Consequences, Elections have them and so does Legislation by: Larry Mayo–Guest Post

As we look forward to the new legislative session in Dover, to see if the newly elected and also the re-elected Representatives and Senators fulfill the promises they made during the campaigns. I have to wonder to myself, what will change? My best guess is, next to nothing!

Why? Well I’m glad you asked. You see, during the election, nothing changed. We, the voters, continued to ask our politicians to solve problems our government has neither the ability nor the authority to solve, and they continued to promise to do just that. After all, the purpose of civil government is what? To do for us what we can’t do for ourselves? No. To level the playing field? No. To spread the wealth around? No! The purpose of OUR government is simply, to secure our rights, those rights which were given to all of us by our Creator. Period!

I know this because the men who created our government wrote it down, so we would not lose sight of this basic fact. The thing is that most of the problems that need to be fixed are in fact created by our government overstepping its authority in the first place. You see, laws have consequences. The natural law, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, applies not just to Physics it also applies to laws.

Let me site an example. Last session a bill became law, mind you with the best of intentions, to save lives, which made it illegal to use your cell phone while driving without a hands free device. So now, of course the roads are safer as a result. Yeah, right. Now every contractor, every teenage driver, and every other driver who has become overly dependent upon these devices just stopped using their phones while driving, right? Well, not really. Now those people are using their devices held low enough not to be seen by the passing police car. So instead of holding their phone in front of them, in their field of vision while driving, they are looking up and down, up and down again to dial, or end the call. Now their eyes are actually on the road less, thus the roads are less safe.

If you look at virtually every law enacted recently you can find an equal and opposite reaction for it. Our drug laws ,give us a black market and street crime, business regulations and higher fees and taxes, all bring about an under the table labor market. The gender neutral bathroom bill, in an effort to solve one problem, creates another, and on and on.

Now I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I do have a suggestion on how we might endeavor to find them. Our framers gave us an owner’s manual for the government “of the people”. Maybe, just maybe, the answers are in it. How would we know, most of us have never read it. Heck most of our elected officials, who by the way swear an Oath before God, to uphold and defend it, have never read it, at least not since grade school. Perhaps it would be a good start if we all would take an hour out of our busy lives to read for ourselves, the U.S. Constitution and another hour or so to read the Delaware Constitution. We might just find that the solution to our problems is to simply stop creating more problems, by not reading the owner’s manual before operating the complex machinery of our governance. You see our ignorance of the how and why of our government system also has consequences.

Delaware N.A.A.C.P. Takes Action on LaMar Gunn’s Stolen Election

Guest Post By:
Jahi Issa Ph.D

On November 17th, 2014, the Delaware N.A.A.C.P Sent this letter to:
Governor Jack Markell
Delaware Attorney General Joseph R. Biden III
U.S. Justice Department, Voting Rights Acts &Civil Rights Division
Ms. Elaine Manlove, State Election Commissioner

Please consider this a formal complaint and request for an investigation into the November 4, 2014 election for the position of Recorder of Deeds in Kent County Delaware.

The Delaware State Conference of Branches of the NAACP is making this request because a candidate who was declared the winner of the Election on November 4, 2014 has had his rights denied. This was brought about as the election results were over turned in a so-called recount performed by the Kent County board of Canvass.

The NAACP has been informed by the candidate that there were several recounts of the absentee ballots performed in his presence giving him the victory. The final recount which was the only recount which gave the opponent victory was done without the purview of the candidate and even the media was asked to leave. Immediately following this recount, the Kent County Board of Canvass declared his opponent the winner.

The count by the Department of Elections on the November 4, 2014 had candidate LaMar Gunn the winner by two votes. The so called recount made his opponent the winner by two votes. This situation was compounded with the contention of an increase of two votes, which caused an increase in the total number of votes counted by the Department of Elections on November 4, 2014 and the total number of votes counted by the Kent County Board of Canvass on November 6, 2014.

The NAACP finds this decision not only outrageous and intolerable but the mishandling of this election is very troubling. We are calling upon you to intervene and investigate this matter accordingly.

The NAACP is asking you to make a determination as to whether or not the actions of the Delaware Department of Elections and the Kent County Board of Canvass in this matter violates the rights of the candidate, the rights of the voters casting their vote for the candidate of their choice, and the Voting Rights Act, the fundamental one person one vote rule and the civil rights act.

The NAACP also asks you to make a determination as to whether or not any person or persons committed any act of fraud or violated any criminal laws.

The NAACP maintains that the potential for impropriety in extraordinary due to the fact that none of the persons involved in the so called recount were people of color.

Another potential act of impropriety includes the fact that candidate Gunn has reported to the NAACP that as part and parcel to the so called recount the Kent County Board of Canvass decided that any absentee ballots that had an X beside candidate Gunn’s name were counted as votes against him. This defies common sense and reeks of impropriety and discrimination that warrants an in depth investigation by you and your office accordingly.

We are also asking the Delaware Attorney General and the US Department of Justice to institute and investigation of the Delaware Department of Elections and the Board of Canvassing for Kent County.

It is our request that Governor Markell set up a bi-partisan committee to review the current election laws and suggest changes where necessary.

Additionally, it is requested of the Delaware State Conference of NAACCP Branches that the Board of Canvassing declare LaMar Gunn the victor of the election and swear him in as the Recorder of Deeds at the appropriate time.

I thank you for your prompt and immediate attention to this most important request.

Sincerely Yours
Richard Smith

Elaine Manlove, State Election Commissioner
Attorney General, Beau Biden
U.S. Justice Department

The Lawless Presidency

Congress shall have power “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization”, Article 1 Section 8 of the U. S. Constitution. It is not a Presidential power nor merely a federal power. It is a Congressional power and only a Congressional power. Any attempt by the Executive to rewrite the law is lawless.

Surely the President has the power to set aside prosecutions or deportations to focus resources on the most dangerous and disruptive of those here illegally. If the President stopped at the next two years we will focus on felons not families, I would support him. We have no hope of deporting everyone here illegally if we wanted to do so. We pretty much decriminalized unlawful entry long before President Obama. He is stuck with making the best of the situation. He has deported more people than anyone else and he is sick of the broken families and multitude of complaints from immigrant families, businesses, and others. I have no issue his desire to fix what he believes is broken nor his call to reform the law.

My issue is that actually changing the law is not his call. His previous attempt to do so with an executive decree to help so called dreamers was a disaster with unaccompanied children and teens flooding our border. A tenfold expansion makes no sense. Giving legal status, even temporarily is not his call. It is far beyond just prosecutorial discretion.

The reason the Founders insured that immigration is handled by the representatives of the people and Senators from the several states is that very little affects the character and culture of the nation like the shape of immigration. The nature of the economy, wage levels, language, customs, and mores and yes the identity of a people can be transformed with immigration. Something this central to the .nation should be handled carefully. We should not be afraid of building a relative consensus. Wholesale changes to immigration law should not be rushed. If they are, it will create a backlash. We saw it happen in the past and see it in Europe.

The United States has struggled with immigration successfully. Sometimes it has been smooth and other times it has been very messy, but we moved ahead together. The system set up by the founders has seen us go from 4 million people consisting of a mostly Anglo nation with large African and Native Indian minorities to 309 million people from nearly every nation with a European descended majority with the largest state having no majority. As California has gone, it is projected the nation will go in 40 years. America is changing. Managing that change is a prerogative of the people.

As for if the President is acting lawfully, I call only one witness, President Obama’s 22 statements to that effect.

“I swore an oath to uphold the laws on the books …. Now, I know some people want me to bypass Congress and change the laws on my own. Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting. I promise you. Not just on immigration reform. But that’s not how our system works. That’s not how our democracy functions. That’s not how our Constitution is written.” (7/25/11) Barack Obama – See more at:

I rest my case.

Thank you to everyone

I would like to take this opportunity to thank David Anderson for having his confidence that I could remain unbiased in moderating his blog.  To the contributing authors who were supportive I say thank you, you truly are all professionals.  Lastly to the many people who comment past and present, thank you for making my job easy. The majority of you refrained from violating the simple rules that we were expected respect and follow.

