that courts are increasingly ruling against the EPA on this wet lands crap with judgements declaring, sensibly, that LANDS ARE NOT WATER.

The argument being that the EPA will eventually lose on this concept of controlling land adjacent to waters via the court system.

The EPA, along with the army corps of engineers, control the navigable waters. DNREC wants to join in on the fun of controlling us till we pop but it was pointed out that even if we were nuts enough to give DNREC control of our land, even if DNREC were on the side of Delawareans they can be over-ridden by either the EPA or Army Corps. Of Engineers.

We desperately need layers of bureaucracies is DNREC’s argument.

New Picture (6)The Sussex County Council took a vote on whether five significant items should be turned over to DNREC, to include lands in sight of water, lands with swamps, lands with loblolly pines, lands with fallen leaves, lands with oak trees, lands with dirt on them.

MY council representative said that while she does represent farmers, she also represents others. She voted FOR DNREC to take over private lands.


Now here’s my aim….somebody tell Joan Deaver. I’m on a tear with this woman. I am going to my church, down to Lewes, in Georgetown….watch for me because I am going to take an independent survey on my own.

I am going to find out just how the hell many of Deaver’s constituents WANT DNREC’s big power grab.

I got a feeling even the liberals in Lewes don’t want that.

And let’s put Deaver on the Wall of Shame….nobody in Sussex county wants our elected people just willy-nilly turning over control of private property to a government bureaucracy.

To all you people challenging the incumbents…HERE’S YOUR ISSUE! Americans, especially Sussex Countt heathans, do not want to turn over private property to DNREC.

Somebody send Joan Deaver a clue. And Joan, look for me in your rear view mirror. Cause I’m coming after you.

There will be no Sussex county council meeting next Tuesday 4/15/13. They all voted to cancel the meeting as they claim they have nothing to discuss.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT :Tidbits, lots of tidbits. This “downtown development” crap, what fresh hell is this? Much more…

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__4/4/14__Edition-

Summary of DuPont Heir Case and the fun of watching the Ruling Class Explain.  A Lacey Lafferty fashion update.

Beau Biden Defending Court Stand on Du Pont Heir. I’ll Help Him.

So I have read all about the case of Robert H. Richards IV, whose great-grandfather is du Pont family patriarch Irenee du Pont, and his father is Robert H. Richards III, a retired partner in the Richards Layton & Finger law firm.

This fine abuser of children got charged with something called “4th degree rape” and was exempted from prison by a judge who offered the excuse that Richards “will not fare well” in prison.

You think?

A rich wuss living on a family trust and owner of two mansions, a fellow who raped both his young son and daughter, admitting it-you think his fellow prisoners might give him a hard time?

For the record I think the judge’s decision is correct but it does create quite a stir when you base sentencing of a child molester on his social stature and how well the fine fellow might fare in prison.

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden is under the microscope on this one as he is…well Delaware’s Attorney General.

Here’s what happened, I did the research. I add my editorial comments as befits my whim.

Robert Richards IV is a creep, what a disappointment of an heir he must be. His young daughter told her grandmother that her father came into her room and sexually molested her, saying it was to be “our little secret”.

All hell broke loose, as you might imagine, for a 3 year old child does not make up this sort of thing from whole cloth. The child was more concerned that her father not come in to her room and do things to her in the future.

Richards admitted to his wife that he did, indeed, do the act. He promised to repent, seek counseling, yada, yada. Divorce followed as Richards allegedly also admitted to his wife that he’d molested their young son.

Now a civil lawsuit is under way as Richards’ ex-wife seeks additional compensation for the daughter. The details of the plea agreement that kept Richards out of jail for the alleged rape of two young children became known to the public, as well as that odd sentencing statement by Judge Jan Jurden.

Beau Biden’s all busy writing justifying letters-to-the-editor as outrage erupts that a child raper would be kept out of jail as HE might not fare well.

It does kind of sit ugly in our minds, this concern for the wealthy and privileged child rapist.

Actually, all things being equal, I suppose it’s just as well that this dispute was settled in this manner. Good ole Judge Jurden needs an editor, however, because those were really dumb words.

Not that words come easy that would summarize what was essentially an action to keep a perverted privileged man out of jail and the never ending nightmare of keeping him safe from other inmates. The child’s needs are probably better met with the pervert forking up some of his inheritance as opposed to testifying in court, always difficult for a child.

The evidence against Richards is sketchy at best; it’s doubtful a jury would even find him guilty. Now he is classified as a sex offender and in general this solution was probably the best.

But let’s not pretend that the fact that he is a Du Pont had nothing to do with it. For that, you might need The Wise I.
Lacey Lafferty-A Fashion Update

New Picture (18)In a bit of fun I note that gubernatorial candidate Lacey Lafferty was formerly a model. In fact I see the included picture of her in a Facebook post. Seems Lacey attended some fancy event and got dressed to the 9′s and she looks good.

It’s something that only happens when a woman is running for an office, and a woman as striking as Lacey, former model at that, is intriguing.

First, Lacey has a head full of beautiful hair and she need only pull it completely back off of her face. I’d suggest that she keep doing that but maybe add an elegant up-do once in a while, even a curly ponytail. Do not cut your hair, that is a command.

As for dress, the gown she wears here is very pretty and it looks great on her. I’d suggest Lacey add some sophisticated yet elegant black form-fitting dresses and, in fact, start looking for one for the election night ball.

Call me if you need help Lacey.

Below a promo for an upcoming Lacey Lafferty event:

Walk for Liberty with Lacey through the entire length of Delaware!

Fundraiser/Charity Event
Proceeds to benefit S selected local charities
Everyone is welcome to participate
Schedule Events
April 25th 0700 am — Walk begins at De./Md. Line on USRT13 n/b Delmar, De.

Jeff Todd 302-387-2966
Vince Calabro 631-987-1738
Jim Startzman 302-530-7572

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT : Paul Rieger…call me.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_4.3.14___Edition-

Delaware legislators approve the UN confiscation of our guns! Why? Same day voter registration and tuition for illegals, what else can the Ruling Class possibly do to us? What the hell is this with “Biden Way”? Did Biden pay for it? Lots more…..

Delaware Senators vote for the UN to take our guns!

The debate on gun control is one thing. But to vote to have member nations of the United Nations to confiscate our guns? Do Carper and Coons really think that this is something Delawareans want?

The U.N. Resolution 2117 lists 21 points dealing with firearms control, but perhaps of most interest is point number 11:

How can those two men live with themselves? Argue all you want about gun control, the rules, the regulations, the limits…. So long as it is debated in America and will be enforced by Americans, well so okay, it’s a valid debate, let the majority and constitution rule.

But to agree with the UN’s (and you know how honest this group of thugs are) mandate to confiscate guns, even the liberals who vote for those two Senators from Delaware don’t want that….somebody tell them.

