Wade On Site In Israel

BEN GURION AIRPORT, ISRAEL (July 29, 2014) — Kevin Wade, Republican US Senate candidate from Delaware, has just arrived on a week-long fact-finding mission in Israel, on the ground right now (July 29). Wade is researching the situation on the ground and interviewing many. Kevin Wade is also a co-host with the Conservative Commandos Radio Show. Wade will be posting interviews on YouTube from the war zone in Israel.

Kevin Wade is a Republican who is running against Chris Coons, who was elected in 2010 when Coons won over Republican Christine O’Donnell.

Kevin Wade will be available for radio interviews from Israel, but is sending updates versus TWITTER from


You may contact Duke Brooks (302) 245-0719 for assistance setting up interviews by phone or email to Kevin Wade at:


Kevin Wade’s website is: http://www.WadeForDelaware.com/


Businessman Kevin Wade was the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in 2012. He was persuaded to run again for U.S. Senate against Democrat U.S. Senator Chris Coons. Coons gained notoriety as Christine O’Donnell’s Democrat opponent in 2010 after O’Donnell won the Republican primary over Mike Castle. Kevin Wade has been endorsed across the board from Ron Paul to Sharron Angle. He worked for Rudy Guiliani’s Presidential campaign in 2008. Wade is an engineer who started out at Dupont and then founded Philadelphia Control Systems 30 years ago in New Castle, Delaware. He also co-hosts the Conservative Commandos Radio Show in Philadelphia on Mondays.

Kevin Wade went to work in a steel mill within days of high school graduation in Pennsylvania. He worked his way through college eventually earning a BS in Electrical Engineering at the University of Delaware. As a young employee of the DuPont Company Engineering Department his talents for problem solving and leading teams of people stood out.

He started his own engineering business at the age of 29 and continues to run it 30 years later. Philadelphia Control Systems, Inc. in Christiana, Delaware, is a professional engineering corporation specializing in the engineering, design and programming of information automation and process automation systems. He has worked on projects ranging from Amsterdam to Singapore.

He is not only a businessman who has created jobs, balanced the companys budgets, and regularly made a payroll, but is also a specialist as an engineer in careful and precise problem-solving. His 30 years in business inform him of the need for government to be a respectful junior partner in the economy, not an opponent or master to job creators.

Fighting for U.S. energy independence, Kevin Wade has personal experience most politicians lack. It is believed that he will be the only U.S. Senator who has actually worked on an oil rig in the open ocean (in the North Sea), and certainly the only U.S. Senator who has climbed 5 stories down the side of an oil tanker in pitch dark to a wating boat. When Wade works to provide the energy to strengthen America’s economy and foreign policy, create jobs, and lower gas prices at the pump, Wade draws on professional experience. He is not influenced by the spin of think tanks, activists, lobbyists, or junk science. He also is deeply conscious of the natural beauty of the Delaware River visible from his quaint hometown of New Castle, Delaware, flowing into the Bay, and the need to maintain human balance with America’s natural beauty.

Mr. Wade has traveled the world professionally and is known everywhere for his fair dealings and trusted results. This taught Mr. Wade a deep respect for different people from different cultures. These experiences have also formed a firm belief in the exceptional character of the American people and the historic purpose of the American nation.

Kevin Wade became active in Republican party activities in 2004. He worked as a volunteer for candidates in literature drops, candidate walks, phone calls and as-needed campaign web site designs and deployment. He has Co-Chaired the GOP Colonial Region’s signature fund raiser, “Separation Day” for many years.

In 2007, Mr. Wade became Chairman of the 17th Representative District and also joined the GOP State Executive Committee. Kevin wade was invited to present his “Resolution in Support of the Troops” to the assembled delegates of the Republican Party State Convention. That sentimental and intimate speech brought tears to the eyes of many in the audience and Mr. Wade received an extended and roaring standing ovation. This led to frequent and, to this day, continuing invitations to address Republicans across the state.

In 2008, Kevin became the New Castle County Chair of the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Campaign. He served frequently as a surrogate speaker at statewide events and GOP debates. Also, in 2008 Mr. Wade gave the seconding speech at convention in support of the gubernatorial nomination of Judge Bill Lee, the GOP candidate that year.

The GOP State Convention in 2009 invited Mr. Wade to address the assembled delegates. He spoke about “What We Believe.” His simple and straightforward speech about our core conservative principles received another standing ovation. Kevin Wade campaigned for the Party endorsement as US Congressional candidate in 2010.

Mr. Wade spoke to the 2011 State Convention. He alerted all to the pending national financial crisis, identified the road to real recovery as a conservative path and passionately condemned the bitter legacy of Democrat failures in Delaware and across the US. Kevin concluded the speech and again earned a raucous standing ovation.

Mr. Wade has spoken before countless Rotary, Ruritan and Lions Club service organizations, including on tax reform and a complete overhaul of the Federal tax code.

Mr. Wade and his family are long-time residents of the historic City of New Castle, Delaware. His wife Gail is a tenured Professor of Nursing in the College of Health and Nursing Sciences at the University of Delaware.

Mr. Wade enjoys salt water fishing and snow skiing. Additionally, he is an amateur historian focusing on the economic, political and military histories of nations and their leaders. Abraham Lincoln is a figure of particular interest and admiration.


117 Children

206,001 children live in Delaware according to the census bureau, but 117 new visitors are getting all of the attention. 117 children are the number the federal government reports to the state that 117 children have been sent to Delaware from the last group of 57,000 children who fled Central America. It appears the administration has no intention of even letting the Democrats in on the plan until after the fact.

No money to take care of the bills. No political cover. Just backtracking. If that is the way the administration treats its allies, is their any wonder Republicans don’t trust it?

The children have a right to due process. They have a right to stay with family. The problem is that public health has a right to know what diseases if any they are bringing in to the state. The local tax payer has a right to avoid unfunded mandates. The local police have a right to know if gang members are being transferred into our counties. The problem that I have is not with the children who are worthy of our compassion. It is with the high handed secrecy of a federal government that does not respect the states and their role in keeping the health and safety of its citizens.

I support insuring that these children lured to our borders by extravagant promises of Dream Act amnesty are treated humanely. I also believe that capturing and detaining people does little good if we don’t screen out the very people that caused many of these teens to flee in the first place.

A recent article published on the conservative World Net Daily highlights the concern. Take the level of rhetoric in the article and turn the dial down about half, but pay attention to what the border agents are telling us. Screening is not being done properly. President Obama may not be “inviting an invasion of murderers”, but some are here free while awaiting hearings with no supervision. That decision should not be forced upon a state because of the lack of information.

Chris Cabrera, a Border Patrol agent for nearly 13 years and a vice president in the National Border Patrol Council Local 3307, spoke to WND and Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, in an exclusive interview at the Rio Grande border in McAllen, Texas, Saturday.

WND asked Cabrera what the Border Patrol and the Department of Homeland Security do when they find out an illegal immigrant teenager from Central America is a gang member or a murderer.

“What do we do?” he answered. “Well, they haven’t committed a crime in the United States, so they’re good to go, and we send them north, even if they admit they have committed a murder

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/07/obama-inviting-invasion-of-murderers-gang-members/#pulIGevmMV3uRr4r.99

100 Days until election 2014

The national election picture is shaping up. The electoral map favors Republicans. It is hard to envision a scenario where Republicans walk away with fewer than 48 Senate seats (+3) and 230 House seats (-4). It is relatively easy to see Republicans gaining 8 House seats and 6 Senate seats nationally. Even in Delaware, I can see the GOP reversing some of its loses suffered under Governor Markell. I can realistically see picking up the Treasurer’s office and holding the Auditor’s office while gaining 2 Senate seats and 3 House seats. Here is my 100 day snapshot locally and nationally.

It is not just Republicans who see their fortunes looking good. The first lady made a 100 day video to motivate Democrats. She squarely made the election a referendum on President Obama. Cotton, Perdue, Tillis, and McConnell should take that clip and play it in the right markets especially on country,soft rock, and talk radio. A new CNN poll says Mitt Romney would win 53 to 44% if the 2012 election where held today. That is not a measure of his popularity, he loses by 13 points to Hillary Clinton which is weaker than current GOP front runners in other polls. It seems to me that Republicans win a referendum on President Obama in swing states.

In the Senate, according to Cook, the Republicans lead in 48 seats (including holdovers) while the Democrats lead in only 45. They would have to sweep 6 of 7 toss ups in order to win which includes taking one of two Republican seats held by Mitch McConnell or the open seat in Georgia. That is a tall order.

As I go over the House numbers, I see a little competitiveness in some seats vacated by Senate candidates in Iowa, Arkansas, and Colorado. We also have a candidate trying to self destruct in NY (11th) and a Democrats have a strong candidate in California. There are precious few seats at risk for Republicans. According to Real Clear Politics, there are only 2 leaning to flipping against Republicans while there are 2 likely or leaning against Democrats. Only 4 Republican seats are truly endangered. A small wave could bump more. The Democrats could lose 15 seats in a wave election which would put them at a post depression low. A more likely scenario is that Republicans regain most of the 8 seats they lost in 2012.

