The National Scene-Sunday Political Talk Shows 8/31/14-My guy Dutch tells how to get ‘er done.

The National Scene-Sunday Political Talk Shows 8/31/14-My guy Dutch tells how to get ‘er done. You’ll never believe what Andrea Mitchell said.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., Mark Mellman, President and CEO of The Mellman Group and Bill McInturff, Partner and Co-Founder of Public Opinion Strategies.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.
FACE THE NATION (CBS): Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.; Reps. Peter King, R-N.Y., and Adam Smith, D-Wash.
THIS WEEK (ABC): Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla.; former Gov. Bill Richardson, R-N.M.
STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J.; Reps. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger, D-Md., and Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill.; former Rep. Tom DeLay, R-Texas.
t was, indeed, a slow news day this past Sunday-the last day of August 8/31/14. Though the upcoming week would be filled with news items about upcoming primary elections and soon, the national mid-terms, the Sunday shows were sluggish, it being the day before Labor Day and everything.

The general discussion trend was regarding ISIS and what to do, what to do.

Diane Feinstein, who sits on the Senate Intelligence committee, was quite good on her Meet the Press appearance. Indeed Feinstein she is well-versed on her task and she impresses me with her span of knowledge. She doesn’t see eye to eye with this administration either, another reason I like her.

Andrea Mitchell, the interim hostess of Meet the Press until Chuck Todd comes onto the scene. I can’t believe what she said.

It would seem that President Obama did not sign, via executive order, any kind of mass immigration law yet.

Myself has been waiting for him to do such a thing as this country is totally at odds with its ruling class on matters of immigration, both elephants and donkeys. Ask Marco Rubio what happens to Ruling Class folks who tell us it’s okay to leave borders open. We understand fences and locks out here in la-la land.

Mitchell, wife of Alan Greenspan, said that a lot of the executive orders Obama signed were very important. Well hey, hey, WHY DIDN’T HE GET CONGRESS TO PASS WHATEVER IT IS THAT WAS SO IMPORTANT?

Mitchell says Obama might get immigration pass in November, AFTER the mid-terms.

Wonder what member of the White House told her to say that?

I did not get the round table child’s name who said, I am not making this up, that congress needs to pass laws, they got to move, they should be proud of being politicians.

She said that!

Then she said there is a monkey in the room.

She said that!


New Picture (1)My merryland man Dutch Ruppersberger was on State of the Union. He didn’t say a single thing important but I got to smile. This is a member of the Ruling Class of the highest order.

I note that this administration is only able to get dyed-in-the-wool liberals on the shows to speak on its behalf.

The other Sunday talk shows were typical. John McCain never met a camera he didn’t like. Representative, Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, was on Fox News Sunday. He is always a good guest.

Says we should wipe out the thugs in ISIS.

I could have told them that.

Finally former House Whip Tom Delay was on. He explained about Texas Governor Perry’s indictment and what a crock it was. Poor guy is STILL trying to get out from under the false crap they poured on him.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Tidbits and more tidbits. What’s going on with Vance Phillips?

The Fly on the Wall-Weekly Summary of the Spin

New Picture (24)Whew!

Well I’m here, I am the Fly on the Wall and I tucked myself into Valerie Jarrett’s sleeve as is my custom. It is the weekly PR summary of results and goodness everyone is grumpy because it’s Labor Day Weekend.

Allow me to introduce myself once again. I am a fly. I am equipped with a transmitting recorder that as something is said in a room I am in, that something is broadcast out to my owner, who is the writer of this Blog post. I’m kind of a Skype-on-a-Fly sort of thing.

I’ve been around DC for a while now and I’ve sort of figured out who is the big WHO on all things. Most of the people deciding what is presented to the public from the Obama administration are not even all that widely known, including my transporter, Valerie Jarrett.

Yes she is in charge of all things public relations for the administration, along with Michelle Obama of course. Most Americans might have heard the name Valerie Jarrett but few people really know her job and how she puts out what the people with the money and influence want put out.