Due to differences of what my role entails, including the prevention of comments  posted from known black listed IP numbers that are used for spamming, malicious attacks, and phishing, I will no longer be moderating this site.

William Christy

Why Isn’t ObamaCare more popular?

The Unaffordable Heath Care Deform Act, as we call the ACA here, has its ups and downs. Supporters do not understand why the law doesn’t get more credit.

The hated denial for preexisting conditions is supposedly gone.
Young people can be covered under their parent’s plan until 26.
9 million more people have health coverage than before and the number of uninsured has dropped for the first time by double digit percentage points in many years.

So why doesn’t the public rally behind the scheme? For every winner, there seems to be two losers.


The plan is so complex that 4 years, close to 5 years later the regulations are still evolving.
The plan was projected to bring insurance to 36 million uninsured, it has done so to around 1/4 of the goal for a cost that exceeds initial projections. Similar results could have been achieved quicker for a fraction of the cost with the Norwood or Coburn plans.
The plan cost at least 5 million their insurance and forced millions into new plans that many could not afford and in some cases much worse coverage. It was at best 2 steps forward and 1 step backward. At worse it was 1 forward and 2 backward.
Promises made about keeping your doctor, your old insurance, and lower premiums were shall we say, nonoperable.
The plan took hundreds of billions from Medicare to make the budget numbers look better. That money will have to be replaced or services severely squeezed.
The law has contributed to a part time economy. Employers are hiring temps and part time employees to avoid expensive mandated benefits.
People do not like being mandated to do something in the most backward and complicated way possible.
Medical devises are more expensive due to a tax on them.
High quality health plans are being driven out of the market thanks to the so-called Cadillac plan tax.
Comparing equal to equal plans are more expensive for most people.
The pre-existing condition ban is not as advertised if you are not in an open enrollment period. Dialysis patients have been told to stop treatment for a couple of weeks so they can be switched to new coverage for example. Of course they would be dead right around the time the new coverage kicked in.

The reason most people do not like the ACA is that for the majority it is the Unaffordable Health Care Deform Act. It fails to meet minimum expectations and every victory seems to be matched with 2 or 3 defeats. This is why opposition to this scheme is enduring and in the long run, it will be repealed and replaced. Whether that is a market based system or full blown socialized medicine remains to be seen.

Latino Summit

The last 45 days have seen some firsts in the Latino communities in Delaware. The First Hispanic Festival in Dover, first local GOP political ads in a Hispanic paper, and the first Delaware Latino Leaders Summit are among them.

The Summit occurred at the Terry Campus of Delaware Technical and Community College. The issues raised by many participants included health care access, domestic violence, self defense for women, mental health access, and expanding language access. The group expects to present solutions to legislative leaders in January.

Identity Justice

The killing of an unarmed Michael Brown, who was black, in one-sided shoot out with a police officer who was white in Ferguson, Missouri set off a national firestorm. At the epicenter were protests by many and even riots by a criminal subset , then came the rest of the story. It appeared the unarmed man attacked an armed Policeman in his own squad car. He attempted to take his weapon, injuring the officer. When he came back toward the officer, the officer naturally would not allow him another attempt. He shot and killed him. That is one incredible turn of events.

Not so said some witnesses. The gentle giant was gunned down for failing to walk on the sidewalk. Others seem to give a different tale. Who is right? I am not sure anyone knows outside of those who have the secret grand jury evidence and testimony. I cannot make a judgment or take sides without the information needed to do so. Sometimes, I feel that I am alone in that assessment. The pressure to take sides is significant. The fact that Police in Missouri inflamed the situation by leaving the body uncovered for hours on the street more like a deer been shot down, does not help bring unity nor does a history of insensitivity or worse leading up to the case. That does not change the fact that this patrol officer cannot be judged by the actions of others and certainly not the actions of history.

People like myself, who acknowledge that racism is real and there is a disparity in justice, but also acknowledge that there is a criminal subculture that disproportionately affects minority communities and the eradication of it is the opposite of racist are called upon to take sides. I believe the indiscriminate undermining of local law enforcement does as much damage to minority communities as the KKK did. So who do I support? The one not guilty of a crime. You remove a cancer with a scalpel not an ax and you cure an infection with medicine not poison. First we need to diagnose are we dealing with the cancer of racism or the infection of lawlessness. Then we act with reason not just emotion. Rushing to judgment leads to the wrong treatment.

In the era of instant communications, the idea that we have to wait for months to learn basic facts about an important and explosive case is difficult for us. In the absence of facts, we are to identify with our tribe. Some Black extremists have wised up to the fact that destroying Black neighborhoods does not help Blacks. They now call for taking the fight to White neighborhoods so they know what it feels like to be Black. I am not sure what that means. I do not think they do either. They are operating out of rage because they are sure the system will cover up the facts and justify the officer. It has happened before. Who can deny that? What they overlook is that more often than not, it does not happen. Part of the reason is technology allows the whistle blower to get the truth out in spite of the establishment. The other part of the reason is that “White” America is not a monolith. This is not 1939. The majority of the people that the extremists feel need to experience the rage of disenfranchised Blacks are people who are not racists and even more to the point would support justice on principle whichever way the facts go. Justice is no longer mainly based upon your group identity.

So what do the advocates of Identity justice hope to achieve? If their proposed solution would push those who now favor them into the opposite camp and undo 60 years of progress, why advocate it? The secret is that integration is hated by those who gained power by division, not just Black extremists, but White, Asian, American Indian, Latino, and sub divisions thereof by ethnicity in those groups. The best way to shatter America’s emerging meritocracy is to take video of neighborhoods being invaded by thugs. Fear will rule on one side as anger rules the other. A clash would occur fanned by 24/7 cable news and social media. People would fall back into safe camps. Identity Justice would give way into identity politics on steroids. Legitimate discussions on issues of justice, economics, and social policy from an inclusive way would shut down.

The good news is that they will not shutdown for long. What extremist on both sides neglect to consider is that integration is a fact of life that cannot be undone. It is a fact in businesses, governments, and even families. I doubt they would even be widely successful projecting their riots. Many poorer blacks have relatives helping them who live in those now integrated neighborhoods. Those neighborhoods have friends, doctors, employers, and family. Contrary to image both extremists apparently have of poor Blacks, they are not angry, lawless, vengeful people. They are people who care about their future and their children. They love this country and are frustrated that they feel locked out of the American dream. They want in not to take it down. They are victimized by the criminal element more than anyone else and won’t join it to make a point. Sadly, YouTube and CNN can make 100 people look like an uprising.

How do we prevent the unraveling of our social fabric?

    We do so by rejecting immediately the voices of Identity Justice and the embracing of real justice. Real justice sees the facts, acknowledges reality, and makes sure that at the end of the day everyone is equal before the law.

It does not pretend problems do not exist, but makes sure they are resolved in the case in front of it. You cannot solve every problem in society with one case. You just need to make sure that one case is not part of the problem and eventually we solve the problems in society. Today, I await the grand jury’s action and hope the 95% with reason get more attention than the extremists.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_11/18/14___Edition-

The Sussex county council meets and some tongue-in-cheek observations and a bit of a rant. Some other tidbits and the debate whether to serve cow at the cow ice cream place. Much more….

The Sussex County Council Meeting 11.18.14-a Rant

First the grant requests.

On that matter, the Sussex county financial guru compiled an amazing graph of council-matic grants that no one could complain is opaque. Check the Sussex county council web site-the media packet.
Grant Requests
1. Town of Georgetown for sponsorship of the Mayor’s Return Day Celebration.
2. Laurel Farmers Auction Market to promote Sussex agriculture.
3. Good Samaritan Aid Organization for the Christmas Basket Program.
4. Town of Blades for the Kids Christmas Bazaar.
5. Greater Seaford Chamber of Commerce for Christmas parade expenses.
6. Rehoboth Art League for new art studio facility.
7. Sussex County Foster Parent Cluster Association for foster family event.

Now my rant concerns my inability to get both sound and audio this afternoon of the council chambers and my helplessness in the matter. For recall that I am out here in the wilds of Sussex county and cannot raise my hand to complain to somebody called the web master.

I did manage to find a “contact” on the Sussex web site and I did, God bless, get two responses immediately and in due course my sound and video congealed and worked.