Locally, Republicans need to target the 9th Representative seat. Democratic divisions in the 9th, 10th, and 31st along with Rich Collins (R) in the 41st facing a weakened but not unsalvageable John Atkins gives 4 realistic pick up opportunities. Trey Paradee (D) faces a credible challenge in the 29th and Jeff Speigleman (R) faces a tough challenge in the 11th. Of course Republicans decided not to make life too easy. They wanted a primary in the 32nd where the candidate has the baggage of a recent drug conviction, even going to the length of advertising in the local paper. Instead, they got two primaries where they did not want them. The 34th seems to be an ideological struggle where popular Conservative Don Blakey is faced in a primary with a more conservative Common Core opponent who used to be his 34th district chair, Lyndon Yearick. If Blakey loses the primary, it would likely have reverberations throughout the county and harm local Republican inroads in the Black community. Yearick would have to win swing voters. The 22nd also has a Republican Primary between Incumbent Joe Miro and Michael Smith. Democrats are campaigning in those districts, but they are not likely to produce turnovers to Democrats though they are more competitive than they should be especially if the incumbents somehow lose. The 33rd district seat is more interesting. Some Republicans felt the ailing but popular Harold Peterman should step aside to allow the seat to better defended. Worried about losing the seat, the district chairman shocked many in the party by filing. Ironically, due to Peterman’s lack of mobility, if he wins the primary, the time he would have spent general election campaigning will have been severely curtailed by the late primary. Mr. Charles Postles may have created the situation that he feared if he doesn’t win. Still, Peterman has a solid record and will likey have the sympathy vote. This will be a key race. Another one watched by conservatives is whether Steve Smyk will win his first reelection. He compiled a mixed record which is being exploited not by the Democrat Mayor Marie, but by IPOD insurgent Don Ayotte. The question is will Ayotte be a victor as his supporters believe or a spoiler as his detractors believe? Observers are split and this race will be one to watch. Breaking the super majority could hang on those 3 house races.

Another internal battle is a little noted County Council race where Mike Protack is in a rematch against nominal Republican incumbent Janet Kilpatrick who often undermined the New Castle County’s first county President Republican since the 1990′s. Protack got caught in the Castle, O’Donnell battle even though he didn’t take sides, Kilpatrick’s people did. Castle was popular in the district After her performance, many may want a second chance. Sussex also has a couple of county primaries in the GOP. The Sheriff is an on going issue while the Green/ Butler Register of Wills primary seems to be more about disgraced former state senate candidate Eric Bodenweiser’s wife (Green’s deputy) than any real issues.

The State senate deserves a separate post. It is obvious that Republicans are targeting 3 races and Democrats 1. The Democrats are trying Ernie Lopez and not likely to win. Republicans are fighting uphill battles against 3 Democratic incumbents, Hail Long, Bushweller, and Venables. Venables is a conservative hero, but he is the only seat left in Sussex to challenge for Republicans and he won’t switch parties to give up his chairmanships. This decision has split the Conservative community. Republicans have to sweep all 4 races to take the Senate but only win two (including holding Lopez) to break the supermajority.

Republicans also finally have a credible senate candidate who can create a statewide base vote and give Conservatives and other disaffected voters an outlet to voice their national frustrations. Democrats are battling out a primary for state treasurer as are Republican, but they can’t shift resources completely to protect it or they write off state auditor and maybe crack the door open for Attorney General. With a possible win in two statewide offices and breaking the super majority with an outside shot at the state senate, Republicans in Delaware could emerge out of the wilderness and begin the war for the promised land to make an historic metaphor.

The National Scene-Sunday Political Talk Shows on 7/27/14

They all come on to defend John Kerry….including failure Madeline Albright! Rumors abound that Kerry betrayed Israel last week, click in for the scoop. Much more.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., newly elected House majority whip; Ron Prosor, Israeli ambassador to the U.N.; Hanan Ashrawi of Palestine Liberation Organization executive committee.

MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis.

FACE THE NATION (CBS): Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin; Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., chairman of the House Intelligence Committee; former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

THIS WEEK (ABC): Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas; Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas.

STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Netanyahu; Klimkin; Mohammad Shtayyeh, minister, Palestinian Economic Council for Research and Development; Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser; House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.; Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.; Sen. Chris Murphy, D-Conn.
So to my complete surprise David Gregory of Meet the Press shows a video, provided by Israel I must assume, that shows, in front of our lying eyes, rockets being launched from a UN School.

The guest being interviewed, some Hamas apologizer, was insulted! “David, you do me unfair, showing me this video without preparing me or allowing me to ascertain what is going on.” As I paraphrase.


This is exactly what Israel has to do, to fight back long and hard against the mighty Arab PR machine.

The Arabs, or the sons of camels nutjobs within, use an oppressive religion to control the people. It’s why they don’t allow Christians. Christians follow Christ. Christ was a much better human than Mohammad, who especially liked young girls.

They don’t, and CAN’T have an army. I believe the vast majority of people in the Arab countries would love to have a life like America’s Middle class. Indeed the peoples of every country in the world would like it.

But there’s no constitution thing and elections throughout the world are suspect, at best. It’s difficult for just ONE person to rise in power to kill and dominate the people but usually it’s a group of some sort.

It’s the so-called terrorists in the Muslim world, versus the elite sons of camels Saudis who have all the money. The Saudis finance the terrorists all over the world because….well the terrorists control the population. The disgruntled testosterone-fueled populace amongst the oil-wealthy nothing-burgers, those that might rise up and, say, start a constitutional type gubmint, can join a terrorist group and get all that anger out of their system.

New PictureBetter shoot rockets at Israel, for no reason, than to maybe take control of their own country, build some roads, start a free gubmint, maybe grow an economy.

I mean this is the narrative and has been the narrative since Arafat and it will keep on going until Israel boom, just blows that silly little country off the map. What a waste of money and good peoples’ time Palestine is.

The Arab spin machine is amazing. Man they are able to get people to stand still as they are murdered by mastery of political correctness as people stand still for the burglar’s gunshot lest we insult his abused childhood. They outright buy media outlets….Saudi has a big money investment in Fox News in fact.

It will be up to Israel and the American people to finally figure it out and somehow, someway, state they’ve had enough.-

My fellow Delawarean David Brooks said…I paraphrase, but closely: “I used to think the problem was Washington, ” he said during a round table on Meet the Press…”but now I know the problem is…..”.

Yon reader should guess.


He really said this. The problem is NOT Washington…but US dolts out here in the country.

Seriously. He really said this.

On a couple of other notes, on Face the Nation one of the various Palestinian ministers of something or another, when asked if his country would agree to co-exist with Israel, he answered that Palestine would happily co-exist with the Jews. The host repeated again if Palestine would co-exist with ISRAEL.

The Arab minister answered, simply enough, “No.”

George Stephanopolous was not on Sunday but there was an interesting vignette. The talking heads du jour were asked to name the first president to have visited the Cooperstown baseball museum. The heads all said one or the other Roosevelt but the answer was….TADA….President Obama!

But it was not a photo op, though the host showed a video of Obama holding a baseball bat. Perish the thought.

Over on Candy Crowley, Benjamin Netanyahu did a great job of dealing with bored media who need a debate no matter how absurd.

See, we have a country lobbing rockets, for no defensive reason, at their neighboring country. We have the lobbed at country fighting back by bombing their tormenter’s rocket launch sites, which would be schools and mosques. Israel’s tormenters also force civilians to remain and die by Israel’s retaliatory fire so it will look bad to the world.

Well when you’re a low class army with little discernible military valor, it’s as good a way as any to win a war.

The enemy, in this case Israel, is thwarted or outright stopped by political correctness. This tactic used to work.

Candy, as with all political talk show moderators, can’t just sit and agree with Netanyahu that…well yeah, Hamas shouldn’t be throwing rockets but dag don’t you think the world won’t like Israel after seeing many dead babies?

Which, ahem, is the plan.

So Netanyahu launches into a common sense narrative that baffles those who must make an argument in order to keep their job: that to allow such an awful tactic as using innocents as shields should stop self-defense is to allow the worst amongst us to be always the victor.


Even Candy had no rebut.

Madeline Albright comes on and beams as she informs us what a wonderful job John Kerry is doing and that’s a laugh.

I been doing some extensive reading on John Kerry’s alleged “cease-fire”, which he never even presented to the Israelis.

I find this so suspicious.

The cease fire Kerry proposed gave Hamas everything it wanted and nothing to Israel. Then Kerry flew off to Paris and met with representatives from Turkey, Qatar and France. Again, Israel was not even included in these “cease fire” talks.

A sure sign that this administration does not want to live in peace with Israel.

But they’d be happy co-existing with the Jews.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Live blogging Sussex county council tomorrow. Compiling lots of tidbits. You got any? Send them my way.

Carson 2016?

There has been lots of buzz about Dr. Ben Carson running for president in 2016. For example, this was a recent interview on America’s Newsroom with Dr. Carson:

Bill Hemmer: “You know, you turn on the radio and you hear this group drafting you to run for the White House, to run for the presidency, I mean what is your view on that right now?”

