A certain news magazine (the name of which is not worthy of my mention) had a sensational cover declaring the Decline and fall of Christian America. As usual the secular left can't understand the rest of America. It was timed to coincide with Holy Week while 70% of America is honoring Christ. It was typical liberal nonsense. The actual article seemed measured and worthy of discussion. The author is serious scholar who is grappling with societal changes. He points out that the near universal Christian consensus this country had is no longer universal. Of course most of us knew that for 40 years. Just turn on MTV and you can see that is true. When porn fills our society like an open sewer, when we push games and entertainment which celebrates killing, when babies are aborted, when giving out Bibles in school causes fear in the hearts of administrators, but condoms are dispensed daily, when public prayer is controversial in school but blasphemy is common place, when people think that marriage is about any two people getting together, then it seems obvious that a Christian consensus no longer exists. Where I completely disagree with the author of that survey (see its link in another post here) and certainly the headline writers is that Christian America is on the rise. Church attendance is not down. The fervor of the faithful has increased. Evangelical Christianity is sweeping America. The Catholic Church likewise is finding a resurgence in people wanting to learn about the faith they took for granted. The conversion rate is higher than the birth rate. While some of those who are not serious have finally stopped misusing the label, I find that a positive. The worst thing that can happen to a faith is when it is defined by the outliers and not the faithful. I would rather have the Ten Commandments in posted in every home of the faithful than be unread in every courthouse (I do favor keeping the Ten Commandments in public displays.) I would rather

This past year has been historic. The Democrat Party is in the driver seat and the driver is an American with African heritage. I believe that symbolism is good for America. Also interesting was the year saw an apology for slavery. It bears remembering where the Democrat Party came from if we are to understand the change.
The U. S. House of Representatives passed an apology for slavery and Jim Crow. If I and others who are descendents of slaves say apology accepted, will we then be allowed to refocus on better schools and opportunity? Would we be allowed to view America in today's light instead of yesterday's? Thanks it seems 140 years late, but its quaint and seems like a nice gesture. Apology accepted, but please don’t send a mule --zoning doesn’t allow me to keep it.
It was fitting that a Democrat offered the resolution because the Democrats are the party that passed Jim Crow. The Republican Party passed Civil Rights legislation and until JFK the Democrat Party was the focus of undermining the civil rights and liberties of African Americans. President Truman broke the mold by desecrating the Armed Forces and he was met by a splitting of his party that almost cost him the election. Brown vs. the Board of Education was stuck in the Supreme Court until President Eisenhower appointed a new chief justice. The Civil Rights Acts were only in the ball park because of overwhelming Republican Support powered them over a Southern Democrat filibuster. The KKK was a Democrat organization. The first movie shown in the White House was to President Wilson. It was the Klan inspired Birth of a Nation.
Segregation was a Democrat Party invention to undermine Republican passed Civil Rights laws. Yet, I read that this historic opportunity gives the Republican Party a chance to turn the page o

You wonder why voters are so cynical about politicians, but what do you expect when even the rookies break their promises before they even get started. McCain challenges Obama to keep his word on public financing Please insert excuses in the comments section.

You have to see this video.  It is called "The Story of Stuff".  It blasts our wasteful and materialistic society.  On a lot of the points I have to agree, we need to implement better ways of production, cut waste, and return to caring about people more than stuff.  It's author, Annie Leonard is well informed and articulate, but she seems to think government should run everything and corporations are evil.  She seems to think American prosperity impoverishes everyone else.  She seems like a nice lady, but listening to her, I would think that Americans are a thuggish, thieving, trashy people destroying the planet and ravishing the third world. I respectfully disagree.  If the world were more prosperous before our economic advancement, then a case could be made.  The truth is the world is more prosperous because of us.  100 years ago the world could not sustain 1 billion people as well as it does 6 billion people.  We live almost twice as long.  The poor among us live better than many wealthy of 100 years ago.  A poor person can get on Southwest Airlines and go to a funeral across the country and return within 3 days.  No matter how wealthy you were 100 years ago, you could not do this.  A poor person can get medicine to cure strep throat in a day.  No matter how wealthy you were 100 years ago....  A poor person has cell phones and migrant workers can call other countries regularly.  You had to be well off to afford regular long distance calls. People used to live in shacks with 6 children.  They dreamed of electricity coming to their homes.  They dreamed of more books for their children.  Now you can get the world at your fingertips.  Improvements are occurring faster than we can make them.  Life truly is good.  We have more jobs worldwide.  The entire world is better off. Where are the starving children in China and India?  China and India have reduced their extreme poverty in the sam