Same Day Voter Registration and Tuition for Illegals


Sen. Robert Marshall of Wilmington said Thursday that he plans to introduce a bill that would allow some such students to pay in-state tuition and be eligible

So my nephew from New Hampshire might want to attend the University of Delaware and might stay with me while he attends.

So long as HE, an American from birth, an honest citizen with an honest job, has to pay full tuition-he DOES live in New Hampshire, out-of-state- then illegal aliens should also have to pay full tuition.

I am so sick of this Ruling Class constantly making laws to help those who do not make American any better while crushing us beneath their Blue Blood thumbs.

And how about this same day voter registration, the “day” being election day?

The bill is sponsored by Senators. Henry, Peterson, Poore, Sokola and Townsend and Representatives Viola, Barbieri, Baumbach, J. Johnson, Keeley, Mitchell, Poter, Scott, and K. Williams.


New Picture (10)

Why on earth can’t a potential voter get their butts signed up BEFORE election day? Come on you elite members of the Ruling Class, this is nothing more than a grab to get more votes for your own fine and pride-less selves. For an American with any pride whatsoever would never endanger their country by dismissing some basic rules that are part of an orderly government.

All of them Democrats, I hear tell even Steve Smyk wouldn’t vote for it.

Below from the always informative 9-12 Patriot newsletter:

Advocacy groups present to support the bill included:

American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees – the public employees union.

Delaware Alliance for Community Advancement  Their web page tells us “The mission of Delaware Alliance for Community Advancement (DACA) is to empower low-and moderate-income people, in the state of Delaware, to improve their communities through education, training, community organizing, and outreach.”   It is interesting to note that this organization is involved in “…. immigration advocacy and collaboration with the Latin American to help improve the Hispanic immigrants lives.”

Americans for Democratic Action Their web pages tells us that “ADA was founded by Eleanor Roosevelt, John Kenneth Galbraith, Walter Reuther, Arthur Schlesinger, and Reinhold Niebuhr shortly after FDR died.  Its goal then?  To keep the New Deal dream–its vision and its values of an America that works fairly for all–alive for generations to come. ”

What wasn’t mentioned is that HB 105 has the active support and aid of a far larger organization – MoveOn.Org !!!

Oops, this is supported by the unions. Steve Smyk just MIGHT vote for it.
Some Sussex County Council Gossip

Vance Phillips reports :

Just had lunch with Jack Markell and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce. Its the second time I’ve listen to him pitch his Gas and Water tax proposals. Is anyone interested in commenting on these taxes? I respectfully told the governor that I didn’t think the hard working people of Delaware could afford to be taxed any further.

Kudos to Vance.

The funniest tidbit of all….Joan Deaver, the only Democrat on the Sussex County Council, got irritated with Vance and said (I am NOT making this up):

“I’m not listening to you; you must be on your period.”

Like the Democrats who vote for the UN to take our guns or for laws that will allow illegals state tuition, another Democrat shows the depth of their class.

Biden Ave? Did he pay for it?


So I needed a mammogram and as I get directions from the Beebe health center in Georgetown (brand new!), she tells me to turn right on “Biden Ave”.

Say what?

I complained when I went to the medical center and they told me they get so many complaints that they now just refer to it as Carmean Way.

21635 Biden Ave. (Route 404/18 just west of Route 113

I understand that the practice of naming roads and such after members of the Ruling Class is quite passe.

I’d be ashamed to tell anyone to make a right on Biden Ave, give me a damn break.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT : Some fun. We’re going to tell Paul Rieger’s story….Paul, finally we’ll expose that horrible neighbor of yours to the daylight. Also some gossip and a Lacey Lafferty fashion critique. All in good fun.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_4.1.14___Edition-

Sussex County Council Takes on DNREC and Wilson/Phillips (not the singing group) become Marlboro Men. The best of all, George Cole comes out swinging and I loved it.

It’s not exactly live blogging but I paid a visit to the weekly Sussex county council meeting because sometimes folks, you gotta show your face and look at those governing you in the eye. As a side note, there was almost triple the amount of folks in attendance as has been my experience. I like it. The Ruling Class is timid about passing too many laws to control us when we are there looking them in the eye.

Let’s forget the tires for now…we’ll talk about them in the next tidbits.

And I have no idea what a consent agenda is.

Which is no mind because the best show of all was put on by DNREC as they relentlessly tried to convince the Sussex county council that turning over a whole bunch of land to them, including PRIVATE property, is a good idea.

Understand that we are a bunch of heathens down here in lower and slower, most of us gladly admit it. We don’t especially like DNREC or any other quasi-government agency taking over our lives.

Folks I applied myself to the many discussions and Power Point presentations put on by DNREC and they tried hard, God bless all their pointy heads.

I’d covered this subject on a recent column HERE.

I have no more of an understanding of DNREC’s quest for additional power and control over our lives and land than I did when I wrote that column linked.

DNREC, in conjunction with the Army Corps of Engineers, controls what it calls type 2 and 3 wetlands (read-SWAMP). Now DNREC wants to be charged with protecting land considered type 1 and currently not under the auspices of the Army Corps of Engineers.

I am not going to get into the nit and gritty of what DNREC wants, or why. There is currently a committee charged with overseeing DNREC’s request. Sussex county is represented by Hal Goodwin, deputy county administrator.

By Goodwin’s invite, several DNREC folks made their plea.

“Is the system currently broke,” Councilman Phillips asked a DNREC rep.

Because the DNREC rep gave a statistic that frankly made no sense to me. “Delaware has lost 27 acres of wet lands since 1972″ he said somberly.

“I mean, 27 acres, that’s probably normal erosion for those many years rather than human mistreatment of the land,” as I paraphrase Phillips’ argument.

Of course DNREC declares that the system is, indeed, broke, and desperately needs DNREC to fix it. In fact, the loss of 27 acres of land over a period of 40 some years, this in areas covered with water-some call them swamps-, that’s pretty normal. Water tends to swallow up land given a chance. Besides, where are these statistics coming from? Color me doubtful.

Councilman Phillips made his doubts evident as well and asked the DNREC rep what on earth made him think Sussex county would just roll over and give control of private land to DNREC?

There was cross talk about distrust of government and the bureaucracies they spawn. At one point Councilman Sam Wilson explained about a farm, how a farmer has to earn money from the land, how the red tape of getting approval for every action he takes would be too onerous to get any farming done.

Or something. All true.

george[1]I was right proud of these guys but surprise of surprise….it was George Cole, he who earned my ire for seconding a duplicate dog barking law proposed by Joan Deaver, who almost had me cheering out loud.

Hey George, where you been?

Because in a last ditch attempt to convince Sussex county council (I would pointedly add that even Joan Deaver kept her mouth shut for a while in defending DNREC) the DNREC guys claims, GET THIS, that the EPA wants, heh, “HIGHER DENSITY”.

Y’all know what they mean by higher density, right? Townhouses! Condominiums! Lots of houses on one plot of land.

And yes, the DNREC guy said that EPA wants higher density…goodness can’t disappoint the unelected bureaucrats of the EPA, what DNREC wants to be when it grows up.