Ben Carson: “Well, you know I certainly didn’t give it much thought early on, but every place I go    now, there is just hundreds of people so enthusiastic about it, I can’t simply ignore it. I am starting to think about it, but it certainly wasn’t in my bucket list when I retired.”

Bill Hemmer: “Still?”

Ben Carson: “But I’m thinking about it.”

These words from Dr. Carson have many crossing their fingers. Millions across America are praying he runs in 2016. But why?

Benjamin Carson didn’t have it easy early in life. He, along with his brother Curtis were raised by his mother, Sonja in the inner city of Detroit. Through years of hard work and great trials, he journeyed to where no one would expect, becoming the chief pediatric neurosurgeon at John Hopkins.

Not only his courage and diligence, but also his experience of what poverty in America is like, make him an excellent candidate to represent the spirit and people of the United States.


A Government Feared and Distrusted

In the desert of Utah is a government data center.  The center, comprised of long, low buildings spanning 1.5 million square feet, is filled with super-powered computers storing unbelievably massive amounts of information gathered secretly.

What information is being collected?

Information about you, Joe Average citizen.  Your phone calls and emails are being stored, all in the name of protecting our country from potential terrorists–terrorists like you, even though your call or email is as banal as, “Honey I’ll be home in 30 minutes.”  You probably have never said or typed, “I’m planning to bomb the Freedom Tower.”
The news that our own government secretly collected the telephone records of millions of U.S. customers of Verizon under a top-secret court order broke last summer when the chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee outed the court order. The Obama administration has defended the National Security Agency’s “need” to collect such records, despite the huge overreach and invasion of citizens’ privacy.

Just a few weeks ago, a diverse coalition against government spying on US citizens lofted an airship over the huge data center.  Michael Boldin, executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center, one of the groups protesting the overreach of our government, stated: “This coalition gives great hope for the future because it shows that people across the political spectrum can set aside differences to work together for common cause.”

Boldin is right.

People of all political persuasions are right to be concerned about the invasion of their privacy and the potential misuse of personal information.  They are right to distrust a government that indiscriminately gathers each and every communication of American citizens for murky purposes still unknown.  Everyone should work together to stop the abuses, to reclaim their constitutional rights and tell the government, “Hey, my calls are none of your business. Get out of my life.”

Truth is, most Americans do not believe the government won’t use the information it’s gathering for good purposes only.  Information is power.  Knowledge about private affairs can be used for bad ends.

There’s more.

Recently, it was discovered that information gathered not so secretly by the IRS has been used to target certain groups who dare to criticize our government.  Non-profit groups with names including words like  “Tea Party,”   “patriot,” and “conservative,” were deliberately singled out for endless bureaucratic foot dragging while more liberal organizations passed inspection with ease.

The IRS scandal is possibly an even worse case of this administration’s abuse of its own citizens than the NSA scandal.  Joe Average citizen, you not only have reason to fear and distrust the NSA’s invasion of your personal life for who knows what obscure reasons.  You also have cause to fear and distrust the IRS because you now know you may be targeted for your political and/or religious beliefs.

Targeting you, Joe Average, for tedious audits or worse if you disagree with Obama and his Democrat allies is a new thing– and it has happened time and again under Obama, aided by his Democrat allies in the IRS.  The agency has been intimidating and silencing critics of the Obama administration, making this particular scandal one of the most dangerous in US history. If the targeting by the IRS of political opponents is not enough to make your hair stand on end, the fact your personal financial information may be automatically shared with the Columbian, Russian and Chinese governments should be enough to make your hair fall out.  This past Monday, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development released the full version of the global standard for automatic exchange of information.

That “automatic exchange” could include your financial information, which in turn could make you vulnerable to corrupt government officials of any given country, including our own–officials who might have no particular hesitation to use the info to identify you as a political opponent or even to steal your identity, drain your funds or target you for kidnapping.

And just who would be in charge of overseeing the intergovernmental exchange of financial information and seeing to it that strict confidentiality was maintained?

Why, none other than the same IRS that already has shown it will target the Obama administration’s political opponents. The same IRS whose sole interest is in raising tax revenue, not in preserving your constitutional rights.  The same IRS that is supposed to oversee the administration of ObamaCare, acting as enforcer of the risibly named Affordable Care Act.

One more example of a governmental agency’s egregious overreach, one that is particularly pertinent to the farmers in Delaware’s Sussex and Kent counties, but which could potentially affect nearly everyone: The Environmental Protection Agency is seeking to expand its authority to cover “waters,” including the regulation of nearly all ditches, natural or manmade; flowing or dried up; temporary or permanent, including depressions in the earth that might allow the collecting of rain water.  The proposed regulations are so onerous, they could literally make farming of some areas impossible.  But if you don’t comply, the EPA could label you a “polluter” whose wages should be garnished.  Case example: the agency has threatened fines of up to $75,000 per day on Wyoming homeowner Andy Johnson. He built a pond on his rural property. Think twice before you build that koi pond in your own backyard–or collect rain water on your property, like Gary Harrington, an Oregonian now serving a 30 day sentence for violating water regulations.

An encyclopedia would be required to list all the examples of executive and governmental agency overreach.

But note the theme: the examples above are violations of Americans trust by non-elected governmental agencies.  You, Joe Average, have no say in what is decreed.  You are not represented when thousands of regulations are enacted.

Bureaucratic agencies like the IRS, the NSA and the EPA often operate virtually independently of congressional oversight.  Collectively, they can invade your privacy, take away your property, hijack your assets, destroy your reputation and even land you in jail. They rule you; not you, them.  You are right to fear and distrust them.  They certainly do not fear you because they are not accountable to you, the voter.

It’s all very dangerous stuff.  It is certainly not the characteristic of a free republic filled with independent men and women. As Thomas Jefferson once wrote, “When the people fear their government, there is tyranny.  When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

And liberty is what it is all about.

An anonymous, unaccountable and faceless bureaucratic elite is dictating to Americans, destroying trust.  It is time to reduce or to entirely eliminate the power of unconstitutional agencies unaccountable to you, the US citizen with unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The issue is pretty clear.

You and I have sacred rights outlined by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Bureaucratic entities offer no rights, merely a plethora of regulations that stifle and thwart economic creativity and personal liberty.

It is time to earn back the trust of Americans by returning to the simplicity of constitutional, representative government.

–Kevin Wade and Fay Voshell

Kevin Wade is a Republican candidate for the office of U.S Senator from Delaware.  Fay Voshell is a writer from Wilmington, DE.

Link to American Thinker: http://www.americanthinker.com/2014/07/a_government_feared_and_distrusted.html





House Rules Committee Moves Forward with Suing President Obama

Congress has long complained about the Imperial Presidency that started in the Great Depression and never went away. Now the House Rules Committee has settled on a new strategy for challenging it. Appealing to the Courts. The resolution will go before the full House next week.

Why not take other actions? Useless gestures like impeachment when there is zero chance of removal would only embolden their foes once it was defeated and enrage the President’s voting block. It is likely the only way Republicans can lose this November and hand power back to the very man they claim to be trying to stop. The we should act on principle crowd are not advocating principle or they should have advocated the same thing for every President in the last 50 years. Suicide is not a principled action. Try moving toward impeachment and the discouraged Democratic base will wake up and turn out in an off year like we have never seen. They will take the House and keep the Senate and pick up all of the close governorships. If the objective is restoring the Constitution, giving power to those who oppose that through making useless gestures is not a principle position. It is counter to principle and aiding and abetting those who want to undermine Americanism. There is a saying, do not strike the king unless you kill him. You don’t impeach a President to make a statement, pass a censorship resolution for that, you do it to remove him from office which requires a conviction in a trial in the Senate with a 2/3′s vote. Cutting off funding is a viable option, but when the media seems to be willing to blame Republicans for the President’s party refusing to pass anything, let alone negotiate, it seems to less effective than it should be. What do you do when you have only one half of one branch of government?

Enter a strategy of having the Courts look at specific constitutional complaints. The administration has fared poorly in the Courts recently. The President is disapproved of by a majority of the public. The bureaucracy is trained to obey the courts. They may choose the administration over Congress, but contempt of court may mean fines or even a few months in jail. The personal risk means that bureaucrats will choose the courts over the administration.

The Courts are also non-political. Any action taken by Congress is viewed in political terms. A court ruling is on the legal merits. Only the most partisan observers will keep up the charade of it being a political attack.

It is an imperfect strategy. The Courts do not like to be drug into political fights or do for Congress what it should do for itself. Some things are not clear constitutional issues, they should be avoided and handled through the political process. The House must not use this haphazardly. It needs to be a series of surgical strikes. If done properly, I support this move.

2016 Rand Paul GOP Front Runner

Who is the Republican who polls best against Hillary Clinton and in swing states? Who leads the pack currently in preference polls? It is the same person, Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul. He wins Colorado, ties Iowa, still loses Florida. The pundits still don’t think he can win, but now they are starting to doubt conventional wisdom. They keep speaking of his father, but unlike his father, he has courted conservatives for the last 4 years, has solid tea party support, and keeps the majority of the libertarian faction. He is the most popular statewide official in Kentucky. Winning statewide requires you to develop a discipline for messaging and coalition building. He is taking that nationally and it is paying off.