I did everything I could, even cold re-started my computer. I know about hitting pause and the art of buffering. The fact of the matter I missed 20 minutes of the meeting until everything worked and it was NOT on my end that was the problem.

At that point, frustrated and lost as to what was going on the Sussex county council then goes into executive session over some lawsuit or another (I shall investigate this) to re-convene at 1:30. After Rush Limbaugh I did tune back in and guess what?

My video and audio worked perfectly so the original problem was not my fault. More than anything I want the Sussex council to know that there are boobs, like me, with no life, who actually tune in when council is in session. Be mindful.

county council 11.18.14

Anyway at that later afternoon there were two variances in land use proposed and this was kind of a hoot.


So some schlub wants to put up a self-storage facility and I must emphasize the above is not far from me.

As always with these things, there’s a whole bunch of NAMBY (Not In My Back Yard) types who don’t want anyone to build a dog house near them.

Goodness one fellow came up protesting this rather harmless venture as bringing something called “light pollution” to Sussex county, please no one tell DNREC or we’ll all be fined for our lights.

Another protestor said the entrepreneur with an American dream of his own business was only trying to get cheap property taxes by changing the land use definition.

Which makes no sense. Property taxes are assessed on the value of the property, not how the property is classified.

The second hearing was interesting:

“AN ORDINANCE TO GRANT A CONDITIONAL USE OF LAND IN AN AR-1 AGRICULTURAL RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT FOR A BBQ VENDOR TO BE LOCATED ON A CERTAIN PARCEL OF LAND LYING AND BEING IN LEWES AND REHOBOTH HUNDRED, SUSSEX COUNTY, CONTAINING 73 ACRES, MORE OR LESS” (land lying at the southwest corner of U.S. Route 9 (Lewes Georgetown Highway, aka Seashore Highway) and Road 261 (Dairy Farm Road) (Tax Map I.D. #334-10.00-51.00) (911 Address: 18186 Dairy Farm Road, Lewes)

Heh. Well it would seem that the folks at Hopkins Dairy Farm, the ones with the ice cream stand, want to put in a barbecue on the property.

First, putting in that ice cream stand was sheer genius and a good reason for the NAMBY people to pay attention. Here we have a stinky dairy farm, complete with cows, and boom, throw up an ice cream stand, the inference of the locale being that this ice cream was pulled from our cows’ udders this very morning.

Which is NOT the case but hey, it’s close to the beaches, the tourists get to ride to the Sussex farms during rainy beach days.

But having a stand to EAT COW MEAT with cows nearby?

Well that’s my reaction but the county council members seem to obsess on the need for more parking at the site.

I guess the tourists will be delighted no end with ice cream made from fresh milk from the morn and meat from cows slaughtered just last night.

Or something.

Both of the above requested variances were passed by the county.

Rob Arlett has promised me an interview just as soon as he starts his new term in office.
Return Day Pics

Below 20th representative district Steve Smyk riding in the return day parade. Anybody got more pictures of our winners in the return day parade please send to me or post on Facebook.

Common Core Meeting?

It’s a little late I know but came across the following and wondered what fresh hell is this?

Part A includes metrics that align with federal accountability such as student proficiency and growth on state tests; college and career readiness benchmarks; chronic absenteeism rates; and “on-track to graduate” measures.

Part B will include those measures, as informed by the survey results.

The Department of Education (DOE) will host three town hall meetings in November to gather public input on the state’s new approach to reporting school performance.  DOE staff will present the state’s proposed new accountability system and outline the agency’s submission of a waiver for renewed flexibility from the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA).

Time will be devoted to answering questions and seeking public comment on both topics.

The Town Halls are scheduled for:
• 6 to 7:30 p.m., Wednesday November 5 at the Carvel State Office Building at 9th and French streets, Wilmington.
• 6 to 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, November 12 at the John Collette Education Resource Center, 35 Commerce Way, Dover.
• 6 to 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, November 19 at the Sussex County Council Chamber, 2 The Circle, Georgetown.
The survey will be open through December 31, 2014.

They are determined to shove this Common Core down our throats. Even now there is a commercial on television, sponsored by the National Urban League of all things, extolling the virtues of the federal takeover of the education system.

If someone can make that thing tomorrow night please tell me. Maybe I can can get there.
He stole from us taxpayers but state can do nothing about it?

A New Castle County Ethics Commission investigation concluded that a county official corrected the sewer bills of family members and friends before deciding to tell thousands of taxpayers that they had been overcharged. A second county employee, a supervisor, corrected the bills of other county employees before taxpayers were notified, the commission found. But neither employee will be punished, because the commission inexplicably missed a deadline to file reports. County Auditor Bob Wasserbach says he’s “shocked” by the whole thing.

Say what? This guy boom, changes charges of water bills for his family and friends.

And yet neither will be punished because…WELL WHO THE HELL MISSED THAT DEADLINE?

Looks intentional to me.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Got a Fly on the Wall concerning Gruber. Our fly has been summoned to a meeting of PR Spinners and using Jonathan Gruber learns how NOT to keep a secret.

Dover’s Renaissance

Restoring Central Dover Releases Plan

Dover, Delaware. The Steering Committee for Restoring Central Dover, “Our Vision for Vitality” is proud to release its comprehensive neighborhood plan hot off the press which establishes a blueprint and path forward for the revitalization of the Central Dover area.

The Restoring Central Dover neighborhood plan is the culmination of twelve months of community surveying, public comments, open houses, interviews, focus groups, interactive exercises, and mapping.

It lists a multitude of strategies for A Strong Community, Positive Development, and An Integrated Public Realm and Infrastructure. These focus on neighborhood building and safety, affordable housing, commercial development, and social services and transportation with many strategies under each.

You will see that strategies are timed as short-term, intermediate-term or long-term and list steps to be taken. The plan is unique because of its resident and stakeholder engagement and successful efforts to receive local input to develop the strategies herein, its comprehensive and collaborative nature, and it’s very visual information presentation. There is no more detailed source of information on Central Dover than this plan.

The Restoring Central Dover plan became the centerpiece for the City’s recent Downtown Development District designation application to the state.

Moving Forward

An Implementation Grant application was submitted to the Wells Fargo Regional Foundation on October 24 for 5-year funding to move these strategies forward. This would allow hiring an Implementation Director to oversee these various strategies. Other resources will be applied for through DSHA if Dover receives the Downtown Development District designation, and other state resources, as well as those from financial institutions and foundations. NCALL’s CDFI Loan Fund is already providing capital for housing and community projects in the plan area.


Neighborhood residents, NCALL, City of Dover, CenDel Foundation, Downtown Dover Partnership, Dover Housing Authority, Dover Police Department, Dover Presbyterian Church, Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity, Dover Interfaith Mission for Housing, House of Pride, Inner-City Cultural League, Solid Rock Baptist Church, Wesley College, Wesley United Methodist Church, Dover Federal Credit Union, Capital School District, Bayhealth, Delmarva Black Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Delaware, Greater Kent Committee.

You can find a detailed Executive Summary here.

(It may take a few moments to open the document as it is rather large.)

The Beauty of Politics

The real problem with our current political system is the people. No, it is not that they are stupid as one professor claims. It is not that they are selfish as others claim. It is not that they are ignorant. It is that culturally, we have lost sight of the beauty and value of politics.

All life boils down to 6 simple things. They are love, honor, influence, respect, spirituality, and perspective. 7 if you add self development/self actualization. Religion teaches us how to achieve these 7 things. Politics is the art of practicing them and economics is the science of how we practice them. I love politics because it is the wonderful art of influence, respect, and the perspective of empathy. No person can be successful at politics without thinking beyond their own nose. The most successful people at politics make people they believe are mistaken feel loved, respected, and honored when they are being sent home unsuccessful. Politics is about making things happen. It is about making the world work in spite of multitudes of people with diverging self interests. It is the forging of a common interest inherent in our private interests.

I love seeing people who are concerned and confused walk away confident and successful. I love the beauty of community bringing us closer, making us safer, and more prosperous. I love being able to take for granted the basics of life so I can have more. Politics has allowed us to move from poor warring families to mighty nations that touch stellar bodies, cross oceans, and span the globe with near instant communication. We tripled our life spans. We have established institutions that protect us from the worse among us, help the weak among us, and educate the young among us. Government is good or can be.