Going on, the DNREC rep added that young people and modern families too want higher density and that’s when George Cole went on a tangent.

I loved every minute of. George, ye were great. Where was this George Cole when you meekly voted to for a new law when one already existed?

“No they don’t,” Cole said. I’d like to say Cole bellowed by he’s entirely too much of a gentleman to do such a thing. If Cole didn’t exactly bellow, his forceful words caused the DNREC guy to stop cold.

“People moving to Sussex county do NOT want to live in an apartment. My kids do not aim to settle in a townhome for the rest of their lives. No…most people around these parts want a two story conventional stand alone home with an ample yard.”

I wanted to stand and cheer. Yes, Mr. Cole…these big bureaucracies have to convince us of what we want and you are so right. WE DON’T WANT TO LIVE ALL CROWDED TOGETHER EVEN IF NEAR THE BEACH!

Cole went on to state statistics that proved his claim, something about high density on the peninsula which only works because you’re talking waterfront type property.

Has anybody walked around 5 Points in Lewes lately? Heh, now there’s a place that was promoted as a high density, happening and hip place to live, with bicycles to get somewhere and shops of all sorts close by. They have outdoor movies and stuff in the summer but really folks, it’s not very successful. Many shops have failed and closed Sure there’s a few hipsters who enjoy the easy beach life but 5 Points is what happens when you try to force a populace to live so tightly. It just doesn’t appeal to us Heathens in Sussex county, no matter what the EPA says.

I will be keeping an eye on this fight with DNREC and a big kudo to George Cole who told the truth to the bureaucrat.

They really hate when you tear apart their vision of the world.


OMG-I almost forgot about the loblolly pines!  Goodness you’d have thought a loblolly pines were the most precious wood in the world.  Swamps filled with loblolly pines ecome magnificent forests and guys, when I lived on the water, even here in the swamps of Delaware, just as soon as I saw a loblolly pine sticking an evergreen finger from the earth I ripped it out toot de sweet.

One of the DNREC people tells a story about a parcel of land had what she called a “loblolly” forest, you got to smile, and the seller of that land got nervous about pending regulations and ripped out the entire “forest” of redwoods, oops, loblolly pines before sale.  “The state lost one of the nicest loblolly pine forests in the country.”


Loblolly pines are great trees, used to build houses, somebody tell DNREC a secret….THEY GROW BACK!

And they grow back to the point of being invasive.  Georgia has a big problem with loblolly pines growing with no plan and boundary.

To DNREC trees are idols of the earth to be worshipped and never ripped from the soil in which they grow.

They’re just not practical and do not live in the real world.  And that DNREC guy supposed to head all this takeover of Sussex county land was about 20 years old if he was a day.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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The Loyal Opposition looks at HB 187

Welcome to a new column.  I will be analyzing bills and initiatives in a new column called the loyal opposition.  Under this column, we will also have guest opinions.  The first bill we scrutinize is Delaware House Bill 187 which is purported to safeguard charitable donors.

The synopsis of the bill is as follows:”This Act will require, among other things: (1) the registration of all charitable organizations soliciting in this State or engaging in solicitation activities directed to Delaware citizens and the annual disclosure of certain financial information relating to these entities; and (2) the registration of professional fund-raising counsel and professional solicitors soliciting in this State or engaging in solicitation activities directed to Delaware citizens and the annual reporting of certain financial information relating to these entities. The purpose of these regulations and the electronic compilation and publication of this information serves to provide the public with the tools and information sufficient to make informed decisions about which charitable purposes to support while also facilitating transparency and confidence in the sector; thereby creating a more robust philanthropic climate in Delaware. Armed with more information, the public and the Delaware Department of Justice will be able to more aggressively and proactively pursue charitable fraud.”

I have a problem with requiring electronic reporting, but also “certain financial information”.  It is the “certain” part that bothers me.  The worse part of the bill is beyond the innocuous sounding synopsis.  It is what is described in the synopsis as other things as in ”the act will require among other things”.   What are those other things?  How will the compliance cost impact smaller, local charities?  Doesn’t Chapter 25 of Title 6 have plenty of regulations and anti-fraud provisions? What is the hidden agenda?

According to the attached fiscal note, an estimated 2,000 organizations operating in the State of Delaware will be affected.  Some national organizations are considering pulling out of Delaware as they have a couple of other states.  Why?

It will force charitable organizations – both state and national – to maintain a burdensome level of administrative costs, labor-intensive record keeping, and privacy-shredding reporting requirements.

The bill will also prohibit organizations from soliciting for new members and donations unless they use state-approved, registered solicitation vendors.  All in the name of preventing fraud which we already have the laws and tools to prevent.

Some believe it is about preventing another “When Pigs Fly” campaign, which frustrated the powers that be because they have no proof who organized and funded it.  Others believe it is to discourage the new rising opposition on both the left and right from getting better fundraising and becoming more effective.  If you hire a fundraiser, whether you are successful or not, you fall under all of these requirements in the bill.  If so, it is a blunt weapon which will harm homeless shelters and many other charities that managed to reach $50,000 from private sources.

HB 187 is an onerous law that can be used to punish grassroots citizen groups at will if they dare to speak out against government officials and to control non-profit organizations who don’t bend to the government’s will or are funded primarily with government money.

We need to mobilize against this assault on our Constitution, our natural rights, and our ability to work together.  Whether you are on the left or the right, if we accept more and more restrictions on our ability to organize, we will soon lose that freedom.  It is a short step on this to demand donor lists.  The national website required to be used in this bill does just that and it has no ability to put in anonymous donors.

The loyal opposition says defeat this bill.

(Thanks to Eric Boye for contributing information to this post.)


The IRS Digs in its Heels [will take "YEARS" to disclose all the IRS scandal documents] Guest post

By Jonathon Moseley


It could take years for Congressional committees to get all the documents demanded about the IRS scandal under mandatory subpoenas, IRS’ new Commissioner John Koskinen testified. The new IRS Commissioner displayed the slippery style of a snake-oil salesman while testifying March 26 before Congressman Darrell Issa’s Committee on Oversight and Government. 

Koskinen’s excuses were especially surprising because similar demands for documents are imposed upon private companies all the time by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.  Your author has worked as a lawyer on teams responding to such massive governmental document requests.  Any time there is a merger that raises questions or controversy, a “Second Request” is issued demanding often millions of pages of emails and documents to be delivered to the U.S. Government.  It doesn’t take years.

The government – naturally – complains it cannot do what private businesses do.  The private sector routinely responds to more-extensive subpoenas to huge corporations in weeks or months with teams of lawyers hired on a temporary basis.  There is even specialty software designed for this (several brands) and even a small industry built around it.  Some companies will supply the specialized work space along with instant manpower.