I always thought there will be a President Paul, but that it would be Rand Paul. I am not sure if 2016 is his year. He is still green and will have only one term in the Senate. He is still relatively young at 51 though older than the incumbent was. Even if one of the other front runners wins this time such as Huckabee, Ryan, Christie, or Bush, he is still in position to win even 10 years from now. Ted Cruz could be a different story, he is perceived to be similar enough that after 8 years, Americans tend to want a change even if they stick with the same party.

It is a long time between now and then. Senator Obama proved that a lot can happen.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_7/24/14___Edition-

Let’s talk about the 9-12 Delaware Patriots. I attended a meeting recently and got all the scoop.

I’d been wanting to go to the Sussex county chapter of the 9-12 Patriots for over a year now but they insist on scheduling meetings on Thursday nights, which is choir practice night.

But I had an open night so went to the Independence community hall and was pleasantly surprised.

Anyway, before the meat of the article, I got some scoop on the upcoming 9-12 Patriots scheduled Sheriff’s debate which is hurting because of another scheduled affair. Seems what is (snort) referred to as the “Karl Rove” wing of the Republican party is having a fundraiser for Ken Simpler at Ron Sams’ home.

Heh. The Karl Rove wing.

I didn’t really interview anyone on this background but as I understand it the 9-12 patriots were started by Glen Beck, based on the concept that America was a more resolute and determined nation the day after 9-11-01.

New Picture (22)

The group is affiliated with no political party and does not endorse political candidates.

Though several attendees assured me they are not happy with Glen’s current sapsucker position on the border children, and they shouldn’t be. Glen Beck is such an unpredictable fellow it must be difficult to deal with the strange PR he brings to the table.

Whatever the issue with its founder, I have consistently been impressed with both the Kent and Sussex chapters of this group. The group also has the absolute best political lobbyist, Jim Atkins and his sidekick Ken Currie is personable and knowledgeable as well.

Folks this group did an amazing job this past legislative year. At the 7/17/14 meeting Atkins presented an amazing compendium of all the legislation, both proposed, passed or failed, who introduced the bill, what the 9-12 Delaware Patriots supported, which ones they did not. Maybe I can get a link to this document, or a way to have it emailed, for yon reader.

For example:


We opposed—TABLED IN COMMITTEE(A panic alarm would actually slow down response while the police ascertained what the threat was and where it actually was.)

Like the above, each bill acted on in some fashion was listed, telling the reader the bill number, the gist of the bill in short form. In parens in the first paragraph is the name of the legislator who introduced the bill.

In the second paragraph it tells the position of the Patriots, then in caps the disposition of the bill. In parens after this is a short and succinct reason why the Patriots took the position detailed at the beginning of the paragraph.

I am just so impressed and hope the 9-12 Delaware Patriots appreciate the talents of these two men. And also for the membership, lest I leave out. This past weekend this group led a demonstration along Route 13 in Dover over this border children issue.


This is a great group and I hope I can go to more meetings, perhaps even join up.

For now I express my admiration and thanks for all your hard work.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : I have no idea right now. But I will be back.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__7/23/14__Edition-

Ruth Briggs-King performs well in debate, Bodenweiser case to be re-tried. Yeah, let’s take a look at that I-495 bridge joke and how one contractor might have caused it all. More but be warned, snark involved.
Ruth Briggs-King and Rappa Debate

The debate was sponsored by the Delaware Manufactured Homeowners Association and already I got an attitude.

First, there is no “yellow sided little rancher” housing association so right there you don’t have a community issue. Instead you have a group that exists to represent the TYPE of housing lived in.

Which seems odd to me. The bigger issue with the DMHA is that they want to demand that state government control the rates the landowners of the manufactured housing parks can charge, one step closer to socialism.

Instead of, say, teaching those buying manufactured housing that they might be entering in a many-yeared land-lease agreement that could be a problem as land rental rates increase-these folks would rather force the government to control rates charged by the nasty landowners.

King’s opponent-Rappa, brags that she’ll do a better job because she would be part of the majority party.

She’s got a lot of bravado, eh?

Imagine your argument that you are the best person for the job because THERE ARE MORE OF YOU!

Bodenweiser Case to Be Retried

Folks whatever you might think of Eric Bodenweiser, no human being should be subject to the torture this state is putting him through.

Bodenweiser case to be retried.

Yes, he was charged with doing something sexual with a “child”, this some 20+ years ago. This case has had quite a bit of publicity as the man was arrested on the day after his election, an action that looks suspicious right there.

Well they couldn’t arrest Eric BEFORE the election because his accuser, a felon living in the shadows in Florida, would not testify. After Bodenweiser got elected this felon gets a case of civil loyalty and decides he would testify.

Stinks….it just stinks. And don’t forget that the citizens in Bodenweiser’s district….SD19, ELECTED HIM. We have a vested interest in a man elected by the people suddenly arrested the day after his election.


The charges began at 128 and eventually the jury culled them down to ….get this…JUST ONE!

A third degree charge of “offensive touching”. And THAT resulted in a hung jury!

And they’re going to try this again?

I don’t see any victims coming out of the woodwork while all this was going on. We got one questionable guy who refused to testify until there was no choice or Eric got to keep his duly elected job.

Stinks, it all just stinks.

I will be investigating this and come back in the future.

Because if they do this to Eric Bodenweiser, they will do it to you.
Ken Simpler Got Drunk In College

As I’ve written before in this column, this strange Republican primary race for state treasurer between two very good candidates is odd.

Understand I think everyone who wants to run should be allowed to run and if Sher Valenzuela is ambitious and wants to knock Ken Simpler out, have at it.

But it sure seems suspiciously antagonistic and now we got a college incident thrown in with accusations of hedge fund participation and a plan to open a casino-all against Simpler.

Simpler comes out against Valenzuela and while I love a good fight, I’d rather it be between a Democrat and a Republican.

“While my opponents will want to popularize the notion I was sentence to serve 30 days, the judge was making a statement. He knew he was making a statement. It was reversed, and I did community service and paid a $500 fine.”

Check It Out

The Delaware Hall of Shame

Compiled by the Campaign for Liberty, it’s clever and a great resource.
Let’s Talk About That Bridge on I-495

Oh my goodness isn’t this little gem growing all out of proportion?

Of course this fits the agenda for President Obama, who made a visit to our tilting bridge into a grand photo-op.

But the story is darker and more sinister, is it not?

New Picture (16)

New Picture (17)
An investigation found that someone dumped 55 thousand tons of dirt under the bridge causing the piers to shift and crack. Keogh Contracting owns the dirt and is helping to haul it away, but that much dirt doesn’t just appear overnight. It has to be approved with government permits, especially since much of the dirt was piled high on state owned land.

Copeland is calling for a federal investigation. “DENREC is pointing at DELDOT, DELDOT is pointing at The City of Wilmington, the City of Wilmington is pointing at who knows what,” he says. “And at the end of the day there are so many hands there and there is no accountability.  The state of Delaware has no vested interest in finding that they were at fault.”


Seems there’s a contractor who was using that land around the base of that bridge to pile up dirt to sell. The land, coincidentally, was owned by the contractor’s father.

But it doesn’t stop there. Those contractors had permission to pile up that dirt. Where did the dirt come from? Who gave the permission?

More millions wasted and everybody keeps their job.
What’s With This Book?

Banned book

The book title is “The Miseducation of Cameron Post” and the Cape Henlopen school district has removed this book from its recommended summer reading list.

Which is all causing a bit of a flap in that this book is a tale of a lesbian teen sent to a camp to take all the gay-ness out of her.

This book is endorsed by a gay group known as “Afterellen.com” and I’m guessing the result is an unhappy lesbian girl mistreated and abused by her bible captors who try to make her normal.

Or something.

The reason this book was removed, per the school board, was its excessive profanity.

This whole issue is causing a bit of a flap and keeping eyes upon.
Medical Examiner Fired-Steve Smyk Takes a Bow

Delaware has a new “Division of Forensic Science” with the old OCME now closed.

The state stands to lose a lot of cases due to the mishandling of forensic evidence, goodness, a Delaware official not doing his job, will wonders ever cease?

Mine State Rep. Steve Smyk got a little glory, this former Delaware State Trooper was a co-sponsor of SB 241.

State Rep. Steve Smyk, R-Lewes-Milton, was a co-sponsor of the bipartisan SB 241 and has been a leading critic of the performance of the OCME. A retired Delaware State Police Trooper, Rep. Smyk said in addition to its other shortcomings, the OCME had been largely unresponsive in supplying testimony required to prosecute drug cases. He said state officials need to be mindful of that necessity as they establish the Division of Forensic Science.

Kudos to Steve!
Ending with a Shocking Revelation

Seems tolls have gone up along Route one and I learned that under Delaware state law, DelDOT has the authority to set toll rates.

So President Obama gets mad at Delaware for not taking his border children, calls up Deldot, has them raise the toll rate to $100 a trip.

Kind of like NJ’s  Chris Christie and the bridge.