At one time, the highest aspiration that we told American children was that one day, you could be President. We understood and respected the skill, honor, and importance of political leadership. Until we recover that, we will never have the government we need or provide the world the leadership it seeks. Religion, politics, and free markets are what we need to embrace not forsake. Without them, we will be warring factions not people with competing visions. We are the problem, but thankfully we are also the solution.

Americans for Limited Government Blasts Obama for Dismissing Blue Collar Workers

Blue collar Keystone jobs not good enough for Obama?

Nov. 18, 2014, Fairfax, Va.—Americans for Limited Government President Nathan Mehrens today issued the following statement disputing President Barack Obama’s November 14 claim that the Keystone pipeline is not a “massive jobs bill” for the United States:

“President Obama has consistently discounted his own State Department’s finding that 42,100 jobs will be created by the Keystone XL pipeline rationalizing that they are mostly only temporary construction jobs. This elitist argument is an affront to every man and woman who earns their pay in work gloves and boots, devaluing the work of those who build things in America because of the temporary nature of construction projects.

“Obama, the man who sold a stimulus package based upon the false notion that it was going to be used to provide “shovel ready” jobs, now finds himself in the position of arguing that those exact jobs don’t count. Yes, construction jobs are temporary, because construction projects get completed. That doesn’t mean that those jobs are not valuable, as they give workers employment who then move on to the next project that needs to be built.

“Here’s the news flash for the President and his cronies, all jobs are temporary (except government civil service ones). Every private sector employee all the way from the janitor to the CEO is temporary, and this includes the job of President of the United States and all his political minions. To deride the economic value of a project because the jobs it creates are mostly done by blue collar construction workers shows just how far this President has strayed from the Democratic Party’s traditional labor employee base.”

To view online:


President Barack Obama: “My hope would be that any reporter who is looking at the facts would take the time to confirm that the most realistic estimates are this might create maybe 2,000 jobs during the construction of the pipeline — which might take a year or two — and then after that we’re talking about somewhere between 50 and 100 [chuckles] jobs in a economy of 150 million working people.” Interview with The New York Times, July 24, 2013 at


The National Scene-The Sunday Political Talk Shows 11/16/14

Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd utters one oops statement that tells viewers all they need to know about his ideology…on the Sunday Political Talk Shows of 11/16/14. And goodness, Al Franken has a cause!

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Sens. John Thune, R-S.D., and Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I.; Sens.-elect Tom Cotton, R-Ark., and James Lankford, R-Okla.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell; Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La.
FACE THE NATION (CBS): Director of National Intelligence James Clapper; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; Mitt Romney; Sens. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Claire McCaskill, D-Mo.
THIS WEEK (ABC): Reps. Tom Cole, R-Okla., and Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill.
STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Sens. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., and Al Franken, D-Minn.; Rep, Xavier Becerra, D-Calif.

On Fox News Sunday my only significant item of note is Brit Hume’s obsession on his fear that the Republicans will shut down the government.

I mean, put on your big girl panties Brit….the phrase “shutting down the government” is far worse than the reality as I am to understand.

The reality is that two of three government workers were deemed essential. The ones who remained home took a personal day or were paid in some fashion.

A few locked gates on some federal parks was the impact for goodness knows they would never stop the government checks going out. That is an essential service.

I think it’s more the term “government shutdown” scares the DC Beltway crowd more than the actuality.

After all, if you shut down the government long enough the stupid Americans might figure out that the government, beyond the checks, really isn’t all that important.

For the DC Beltway crowd the concept of the government not being needed is scarier than heck. Even political pundits like Brit Hume might be out of a job if that happens.

It was on Meet the Press where the most salient comment of the day was made by host Chuck Todd. Guest on Meet the Press was some woman name Sylvia Mathews Burwell, Secretary of Health and Human Services. She’s on making her case for the Affordable Care Act such a sycophant she was but then was paid to be one.

Todd then shows some videos of the infamous Jonathan Gruber, that career government contractor who was filmed telling truths about the passage of ACA, the deceptions and lies required to pass it, praising an opaque government and calling Americans stupid.

“He’s playing into every fear of the Conservatives about ACA,” Todd tells this Burwell woman.

What a lie is this?

First, Gruber was playing NOT to Conservatives on those videos, but to DEMOCRATS who were the ones who passed that bill.

What Gruber was doing was TELLING THE TRUTH and yes, Conservatives are closer to the truth than liberals. But Todd infers that Gruber was talking to concerned Conservatives and hey, I though this guy was supposed to be neutral.

We got a little Bobby Jindal 2016 presidential campaign commercial on Meet the Press, put on by Jindal himself. Hey, I’m very open to Jindal so keeping The Wise Eyes upon.

Finally, heh, who should show up but pundit Chris Matthews!

Where has he been?

On Face the Nation we had Mitt Romney on lecturing on immigration. Indeed I note that there were few of the elected GOP guys on the Sunday political talk shows and I ponder that it isn’t meet and figure out the plan.

Getting those elected congress critters of the GOP sort is like herding cats.

Their strength is also their weakness. Conservatives, not RINOS, tend to be dynamic take-charge people which are exactly the sorts of people who reluctantly agree en masse.

Over on This Week we had a couple of intriguing points. The news this morning was the existance of a video showing Aid worker Kassig beheaded. ABC released a correspondence of some sort of Kassig telling his parents that if he died over there at least he died helping those who needed aid.

God bless this gentle soul but these are the utterings of a hopeless liberal.

Some Keystone pipeline CEO was on and he brought up a really great talking point I am sure he was sent to broadcast.

PROPERTY TAXES was his mantra. This guy listed all the states and counties and municipalities this proposed Alaskan pipeline will cross and the millions of dollars the company will pay to these same localities for property taxes.

Well that alone should persuade a lot of states. The administration’s continual denial of Keystone for bogus environmental purposes (how much does a buried pipe hurt the environment after all?) is not a good political point.

al frankenOver on CNN, on the worst Sunday political show and host, we had Candy Crowley interviewing Al Franken on, of all things, NET NEUTRALITY!

If even anything was poorly disguised as a government takeover it is this notion.

It’s so bad they had to get former comedian loser burger Al Franken to go out and hype it.


I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : I’m going to pay honor and talk to some of our elected guys. For I like and support every Republican winner in Sussex county this past election, yes I do.

Who’s Gruber? Don’t Know Him, move on! Oh, that Gruber

You have to love Nancy Pelosi. For one who looks so young, her memory is obviously failing. She denied Professor Jonathan Gruber as having any significant role in “writing our bill” and acted as if she never heard of him. Unfortunately, in a televised press conference in 2009, his brilliant analysis was a reason to dismiss Republican alternatives. She apparently thinks that voters really are too stupid to get it. Maybe in the Bay area, they are.


2009 Money quote is about a minute in.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_11.14.14___Edition-

The big News Journal “scoop” on the Bodenweiser case, country festivals….NOT. Some comments on the campaign of Lacey Lafferty.

Contested Ken County Recorder of Deeds Contest

So they got a different count after three re-counts? So they choose the last vote and we are to believe this is fine?

DOVER — On Thursday, La Mar Gunn and Delaware Republicans filed a petition to contest a Board of Canvass recount and election certification in last week’s Kent County Recorder of Deeds race that declared Betty Lou McKenna the winner by two votes.
The Delaware Republican Party issued a statement through Executive Director John Fluharty questioning why the recount process stopped after three recounts by the Board of Canvass offered differing results, the first two increasing Mr.Gunn’s lead and the third showing Ms. McKenna ahead, according to the GOP.
“We challenge the fact that, based on the totals from Election Night and the first two recounts, a fourth recount was not conducted to ensure the accuracy of the vote tabulation,” the GOP said.“The decision by the Board to certify at this point creates doubt as to the true victor in this race, and we seek only a completely transparent process so that the candidates and the public can have total confidence in the final election results.

I’m not at all sure what the Republicans can do at this point but it certainly casts doubt on the outcome of the election, don’t it?
NO Country Festival in Sussex County!