The March 26 hearing was delightfully raucous, with one Republican after another exhibiting a pulse and tearing into Koskinen – the former Deputy Mayor of the District of Columbia.  Koskinen swatted back smug, evasive non-answers with a smile. The Committee subpoena in February demanded “all” emails from or to various people (on official government email systems) including Lois Lerner.  Koskinen repeatedly tried to change the focus from “all” to only those emails and other documents that the IRS might want the Congress to see.

Congress has been demanding information for over a year.  Republicans pointed out that it should take only minutes for a computer to pull all of Lois Lerner’s emails.  Koskinen angered committee members by trying to suggest it would take more time – not less – to pull all emails instead of a selected subset.  Of course in the computer age, it is easier and faster to copy all emails than to put in the extra work of screening emails according to topics. Committee members were not amused by Koskinen’s tap-dancing, although Koskinen was plainly amused with himself.

However, a dangerous trap by the Obama Administration is being set, which even House Republicans failed to recognize. Christine O’Donnell revealed in February – and Congressional committees have confirmed her report – that the IRS interprets 26 U.S.C. 6103 as prohibiting the disclosure of IRS misconduct or abuse concerning taxpayer information.

So – cloaked in double-speak – Koskinen effectively announced to Congress that the information Congress is trying to obtain will not be disclosed.  Christine O’Donnell exposed that the IRS thinks “6103 information” includes not only a taxpayer’s records but also how IRS personnel mishandled that taxpayer’s records. The IRS plans to redact and withhold from Congress all information about misconduct and abuse by the IRS.

On March 26, Commissioner Koskinen repeatedly emphasized that the IRS is screening all documents to withhold from Congress any “6103 information.”  But the IRS argues that “6103 information” includes the very misconduct and abuse by IRS employees which Congress is trying to investigate. 

Consider:  O’Donnell’s tax records were illegally accessed, according to a Treasury Department inspector general investigator Dennis Martel (who interviewed me earlier on a related issue).  So Christine filed a Freedom of Information Act request about herself.  The IRS responded that they had three (3) boxes of documents to hand over and would she come get them.  Then the IRS called back and said they would not release any documents about her to her because 26 U.S.C. 6103 prohibited it. That’s the same problem Congressman Darrell Issa’s Committee will run into.

That IRS interpretation is so bizarre that a Federal Court would slap it down quickly.  But someone needs to stop talking and start suing.  Congress cannot make progress exposing this Obama scandal otherwise.  To file a simple and inexpensive lawsuit, only someone with legal standing can be a Plaintiff.  The only ones we know of with standing are Christine O’Donnell, Catherine Englebrecht, and the National Organization for Marriage.  I drafted an example and offered it for free as my contribution to the fate of the nation — “for the greater good.”  Someone needs to file that lawsuit.

Meanwhile, new developments will put to the test the honesty of the IRS and the Federal Election Commission under the Obama Administration. The IRS claims that it is motivated by concern about tax-exempt organizations engaging in “political” activity.

But the Obama Administration doesn’t care if liberal organizations intervene in federal elections.  It is only conservative organizations which the IRS and FEC attack.  And now we will have a real-world test to prove the administration’s double standard.

On March 11, 2014, your author filed complaints against Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW).  CREW blatantly intervened in the 2010 U.S. Senate elections.  CREW is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, tax-deductible organization. CREW’s violations were so clear we will see the truth.  But CREW is also liberal. Let’s watch whether the government applies the law in the same way against liberals and conservatives.  Read the FEC Complaint here and the IRS Complaint here.  The exhibits are posted here.     

(We should note that “political” can mean “social welfare.” That is, “political” concerns government and national policies and what is best for society.  “Political” is different from campaigning in an election.  That is called “Partisan” activity.)

Similarly, we just learned that U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid used campaign funds to benefit his granddaughter. The Nevada Democrat used $16,787 in 2013 and $14,481 in 2012 of his U.S. Senate campaign funds to purchase jewelry from Ryan Elisabeth Reid, to give out as “holiday gifts” for Reid’s staff.

It would be a scandal for a Republican to do this — but not for a Democrat.  The payments were discovered by Las Vegas journalist Jon Ralston while investigating payments to “Ryan Elisabeth.”  Jahan Wilcox, a Republican National Committee spokesman, decried Harry Reid’s use of campaign monies as a “personal slush fund.”

We are watching the blatant use of government power to influence elections, to suppress conservative beliefs, and to promote progressive liberalism.  Yet Democrats are so brazen they tell us we do not see what we clearly see.

originally published at

republished with permission

More Issues Emerge From Proposed Allen Harim Poultry Plant

After attending a meeting of the “Protect Our Indian River” group, I’ve got to wonder why Allen Harim would want to purchase this particular site for their next Delaware enterprise.
I have to address the off-site well testing of the residential areas adjacent to the Vlasic Pickle Brownfield site. Cobalt was detected in eight of the thirteen wells tested. Of those wells that tested positive for Cobalt, five were found to exceed the threshold of 4.7 micrograms per liter, which qualifies as a Superfund site. These test findings would lead one to believe that the contamination plume has already moved into the Possum Point residential area.

Allen Harim applied to the Sussex County Board of Adjustments for a variance that would exempt them from “hazardous usage” and were granted that exemption. The only legal problem with this ruling by the Board of Adjustments is: Allen Harim did not own the property and has not yet purchased it.

Pinnacle Foods, who currently owns the Brownfield site is far from bankrupt with a net worth of $2.3 Billion, according to Maria Payan, who spoke at the meeting. Delawareans should not have to shoulder the responsibility of paying to clean this Brownfield site up, because Vlasic Pickle decided to “cut and run, while the running was good.” Pinnacle Foods took the jobs elsewhere and left Delawareans to pick up the tab for their cleanup.

Barry Goldman of Milsboro DE wrote:

Delaware shipped in excess of 40 million pounds of poultry manure out of state in 2013. The additional 104 million chickens (Allen Harim proposed two million chickens per week) will produce at least 215 million more pounds of poultry manure that will have to be shipped out of the state. just to keep the poultry litter level status quo. If any of the additional poultry manure finds its way into groundwater, rivers, streams, ect, leading into the Inland Bays, it will only add to the existing pollution. At least 10% of the Nitrogen and Phosphorus will likely find its way into the groundwater and local surface waters.

The removal of this poultry manure was paid for by the state. My question is; why would we the taxpayers pay the operating expenses of a private business. When I was in business, I certainly wasn’t allowed to send my operating expenses to the state for payment.

After speaking to several people living in the Possum Point area, I found that most of the residents have not been using their well water since June of 2013 because of the level of contamination from hexavalent Chromium, cobalt and Nitrogen. Maria Payan, a resident of the contaminated area stated that, processing food on an already contaminated site without remedial action doesn’t make sense.

Delaware Secretary of Agriculture, Ed Kee was quoted as saying, “we want to put a hundred factory farms in a 50 mile radius. Are Delawareans going to pay for removing all of that chicken manure also? No wonder Gov. Markell wants to make Delaware the “Tax state.” How will Sussex County attract tourist trade if the Inland Bays are polluted and Delaware has a reputation of not enforcing contamination and pollution standards.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_3/30/14___Edition-

HB 115-Delaware law crafted against ME, yon fine editor, or will, at the least, hurt me greatly. Read all about it because it could happen to you.