Do not think it can’t happen, giving all these unelected bureaucrats all this power.

I will say I tole ya so.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Hoping to do an in depth analysis of this Bodenweiser decision .

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_7/22/14__Edition-

Mark Baker and Alex Pires want to do amazing things with Mark’s family’s farm. A public hearing at the Sussex county council meeting on this date and the “public” had some crazy thoughts on the matter. In this live Blog we discuss this and the “Public Integrity Commission”.

So I watch the Sussex county council as it is broadcast live over the Internet. The more interesting item on the agenda happened way late after the meeting, more on this later.

Some routine tidbits first, below the grants applied for on this date:

1. Lewes Public Library for the Annual Lewes Creative Writers’ Conference.
2. Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford for the Riverwalk “Freedom” Festival.
3. West Side New Beginnings for anti-bullying program.
4. Rehoboth Beach Film Society for the Film Festival.
5. Delaware Seashore Preservation Foundation to restore historical tower.
6. Town of Millsboro for welcome signs.

The lady from the state Public Integrity Commission spoke before the council. As it would turn out, Delaware has such a thing and the notion gives me the creeps.

It reminds me of that Department of Anti-Vice type thing the Saudis have that left young girls to burn alive in a fire lest they be let out without head dress.

But I exaggerate.

On the surface the Public Integrity Commission but yon reader please note that to have gifts to public officials scrutinized, to check campaign contributions, to insure that Delaware employees aren’t “double-dipping” costs the state almost $200,000 a year for staff and office supplies.

I did not know this.

It would seem that each individual county can create its on integrity commission but the standards must be no less than the state’s.  Vance Phillips suggested that the Sussex county council take a review course on all of this so we shall see.  Sussex county, for now, is NOT going to create its own integrity commission but knowing the dishonesty of this state and how much they despise Sussex county, it should at least be considered.

Now about this big country-western festival that Alex Pires and Mark Baker want to build around the corner from me.

First, I know Mark Baker, once spent a wine and cheese dinner with him, his wife and children, at our church. Silly me I took the opportunity to query Mark about propane tank costs when here he is partnering with Pires to turn his farm into a big event arena. I know Alex Pires from….well who down here don’t know Alex Pires?

New Picture (12)

As I understand it, an LLC operated by Mark Baker and Alex Pires seeks to obtain a conditional use permit for the Baker farm located :

ALL that certain tract, piece or parcel of land, lying and being situate in Indian River Hundred, Sussex County, Delaware, and lying north of Road 302A (Avalon Road), westof Road 48 (Hollyville Road), south of Road 47 (Johnson Road), and east of Road 296 (Lawson Road)…

This conditional use of land seems to affect the community of Independence located along Route 5 and Avalon Woods with a Georgetown mailing address. This proposal would most definitely affect me as there was much discussion on the impact on Route 9. This farm is about eight miles from my community.

Not that I felt any need to protest this conditional use request because…well I think it’s a good idea.

What they want to do is convert that land into some sort of bucolic staging event for, at most eight, at least two, major multi-day festivals a bit like Firefly put on in Dover last year.

As Pires described it a country-western music weekend would begin on a Wednesday and end on a Monday. The same for a multi-day folk/rock music event. Pires wants to put on a few charity events on the property but will eschew these events if the council so deems.


The farm would have to be modified to accept campers and tents. Such as gravel roads, stages, bathrooms, sewer lines, and all the frou-frou of having many people in one spot. For the record the amount of land requested out of a 1,000+ acre plot is estimated to be at approximately 500 acres.

I was just in the community of Independence last week, pretty community with huge houses a handshake apart. For sure those residents don’t want this.

It was a public hearing and because I don’t have a life I sat and listened to it all. Goodness various members of the public warned about noise damage to beetles, gasoline generators violating time limits of motor operating time, ground water, sewer issues and the other changes to a farm required to property host an event this big.

According to Pires, such long weekends of certain music aficionados attract many families and the sorts of folks one wants to invite to their community.

One public commenter snorted that idea and asserted they would be drunken rabble rousers that will disturb those on Ethan Allen Drive.

I am open to the idea of doing this festival thing and feel a right to my input due to my closeness to the event locale. In fact, I’m disappointed that Sussex county lost punkin-chunkin.

Understanding that nobody dislikes and curses the tourists more than myself. But I love them, yes I do, as they keep my property taxes down.

I do have a certain amount of loyalty to Sussex county as the final home I will ever live in, as the locale that my granddaughter and only heir will grow up in, where my daughter recently moved from Baltimore.

Yes, I’d like Sussex county to succeed, to be vibrant and attractive like our beaches that attract money from other parts of the country right here into Sussex county.

Of course I don’t want to make my home and its surround into a “circus” (a term used by a lot of the public commenters).

As it was, mighty DELDOT testified before the council and seemed to think the ingress and egress would be doable so long as it oversees the logistics.

George Cole asked if the farm land is tax exempt (which it is) will this change that exemption. Which is a good question. Todd, county administrator, said he would get back to the council on that.

I really liked Alex Pires’ presentation. He graciously acquiesced to any concerns of the council. He expressed a passion for the event and the jobs and prosperity his events would bring.

The result was that public comment would remain open only for a DELDOT presentation that would be made next week.

We’re keeping an eye on this.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Got some tidbits soon and an update and commentary on the Bodenweiser case. Is a new case really something Delaware should be spending its money on?

National Scene 7/21/14-Sunday Political Talk Shows-John Kerry, all the time with all the excuses.

But wait! Diane Feinstein weighs in with what could be the most wisdom shared on this day while foreign policy expert Carly Fiorina disagrees.


FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Secretary of State John Kerry; Sens. Ted Cruz, R-Texas; Robert Menendez, D-N.J.; and Bob Corker, R-Tenn.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Kerry; Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.
FACE THE NATION (CBS): Kerry; Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y.; former U.S. special Mideast envoy Martin Indyk.
THIS WEEK (ABC): Kerry; Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich.
STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Kerry; Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.; Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas; Robert Turner of the main U.N. aid agency in Gaza.

Yes yon ladies and gems it was a fun-filled action-packed Sunday as John Kerry took to the airways everywhere.

And, to be fair, he didn’t do too bad.

New PictureHe did get in an on-air grouch fest with Fox’s Chris Wallace, this over what had been a live mike incident that had Kerry frothing.

On Fox’s show Kerry said a bunch of drunken Russians were handling the wreckage of the plane. Which is interesting as…why even mention the inebriation? Could Kerry be setting Putin up to blame the whole thing on too much vodka?

Ted Cruz spoke of the dangers of these children at the border, pooh-poohing President Obama’s request for more money. It’s not more money they need, Cruz asserted.

To end this crisis Obama needs to eliminate that executive order he made in 2011-yeah don’t believe that nonsense that President Bush did it-that grants amnesty to children allegedly trying to escape bad conditions.

On Meet the Press David Gregory declared this was now the worst time for Russian-American relations. Oh No said John Kerry-whose botox didn’t look too bad-Russia has been a great partner, helping out with Iran and everything.

Candy Crowley had a couple of interesting guests who, tada, revealed some intriguing truths. Diane Feinstein, California senator and member of the intelligence committee said that arming the Ukrainian rebels is not the solution. This battle will be settled diplomatically or by a cease fire.

Carly Fiorina, whose claim to fame is running Hewlett-Packard into the ground, shouts that America should be giving those Ukrainian rebels more than MRE’s.

The best dialogue of the day was between Wolf Blitzer and Bibi Netanyahu. Bibi, of course, is a master of words and he spared no details. Netanyahu went on about something called a “P5+1″, which has something to do with Iran and nuclear weapons. It would seem jolly ole Russia is knee deep in the Iran nonsense.

Lindsay Graham and Ted Cruz represented the Republicans this past Sunday while John Kerry did sort of okay representing the current administration.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Live blogging sussex county council tomorrow, lots of tidbits I’m still working on, some rumors and snark.

What Do They Know?

It is no secret that I am NOT in the Snowden is a traitor camp. I am not in the Snowden is a hero camp either. I am grateful that he broke the dam even if I do not approve of his methods. The man did something. I think he would have been more patriotic to get that information to Senator Rand Paul not let the world have access. If the information is too dangerous for the American government to have by your logic, how is it better to let tyrants around the world access it through wikileaks? The idea that I can trust terrorists, the Russians, the Chinese, and others who kill their own people with vital information that I don’t trust my own government having is bizarre. I think Snowden undid a lot of the good he accomplished by calling attention to secret programs by carelessly handing our information to others. Of course if the U. S. really wanted cared, we would have made a deal for him to return the info and allow him back. They want to get him more than they care about what he has so that means the real stuff is still safe with them. This was an embarrassment, nothing more.

What do they really know? If I knew, I would likely disappear not be writing on a popular blog. I am no threat. I promise, I know nothing. The servers storing this blog can not worry about it.

Why do I ask? The NSA is building a new data center in Utah that is 5 times the size of the Capitol and has a massive power plant. It appears to me that a million pages is nothing. Is this overseas intel? If it is, than why does the President hear about the airline crash from the Russian President first? Why do we seem surprised so often about overseas issues? Do we have data and not know how to analyze it? The Islamic State of Syria and Iraq is not a threat. Really? Is my phone call to my cousin in Germany one?