It’s just like the Punkin’ chunkin’…the lawyers and spineless politicos and bureaucrats say no and again, Sussex county, a place with an ocean and inland and bays and fun…loses the chance to highlight is offerings.

And like the Punkin’ chunkin’ festival before it, scheduled for Dover. Only, again like the Punkin Chunkin this Dover plan will probably fall through.
Just a Couple of Winners This Past Election

Cindy Green rides the Circle on Sussex county’s Return Day. It’s a good thing DNREC hasn’t checked out that flimsy Georgetown Circle which really can’t handle all that traffic from Return Day. Goodness there’s carts and crates and oxen cooking somewhere…Michelle Obama should be checking that out.


And Rob Arlett posing proudly, winner that he is.


Congrats to both our proud winners!

The Awful Bodenweiser Defense Tactic
Today, on WGMD, I hear a huge scoop from the News Journal so shocking I almost fell off of the couch!

The AG’s office is currently considering whether to move the Bodenweiser re-trial-a complete waste of time and money-to Kent or Newcastle county. The News Journal did some snooping and discovered that defense lawyers for Bodenweiser actually took a poll in Sussex county to determine the percentage who thought him guilty and the percentage of those who think him innocent.

Man I’m both appalled and shocked!

What on earth is the News Journal’s point? Horrors that a defense team would do things to, eh, “defend” their client.

I mean why does the AG want to move the re-trial anyway? Cause THEY think (or took their own poll) that Bodenweiser won’t be found guilty in Sussex county?

You think arresting the guy the day after he was elected had anything to do with this?
Lacey Lafferty and Her Run for Governor

I really don’t want to write a separate column on this and, in fact, I’m not all that sure I should even bother with this blurb of thoughts by The Wise I.

First, this is in response to another Blogger somewhere who wrote a very clever column about two known Gubernatorial candidates, Lacey Lafferty and Colin Bonini.

Now this Blogger, and y’all know who he is, was a bit cruel, as he tends to be. He put up a nasty picture of Lacey and made fun of her actions and political affiliation.

Second, I said not a thing to Lacey about this post as, should yon reader read on, this is not necessarily about Lacey Lafferty.

Now I don’t know when Lafferty decided she wanted to run for Governor but like many before her, there have been many who dreamed of being President, Governor or county councilman for that matter.

Indeed I say a person who thinks they can fill those shoes should step right up and get a shot.

The Blue Blood Elite part of the GOP seems to think one must have some sort of pedigree to even consider running for such grand offices and will mock those silly folks who date to dream.

Indeed Lacey Lafferty’s “campaign”-such as it is at this present point in time, is being run as if scripted from a book titled “How to Run for Governor” but again, I ask, why is this a bad thing.

A point was made that Lacey did some walk of the state and what good was this?

I mean come on! The woman’s getting some PR, the Blue Blood Elites don’t get this?

I’ll tell you what it’s all about. It’s about some concept that only those from certain lineages should be allowed to dare to think they are good enough to be a leader.

Sure many of them fail. Don Ayotte tried it; he wasn’t up to the task. But he had the chance and even at that some dweebs in the Sussex GOP ran some loser against him in the primary.

Kevin Wade, as one commenter noted, is not up to the task of being Senator.

He most certainly is, man I got a bridge to sell anyone who thinks not. If anyone thinks Kevin Wade is dumber than Chris Coons…like I say, a bridge, little wobbly, some pillars are bent, near Wilmington…cheap.

But Chris Coons, well now there’s a man with some lineage. His stepfather is a big figure in the defense department merchandising, there’s money in that house.

If Chris Coons, or George W. Bush for that matter, were born into the humble origins of, say,…well someone like me, perhaps….average, ordinary with no political pedigree or fancy family background save a dream and deep belief of leadership…would they have won so handily?

In fact, are we naïve enough to believe that the Dubyas and Coons and Kerrys didn’t too follow some handbook guideline to run for the office?

Indeed Lacey is following a handbook on how to start a campaign but hey, the woman’s working. She IS walking the state, she works for the Sussex GOP, she wrote a book, her kid sings the National Anthem for God’s sake, on Return Day!

I make no endorsement of Lacey yon reader must understand. But when I see someone working hard for a dream, well hell, I admire that!

I can see it now. There will be nastiness and snark as the Blue Blood GOP deride Lacey like they do any candidate that doesn’t have the pedigree.

Be aware….maybe not all the Tea Party type of candidates are winning but there is already a Ted Cruz and a Marco Rubio….goodness Joni Ernest….

It’s not easy to topple the entrenched snobby know-it-alls. We might trip and fall but we will not like or dislike someone just because we are told to.

Lacey, good luck to you Hon….don’t let them get you down.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT :Doing the Sunday talk shows about this Gruber guy and yon reader simply must return for the musings of The Wise I.

Delaware’s Black Caucus, Suggests Racial Discrimination In letter to Delaware Dept. of Elections

Guest Post By:
Jahi Issa Ph.D

Cross-posted on:

November 14, 2014

Re: La Mar Gunn vs Delaware Department of Elections

The Delaware Black Caucus (the caucus) hereby writes this letter of complaint regarding determinations made by the Delaware Department of Elections (the Department) and the Kent County Board of Canvas in the Recorder of Deeds election held in Kent County Delaware on November 4, 2014. We are specifically requesting that you and your office fully investigate the processes and procedures utilized in deciding the outcome of the election and further request that no one be sworn into office until your investigation is complete. The caucus has good cause to fear that impropriety and racial discrimination may have taken place in the decisions made to date by the Department and Kent County Board of Canvass. Our reasons for this include but are not limited to:

1. On November 4, The Republican African American Candidate was declared the winner of the election by two votes.
2. On November 6, 2014 the Democrat White Candidate was declared the winner by two votes.
3. There were several recounts that had different results.
4. There were no African Americans participating in the recount or decision making process of the recounts.

The most troubling of all the potential improprieties is that fact that there was an increase of two votes in the overall number of votes cast on the day of the election and the day of the recount.

On election night November 4, 2014 the total number of votes cast in this election was 38,492, however the total number of votes considered by the department in the recount is 38,494.

The fact that the total number of votes changed by two votes from the initial count to the recount is unconscionable and cries out for relief and intervention from an outside unbiased third party.

Candidate Gunn maintains the position that the election was stolen from him. Based upon the information available to us, we cannot disagree and have good cause to be concerned and request your immediate intervention and assistance accordingly.

Candidate Gunn has reported to us those absentee ballots with x beside his name were considered by the judges to be votes cast against him. The caucus maintains that if in fact that did occur that decision was arbitrary and capricious and is good cause by itself for you to investigate and intervene in this most important matter.

We make it clear that the Delaware Black Caucus is the organization that represents Black elected officials in our State. While the predominance of our members are in fact democrats, we stand primarily and foremost we stand for fairness.

In our view “a threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

It is for these reasons that we cannot stand idly by and risk the possibility of an African American candidate for elected office being disenfranchised and request your prompt and immediate intervention according.

We are requesting that any and all persons who made inappropriate decisions resulting in any impropriety be held accountable and responsible for their actions up to and including removal from their positions.

Finally, in an effort to reduce the likelihood of future occurrences and/or allegations of impropriety we are requesting that you take any and all actions necessary to assure that there is substantive inclusion of diversity at all levels of decision making within the Department of Elections and Boards of Canvass throughout the State of Delaware.
We await your response.

Carper Finally Sees the Light On Keystone XL Pipeline

As the leading national advocate in the Congress of Cities and on the National League of Cities Energy,, Environment, and Natural Resources Committee for the Keystone Pipeline, I am heartened that the last election and the pending doom of Mary Landrieu has enlightened Delaware’s Senator Tom Carper to support domestic energy, jobs, and the economy. Mary is now only two votes short of the bill that she hopes will give her a fighting chance.

Supporters of a Senate bill that would approve the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline are two votes shy of the 60 needed to proceed to a vote.

The targets leading up to the expected Tuesday vote are Sens. Michael Bennet, D-Colo., and Bill Nelson, D-Fla. If they back the bill, it could give lead sponsor Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., a victory that might give her a boost in her Dec. 6 runoff contest against Republican challenger Rep. Bill Cassidy, who is leading in polls.