“The week after Labor Day is one of the most news-breaking of all,” Jarrett said as she stood and paced the small conference room in front of the glum faces of the attendees. “While I know none of you want to be here, buck up. The story we fashion next week will help shape the run-in to the mid-term elections. We need to go over where we are on the Michael Brown case and the situation with ISIS.”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned-and understand I am just a fly here-it’s that what these people in the room call the “story” is really a bigger weapon in human history than the mightiest of missiles. Then my owner says I go on too much especially being just a fly.

Because what one human can cause another human to perceive will determine all outcomes. Humans do it every day. A lazy person presents his or her self as busy and productive. Women dye their hair and men groom their sideburns. Humans act different at parties than they do at church.

Flies, on the other hand, are pretty boring but never mind that.

The “story” is the stage that I think Shakespeare wrote aboout, that “all the world’s a stage” thing.

The people in this room prepared a story that would be a version of themselves-thus America- that they want to present before the world and that story affected human beings all of the planet.

This ISIS thing that Jarrett was talking about….there’s some real problems there. These guys are basically your backyard garden thugs plus quite a few that enjoy murder, killing, abuse….that sort of thing. These thugs have been being recruited in parts of America for years and indeed, all over the world.

“Here’s the thing,” Jarrett said, taking a seat and leaning into the assembled group. “The LAST thing Barry wants to do is send any kind of military into any single damn country on this planet. You people got that?”

The four people nodded their collective heads affirmative. “We got midterm elections coming up and I’m hearing the Teabaggers are going to run a rout. Barry needs to fundraise and YES!” Valerie shouted, holding up her hand in stop-sign fashion for effect. “I know his fundraising has had consequences, we will discuss that later.”

“Everywhere we go people are complaining about this ISIS problem,” one young fellow muttered. “Guy from Philadelphia tells me they’re all serial killers, why don’t we kill them while we got them all in one spot.”

“This is understand,” Jarrett said calmly. “In fact we have sent up a battalion of drones and we’re taking them down a dozen at a time. No military and all that nonsense.”

“Got a report that Michael Brown was involved in murder when he was a juvenile,” one young gum-cracking chick said. “Says since he’s dead no need for privacy. That’s gonna really gum up the works.”

“Since we’re laying it all out,” an older fellow said, shifting his crossed-legs off of the table. “What the hell was that bit about leaking the James Foley failed rescue? Do you know what the Times guy asked me…he said was this our new strategy? If you have no successes flaunt your failures?”

The older guy cradled his head in his folded hands and hefted his feet back on the table. This was a very informal group I’ve noticed, people that write the story.

“If the story on Michael Brown is that he was a gentle giant who was shot unjustly by a white cop, how are we to explain the video of the strong-arm robbery, the witness statements that are all over the place, and now this, a juvenile record involved with murder?”

“And I don’t care about a battalion of drones. To the American public drones are toy airplanes. They want a battalion of big hairy marines to rip off those thugs’ heads and crap down their bloody necks.”

Soon the room was filled with human chatter that my microphones interpreted as garble. Thank goodness Valerie Jarrett actually blew some kind of whistle thing and everybody shut up.

New Picture

“So you all agree we needed to meet today, right?” Jarrett said, pacing the floor around the conference table. Tapping her left palm with a ruler, much like a parochial school nun, she smiled. “Let’s consider this a teachable moment.”

“First, it is NOT ISIS. It is ISIL! You got that? I told you people about this last week. ISIS means Islam State of Iraq and Syria. ISIL means Islam State of Iraq and Levant. This is a major part of your job here. There’s a public perception that the administration failed in Syria. We don’t need to add to that kind of speaking point by constantly mentioning Syria, even if by only the first letter.”

Jarrett blew an exasperated breath wind up her face.

“We’re go to ratchet up the war talk next week. But never mention any military action. We’re working on a video showing some of the ISIL guys dying from our bombs.” At a growing murmur of complaints, Jarrett held up her hands in caution. “Don’t worry, we got a focus group on it. I won’t do a thing until I walk it past you guys.”