And so I sneak in this small post that is self-serving and I accept such criticism.

I’d argue, however, that here’s a lesson in how laws work and how, if we don’t pay attention, laws can be enacted that will sneak in and turn your world upside down.

It’s about HB115, short summary below:

This bill provides that causes of actions regarding the performance or furnishing of land surveys and the creation or furnishing of survey products must be brought within 6 years or 3 years after the discovery of an error or omission, whichever occurs first. Causes of actions based upon gross negligence are not covered by this section.

Quick summary because I am sick of the story myself: neighbor behind me moves in last year. Next thing I know I am getting notices from everyone, builder, Czar of Sussex county boundaries, neighbors, the Pope. “You must move your fence immediately” was the sum of the barrage of demands.

Evidently somebody had a survey saying my fence was on their property but I too had a survey and it said my fence was on my land. I moved here in 2003, never put up a single fence or changed much of anything, got a legal survey and lived peaceably and happily until last year. I didn’t know what hit me.

Below a list of entries I made on the subject and hopefully this will be the last one but who knows?

My land story, gun law, vance phillips, bodenweiser.

Speaking Before the Sussex County Council

Irate Planning Commissioner and the new Sussex County Prince of Barking Dogs

Sussex County Totally Revamps Handling of Property Disputes by the Czar of Property and Zoning.

So this new law, now in committee, will allow the neighbor behind me to sue his surveyor but I won’t be able to sue mine. Not that, I hasten to add, I want to sue my surveyor. I am perfectly happy with my survey and further, I am to understand the guy did my lot has long been dead. I doubt I could sue him anyway.

Why can’t the legislature just exempt from this bill any properties currently in dispute? Seems a simple enough solution and I wrote all sponsors of the bill with that request. And I did get an answer, a good one I think.

Ms. Fish –
If your surveyor made a mistake on your survey, why would you not go ahead and sue him now?  There’s currently no statute of limitations to prevent you from doing that.
Statutes of limitations already exist in the Delaware Code for virtually every legal action available, so nobody is singling you out for disparate treatment.  Actually, six years is an unusually long statute of limitations, compared with other “causes of action” (like “wrongful death,” which is only two years).

Sen. Karen Peterson

Sen. Peterson, above, asks a good question. And I responded to her email mostly by avoiding the story as nobody needs to hear all that, but to just ask that the legislature, if determined to pass this thing that the citizens of Delaware are clamoring for by the thousands, would maybe exempt current KNOWN property disputes?

Best as I understand it, there is a desire to have this law passed that will allow the person disputing me to use this same law as an excuse to push me into court. I’m not a lawyer but it’s a way to say “Delaware made me do it because of the deadline” for the new Delawareans whereas those living here longer get the shaft.

Again, why not just exempt known property disputes? The fellow protesting my fence can STILL sue his surveyor even with the exemption and so can I. Why should the Delaware legislature get in the middle of this and whatever unforeseen circumstances it might bring? I have been assured that this whole thing was started because of MY now infamous property dispute. People tell me stuff.

We shall see where this goes. I will be calling the following, who are sponsors of the bill:

Darryl.Scott@(302) 735-1781
Timothy.Dukes – (302) 280-6344
Patricia.Blevin – (302) 577-8542
Steve.Smyk – (302) 577-8723
Edward.Osienski -(302) 744-4351
bruce.ennis – (302) 744-4310
MargaretRose.Henry – (302) 744-4191
Karen.Peterson (302) 744-4163
Brian.Pettyjohn – (302) 744-4048
brian.bushweller – (302) 744-4162

This bill is due to be voted out of committee this coming Wednesday. I will try to be there.


UPDATE 3/31/14-I think it fair to add a blurb here that Senator Karen Peterson is working with me diligently on this matter, kudos to her and good governance.

She says that she introduced this law four years ago and does not see how it would affect me.  I asked her to please look in to it, that Senator Pettyjohn and Representative Smyk both agreed with my concerns and would either pull out of support of the bill or offer an amendment to exempt known property disputes.  At least they told me that, who knows what will happen.

I admire how Sen. Peterson responded to my concerns all weekend and hey, I just don’t want Delaware inserting itself into my property dispute.  I will face the judge proudly and take my lumps so long as all things are fair for a parties to the case.

Sen. Peterson seems concerned and it’s allegedly HER bill so will update as needed for yon readers.


Yesterday Senator Brian Pettyjohn, MY state senator, phoned me up.  As always Brian was gracious, and funny.  I expressed my anxiety about this bill.  Brian assured me that he was thoroughly looking into it, and I believe it.

Also, at a prior time I spoke to my Rep. Steve Smyk and he too reassured me he’d look into this bill.  Though he might be mad at me because of that Wall of Shame thing.

Like I told Senator Pettyjohn, I just want to be treated fair.  I am being told, by several whispers in my ear, that this bill will harm me.  I can’t explain why because on the surface it seems….okay, so the fellow behind me can sue his surveyor and I can’t.  I never planned on suing my surveyor and further, I hear tell he’s dead.  As best as I understand it, the bill would provide the disputer behind me to use the state of Delaware as an excuse to get me in court with no cost to him.

But I’m just overwhelmed and like I told Brian, I am just going to trust that my Delaware legislators know my concern and that they address it.  I feel confident that they will.

Further I think Karen Peterson wants to shut me up as well, insert wink here.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

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One Billion Dollars! Never Fear Ukraine, Your Prince Charmings Are Here

Guest Post By: Rose Izzo
Candidate for Delaware’s lone Congressional Seat
Cross-Posted in

Today, I am going to tell you a story of heroes who came to the rescue when a damsel was in distress. Ukraine, the princess of a foreign land was struggling to overcome her financial affairs, particularly regarding the upcoming national elections of her land. Fortunately, the United States has volunteered to assist in her troubles.

Surely, such Knights in shining armor could not allow the damsel to distress any longer. Knights, John Carney and Chris Coons, who hail from Delaware, a small wonder in America, rushed to the Ukraine’s aid by voting to ensure that they will receive the necessary funding for their presidential elections. By offering this One Billion Dollar apple, so to speak, the Washington snakes dangle the fruit in front of the Ukraine and inform them of the conditions that they should abide by in order to receive the funding. The money is no kind gesture; looks are always deceiving. These supposed heroic figures have a different agenda in mind. The offer to “donate” $1 billion, courtesy of the American tax payers, is to buy a safety net for their own use. $1 billion will go two ways; it will help the Ukraine by funding a national election and it will buy the winner of the election. If Ukraine takes a bite of this poisoned apple, they must fix the election for Petro Olekseyevich Poroshenko’s win as an uncertain promise that no war will break between countries.