Bennet, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which is charged with getting Democrats elected to the upper chamber, refused to answer reporters when asked which way he would vote. Nelson, whose seat is up for grabs in 2016, told the Washington Examiner simply, “Stay tuned.”

Sen. Tom Carper, a Delaware Democrat who opposed Landrieu’s bill when it came up in May but said he would vote for it this time, said Landrieu’s task is much harder than Cassidy’s when it comes to getting Keystone XL through the chamber.

“If Mary is successful here in corralling these Democrats … that’s a far bigger accomplishment, a far harder thing to do. And we would hope and expect that she gets some credit,” Carper told reporters Thursday.

GOP Chair Issues Statement Following Challenge To Kent County Election Results

CONTACT: John Fluharty, Executive Director

GOP Chair Issues Statement Following Challenge To Kent County Election Results

Newark, DE — The Chairman of the Delaware Republican Party this morning issued the following statement regarding the Party’s challenge to the recount in the Kent County Recorder of Deeds race:

“Today the Delaware Republican Party, the Kent County Republican Party and Mr. La Mar Gunn, Republican candidate for Kent County Recorder of Deeds, filed in the Kent County Superior Court challenging the election recount process and certification of the election in the Recorder of Deeds race.

“On November 4, 2014, the Kent County Department of Elections reported La Mar Gunn as the winner of the election for Kent County Recorder of Deeds by 2 votes. Under Delaware State Law, a recount of the ballots was required. On November 6, 2014 the Kent County Board of Canvass conducted three recounts. In the first recount, Mr. Gunn’s lead increased from 2 to 3 votes. In the second recount, Mr. Gunn’s lead increased to 7 votes. Yet, on the third recount the Democratic candidate had a 2 vote lead. In this third recount, the Board of Canvass actually reduced Mr. Gunn’s vote total by 1 vote from that determined by the Department of Elections on Election Night. Following this third recount, the only recount that showed Ms. McKenna ahead, the Board certified the election the results. Significantly, no two recounts produced the same result.

“ We challenge the fact that, based on the totals from Election Night and the first 2 recounts, a fourth recount was not conducted to ensure the accuracy of the vote tabulation. The decision by the Board to certify at this point creates doubt as to the true victor in this race, and we seek only a completely transparent process so that the candidates and the public can have total confidence in the final election results.

“We note that absentee ballots are cast on special forms which are read by scanners owned by the Department of Elections. The forms are coded by polling place, and counted by the Board of Elections in one central location. How the eventual vote totals can show that Mr. Gunn lost votes is inconceivable. People either voted for a candidate or they didn’t, and we have questions as to how the scanned results show one tally and the hand count shows a different tally.

“This challenge is not a partisan issue. It is an issue of all voters being able to have confidence in their democracy and the basic principal of one person, one vote. When elections are as close as this, it is especially important that the people know that everything possible has been done to ensure that the final vote tally is accurate. The Delaware Republican Party, the Kent County Republican Party, and La Mar Gunn ask only that the Superior Court conduct a fair and thorough examination of the ballots, as provided for by state law.”


Gunn v. McKenna Recount: GOP files in Court to fight for Justice

Petitioner La Mar Gunn hereby challenges the Kent County Board of Canvass recount and election certification declaring Respondent Betty Lou McKenna by two votes after the Kent County Department of Elections had declared Petitioner the winner by two votes on election night, and, in support thereof states as follows:
1. Petitioner La Mar Gunn is the Republican candidate for the Kent County Recorder of Deeds in the 2014 general election. Petitioner Delaware Republican Party is a political party under Delaware law.
2. Respondent Betty Lou McKenna is the Democratic Candidate for the Kent County Recorder of Deeds. The Delaware Democratic Party is a political party
3. Respondent Kent County Board of Canvass is the body charged with certifying the election results.
4. This Court has jurisdiction pursuant to Title 10, Chapter 59 of the Delaware Code and pursuant to general common law under which this Court may review the actions of administrative bodies and tribunals for which no direct appeal is provided.
5. On election night, November 5, 2014, the Kent County Department of Elections (the “Department”) declared Gunn the winner over McKenna by two votes, 19,247 to 19,245. Gunn’s vote total consisted of 18,558 “machine” votes (that is, votes cast on voting machines the day of the election by voters coming to the polls) and 689 absentee votes. McKenna’s vote total consisted of 18,445 machine votes and 800 absentee votes. Respondent subsequent learned from the Department that 60 absentee ballots did not indicate a vote for Gunn or McKenna.
6. Absentee votes in Delaware are cast on special forms which are read by special scanners owned by the Department of Elections. The forms are coded by polling place. Thus, while all the absentee ballots for Kent County are counted in one central location, the special coding allows the absentee votes for candidates to be reported by polling place. In this way, candidates and the public know both the total machine votes and the absentee votes cast for each candidate by polling place (a polling place is sometimes referred to as an “election district”).
7. On Thursday, November 6, the Kent County Board of Canvass met to review the vote totals and certify the election results for Kent County.
8. In connection with the Gunn/McKenna race, the Board ultimately conducted three hand recounts of the absentee ballots (machine results cannot be recounted).
9. Following the first recount, Gunn’s lead increased from 2 to 3 votes.
10. Following the second recount, Gunn’s lead increased from 3 to 7 votes.
11. Following the third recount, McKenna had a two vote lead. With the third recount, the Board’s hand count indicated 3 additional absentee votes for McKenna. For Gunn, the Board showed a 1 absentee vote loss for Gunn in three election districts, but a 1 absentee vote gain in two election districts, for a net loss to Gunn of 1 absentee vote. As a result of these changes, McKenna had a two vote lead as compared to election night when she trailed by two votes.
12. No two recounts produced the same result.
13. It is unclear how Gunn could have “lost” any absentee votes. In theory, if the Department of Elections’ computer scanners record a vote for a candidate from an absentee ballot, then that vote should be a valid vote. There may be situations where a ballot is not completely marked in such a way as to be read by the scanner, but the intent of the voter is still discernible, in which case the absentee vote total may increase. However, the absentee vote total for a candidate should not decrease if the ballots are reviewed and counted properly. Thus, it is unclear how Gunn could have “lost” any absentee votes – yet the Board of Canvass recorded three election districts where Gunn’s absentee vote total when down by one vote.
14. Following the third recount, the attorney for Gunn suggested to the Board that all of the absentee ballots be returned to the Department of Elections, so that all the ballots could be re-scanned and counted. Then, only those ballots showing no vote need be examined by hand. The Board of Canvass initially agreed with this approach but then abruptly changed its mind and certified the third recount (i.e., the only recount where Gunn had fewer total votes).
15. As a result of the Board’s abrupt decision, the true winner of the Kent County Recorder of Deeds’ race remains in doubt and the likelihood of error remains high as evidenced by (i) the final certified vote tally showing fewer votes for Gunn than the tally from election night, and (ii) the differing and inconsistent vote tallies during the course of the hand recount on November 6.
Count I – Election Contest Pursuant to Title 15, Chapter 59 of the Delaware Code
16. Petitioners incorporate all of the foregoing paragraphs as if fully set forth here.
17. In accordance with the Delaware Code, Title 15, Section 5945, Petitioners hereby state that the hand recounts of the absentee ballots as conducted on November 6, 2014 were improperly performed in that no two recounts reached the same result and the hand recounts actually resulted in a lower vote total for Mr. Gunn. Such irregularities are such as to affect the outcome of the election. Indeed, the final hand recount of absentee ballots produced a different result from that found by the Department of Elections and earlier hand recounts. Petitioners request that the Court use its powers under Title 15, Section 5953 to cause all of the absentee ballots to be re-examined and that all ballots first be scanned by the Department of Elections’ computer scanners and that any ballots for which no vote is registered by the scanners then be examined by hand.
18. To the extent necessary to support the case, Petitioners will present the testimony of the following individuals:
a. Mr. La Mar Gunn, ________________________________ (address)
b. Connie Malmberg, Esquire, _________________________________
c. Linda Robertson, _________________________________.
Petitioners reserve the right to present other evidence and the testimony of other individuals who may also have information or knowledge relevant in this matter.
WHEREFORE, Petitioners respectfully request that this Court exercise its authority under Title 15, Section 5953 and cause the absentee ballots to be examined so that all doubts as to the proper vote totals for Kent County Recorder of Deeds can be laid to rest and the general public and the candidates can have full confidence in the result.
Respectfully submitted,
Richard A. Forsten, Esquire (# 2543)
222 Delaware Avenue, Suite 1200
P.O. Box 1266
Wilmington, DE 19899
Telephone: (302) 421-6800
Facsimile: (302) 421-5861
Attorneys for Petitioner La Mar Gunn
and the Delaware Republican Party
November 12, 2014

Open Thread: Post Election Style

What’s on your mind? It is your turn.