“As for Michael Brown, ahem….,” Jarrett said, then paused for affect. “First, we got two guys who bring in our base big time and every once in a while we got to throw them a bone. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are experts of coaxing money for their cause. But they get nowhere if there’s no cause. So we made a cause. Like we made Trayvon Martin a cause.”

The gum-chewing chick blurted “And look how Zimmerman walked away,” she said then popped a bubble.

“Nobody cares about Zimmerman!” Jarrett said, barely controlling her temper. “It’s about getting out a story, a narrative! America doesn’t care about Zimmerman nor will they care about that Ferguson cop. Let me ask you guys,” Valerie continued, pointing her finger around the room, “what’s the name of the cop who shot Michael Brown?”

Even the gum-chewing chick made not a sound.

“See? And you guys should know, of all people. The people we want to will always remember Trayvon and they will always remember Michael Brown. That’s all that matters, our story and that we tell it like we do so that they believe OUR side of things.”

Jarrett quieted down and the room was just as quiet. Jackson and Sharpton have poured millions into campaign coffers so we got them a story and we pushed it. Sure the videos come out and hey, we know these guys are not angels. But it doesn’t matter, what happened doesn’t matter. In the case of Trayvon, Zimmerman got let off. We don’t care, in fact best he did. We just want our version of the narrative to be the one oft-told.”

“What about the truth?” the gum-cracking chick whispered. Nobody paid her any attention as they all packed up to go home, sure now to call ISIS ISIL and confident that the Michael Brown story is unfolding as it ought to be.

I, the mere fly, slid effortless into the cuff of Jarrett’s blouse sleeve. Soon I would deliver my microphone to my Blogger owner and she will soon be sharing this story with you.

NEXT-Sunday talk shows and gearing up for the after Labor Day political onslought. Check in every day cause when we hear a rumor, we report it. When we hear the truth, sometimes we report it.

What was She Thinking?

Since her entry into the Treasurer’s race in July, Sher Valenzuela has made some tactical gaffes in her campaign that have left observers scratching their heads. Last night’s no show at the debate sponsored by the Delaware State Committee can now be added to that list.

There has been considerable speculation regarding Sher’s non appearance, which Sher had announced some time ago. I am not going to add to the speculation.

I will however, repeat what State Chairman Charlie Copeland announced last night. Mr. Copeland stated that Mrs. Valenzuela had told him about a month ago that she would not participate. How Sher’s cause could have been made worse by her appearance is hard to fathom.

Regarding the event itself, Chairman Copeland handled the MC duties fairly and flawlessly. All the candidates ran over their allotted time at some point. But, with only 3 candidates speaking no one seemed to mind.

Mr. Copeland also made it clear that any invited candidate would have the opportunity to make his/her case. The Chairman went back to his days as a candidate and his participating in similar debates. In some of the debates a no show by one candidate meant that his/her opponent could not speak. Mr. Copeland stated that he felt that this was unfair as one candidate could silence an opponent simply by not showing up. Therefore, Ken Simpler was given the opportunity to speak and make his case. He did so effectively.

Mr. Simpler’s talk focused on the actual job of Cash Management, his qualifications and experience in this field, and how the Cash Management Policy Board functions with the State Treasurer. Some of the areas Mr. Simpler covered were technical. I would have probably advised him to stay out of the weeds on the technical stuff but Ken Simpler did a good job of explaining his prior duties in simple and concise language. His prior duties, including monitoring Asian and European markets for the best short term deals in managing his employers cash reserves, fits nicely with the job he will do as Treasurer.

On a basic level we all do this in our personal lives. Whenever, we shift some funds from a non interest checking account to a savings account we perform this function. Of course in doing so we are not monitoring hundreds of thousands of possible investment opportunities. That’s why having someone who knows the job is so important. After all, the devil is in the details.

Mr. Simpler explained and discussed the treasurer’s relationship with the Cash Management Policy Board. Some have painted a picture of this Board as a group of investment gurus who give up their time and expertise to instruct the treasurer regarding his duties and thereby run the agency.