How generous of Representative Carney and Senator Coons to assist in ensuring the aid of Ukraine by contributing one billion dollars to help with their financial struggles when their land is destitute. Currently, the United States is in economic turmoil, with a national debt of over $17 Trillion. But, what’s $1 billion to the blind citizens of America’s tax money, who haven’t a clue where their hard earned money actually is going.

Knights in shining armor are often portrayed as heroes, but nobody ever said that they had a standard IQ. Thank goodness for book smarts, but when it comes to common sense, they are surely lacking. So yes, what value is a $1 billion gift to a foreign land when our country cannot pay its own financial obligations. I guess that is where the bright idea to raise the national debt ceiling came in! As America continues to dig its financial grave, can America always be so willing to give money away to a foreign government for their elections. Ukraine is a country that has a long history of corruption and mismanagement. Enjoy the contributions from our hard, working American citizens, Ukraine.

With our own elections quickly approaching in Delaware, I hope that voters will not be fooled by these so called Knights in shining armor, be it Republican or Democrat, please take this advice from me.

Remember these insightful words from Shakespeare’s Hamlet to Gilligan’s Island parody:

“Neither a borrower nor a lender be, do not forget; stay out of debt…”

As U.S. Congressional candidate, I commit myself to protecting my own constituents before throwing away money to support another country.

Rose Izzo for U.S. Congress

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_3/27/14__Edition-

Seriously, it’s time for Venables to go. And here’s a candidate just perfect to fit right in the position of Senator for Delaware’s 21st senatorial district. Sometimes the time is ripe, as this upcoming race is for local publisher Bryant Richardson.

Some preliminaries. In a recent column I mistakenly inferred that Bryant Richardson was running against a REPUBLICAN incumbent, which I thought Venables was.

Bryant is not one to go willy-nilly challenging incumbents of his own party, let me right now straighten out any such illusion I may have given yon reader. Although during a recent interview Richardson did tell me a most interesting story about challenging an incumbent, more on this later.

Richardson is editor of the Seaford Star and several other publications. This fact made me startle because here I was, a humble Blogger, about to interview a mighty newspaper editor but hey, I did it.

New Picture (16)This is not Richardson’s first challenge to Venables as all of the state senators had to re-run for election in 2012 due to the most recent census of 2010. Something about a state law, who knew they followed those things?

This year I am to understand that Venables, ahem, who is, ahem, not quite young, surprised even his own party by announcing his plan to run again THIS year, 2014, which would be Venables’ normal election year were it not for the census. It was widely thought the guy would have a little class and step aside.

Never mind Richardson, who is a Republican and so okay maybe Venables doesn’t want to relinquish his seat to a pub, maybe some young Democrat might want to take a turn at his seat you think?

Sometimes folks, it really is time for this Ruling Class to step aside. Venables is approaching 82 years, give it up already.

Of course Bryant was as pleasant as a peach to speak to and he was quite tolerant of my verbal stumbles. He is a very handsome fellow, serves on the executive board of the Sussex GOP, has Ruth King’s brother as a campaign manager and is believed by many Blogger pundits such as myself to be a real up and comer to take Venables’ seat. Maybe Venables forgot he even filed to run this year, surely an 82 year old filed for four additional years by mistake?

“2012 was a presidential election year,” Richardson told me, “so many Democrats turned out that I don’t believe will turn out in this off-election year.”

Bryant explained that the composition of the Seaford today is very complex. The area is turning increasingly into a government-funded populace. This change in dynamics makes a Republican appeal to those voters all the more difficult.

“This year,” Richardson said, “with the discontent with Obamacare, getting out the Republican message of limited government should be easier.”

I asked Bryant his position on Common Core and he seemed caught up a bit short. Though I understand the dynamics of Common Core are changing drastically in this state as the public realizes how our Ruling Class sold our very school children down the drain to suckle at the teat of federal money.

Last week the Delaware teacher’s union voted no confidence in the Common Core curriculum and while the News Journal is strangely silent, this humble Blogger reported it.

So who knows, Common Core might be a flare in the night, the straw on a camel’s back sick of laws and now red tape and federal control to bind up our children. I still think Richardson would do well to get up to snuff on the matter.

So we end the conversation with an anecdote that really amused me. It would seem that Richardson ran against none other than MIKE CASTLE in the early 90′s, right after Castle had served two terms as Delaware Governor .

Richardson hastened to explain to me that ANOTHER Republican had filed to primary Castle- imagine that, another Republican, secretary of treasury I believe Bryant told me, had the nerve to primary Castle way before Christine O’Donnell was ever heard of.

Obviously not a believer in the sin of primarying a Republican per Danny Short it is okay if another Republican files to primary first, that then all bets are off.

I hasten to add that I agree with Bryant on this but man, you people so in love with Republican incumbents change the rules every which way while sniffing the purified air and pretending , like Sgt. Schultz, you knew nothing.

So I thank Bryant for his time and kind patience. He really is a great guy and the Sussex GOP ought to get all hands on board and get this guy elected.

Due it for Venables cause the guy needs to retire.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

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Delaware Continues as “First” State

Among the awards currently being garnered by the “First State” are the ranking of Wilmington as the nation’s most dangerous small city and the state of Delaware as the third “fattest” in the entire union, outclassed only by Mississippi and West Virginia.

Add to these distinctions the rapid rise in taxes for Delaware citizens, including a proposed increase in Wilmington property taxes of 9.9%.

According to DelawareOnline, Mayor Dennis Williams, who promised to “cut spending to the bone,”  the property tax increase, to be debated by the City Council tonight, is necessary to cover “rising costs in employee payroll and benefits, animal control and debt payments.”

It’s unclear just what “animals” Williams is speaking of.  Maybe he means the rats responsible for making Wilmington the most dangerous small urban center in the U.S.  But that’s doubtful.

The article continues: “While he [the Mayor] didn’t share details about his proposal, Williams said the increase was needed to avoid a $1 million deficit that likely would trigger employee layoffs. He did not specify which employees would be affected.

Just a hunch, but maybe the City’s employee benefits and pension plans are running in the red.  And maybe the Mayor will employ an old tried and true scare tactic to get citizens of our rapidly declining city to agree to another 10% tax hike; namely, threatening to reduce the number of police and fire fighters.

It’s worked before.

After all, the property tax “went up 10 percent in fiscal year 2011 when the rate went from $1.60 per $100 of assessed value to the current rate of $1.76. In the previous year, the city raised property taxes by 15 percent.”

Translation: In three short years, Wilmington will have raised property taxes 35%.  That’s a sure way to attract new home owners.  Further, with home values still in the tank, just why do property taxes increase?  Wilmington real estate has never fully recovered–and NOW is the time to make it more expensive to buy a home?

Practically speaking, the draconian rate hikes will punish Wilmington’s moderate and low income residents far more than the demonized 1%, most of whom have had the good sense to move to the suburbs.

Again, from DelawareOnline: “That means the owner of a house with an assessed value of $100,000 would pay $1,942 in property taxes instead of the current $1,767. For the house assessed at $44,900, the annual bill would increase from $793 to $871.”