Is America really ready for a Black President?  It has been only a hundred years since we were allowed to study Negro history.  America being an historically racist nation, conducted a sort of ethnic cleansing of history.  It is bad enough that non-whites were given inferior education.  What was even worse is that they were not even allowed to know what they achieved.  Even today except during black history month, you would think that the only accomplishments Blacks made was in opposing slavery and supporting civil rights. Is a nation which is less than 45 years removed from legal segregation ready to accept one of the minority class to represent it on the world stage?   I think the answer of the majority is yes.  No candidate has gotten as much excitement in the Democratic Party since Bobby Kennedy.  I think the Clintons think no. There actions show that they believe the race card still plays in the 21st century.  The attack of plagiarism was launched against Dr. King when the establishment couldn't withstand the force of his words.  It is part of the same tired template.  He has no brains (substance).  He gives a good speech but are they his words (plagiarism).   He looks good but has no clue to what he is doing.  In other words you can't trust darky because he isn't up to the job. I hear people on the street asking when are they going to bump him off?  Don't we have videos about how their goons knocked off people in Arkansas? Some of you are already outraged at this, but the truth is there is more evidence to support this than the McCain story in today's NY Times. Let's take an aside.  If the real parts of the McCain story are true, it is a big so what.  A senator is friends with a lobbyist.  His staff heard her bragging about how much influence she was gaining and ran interference to keep away any appearance of undue influence.  Ok.  Tell be something worth talking about.  If this is all they have, say "Hi, President McCain". In

OVJ (Our Vacationing Jud) sent a blast email on it, Nancy linked it, and so will I. I don't want to even attempt to steal Maria Evans' thunder on this.  Read it and puke.

I can think of my own reasons to vote for or not vote for any candidate.  However...  Got some juicy Barack Obama emails about why I should be frightfully concerned about him? Stop the crap, now.  I am tired of it and it pains me to think I know of so many naive...scratch that....utterly gullible and stupid people.  Please, stop tossing your litter into my email box and make snopes.com your new friend.  As a matter of fact, do not ever again send me your forward crap until verifying your content through snopes.com. Here, on this topic, I will lend you a hand: Obama content from snopes.com Friends don't let friends become embarrasingly stupid...snopes.com...it's your friend. P.S.: There is a date and time stamp with that great tag line for snopes.com!  It's mine!!!  Except for the snopes.com part.

All parents think their children are special and I certainly believe the presence of this unconditional love makes you a better person. As a father of five, I have been blessed, but I must admit I wish I had the honor of being Patrick's dad too. I'm jealous. I hope everyone takes a few minutes to view what optimism and inspiration can produce. Sometimes we forget the good when we concentrate so hard on uncovering the bad. I suggest that if a blogger conference/dinner is ever held, we round up the resources and invite Patrick to Delaware as the event's featured speaker. Link to his story here What a wonderful human being.

Received another blast email from OVJ (Our Vacationing Jud) about Maria Evans' tireless (and appreciated) monitoring of DNREC's attitude towards NRG.  Please read her blog entry on this.  She does a great job, as usual, in covering DNREC's absence of working logic.  Maria’s Nomination For DNREC Mascot <- Maria's nomination for DNREC's Mascot!