To prime the pump, first here is some local political news.

Delaware Senate Democrats are sticking with their current leadership, which is President Pro Temp Patricia Blevins Elsemere, Majority leader David McBride New Castle/ Lewes (snark intended), Majority Whip Margaret Rose Henry Wilmington.

The write in count showed an impressive 10% for Sheriff Jeff Christopher. Impressive but not enough to impact the race. In my opinion, he did no favors for the cause with a doomed write in effort. He marginalized the movement to the point of forcing Kent County’s new Sheriff to drop Constitutional sheriff from his literature. He still believes in issue, but it became a political albatross. He reprinted his literature and it paid off with a victory. His approach will be education not confrontation. It is the only avenue left. If the Christopher team would have made it a statewide movement or at least 2/3 of the counties, the national Sheriff’s association likely would have put the money into the state. He would have won the primary. Two Constitutional Sheriffs would have won. Now we have half of one. Political strategy is not a something to be avoided. Anything important is worth planning and preparing properly to achieve. Conservatives need to wise up and stop trying to fly by the seat of their pants. It is time to act like we can govern, then people will trust us to govern. ed I would also point out that if half of everyone who cared so passionately about the Sheriff’s office to vote as a write in gave a mere $10 in the election cycle that he would have had $25,000. If he had 25K, he would have won the primary and won the general pretty much by default in Sussex. If Christopher really wanted a strategy to advance Constitutional government after losing the primary, he would run a primary for the General Assembly in two years. Now the write in effort complicates that possibility. The fortunate thing is that district in which he resides is not exactly held by someone known for his party loyalty so this could balance out.

The Gunn/McKenna recount in Kent County is getting national attention from activists. Social media is starting to catch fire.

The 2016 Governor’s race is heating up. Lafferty and Bonini have already tussled. Somehow the Bonini announcement called him the first Republican to file. Obviously Lacy Lafferty filed in 2013. She blasted him as a career politician and elitist. Don’t expect his team to respond to Lacy who. They obviously want to position themselves as the only conservative who can win and until Ms. Lafferty can settle on a compelling narrative with solutions to real people’s problems, she will have little impact on the race. The bigger problem that she has is that the News Journal doesn’t even notice her candidacy. The next 6 months will determine which will be true. It is not to late for her to run for U. S. House if Wade doesn’t. Senator Bonini started out right with a theme worthy of building upon, Delaware needs fixing and he has a platform to showcase solutions. On the Democrat side, a Biden vs. Carney show down may be in the cards. Will Governor Markell go for the House seat to wait for Senator Carper or hope for a cabinet appointment if Clinton wins?

The Fictional Election Count

La Mar Gunn lost an election not in the actual count, but in a fictional certification. The normally quiet Kent County Recorder of Deeds Race was heated and now is boiling. The two parties are ready to go to war over the recount of the recount of the recount of absentee ballots that was said to flip the race from La Mar Gunn, the Republican Challenger to Betty Lou McKenna, the Democratic incumbent.

The story is intriguing. On Election night, Gunn won. Democrats tried to file a case before the board of canvass which complained that Delaware State University Students who lawfully registered were not legitimate voters. The voters in question happened to be Black. Democrats began there to sow the seeds of division in their own coalition.

The challenges were dispatched. It got down to the count. It was verified. The votes were then carefully recounted according to the law. Lamar Gunn increased his lead. One person said she made a mistake when her tally did not add up to everyone else’s so they decided to recount every ballot instead of just her tally. Then they decided to have another recount after dinner when most of the 30 people had gone home to verify the last recount. It was presumed that the election would be certified, but the fateful decision was made to recount it yet again without a request to do so from the Department of Elections or the parties involved. That recount was already of dubious legitimacy. Even worse because most of the people were home now, they mixed all of the ballots together for the entire county and violated the separation by election district and Representative district. They counted the ballots and made a ruling to find voter intent where ballots may have been marked incorrectly. 4 new votes were found from previous undervotes. No one from our side was allowed to see them and they were mixed back into the mix. The Department of Elections was angry. They literally called it B. S. When the board of canvass was questioned about this, one of the attorneys became argumentative. The election was now tied.

Both parties’ attorneys and the Department of Elections agreed to a solution. Let the ballots be run through the scanners one at a time and re-segregate them by district, count the ballots and find the 60 undervotes then check to find the 4 disputed ballots. The judges so ruled and told every one to go home. It was 10:30 p.m. Then 20 minutes later the court reconvened without petition from the parties and demanded oral arguments on the spot for statutory justification for delaying the certification and reversed their ruling. However the count certified was not the count on any of the tally sheets. It was a verbal count given by Lisa Robinson of the board of Canvass which gave a two vote victory to Ms. McKenna. Everyone was stunned. An election was being given to the loser.

The Republican party brought in its best attorneys and is filing to overturn the certification today. Republicans believe that if such a miscarriage of justice is allowed, the process will be completely corrupted. They are willing to go to war. Some are even willing to pay for a special election if necessary.

It is not just Republicans outraged. Republicans have found an ally in the NAACP which is supporting the African American Mr. Gunn because complicating this even more is the history of the Kent County Democratic Party dating back to Civil War with the Saulsbury brothers and continuing through to the current day 2010 gerrymandering where Democrats rebuffed requests by Blacks for a majority minority representative district in Dover. Democrats refused in order to make both Dover Districts more secure for Democrats. There have been 3 black elected officials to partisan office in Kent County. all have been Republican. Now Democrats are trying to prevent a fourth who lawfully won the count and recount from taking office. The Black Elected Officials Caucus is in an Emergency Meeting today.

The strange case of the fictional election count has created strange bedfellows united by one simple cause, a free and fair election that is counted accurately. Who says that the NAACP and Republicans can’t get along?

The Stolen Election of Lamar Gunn

Guest Post By:
Jahi Issa Ph.D

This content added at the request of the author
…The Democrats maintained their control in part because of the Poll Tax legislation they had enacted in 1873 to prevent Blacks, and anyone else the Democrat assessors didn’t like, from voting. Fraud was rampant throughout Delaware’s voting system…
Carol E. Hoffecker, Democracy in Delaware: The Story of the First State General Assembly
“After passage of the Fifteenth Amendment, the Democratic Party Declared itself the White Man’s Party…” in the State of Delaware.
David P. Peltier, Border State Democracy: A History of Voting in Delaware, 1682-1897

The Beginning of Redemption and the New Post Reconstruction Era in America, Part 1

On November 4, 2014 Candidate for the Republican Party, Mr. Lamar Gunn was democratically elected to the Office of Recorder of Deeds in Kent County, by a majority vote. His opponent was the Democratic incumbent Betty Lou McKenna. Gunn, a Dover based financial advisor who was born and reared in the tough environment of Compton, California received 19,247 votes whereas McKenna, a three-term incumbent, received 19,245 votes. Gunn’s victory, according to the States Elections Commission, was by a slim margin of two votes.

Delaware law requires that in any election race that has a difference of one-half of 1 percent automatically triggers a verification of absentee ballots. Before the recount, both Gunn and Elections Commissioner Elaine Manlove were positive that a recount result in what the general elections already had resolved–that Gunn, who is Black, would be the first African American Recorder of Deeds for Kent County, Delaware. Intact, before the recount, Commissioner Elaine Manlove is recorded as stating that “all absentee ballots have been reviewed and the mandatory recount will produce the same result.” The Commissioner was so resolute in the efficiency of the counting process that she further stated that she would not attend the Board of Canvass recount based on her confidence in the work already performed by her office to verify the accuracy of the Recorder of Deeds election results.