That’s a lot of money coming out of the pockets of people who can ill afford it.

As for spending cuts?  Apparently, we have yet to know what those cuts might look like.

Time for more Republicans on the City Council.

Or, maybe, a citizens’ tax rebellion.


Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_3/25/14___Edition-

The ACA information meeting, yeah I went. John Atkins commits serious gaffe. I have amazing conversation with a Newcastle Democrat state Senator. More tidbits and some just plain gossip.


The Affordable Care Act Pow-Wow in Lincoln on 3/25/14….What the Hey?

I finally found the Lincoln Community Hall located in the middle of a farm in the middle of nowhere. Got settled and listened to the presentation by a company that receives government grants to sell this stuff to us/help guide us through it.

Yes the Affordable Care Act is crap and don’t go thinking I don’t know that health care in this country, was, still is, and with ACA, will continue to be so in the future. For the longest time Americans got their health care from their employers. This tradition developed during an era when health care was relatively inexpensive and was a nice perk to attract a worker to the force.

An ageing population, increasing advances in health care that have us living ten years longer, vanquishing pain and discomfort, and getting new knees and parts when the old ones wear out propelled the cost of health care. The states all have health care fiefdoms that allow the Ruling Class to demand that their state citizens must pay for sex change operations if the state so desires and lawyers that sue if the baby’s ugly added greatly to the cost.

It’s no longer something an employer should be dealing with, I get this, and further, my own fine self handled health insurance for many companies, from purchase to implementation to COBRA. It was awful, not something a business that wants to make a profit should be dealing with, frankly.

Surely this country can do better than this ACA mess.

The business that gave this presentation is known as the Delmar Foundation for Medical Care

. So I looked up their web site, clicked around, got the fill of the place. Man I had no idea that entire companies exist just to help us handle our health care. Click here and you get help dealing with doctors. Click here and you get the latest skinny on Medicare. Click and there’s a Board of Directors that a bank would envy. Only I clicked one too many and you got to laugh, I got the message below.

New Picture (10)

The button linked to so it wasn’t’ this group’s fault.

Still, isn’t Obama saying everything was fixed with that web site?

This country needs to get a blue ribbon task force, NO POLITICOS, and come up with a modern medical plan that isn’t so full of problems like this one. If it’s a government health plan we need to do, let’s talk about it. Cramming crap down our collective throats just ain’t going to work.

The presentation included detail on so-called bronze, silver, gold and platinum plans, and man wait until America meets these deductibles and co-pays!

The anger of this country, now beginning to percolate below the surface, will be palpable. Next week enrollment is closed. THEN the crap will hit the proverbial plan.

Yon reader should be glad I got all the info as I will be ready to provide the detail.

Delmar Foundation did a nice job for having to sell a somewhat stinky product.
HB187-I made the calls….only one called me back. It was very interesting

I was instructed to call all the folks listed below and ask them two things:

Rep. John Kowalko: 302-737-2396–left message
Rep. Helene Keeley: 302-577-8476-transferred to aide, left message
Sen. David Sokola: 239-2193-left message
Sen. Bryan Townsend: 709-1516–left message-called back

I asked all of the folks above two questions: “Were you in attendance at the committee when this bill was voted on?” and “Did you vote for or against the bill?”

Rep. Kowalko did call me back as well and told me that he did not vote for the bill and was not in the committee when it was passed out to the House. He DID speak in favor of the bill, he told me.

So the afternoon of this missive I answer the phone and the caller identifies himself as Senator Bryan Townsend. He explains that I left a very nice and pleasant message so even though he technically represents Newark he wanted to give me the courtesy of a return call.

I’d began to bristle a bit because I don’t care if he represented Newark, his vote affected ME, way the hell down in Sussex. My wasn’t Senator Townsend charming, calmed me right down. And I’ll tell you something else….he was nervous.

He explained that since he is a Senator and the committee released it into the House he would not have sat in on that committee anyway. I was quite delighted to receive some mentoring from a guy elected and willing to explain it to me. And I was really happy I’d left him a nice message because, ahem, I don’t always do that. I kind of think, though maybe I flatter myself, that he read my last satirical take on HB187 where I excoriated even the northern libs who had to damn well know this bill ain’t got squat to do with charity.

In fact the conversation between Sen. Townsend and myself kind of went down that road. Bryan, it’s just easier to call him that no disrespect intended, explained first, and with a sense of urgency, that this bill is being amended, that the general consensus is that it’s too unwieldy. He didn’t elaborate on the amendments and I honestly don’t think he knew what they were, that he’d received a memo to just tell the callers that the bill was being amended. And so he did. He then went on and read the fine print under the paragraph defining charities. He explained to me, who listened politely, that while that may sound like a lot….lookit down here…Bryan went on, here’s a list of the exceptions! “Political” groups , he said, are clearly exempt.

I then suggested that to have a paragraph that lists dozens and dozens of examples of charities in this “take-away-your-freedom” law and later have a bunch of exemptions….just seemed unwieldy and it was intended to be that way.

Bryan than argued (he is an attorney, so he told me) that maybe all that list under recognized charities was there to kind of try to include all the many charities throughout the country…ie a boilerplate type of thing.

Well hell yeah, I say, these addicted to laws legislators got boilerplate to cover everything, go on. The Tea Party has to start making boilerplates, throw it back at them.

The conversation ended with me saying that I wasn’t buying it and Sen. Townsend, let out a sigh and serious I think the guy knew I was right….and reminded me again about the amendments.

So I mentioned in my recent column on HB187 that even these Democrats ought to be ashamed of themselves, that bowing to Markell was hurting THEIR children too.

I could swear Sen. Townsend felt bad about that and I hope I’m right. Although the guy probably doesn’t know I even exist, one can hope.

Whatever the case, believe that these guys are nervous about this thing, that’s my assessment and I’m learning a lot. Got my finger to the wind and kudos to Eric Boye who leads the charge with his distracting tactics.
The Board of Education just boom, eliminates required school days and John Atkins shows his priorities

“Rep. Pete Schwartskopf and I have asked the DOE to forgive the snow days that were State of Emergencies and the days that the state was closed.”

The above from a screen capture from a John Atkins Facebook posting. So the Board of Education just boom, says okay, ignore the state law, we’ll give you guys your way.

What’s even funnier is Atkins’ Freudian slip response:

“I’ve been keeping this secret from you but today our proposal was approved. Yea …I represent our teachers and our kids summer”!

He represents the teachers in toto but only the children’s summers.

I know it’s a clerical error but this “forgiveness” of school days required by state law rubs me raw. Why not get all those legislators up there wanting to shut us sinners up show up and pass a law forgiving those days for the school year 2013/2014? Like how it should be done or something ? This la-di-da ignoring of the constitution is getting real old.

Makes it easy for them to ignore our right to free speech and unfettered assembly.
I’m psyched! Who they got running against Coons?

I mean I get this letter about all this recruitment going on. I can’t wait to hear who they’re running against Coons and Carney.