The Left in this country has perpetrated a proposition that Corporations are evil.  That rich people should have more taxes because they don’t need their money.  They seem to make you think that having money is the root of all evil.  (The Christian scripture says the “love of money” while speaking frequently of wise money management.) Where are William F. Buckley and Milton Friedman when you need them?  Rabbi Daniel Lapin has a new book Thou Shalt Prosperin which he reminds us that God wants us to prosper by serving others.  Joel Olsteen and Robert Schuller also have written books reminding us that success is good.  What these gentlemen have done is strip away the moral foundation of poverty industry. The work of the late, great Milton Friedman and his wife Rose have decimate the economic theory of the poverty industry.  They reminded us  that the business of business is business.  The economy is not a pie being divided up.  It is a living growing community which prospers as we trade and serve one another.  As Zig Ziglar said, “You can have anything you want in life, as long as you help enough other people get what they want in life”. Karl Marx had a different point of view.  He believed the rich stole the wealth from the poor.  That may have been true of slave masters and nobility, but it is not true in a capitalist economy.  Wealth is a reward for bettering the lives of one’s fellow humans.  Money is moral. This is fast becoming one of the three foundational differences in this election.  The countries which reject this proposition are mired in poverty –Cuba, North Korea, Zimbabwe come to mind.  As Zimbabwe proved, no matter how well intentioned, you can not fix the ills of the past by stealing from innocent people in the present. The Obama website delclares an allegience to free enterprise unlike his primary opponents but says, "

Tax Cuts for Wealthy Instead of Middle Class: The Bush ta

Yes, I am greatly humbled by this.  I watch American Idol.  I am sorry for the shame I have befallen upon you all for my own trangression, and that is to all of my earthly human siblings. Look, when I hear someone (Jason Castro) cover Jeff Buckley's cover (#6 on linked list) of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah (#5 on linked list) and do it spot-on to that point of getting the same chills I get when hearing Buckley's CD, it is worth a major shout!  When I hear Randy (not me), Paula, and Simon all crow in agreement how that is their favorite cover of all time, then I realize I have sinned greatly and am indeed on a path straight to hell. You have my confession.

Since it doesn't happen too often these days, I'll point out that I was right...albeit prematurely...for now. Since we've since changed sites, here's the original:

Prediction - Lawsuit stops Democratic National Convention

If Hillary falls short on the delegate count going into the Democratic convention she will sue to sit “banned” delegates from Michigan (156) and Florida (210). Furthermore, the folks who don’t like (or understand) the electoral college and thus should not like this situation either, will say nothing if they are Obama supporters. They will look the other way and hope for the best. Hillary supporters will come out swinging and ultimately win the fight. Update: Do you really want to tick off the Democratic voters of Texas, Ohio, Tennessee, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, New York, New Jersey, Arkansas, Michigan, New Hampshire, Florida and Nevada by not having every vote count for Hillary? I would say that Florida and Michigan are a GOP lock if you don't count their votes. Furthermore, the GOP will gladly take Ohio, Texas, New Mexico, Tennessee, Nevada, New Hampshire and New Jersey too, since they're all swing states. Ticked off Hillary voters will remind Obama that "Payback's a ....." Update: Lawsuit Eyed by Sharpton Over Florida Seen as Maneuvering To Aid Obama's Campaign

This is several months old, but I just saw it for the first time.  Enjoy.