I don’t need to know what they know, but I do want to know that my elected representatives know and have oversight. To have confidence in our government, there must be limits on power. We must have checks and balances. If a government agency polices itself, eventually no one will police it.

The Loyal Opposition Asks, Who Has Been In Charge the last 5 and 1/2 Years?

President Obama and Governor Jack Markell stood at I-495 Thursday and panned the horrible state of the infrastructure in Delaware and around the nation. It is a terrible problem. I am glad they discovered it after 5 years. I say 5 because President Obama recognized it when he first came into office, he wanted to fund shovel ready projects to stimulate the economy. Most of the money in his stimulus went elsewhere and it seemed to drop off his list of top priorities.

At least President Obama can claim almost 3 years of an opposition House (though certainly arguably), but Governor Markell has a super majority in both houses. Of course the Governor will claim that if he got his gas tax hike this year, all would be well. It still begs the fact that he ignored the problem for 5 years, went for an unrealistic proposal that even his own party couldn’t buy in an all or nothing package. If he proposed a little toll increase and 2 cents at the pump, he may have gotten somewhere. His proposal was out of touch with Delawareans who are already hurting from his policies of higher electric rates thanks to Bloom, Renewable Portfolio Standards, and RGGI. A ten cent hike at the pump was never going to fly nor should it. Even worse, the money in the trust fund has been mismanaged to the benefit of high dollar Democrat donors. The I-495 bridge problem was not caught by state inspectors, it was a call in. Inspectors let the dirt and debris build up for years.

If Delaware’s infrastructure is in poor shape, take responsibility for it.

Israel Ready for Business

Israel’s fight against Hamas is our fight against Islamic extremists. May they succeed in the ground offensive to eliminate the tunnels of terror.

Well, anti-Zionists, you finally have an on topic thread. Just know that you were wrong yesterday, are today, and will be tomorrow, but thanks to the idea of the rule of law given us by the Jews, we have a legacy of freedom so have at it. Keep our rules.

President Obama’s Visit to Delaware turns into an International Embarrassment.

Today, might of been a tragedy or something. A plane went down. I only care if Americans are on board, my national security team is checking on that. Hundreds of foreigners die not a priority, Americans die it becomes a tragedy. The visit by President Obama to Delaware is being panned around the world for his opening remarks. Then he has a 32k a plate fundraiser in NYC. It is a pr disaster. No wonder some of people around the world dislike our government.

In fairness to him, he just found out and was reacting off the cuff. How the staff allows a President to walk out and not have a statement and not remind him to at least have a moment of silence before his prepared remarks is beyond reason. It shows me that he choose poorly. I have often said the President is poorly served by his staff. I have never been more sure than today.

” May have been a tragedy, we are seeing if Americans were on board that is my priority”. If the Ukrainians felt insecure before, they now know they should. The U. S. will not protect them. Our promises were only as good as the President who made them not his successor. I bet they wish they didn’t give up those nukes on the word of the U. S. No treaty, no real security.

As an American, I feel a little embarrassed today. Instead of my head held high, I feel like we showed a stunning lack of empathy. Sure we can’t do much in the Ukrainian situation, but some measure of concern will at least keep Russia wondering. If Russia feels like we couldn’t care less, we invite real problems. I have never felt that a President embarrassed us on the world state in a time of tragedy until now. Michelle Obama said years ago that for the first time in her adult lifetime she was proud to be an American with the election of her husband. Today, some of us feel a little embarrassed that we are so represented.

Our friend, MP Daniel Hannan may have said it best. He tweeted, “Listening to Obama’s statement on the airline tragedy, my mind went back to Reagan’s 31 years ago. How America’s leaders have shrunk.”

Afghans take note. At least get a deal that goes to the end of 2017

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__7/17/14__Edition-

Rob Arlett, a husband, a father, a military veteran, an active RD in the Sussex GOP, entrepreneur, and now, come the fall, a Sussex county councilman? He’s handsome, he’s fluid, he’s optimistic and he has a great smile. Come read what he has to say.

**I must note that Rob has informed me that his oldest son is 23 years old, not 25 as I stated.  Rob has been married to his wife for 25 years which may be the source of my confusion.

Arlett still looks too young to have a 23 year old son, I’m jus’ sayin’.


The small teeny tiny problem I have with Rob Arlett has nothing to do with him.

New Picture (16)In fact, goodness, I met with him before the recent Sussex GOP meeting and was so impressed I wondered how he could NOT win. Further, I’d right along been impressed by Rob as he is generally bouncy and full of verve at the monthly GOP meetings. He always has an RD presentation and he had been serving (maybe he still is) as Chair of the fundraising committee and hey, money was raised.

If one had to say be on the lookout for an up and comer, it would be Rob Arlett.

The very first thing, as I’d listened to an interview between Arlett and Susan Monday, that crossed my mind that he had to be lying about having a son age 25. I thought Rob to be in his mid-30′s and after seeing him up closer, I still think he doesn’t look a day older than 40.

But he does have a son 25 years of age and a son 15 years of age and this fact is important, more on this later.

I told Rob that I’d listened to the entire interview on the link he sent me and, well, in broad principle I agreed with everything he said.

Arlett did not, as I expected, speak to allegations against his incumbent opponent, Vance Phillips . Rob did discuss the uncomfortable incident of having the Sussex GOP advisory board vote to not support Phillips due to an embarrassing civil litigation case due to be heard soon. Current councilman Vance Phillips was allegedly accused of rape and the victim’s affidavit somehow did get released to the public. Phillips has not, however, been arrested or faced any criminal charges by the Delaware DA Beau Biden.

Rob told me that it was a citizen who came forth to an RD and asked what the party was going to do about Phillips and his upcoming run. There were concerns that the Sussex county council already has a Democrat in the form of Joan Deaver. Democrat Bob Wheatly might be a powerful force against both a physically and perceptually damaged Vance Phillips.

It seemed to me a roundabout story for Rob to cast any blame for the Advisory Board’s decision to not endorse Vance in the upcoming election far away from him.

It’s no secret that this Blogger does not subscribe to the notion that incumbents are precious and should not be challenged. I say they ought to be able to present their case else they become Blue Blood Elites no longer answering to those who elected them.

Having a member of a Board that cast a vote against the fellow that member will run against strikes even me as an odd note.

New Picture (15)

Arlett asserts that his decision to run for the Sussex county 5th councilmatic district was gradual and was not firm when he cast his vote not to endorse Phillips.

Rob is okay with the chicken plant trying to be put in the old Vlasic plant in what would be his council district.

He will continue to serve as RD in his 38th district while he runs for county council and he has the endorsement and encouragement of all his Eds.

Pleasing to my ears was Rob’s declaration that he does not trust Common Core and considers that such as education should be kept as close to home as possible in as many instances as possible.

Rob told me the oft-repeated mantra in Sussex county that the schools are dragging their feet in implementing Common Core and I know this to be true.

Still it’s not working as Rising Star Greg Lavelle voted to make the Common Core testing standard replace the current DCAS…one more giant step to Common Core.

“You’ll have to ask Lavelle about that,” Rob told me as I questioned why a Republican joined the Socialist Democrats. I was left knowing Arlett was no proponent of Common Core and his youngest son, indeed, would be subject to its mind-numbing horrors as would my granddaughter.

So what’s my tiny nag of a problem with Arlett? And understand he would not be my councilman.

George Cole endorses Rob.

I have issues with George Cole and I’m hoping that Rob, if elected, doesn’t feel an obligation to pay Cole back. Cole plucked my last nerve when he voted with Deaver for a local ordinance when a state law already existed.

I have great resentment for those who cavalierly pass laws when laws already exist and Rob Arlett, should you get elected, don’t forget your promise of low taxes and a new beginning.

Oh, and about those new beginnings you told Susan Monday about Rob, as a reason for a citizen to vote for you over, say, Vance….nobody on that council is more old hat than George Cole.

Join Rob, his family, and supporters on Tuesday, July 22 in Western Sussex County at the Laurel Park Gazebo beginning at 4PM then the caravan will proceed immediately after to Eastern Sussex County in Dagsboro at the Clayton Theatre at 5:30PM where he and his family will be joined by additional supporters.

Let the fun and excitement begin. Rob shall share how he plans on “Preserving the Past while Planning for the Future.”

I think Vance Phillips is going to have a heck of a race because Arlett does bring a breeze of youth, enthusiasm, good ideas and strong beliefs.

It should be interesting.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : A bunch of tidbits with some real laughs as Chris Coons bends into a pretzel to save women from mean employers and struggles to fix the 495 bridge. More and even more but warning, lots of snark.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_7.16.14___Edition-

Sussex county council moving forward to create a “low impact” park in the part of Sussex county no one ever goes to. How comes the Delaware Senate won’t intercept state tax refunds for Delawareans who didn’t pay their county taxes? Live Blogging the Sussex county meeting on 7.15.14

The Sussex county council meeting on 7.15.14 was intriguing indeed .