Dear Fellow Republican,

Over the last several months the Delaware Republican Party has worked with our legislators, and other Party leaders, to identify and recruit some truly amazing candidates for the Legislature in 2014. Now is the time for us to ensure that these candidates have the resources they need to win in November.

In order to do this the Party needs to raise an additional $5,000 to purchase cutting edge mobile technology that allows candidates to identify and canvas supporters. This project is a major undertaking for the Party, and it could very well mean the difference between victory and defeat in several of our target districts.

Ending With A SMYRK

A “Smyrk” is a smirk against Steve Smyk who, a birdie told us, is busy sending out letters to the editors about how he was right in voting FOR an increase in minimum wage as his constituents wanted it.

Listen up people, these guys represent US. Take a look at bills sponsored by Smyk. Very revealing. His allegiance to the police union is quite evident.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Your humble Blogger will interview an editor of many local papers. He is Bryant Richardson and he is running against DEMOCRAT incumbent, Senator Venables.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_3/23/14___Edition-

Milford School district uses taxpayer money to promote its political agenda! The Wall of Shame coming to a web site near you. Some political talk and finally, just plain old juicy snickering gossip. You’ll love it.

I got to hear it live, almost as it was happening. I speak of the Milford School District using the emergency home call system to promote a political cause and yon Lords and Ladies, you know when you or I should do such a thing the IRS is on us and soon Delaware will too throw us in the crapper, for daring to discuss politics in any way.

It was because of the campaign of several local groups in the area, including Rich Collins of Club for Growth and Campaign for Liberty, against an upcoming referendum for school board funding in the Milford district and the proposal is a doozy.

Milford needs a new school. Fine. One referendum will be to obtain about half of the funds needed to build the school from a bond the district seeks. Here’s the part that has me smirking:

. The increase in local property taxes for a property valued at $100,000 would increase by $12.91 in the first year, $24.91 in the second and $39.85 in the third, according to the special election notice posted on the Kent County Board of Elections website. The rate will decrease after the third year and each year until 2037.

Notice how the example above uses a house value of $100K. Heh, most homes in this area go for double that up to $300K rough average, so triple those silly numbers. And if you believe the rate will decrease after the third year I got a bridge to sell you, got a little problem with a pancaking ramp.

The district seeks another bunch of bucks in a second referendum:;

The expense referendum wants to set the local school tax rate per $100 of assessed value to .9116 cents for Sussex County property owners and .3226 cents for Kent County property owners. For properties valued at $100,000, if voters allow it, the local school tax rate would be about $95.

Now first, the district needs more bucks just to operate, this is not about building a new school.

Note that once again we use the mythical $100K property. What’s laughable is that $95 figure. Note that the sentence leads the reader to conclude that the ninety- five number is the TOTAL school tax.

My daughter’s education tax on the house we purchased last year for around $150K was $484.96….I mean how misleading is that?

I quote from

the Delaware Newszap so whoever they are they wrote the story.

The robo-call used by the Milford school district was dishonest and mean. Campaign for Liberty did do robo-calls to voters in the district, goodness here’s a surprise, many of Campaign for Liberty’s members, a legal PAC in good stead, actually GO to Milford schools…what a concept.  yet the district’s illegal outgoing political called those protesting endless tax increases “outsiders”.  What a horrible bunch of people.  Let’s see who gets in trouble for this.

They have sneaky ways of fooling the taxpayer yon ladies and gems but there’s a wave a foot to get the truth out at you.

Polls will be open from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. on March 26 at Morris Early Childhood Center in Lincoln; Lulu M. Ross Elementary School and Benjamin Banneker Elementary School in Milford.
Republican Minority Trying to Get Vo-Tech Control Where It Belongs; Markell has no problem with the effort. Heh.

The latest Republican House Minority Report has the Republicans trying to get rid of some absurd panel appointed by the Governor who then control all Vo-Tech schools in the state.

And why is this?

Kudos to Ruth King who says she actually sat down and discussed this with Markell. She says that she has discussed the issue with the governor and that he indicated he would not oppose the bill.

Is the same Ruth King who spoke in positive and glowing terms about Common Core at a recent GOP meeting?

We shall see.
My nominee makes the new “Wall of Shame” project by Campaign for Liberty.

Let me make clear that I did attend a recent meeting of Campaign for Liberty and I find Eric Boye to be an utterly fascinating speaker. This is not a suck up, just the truth.

I am not a member of C4L but I do like Rand Paul thus let this honest Blogger do what the “real” journalists don’t  and state my political prejudices right up front.

C4L is starting a new “Wall of Shame” on their web site

An Open Citizens Collaboration Project to expose and highlight bad votes by politicians at every level of government.


I am especially excited about this new feature because my own nominee, my own ED Rep Steve Smyk, MADE THE INFAMOUS WALL OF SHAME!

He received the privilege due to his vote FOR minimum wage that Republicans normally do NOT support save those in police unions.

Check it out, turn in your own nominees. We have citizens out there and we have an Internet and social media. The Ruling Class really hates this.
New PictureDeborah Hudson evidently has law-making fever. Let’s see what she’s up to.

One bill would amend Delaware’s Whistleblowers’ Protection Act to safeguard workers who report campaign finance violations by their employers.
• A second bill seeks to increase transparency by requiring that donations made by more than one person include the signature of each contributor on the check.  This provision parallels federal law relating to joint contributions.
• House Concurrent Resolution 39 would create an independent bipartisan committee of Delaware attorneys to review the state’s campaign finance laws and make recommendations for change.  Under the measure, the President of the Delaware State Bar Association would be empowered to select the committee’s size and composition from among his group’s membership.  The reform report would be due by New Year’s Day.


Folks I filled out the Delaware campaign finance forms, this for a fairly simple local council race….it was grueling.

I get the concept that knowledge of those providing the money is knowledge that will help the voter, really I do.  Not that low-information voters spend their evening perusing campaign finance reports.

But like everything else the Ruling Class goes overboard. I don’t know Deborah Hudson but I have one question to ask her: “Deb, seriously…’the President of the Delaware State Bar Association would be empowered to select the committee’s size and composition’ ?”

And exactly what is this guy’s superior status, President of the Delaware State Bar Association, not touched by voters?

I nominate Deborah Hudson for the Wall of Shame at Campaign for Liberty for granting unelected citizens outrageous power.
Finally, some tidbits….

So a little birdie tells me that Rep. Mike Ramone is known far and wide for his endless apologies. A fact that makes me laugh cause that trait must be 101 in Ruling Class School:

apologize endlessly to the peon class that they think you might be sincere.

Finally, and we’ll be following up on this, we hear that Representative Peterman and mine own Senator Pettyjohn have been requested to sponsor a bill to rid Delaware of the Common Core Road to Hell.

Send them some pressure folks. Somebody ask Ruth King to sponsor the bill too!

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT : We are going to visit that horrible charity oppression act in great detail…come back soon.