Note: I did not consult any of my co-contributors here before writing this.  It's 10:40PM on Thursday, March 6, 2008 and I have finally had it with what I believe is propaganda about how Blue Water Wind is wanting to rob me blind. I am incredibly upset with the propaganda war being waged via radio advertisements.  For all the money Delarvae is claiming it will cost us customers to "fund" BWW, I can only wonder, how much is this anti-BWW advertising blitz costing us? Part of my issue is, it's not just one recorded commercial that airs.  There seems to be a calculated response or attack ad curiously timed with each new announcement either from BWW or Delarvae. As an average citizen who has to spend many hours a day and week away from family doing what I can to support them, I don't have the luxury to keep fully abreast of he said/she said.  For those like me, this has become an appearance of the attempt to discredit BWW through the method of mass confusion. Cut the crap. I hear today that the PSC cut shady deals to put forward a plan to draw more regulation back within their power.  Forcing the selection upon us of BWW with a natural gas backup at a $50 million premium is somehow the way it was to get done.  See my point about mass confusion to the average Joe?  If that is a provable fact, then why in the heck are the decision makers of PSC still employed?  I don't want them dismissed, but I can't help but to believe that a due process hearing would probably result in this being baseless, or at minimum, greatly exaggerated.  That's where I, Average Joe R Smitty stand.  I stand in nowhere land because Average Joe is intended to be confused and rendered useless to fight. As a life-long citizen of Delaware, I have seen enough to know that every single legislator in Leg Hall represents me, not just the two I get to choose each cycle.  I am in Middletown.  Sen DeLuca?  You represent me with your votes.  Sen McDowell?

The following excerpts from Ben Stein's NY Times piece: Exxon Mobil needs a hug "Exxon Mobil, in fact, is owned mostly by ordinary Americans. Mutual funds, index funds and pension funds (including union pension funds) own about 52 percent of Exxon Mobil’s shares. Individual shareholders, about two million or so, own almost all the rest. The pooh-bahs who run Exxon own less than 1 percent of the company." "When Exxon Mobil earns almost $12 billion in a quarter, or $41 billion in a year, as it did in 2007, that money does not go into the coffers of a few billionaire executives quaffing Champagne in Texas. It goes into the pension and retirement accounts of ordinary citizens. When Exxon pays a dividend, that money goes to pay for the mortgages and oxygen tanks and in-home care of lots of elderly Americans." "So, Mr. Obama, which union pension plans — and which blue-collar workers who benefit from them — will be among the first you would like to deprive of the income that flows from Exxon’s rich dividends?"

Rosie? Sean? Hello...anybody there? I thought Iran was so great, go ahead and defend this. Iranian Teen Fears Deportation Means Death Just like the previous post, you won't read about it on a left wing blog.

He referred to himself as a "F'n steamroller" and has gotten in trouble recently for secretly spying on Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. He made his name taking people down. Well now it's his turn. NY Times reports the following: ALBANY - Gov. Eliot Spitzer has informed his most senior administration officials that he had been involved in a prostitution ring, an administration official said this morning. Full story Its either this Video or this Video Update: It is now being reported by Foxnews and CNN, that he has not been indicted yet, it is an onging investigation with other high officials in NY Government now cooperating with authorities; He was however known to be "client #9" as far back as February 7, 2008, but it remained sealed until today. So he remained in office for over a month while this was known! Shocking.

Here is the list posted on MSN I will be busy the rest of the week, so I thought I'd leave you with something positive. Over and Out.

I'm doing this on the road, so my apologies for the brevity of the post (please hold the applause) WASHINGTON - Adm. William Fallon is stepping down as head of the U.S. Central Command, which oversees military matters in the Middle East, Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced Tuesday.  Full Story I know the feeling Admiral.  Before all the opponents of this effort whoop it up, withdrawal is not the answer and those of us who served at the strategic level know that.  With that said, in my opinion this administration has completely mismanaged this war.  Leave it up to the military commanders to lead the way, not some White House staffers.  If they don't do that, there will be a mass attrition of top brass and field grade officers, not just company grade as is the case now. Lastly, on a personal level, I'm not unhappy to see one more decision-maker with NO interagency experience leave.  I don't like why he left, not that he left.  We need to bring other government agencies into this war to replace bullets with strategic messaging, commerce, banking systems, etc.