During the legislative update Godwin announced that the 2014 session of the Delaware legislature was done and they shall return next year to make more laws to oppress and distress us.

Godwin suggested that perhaps NEXT legislative session the council would be better served to go directly to the state Senate to get HB37 passed.

As I am to understand, this law would allow the state to intercept tax refund checks to Delawareans who owe back property taxes and other charges collected by the county.

It seems like such a simple thing but Godwin said that while it gets through the House the Senate can’t seem to get it passed.

Why? Hmmmmm. I’m thinking a lot of Newcastle citizens are in arrears for many taxes and the same so many get that income tax credit. It the counties go trying to collect monies due via state tax refunds a lot of folks wouldn’t get money they’ve come to count on.

Just a guess. You can believe the state of Delaware demands that feds intercept refunds to citizens who owe taxes to the state.

I’m jus’ sayin’.

Joan Deaver offered her compliments on the wonderful Delaware legislature and said we all should be grateful for them.

She really said this.

Folks I only got up to this Woodland Park Design Project. Giving me credit, I did some more research.

Yeah it’s a kind of boring subject but I’m about to make it interesting. The result of this bit of local legislative action are very telling about where Sussex county is heading.

New Picture (8)So the county had to buy a former golf course due to some dredging project and partnership with the state. Partnerships are big deals in all this and a real bore. But it’s as good a way to spread the wealth as any.

The stuff pulled up from the dredge were to be put on the first part of the parcel, leaving 20 acres at the front clear and ready to be made into a handy dandy low-impact park.

I’m not sure what a low-impact park is but I’m supposing a park that doesn’t affect the environment all that much.

Long discussion on how the dredged material was being spread all about that former golf course that the county owns. My eyes began to shut.

More talk about putting that stuff into the ocean. Eyes began to shift, ears opened. Words like…”DNREC is fine with this” and a question as why the Secretary of DNREC doesn’t approve this ocean waste method. I suspect something not quite Kosher here.

So a study was done to begin the process of creating a lovely low impact park on the western side of Seaford where nobody ever goes.

Discussions on possible dog parks, bike paths, bucolic trails that those at the beach will carve out a day to visit.

Well hey, it could happen.

One of the council members, I forget who but it had to be either Vance or Sam as they were the only two to oppose this, that no one’s going to drive ten miles to walk their dog.

Discussion on promised monies and grants and crap and again eyes grow heavy.

The go ahead was given on the council with a yea by Republicans Cole and Vincent, Democrat Deaver. Republicans Phillips and Wilson voted nay.

Well I guess the county council has to do something with those 20 acres. The county, as I am to learn, also owns the James Farm Ecological Reserve, a favorite of mine. But the Reserve is located near the coast, visited by tourists.

The council already paid for the study and what else could the site be?

Maybe a motion should have been made to sell the property to private entrepreneur?

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT : Got that interview with Rob Arlett coming up and guys I got tidbits up the wazoo, snark and gossip and a real verbal free-for-all. And don’t you think it’s time for a good tourist rant?

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__7/15/14 __Edition-

The Sussex Monthly GOP meeting of 7/14/14 proceeded by ice cream with Simpler while Valenzuela spoke during the meeting. Say what? What’s going on in that Delaware Treasurer Race?

So George Parish made Republican of the month and that’s intriguing. Also Orvin Strickler, who I interviewed on this Blog once, and a Mr. West I believe.

Beyond that most ordinary of announcements, the monthly meeting of the Sussex GOP was very odd.

I interviewed Rob Arlett that night, before the meeting as this was logistically the easiest way to do it. As it would turn out the Simpler people were having a meet and greet ice cream social type of affair so that was going on.

There were a few meeting details of interest. Chair John Rieley pleaded for somebody to run for the 14th RD against Schwartzkopf. This is always a problem, a subject I covered HERE. Rieley said Sussex GOP would drop the filing fee if someone would challenge Schwartzkopf, keep him from getting an easy slide to victory.

Also the Republican convention is coming up and I volunteer to live Blog it but I don’t want to buy tickets or anything. If the Sussex GOP wants to take me up on it, call me.

Finally, the Juust Soop people showed up! I am going to find out what that’s all about but they were mentioned in a recent Blog post HERE.

I didn’t speak to Dale Dunning but hope to get an interview with her soon.

The big event of the night was the talk given by Sher Valenzuela and it was a doozy. A good speech, do not misunderstand, but strange.

This whole race for the State Treasurer is just strange.

AsNew Picture (9) I said I met Ken Simpler during the ice cream social. I requested an interview, as is my wont. He said that David interviewed him and indeed, mine editor did.

Well David’s a guy for Pete’s sake. Everybody got to be interviewed by a sweet talking female for goodness sake.

So look for more on this matter on this Blog in the upcoming days and weeks.

I am also hoping to get an interview with Sher Valenzuela, also interviewed by my editor but again, time for a female point of view.

As to the meat of Sher’s talk to the Sussex GOP, it was quite blunt and on the mark.

She didn’t blink is what I’m saying here.

I note that Sher mentioned the name Charlie Copeland a couple of times. Understand that Copeland is the Chair of the Delaware Republican party so the mention of his name would not be odd.

Still my antennae rose. Sher seemed to go out of her way to New Picture (10)mention Copeland and one gets good at reading between the lines when one does this sort of thing.

Valenzuela went on to mention Ken’s “vulnerable” past and as she spoke it sounded ominous. Though I don’t know, suggesting higher taxes on a proposed new casino, even what the Simpler campaign calls a lie about him expanding casinos in Delaware, doesn’t sound all that bad.

But then we got child molesters and rapists down here in Sussex county so we’re pretty numb to more nuanced “crimes”.

I like Sher Valenzuela, at least as is my thoughts of her past runs and the things I’ve read.

But this sudden wresting of the spotlight from what I’d considered (and I know that this is just me, not yon, perhaps more knowledgeable readers) a very good candidate in the form of Ken Simpler.

He seems to have a good campaign team. He presents well and is affable. He is of a good age, has a good resume.

Well so does Sher but why the need to have two of our best clashing heads here?

I hope to get to the bottom of it but whatever the case, it’s part of the primary process and may the best “man” win.

Please come back to read my interviews, should both of these candidates agree to talk to me. I think it’s very important that yon ladies and gems check out Ken’s brochure on why Valenzuela’s charges are untrue or misleading.

Yeah, his campaign people got it out already and he makes a good case.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Goodness Rob Arlett’s interview….he was great. Also, yes the Sussex county council live Blogged as a “low impact” park brings visions of unicorns and fairies to Joan Deaver’s head.

Attorney General Reneges on Bodenweiser Trial Decision

Update on the post:
After receiving verification that what is written here is true, the Attorney General’s office decided at the end of the business day on July 15th to retry the Bodenweiser case a second time.

The Attorney General’s office has reneged on announcing whether or not a decision on July 15th, to re-try or drop charges after a hung jury, ended the trial in a mistrial. The Attorney General’s office stated they were not obligated to tell him at that Point.
Judge Bradley has scheduled a conference on July 23rd to ascertain just what course of action the Attorney General’s office wants to pursue.

Prosecutor David Hume recently prosecuted another trial that ended in a hung jury, with the judge declaring it also a mistrial. In the recent trial Michael Rogers, charged with assault on a police officer, after being shot five times by DSP officer Mathew Morgan who entered the Rogers’ residence without a warrant and entered the victims bedroom and started a fight with him.
Officer Morgan fired nine rounds at Rogers in the living room of the residence after the fight was over, striking the victim five times, twice in the groin, while his 87 year-old mother was watching. Mathew Morgan has since been promoted to Corporal.
Officer Morgan was investigating an alleged hit-and-run, that claimed a license plate frame was cracked. Rogers was never charged with that alleged crime.

The Federalist Papers, And How They Suppliment The Constitution

The importance of the Federalist Papers becomes increasingly crucial as America pushes itself further from the exactness of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In Federalist Paper 51, Madison explains the principles in more detail. The Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers was intended to be maintained as it is written and not changed by the ambitions of powerful men.

James Madison initiates Federalist Paper 51 with this important question”

To what expedient then shall we finally resort for maintaining in practice the necessary partition of power among the several departments as laid down in the Constitution?

Madison addresses the importance of the independence and the executive magistrates and the judges also by stating:

It is equally evident that the members of each department should be as little dependent as possible on those of the others, for the emoluments annexed to their offices. Were the executive magistrate, or the judges, not independent of the legislature in this particular, their independence in every other would be merely nominal.

Madison speaks common sense by suggesting in this very important writing that Magistrates and Judges should not be appointed but elected and responsible to the people who elected them. Over a period of time, since the conception of our Constitution and Bill of rights, statuary law has slowly eroded the citizens constitutional rights. These laws are now enforced in Delaware by a powerful State Police Force that knows no controls nor has any limits. They police themselves, and are secretive in all that they do. There is no independent agency such as an office of Inspector General, that would be an elected position and have the authority to investigate the State Police.
Statutory Law has overruled Constitutional law in Delaware many times. The most blatant example being the elimination of the Delaware Sheriffs ability to enforce the law in the counties in which they reside respectively. This office is an elected Constitutional position in most every state in America and represents the enforcement of our citizens’ constitutional rights.
Madison also writes:

The interest of the man must be connected with the constitutional rights of the place. It may be a reflection on human nature, that such devices should be necessary to control the abuses of government. But what is government itself but the greatest reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither, external nor internal controls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: You must first enable the government to control the governed and in the next place, oblige it to control itself. A dependence on the people is no doubt the primary control on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.