The facts are these:
1. The Board is largely made up of State Agency officials. These include (but are not limited to)representatives of the Dept. of Finance, Office of Controller General, etc.
2. The Board meets 4 times a year.
3. The State Treasurer sits on this board.
4. The Board sets broad policy. They do not oversee the Treasurer in any supervisory capacity. They all have day jobs to worry about.

The insinuation that this board runs the agency is clearly wrong headed. This mischaracterization of the job is used by some Simpler critics to say that Simpler does not know what the job’s functions are. Ken Simpler does know what the job is about.

I have saved the topic of agency personnel management for last. This is one area where Simpler’s comments hit home.

There is a section of the Treasurer’s Office where the employees are tasked with the actual cash management functions. For the last 4 years these employees have reported to a lawyer, who has no experience or evident knowledge in this area. This is the person who signs the employee annual evaluations.

The question is, How can a supervisor help an employee in the performance of one’s duties when the supervisor knows less about the job than the employee? I think we have all had the experience of having to report to someone who doesn’t have a clue about what your job entails or sometimes theirs. This is very frustrating. Most of us can’t wait to see changes when confronted with this situation. Ken Simpler is the only candidate who has the hands on experience that would allow him to be an effective supervisor to this key group of employees.

David Anderson’s earlier post is spot on and reflects the feelings of many Kent Republicans. I contacted this morning an individual who typically makes it to every event imaginable. She was not in attendance last night. When asked why she didn’t attend she replied, “What’s the point of going to a debate when there is no debate?”

She said she was disappointed. When I asked her what she might do about her disappointment, she stated, “I’ll know how to express my disappointment on Primary Day.”

Regarding the Wade-Smink debate, it was painful to watch. Carl Smink is obviously a nice guy but last night he demonstrated he was not ready for this type of race.

One can forgive his inexperience but, Smink does not do his homework nor, does he stay up to speed on current issues. When asked about the Burger King Merger, Smink included in his answer that he wanted to encourage all kinds of manufacturing in America whether it was manufacturing of cars or burgers. I don’t know if Mr. Smink believes that we will only be able to buy the Whopper in Canada in a few months but he clearly does not understand the issue. Things did not get better after that.

Kevin Wade could have stood up, waved, and gone home and he would have lost nothing.

Kevin’s presentation was energetic and polished. He also deserves the award for the best quip of the night. While responding to a question about repealing Obamacare, Wade stated,
“You can change the shoes on Frankenstein and it won’t make him Fred Astaire.”

Kent Debate and Straw Poll

I was really looking forward to the debate for state treasurer, but my buddy, Sher Valenzuela skipped us in Kent because this debate was sponsored not by Kent County, but the DEGOP state committee. Since all of the questions would come from a friendly Kent Crowd, I don’t get it. In Kent County, we take this sort of thing very personally. I didn’t even vote for her in the straw poll, I abstained. 22 years of friendship counts for something, but I was miffed. I am not even sure if I can find it in my budget to send that donation that I pledged anymore, when I get a call from Ken saying he is sorry she can’t make it, but not her campaign, it really says a lot to me. Even my friend Rose Izzo showed up, I was wondering if she was still running. If the event is big enough for Rose to show up, Sher should have. The results showed a backlash. I get the feeling that Rose is ready to take on the campaign. That is good. Now that she has shown herself to be a statewide candidate, you will see more attention to her campaign here.

Other contributors are writing about the event. I was late (knowing there was no treasurer’s debate I took my time after a previous event–a prayer rally for community and peace at the sight of a recent shooting in my district–speaking with constituents and organizing action items with local pastors) so I am deferring to other writers. Since I stayed for the results, I agreed to post them.

Here are the results of the straw poll. I think the candidates who showed up and discussed the issues. I will ad pictures later so check for an update. The votes occurred after each debate. A lot of people were leaving at the end and didn’t vote in the senate race.

Ken Simpler 52 votes
Sher Valenzuela 3 votes

Kevin Wade 21 votes
Carl Smink 6 votes

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_8/28/14__Edition-

With the upcoming primaries and general elections The Wise I decided to take a few moments and dive in with the juicy gossip bouncing all about from The Cheer Center to WGMD,WXDE. Sussex county, you gotta love it.