Pat Buchanan wrote an interesting article in Human Events entitled To Die for NAFTAin which he proclaimed that Sen. Clinton gets it and Sen. McCain and the neocons don't. " Hillary won Ohio denouncing the NAFTA deal Bill Clinton cut. The lady gets it", Buchanan declared." "McCain remains a loyal NAFTA man. Good luck in Ohio and Michigan. As the Great Peer said, 'The commonest error in politics is sticking to the carcass of dead policies.'" He also stated the following:

When Europe imposes a 15 percent value-added tax on U.S. imports and rebates the VAT on exports to the United States, that is not free trade. When China devalues its currency 45 percent, as it did in 1994, and bolts it down to suck jobs and factories out of the United States, that is not free trade. When Japan manipulates its currency, preaches economic nationalism to its people, and shelters its market for TVs, autos and steel, while dumping into and capturing ours, that is not free trade.
That's part of the rub isn't it.  We know that we can't prosper like we should trading only with ourselves, but we see that the playing field is not level.   We are trying to compete on one side with countries that are willing to let future generations pay for environmental devastation if they can get the money today.  These countries also don't take care of the Human element.  Safety and labor protections are almost nonexistent in much of the world.  The standards we have here are scoffed at in the third world.  They pay a price with injuries, shorter life spans, and illness, but it looks better on the multinational or state corporation's bottom line. On the other side, we have countries that are willing to harm their own citizens by high taxes and high prices so that they can subsidize companies like the new Google competitor and Airbus.  Farm goods are kept out under cultural protection arguments in Europe and Japa

Does anyone remember the last time a dollar was worth less than 100 Yen? I can't. I also know it hasn't happened within the past five years. It might happen today. Early morning trading shows it down under 102¥ (9:37AM: 101.97¥). Watch our dollar, folks. The current state of the dollar has a lot to do with crude and gas prices, too. Don't get hung up on OPEC in this market, it's the dollar.  How about that economic policy?  Ungh. We're in deep stuff, very deep. (the link is to Yahoo's Finance site...keep refreshing it if you visit...)

The generic Congressional numbers have the Democrats up by only 4 points.  Control of the Congress is up for grabs.  Historically, when Republicans have been this close at this stage, they win. John McCain is in a dead heat with an insignificant lead over the Democrats and the electoral numbers are shifting his way.  He leads in Michigan and Florida. A significant portion of Democrat voters rather have McCain than the Democrat other than the one they support. I think a unity ticket is inevitable for the Democrats.  It may be the only way they win just like in 1960. One area of difficulty for Democrats is the fact that people now believe the war is going well.  This is good news for America, but is bad news for Democrats.  John McCain is now almost equal to the Democrats on who can better handle the economy thanks to the Democrats bashing him for supporting tax cuts.  It almost makes you wonder politically if he should save his plan for this summer.  He is doing this well without an economic plan on the table. http://rasmussenreports.com/

Several years ago, I was visiting family and attending a conference in D. C. and  while we were sitting at a light we heard gunfire and saw everyone running.  We were sitting at a light which had a no turn on red sign.  I said let's go.  My friend who was driving said but the sign says no turn on red.  I said the red blood on the sidewalk says turn!  We sped away and we called the situation in from relative safety.  I never forgot the terror of a drive by shooting.    Recently someone I know had his picture put up as a suspect for the Wild Quail robbery even though the state police release said he was a person of interest only.  It turned out that he was a victim of bad timing.  The suspects happen to pass by him when he was coming out of the restroom at Wal Mart.  His job was threatened.  His life was shaken.  He was a media drive by victim. It appears my friend Nancy Wagner may also be victim of a WNJ drive by.   I was away when the news broke.  The allegations went to the core of trust in Government.  I called Rep. Wagner when I returned and got her side.  I also researched to make sure she wasn't in denial.    Fact: her husband is a state employee. Myth:  he got the job because of her; she was not even in office when he was hired.   Fact:  He got promoted  after she won.  Myth: He was unqualified for the position; the fact is like many state employees he took whatever he could to get in and moved around to where he was more qualified.  Fact: epilogue language in the state budget carved out a special position for him at a higher salary.  Myth: Nancy Wagner had anything to do with it.  The Fact is that she was not even on the Joint Finance Committee when the language first appeared and abstained every time it was renewed.  Myth: Bud Wagner is unqualified and getting special favors because of his wife's influence. Fact:  Bud Wagner used to own his own video firm and Rep