Madison does not stand alone in his caution of “ambitious men” attempting to thwart and dilute the Constitution. The Declaration clearly states”

That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and Happiness. Prudence indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

Reading the Federalist Papers and the Declaration of Independence would give most citizens grave concern, that the government has taken a sharp turn from deriving their right to govern from the consent of people and moving in a different direction of complete control without the consent of the people.
Safeguards have been put solidly in place by our Founding Fathers and we should not ignore them for the sake of convenience. We are the new generation and it is our turn to safeguard the rights and privileges that were earned by the blood of our ancestors.

“A nation can only be disgraced by the failure of its citizenry to take action in the face of tyranny”
Donald Raleigh Ayotte, August 2010

Chris Coons Refuses to Admit Administrative Dream Act Is The Problem

Senator Coons gives an intelligent and much more capable defense of the administration than they do. He gives a very good speech here, but as I shall explain, it is dead wrong in the parts where he tries a partisan defense.

Now that you have seen his speech, let’s dissect it. He says it is not the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill or the the administration’s executive order to defer deportations based upon the failed Dream Act. He gives reasons such as why then are not we being flooded with minors from Panama or Mexico? Why is the problem coming from 3 nations? He gives valid reasons why the 3 nations have special problems, but he ignores why they would travel all the way here in an expensive and dangerous journey. There has been a specific campaign to say that the Dream Act and Child Trafficking Acts will protect their children. In Mexico, they know it is not true because their children get sent back. 1/3 of the kids actually get accepted from these countries. So not only is the word on the street different, the situation in those countries is much more desperate. Then you add to the fact that a lot of the children don’t come back. They stay either by escaping custody. The kids may not know why, but their parents did.

Survey the kids themselves, and you get a picture. They are fleeing for their lives. They also picked here because they maybe able to stay. It is a terrible humanitarian crisis that demands our compassion. It is made worse by our President giving them false hope with his go it alone approach. According to surveys, both sides have a point therefore Senator Coons cannot dismiss the other side in such a cavalier manner.

But political rhetoric, particularly in Washington, has generally framed the situation in one of two ways: Republican lawmakers have largely argued that rumors of legal loopholes and lax U.S. policies are incentivizing hordes of illegal immigrants, which they say necessitates deterrence, legislative amendments, and increased border security; whereas many Democrats and immigrant rights advocates have emphasized a rise of drug-related and gang violence in Central America, and have called on the president to protect refugees.

“I think that the reason why there are two different narratives is because there are two different questions being asked,” said Caitlin Sanderson, executive director of Los Angeles-based Esperanza Immigrant Rights Project. “If you ask a child, ‘Did you hear about how in the United States, there is a possibility you can stay?’ then there is a good chance a lot of them will say yes. But if you ask, ‘Why did you leave in the first place,’ 80 to 85 percent of them will say, ‘It’s because I fear for my life.’

Senator Coons does not get to white wash the White House. He is an intelligent and capable man. I expect better.

His speech continues. He takes us down a journey that is thoughtful and substantive. Then he veers off the path and calls for the House to pass the Comprehensive Bipartisan Immigration Reform Bill. Why? Without taking a side in that fight, the bill has no bearing on this issue (which calls into question how comprehensive it is). It is neither the cause nor the solution. Why make this silly call? There are real merits for wanting this bill passed, this crisis is not one of them. One can also make a very powerful case that this crisis shows the power of unintended consequences. I would not vote for any new 2000 page laws without a careful study of the consequences. I have real problems with the Senate passed bill already. It will have a negative impact on the middle class. It does the bidding of the tech firms and allows them to import cheap labor from overseas instead of retraining our people to meet the demand. In other words, people like me will have to compete with people brought in to take their jobs just like the laborers are doing now. It is not that Americans won’t take certain jobs, it is that they won’t take them at the price they want to pay them. Let’s just further destroy the middle class in rush to do something. The bill has potential to help and to harm which means it is not ready to pass in its current form. A lot of people know that which is why it is stalled so let’s seize a crisis to score political points. Once again, I expect better.

On immigration, I do not buy what my Senator is selling. I sincerely hope he goes back and studies this issue with an open mind and not a lawyer’s defense framework. It is much more complicated and deserves a real evaluation.

The National Scene 7.14.14-Israel Strikes Back, Children at our Borders

Rick Perry strikes again for President and he was impressive. Live sirens on the air amaze and surprise the listening audience. And what the hell is it with Jane Harman’s arms?

NOW IN THE NEWS-Sunday Political Talk Shows

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas; Michael McCaul, R-Texas.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif; Reps. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., and Joaquin Castro, D-Texas; former U.S. special Mideast envoy Martin Indyk.
FACE THE NATION (CBS): Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu; Maen Rashid Areikat, the Palestinian envoy in Washington; Gov. Rick Perry, R-Texas; Reps. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif., Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., and Lamar Smith, R-Texas.
THIS WEEK (ABC): Attorney General Eric Holder.
STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Netanyahu; Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.; Reps. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., Donna Edwards, D-Md., Aaron Schock, R-Ill., and Beto O’Rourke, D-Texas; Chris Cabrera, Border Patrol agent in Texas.

Come on, you gotta love the spin!

Guys yesterday’s political talk shows were astonishing. The news will be filled with the political items discussed but a couple of surprising things happened that could affect EVERYTHING.

Yeah I’ll summarize for yon reader as it’s what I do. Basically there were two major items discussed-the crazy nuts in the Gaza strip began lobbing rockets at Israel like that asshole Arafat used to do as Madam Albright and Hillary kissed the man, and Israel’s attempt to defend itself got a big boost by what happened directly on TV on Face the Nation.

Because yon ladies and gems might like more of a diplomatic summary of events as they occur but here you will get the truth, thank me very much.

Gather a bunch of loser-burgers, reprobates, camel dung nationless bunch of nomads and put them all in one little strip of land directly next to Israel. Boo hoo across the planet that it is the land of the lost peoples of Palestine, a country that NEVER existed, send the wonderful Arab spin machine that instantly turns lies into truths and boom, us nice Americans cluck and lament that the poor Palestinians lost their land and are only trying to live in peace.


I write fiction I write fiction and I couldn’t make this stuff up.

Only it’s the losers in Palestine that are lobbing rockets at Israel and like Arafat before him, Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas oversees that absurdity. Only a couple of things are very different this time.

First, Israel has an “iron shield” defense which shoots down those missiles before they hit.

Second would be the incident that happened yesterday during Face the Nation. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was speaking with the show’s host when suddenly a siren could be heard.

“Hear that?” Bibi asked. “It’s the public address that all is safe; all can come out of the shelters.”

Netanyahu went on to ask how we would like to live like this as Americans, to constantly have to run to shelters because some bunch of sons of camels decide it’s okay to launch rockets our way.

AND….the Palestinians, in the form of Hamas the terror organization, will keep their children and women around their nests of rocket launchers that the Israelis look heartless as they try to bomb those  terrorists out of existence.

The Ambassador from Israel was also on and GET THIS! He had AN APP that tells when incoming missiles are about to hit. He demonstrated it on TV and my jaw dropped in amazement. The APP tells where it’s about to hit and gives details of its trajectory.  It’s not Arafat’s Israel anymore Dorothy.

New PictureThere was also, of course, lots of talk about the borders and Candy Crowley had the most syncophantic blubberhead on, from mine own home state of Merryland, Donna Edwards.

I paraphrase: “President Obama needs the money he requested to help with these poor children. The Republicans are blocking this and the Republicans are blocking that and over here the Republicans are blocking over here. Obama is a wonderful man and the Republicans are mean. The Koch brothers are mean and Sarah Palin hates black people.”

God it was grueling.

Texas Governor Rick Perry was on quite a few shows and he did a great job. Perry’s been a national focus of late for his refusal to meet Obama at the airport for his ridiculous fundraiser.

Perry is putting himself out there as a contender for president and hey, go on and on about the horror of all this undocumented illegal immigration and the Republican base is bound to like you.

Besides, it was Perry who told us we were not compassionate if we didn’t want to grant amnesty to millions of people let in AFTER we’d already granted amnesty to millions back in the 80′s.

Not that the elected Blue Blood elite would lie to us or anything.
Finally a bit of snark. I don’t know how old Jane Harman is but she shows up WITH NO SLEEVES, bare arms out.

Now her arms look great, do not misunderstand. But she wants the world to know it as she’s not exactly a young woman.

I’m jus’ sayin’.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

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NEXT : Live Sussex Council blogging, new tidbits, the GOP Sussex meeting ALSO BLOGGED LIVE!  Also, an interview with Rob Arlett!  I’m psyched!

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