An automatic manual recount of machine ballots and 1,489 absentee ballots proceeded on November 6, 2014 at Kent County Superior Court at 10 a.m. Approximately 30 people who represented the Board of Canvass (ALL-WHITE) consisting of court clerical staff, bank employees, and local attorneys were selected to recount ballots. According to the Chairman of Delaware GOP, Mr. Charlie Copeland, after the first recount, Gunn had won by 3 votes. After the second recount, Gunn had won by 7 votes. The third and final recount Gunn lost by three votes and the presiding Superior court Judge William L. Witham, who oversaw the Board of Canvass, dismissed everyone in the court to allow the Board of Elections (BOE) to review the ballots and determine where the discrepancies existed.

Shortly after dismissing everyone, the court hurried the remaining people back into the courthouse as Judge Witham said that he would not be able to honor his previous decision to allow the BOE to review the ballots and had to certify the election for Democratic incumbent Betty Lou McKenna who did not show up for the recount. Many believe that this was voter fraud!

The History of voter fraud is profound in Delaware according to historians. As it refers to African Americans it runs even deeper. Several months after passage of the Fifteenth Amendment (The right of citizens of the United States to vote), the Democratic Party of Delaware blatantly professed at its 1870 state convention that it was the “White Man’s Party” and that:

The Federal Government and the Government of the State of Delaware were framed by white men for the benefit of white men, and that they are unalterably opposed to any association with Negroes politically or socially, and to any participation by Negroes in the management of the affairs and interests of either general or state government.

Although Democratic Party in Delaware during Post Reconstruction often had the upper hand in the disenfranchisement of African Americans in the state, there were times were the Black minority did take the effort to fight back. On October 15, 1880, a few weeks before the national elections, an all-White political club parade represented by the state’s Democratic Party in Wilmington, Delaware was attacked by a well-armed large group (300) of African Americans on Ninth and Walnut Street in front of National Hall (also called Little Africa).

Jahi Issa has earned a Ph.D in U.S. history from Howard University and has recently been tried for a minor misdemeanor offense that resulted in a hung jury. The state has decided to retry the case on January 26th. 2015.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_11/11/14___Edition-

The Sussex post-election GOP meeting….a taste of bittersweet. An anecdote about the rudest way I was ever treated in my life. It happened at this very same meeting.

I fretted all day about writing this column. First concern being that I got to wonder who much cares about a bunch of people at a meeting of the Republican party, folks few readers will even know.

And I pondered just where my writing talent will go in the future as options abound. Not to worry those who don’t care for me, nobody’s offered me a fortune for the thoughts of The Wise I.

So I shall try to keep such notes as how Cindy Green-recent winner of the Sussex county Recorder of Deeds, a position she also currently holds-looked especially striking in her classic cut suit. Or maybe I won’t mention how Bill Christy, co-editor of sorts of this Blog, greeted me with a big hug that felt right nice.

After all, do many people even know Cindy Green, Bill Christy, or Bill Colley for that matter, a former DJ for WGMD who also was there last night, 11.10.14.

These are all tidbits of gossip and part of the bittersweet I experienced last night. Along with an incident that really hurt my feelings.

Finally I wonder if I will even continue to cover the Sussex GOP in the future but on that matter I have decided I will.

I’ve been part of the Sussex County Republican party for the full 12 years that I’ve lived here. Goodness I have lived through it all, the tossing of Rep. John Atkins, the revolt of the Heathens over Mike Castle, the change of the Delaware legislature to a Democratic super-majority. I remember Ron Sams quite well and if Ron ever says a bad word about me know that he’s lying. We got along just great.

The winners at the Sussex GOP meeting on 11/10/14.

The winners at the Sussex GOP meeting on 11/10/14.

I remember Dave Burris. I remember when John Atkins was a Republican. I remember when Vance Phillips was a driving force in Sussex county politics. I was a member of the Sussex county Republican Woman’s Club for several years, when Pam Fitzgerald was President. I cried for her and with her during her struggle with cancer.

I am but a humble Blogger but I worked the Georgetown GOP office, I was Don Ayotte’s campaign finance manager. I was an ED of the 37th Representative district then it became the 20th. Eric Bodenweiser was my RD.

I’ve been around, folks, and while I would consider myself a Tea Party type in the manner of Ted Cruz, I was never mean to anyone, I am not stupid, I gave of my time and intellectual property.

Thus I write as someone with some experience.

There was a lady sitting behind me. I don’t know who she was, I did not once turn around. But I listened and I don’t think I’ve ever heard such animosity in my life.

Fortunately, and handled well I think, immediately after Chairman Rieley announced about the upcoming elections for the Sussex Republican party someone made a motion to adjourn.

Eliminating all the nasty talk about motions to eject Rieley coming forth, calls for poor Laurie Purdy to be thrown out with a heist for Larry Mayo. Their crime was liking Sheriff Jeff Christopher but still they are both very hard workers and they weren’t too ostentatious about it. Really? Do certain factions of this party in Sussex county truly think throwing two of the hardest-working, probably the nicest people on the planet is a good action.

Especially considering that the Republican Rep. of the 35th representative district, Dave Wilson, came right out on the advent of the election and openly, blatantly, over the air waves endorsed a Democrat?

Now I know the party can’t throw out Dave Wilson from anything, he being duly elected while poor hard-working Laurie and Larry dare to be ED’s and subject to the whims of the angry.

As for John Rieley, it was when John Rieley announced he did not intend to run for Sussex Chair that the unknown person behind me actually clapped.

Well it was a soft clap but someone wanted to make it known that they were happy that John was not re-running. So okay, it’s a small thing but for the whole of the meeting, such as it was, this person kept making comments, really mean comments.

Still I do not know who it was but I wonder about Republicans, for God’s sake, being so mean and unhappy. I thought only liberals felt that way.

It was the incident that happened later that had me leave abruptly, a bit sad.

Let me state right here that there are three people who witnessed this incident of which I write. I am one of them. The other is the perp. The third will recognize the anecdote, should he or she be one of the two or three people who read this Blog. That person can reveal his or her self as he or she wills. I will not release any identity except my own. I must give but one hint, it was a person normally associated with what I call the “Karl Rove” wing of the Republican party.

Bill Colley and Duke Brooks mug for the camera.

Bill Colley and Duke Brooks mug for the camera.

I call it that with tongue-in-cheek but it’s no secret that the Sussex GOP has differing factions, a not unhealthy situation I hasten to add. Even nationally and in almost every state, the Republican party hs the Karl Rove faction and the Tea Party Heathens. Some of us were born at night but not one yon reader was born LAST night.

Like the wisdom of Thomas Jefferson before us, the law of counter-vailing forces shall prevail. For the pendulum shall swing to the left and life, common sense and popular power will pull it back to the center.

Which shall happen, I suspect, but man, first we got to get rid of the mean-ness folks.

So I walk up to the third party and make a query. It’s no matter my question except as part of it I mentioned that I did not know something.

I can’t say what I admitted to not knowing and I understand if yon reader doesn’t believe there was something I didn’t know but hey, I admitted it.

In an attempt to be cute, my 65 year old self, I said something to the effect of “can you believe?”

The member of the other side of the pendulum answered my question, in fact, and yes, I did ask.

“No I don’t believe you didn’t know this. How long you been coming here?”

I suffered my berating with the person I was trying to communicate with witnessing my humiliation as my brain tried desperately to figure out how to handle this.

This is why they call me The Wise I. Actually I am the only one who calls myself this but I do like.

“And look at me!” I said with a smile and an animated voice, “trying to learn all about it!”

I mean was really necessary to berate me publicly? This person did shut his or her mouth as my rejoinder was, I say with little humility, perfect.

Please understand I didn’t lose any sleep, I did not sob all the way home, I am a big girl.

I did ponder the need for this party to be so fractured and I know it’s not helped by the northern GOP Blue Bloods fanning the flames.

I end this written soliloquy with no answers, alas, except perhaps to remind folks that next year is a new year.

The Republicans won a couple of big races in Sussex county and state-wide. This even though John Rieley did absolutely nothing to help anyone his awful self.

It’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

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