An Iranian police chief was arrested while in bed with 6 prostitutes. Defense attorneys said that he was seeking a down payment on the 70 virgins (sarcasm).  The result of this breech in the capitol city has caused protests.  Chief Reza Zarei was on a campaign of moralizing the city by enforcing an Islamic dress code on the women.  The rank hypocrisy is undermining the regime already roiled by economic pressures when the country should be prospering from record oil prices. The regime has been more focused on an ambitious and disruptive foreign agenda than keeping up the home front.  Now its moral authority is now in question.  Without it, they have nothing. This reminds us that problematic behavior of leaders is not an American problem.  It seems to be a human problem.  Of course in countries like France, they like to pretend it is not a problem just a lifestyle choice.  I rather have standards and an occasional fall from them than no standards and a widespread culture of corruption.  (I don't believe we should hold personal lives as a qualification for a public job, but when it gets to the level of illegality, we have to act.)  This and the Spitzer incident also remind us that you can't do one thing and judge other people harshly for less, or it will catch up with you.

There is a great post on another blog about Windpower and the controversy over whether or not we should purchase the power elsewhere or invest in Blue Water Wind's proposal.  It is worth reading. Don't get lost at Kavips site now. This one is better. :)   I find it facsinating that according to his source, the lower cost DP&L claims the on-shore windfarm from a nearby state, would not save us money.  By refusing to lock in prices, DP&L compounds the problem.  Other states and the federal energy bill are putting in new mandates for a growing percentage of power generation to be renewable.  This means the price for renewable may well rise independent of other factors.  The only hedge would be bringing on line new sources.  Whether you like windpower or not in the abstract, the new federal energy bill may make the BWW deal a deal of generation.  It would put us ahead of the curve and may be the best thing to happen to DP&L because they will be able to sell credit given to them by the contract.   Remember DP&L number crunchers are the genuises who sold their power generating capacity to buy off the grid.  The Enron style power generation scheme is not in the best interest of the local rate payer.  The people who bought turned out to be the smart ones.  This time let us be the smart ones.   Energy generation is a growing industry not a shrinking one. What I found most interesting was this from "Kavips":

Of course having a wind farm offshore of Delaware means we too would be contributing to the grid. It means Bluewater Wind would create its own REC’s that under the contract would go to Delmarva Power. But we would get the benefit from jobs, tourism, fishing off the reefs, and if most of the grid was in low demand, the occasional dip in NRG’s emissions. When we are told that Bluewater Wind will sell power to Delmarva at 9.89 cents per

"The statements that Rev. Wright made that are the cause of this controversy were not statements I personally heard him preach while I sat in the pews of Trinity or heard him utter in private conversation." - Senator Barack Obama Yeah, right! He read from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John every time Barack Obama was there.  Come on. Someone please ask Sen. Obama the following - "Senator Obama, you say you attend church regularly? if so, how is it that you missed ALL of the sermons that spewed hatred toward whites and and the United States of America?" He's a LIAR! The fact is, he knows darn well what the The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., pastor of Mr. Obama's Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago is all about. Let me just say that the clips (Video 1 and Video 2) I've viewed of Sen Obama's spiritual leader, and a man he has followed for 20 years, will change the dynamics of this race for good. For 20 years he has attended a church led by one of the the most hate filled, America hating, racist persons I've ever heard. What I viewed over and over again the last few days convinces me that he has participated in a domestic "maddrassa" style program, only void of the Muslim faith (unfortunately racist Minister Louis Farrahkan fills that void). I'm disgusted and anyone who doesn't take a second look at Barack Obama after reviewing the undeniable evidence that he supported and followed for TWENTY YEARS, an individual who hates whites and hates America needs to get their head examined. No Senator Obama, you are not going to snow us over by saying you weren't there. The fact is you were a willing participant in a forum of hate. As Mr. Kessler wrote in the Wall street Journal: "Mr. Obama obviously would not choose to belong to Mr. Wright's church and seek his advice unless he agreed with

It is time for my bi-weekly Presidential campaign update.  I am biased to Rasmussen because of its unique nature of daily tracking and historic accuracy.  I also like the Cook Report, Zogby, Pew, and for a semi-monthly trend the Real Clear Politics composite. Rev. Wright is ridiculous. Remember my post on American Exceptionalism? Some said I was exaggerating the hate America contingent's influence.  They said it was a straw dog. Now all America sees it on display.  Unfortunately, he is just part of the blame America, self-hating left. He is not alone.  Mrs. Obama seems to have been surprised by how wonderful the American people are.  She had likely bought into some of this attitude.  The Senator doesn't seem to.  The numbers are showing that if this keeps up, he will take on water.  He built his campaign on building a post racial era and bridging our divisions.  He needs to dramatically show his feelings.  He can't just deny they reflect his views.  In the end it is the candidate we vote for or against. I think the Rev. Wright controversy is over blown because I understand why someone like Senator Obama would join his Church.  Chicago is a balkanized city in my experience.  I can imagine this young lawyer/community organizer who is biracial not quite fitting into the hood 20 years ago.  He is told to connect with the respected Rev. Wright who has the largest church in the area.  He  strikes up a relationship.  Senator Obama is lead to Christ by him.  If anyone is an evangelical Christian, you know they have a special bond to their spiritual father. It is not something you lightly discard. The Church provided a political cover against those who would say he is not black enough.  That worked in Chicago.  The problem is it does not work for most of America. I don

Just in on the wires, the Fed is poised to cut the Fed Funds rate a full point Tuesday.  The stock market has rebounded and is up 3 points at this post. This aggressive action on top of reevaluations of handling the mortgage mess and the bail out of the brokerage debt show the Fed has a commitment to keeping the economy strong by quick and decisive action.  If the credit run had spread to the banks, we could have been seeing the beginning of our first depression in 70 years.  The American Enterprise Institute has now endorsed a Democratic plan to bail out the mortgage mess.  Something is going on.  I think it is time to put everything on the table.  No Doc refinances to fixed rates is a must.  We have to stop the bleeding.  Checks won't cut it.

UPDATE: A LINK ON Los Angeles success with Singapore Math. Those meeting the standard went from 45% to 76% in one year! I am grateful some people in this state are fighting to improve education.  They have an ambitious and thoughtful agenda.  This is not a post criticizing 2015.  To the contrary, I am glad to say that we don't need to wait for improvement.  I believe that one of the best cases for charter schools is that it doesn't take 5 years to make a change and 5 years to get rid of something that doesn't work. There are a few schools who already meet much of what is being proposed by the experts. The Academy of Dover is one. It offers more instructional time. It has more computers for the children than any district by far. It is accredited which is a rare feat for an elementary school. It is contracted with Innovative schools, which is supported by the same people who proposed 2015. The Academy of Dover is one of the first schools to have much of its curriculum mapped to the state standards ahead of state mandates. It also is implementing individualized learning plan strategy. Each student will have their own learning program and be taught to compensate for any weaknesses which are discovered during the school year. It was an ambitious plan and it has come to pass. We didn't have to wait. At this school we are in the future. Now I am proud to say that we are adopting Singapore Math.  Singapore is number one in the world in Math and schools here including Massachusetts (which is at the top in America in Math) have used the American edition with great success.  My wife and I have been advocating the world's finest program for a few years.  Recently the board approved my proposal and has accepted grants to make AOD one of three schools in Delaware to spearhead the initiative. This is something well suited for Charter Schools because of the ease of innovation.  We will se

For all of you who defended these type of messengers in my previous post, I'm interested in your reaction to this. Video Please note: This is just a small clip of this preacher's sermon, most likely does not fairly portrait what he's all about. I'm sure he's done many good things for his community.

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