The Infamous Straw Poll

It would seem that Sussex county’s 38th RD held a straw poll recently and I just don’t care, this event has been the subject of laughter from Frankfort to Milton.

No, The Wise I did not attend this event though I was invited. I thought, what could happen worth all the effort?

Well they ran out of straws and hey, the jokes write themselves. I myself put up a mocking post. on the matter.

Now I must insert a reprimand from RD38 Chair Rob Arlett, who is also running against Vance Phillips for councilman from the Sussex county 5th councilmatic district.

Howdy Patricia. Someone sent me your blog post. Perhaps would have been good to talk prior to your posting. I was totally recused from the voting process. I had nothing to do with that part of the evening. I had also recused myself from the speakers agenda, etc. as well.

Arlett out-straw polled his opponent Phillips by 54 votes to

One report of the results:

  Delaware State Treasurer
Ken Simpler, 93 votes
Sher Valenzuela, (not present) 17 votes

Sussex County Council District 5
Robert Arlett, 54 votes
Vance Phillips, 9 votes

U.S. Senate
Kevin Wade, 91 votes
Carl Smink, 14 votes

Sussex County Register of Wills
Cindy Green, 82 votes
Brian Butler, 26 votes

Sussex County Sheriff
Jeff Christopher, 73 votes
Robert T. Lee, 38 votes

Another version of the results:

.  US Senate race:
Smink=4 votes from 38th voters and 10 from “Other voters” for a total of 14 votes.
Wade=59 from 38th voters and 32 from others for a total of 91 votes.
2.  DE Treasurer:
Simpler=55 from 38th voters and 38 from others for a total of 93 votes.
Valenzuela (Joy Hill was the speaker)=9 from 38th voters and 8 from others for a total of 17 votes.

3.  5th Councilmatic District (CD):
Phillips=9 from 5th CD voters.
Arlett=34 from 5th CD voters.

4.  Reorder of Wills:
Green=55 from 38th voters and 27 from others for a total of 82 votes.
Butler=10 from 38th voters and 16 from others for a total of 26 votes.

5.  Sheriff:
Christopher=44 from 38th voters and 29 from others for a total of 73 votes.
Lee=20 from 38th voters and 18 from others for a total of 38 votes.

Note please that in this version the 5th councilmatic results was Arlett-THIRTY FOUR versus Phillips 9.

Now this is no big deal, really. Some well-meaning volunteers put together a little covered dish affair with a hasty straw poll. Who knows who published what results where as I quoted above? I only know I woke up Saturday morning to a bushel of email giving me all the scoop on the infamous Sussex County RD38 straw poll.

Rob, I am really not convinced that your wise decision to recuse yourself relieves you from the chaos and confusion, not to mention running out of straws, that evening. You are the chair of the 38th RD after all, and are presenting yourself as the guy to replace an existing 15 year councilman. I would laugh with you at the mistakes and confusion but to jump up and first thing to deny any responsibility, well it seems not so statesmanlike.

I still love you , Rob, and hope you gain much experience from all of this. Who knows you might win. Don’t take it all so personally and no I will not call you up about some missing straws.

BUT Vance Phillips Let Down His Guard on Air so I hear.

New Picture (17)I hear Vance Phillips was supposed to debate Rob Arlett this morning on WXDE and right now I lost all order in how this was supposed to go down.

Evidently radio host Dan Gaffney was interviewing Rob Arlett when Vance, who knows….got confused and called in. Gaffney refused to let the two opponents debate. I hear tell that Vance barely controlled his temper and told Gaffney that he favors Arlett, that it’s just obvious.

Hey, I like a good brawl and especially one on the air.

I am to understand that WXDE will have an on-air debate with Vance and Rob this coming Tuesday, 9/2/14 at 9am.

Change of Venue for Bodenweiser?

I hear by a little birdie that the AG is considering a change of venue in the Bodenweiser trial, maybe moving it to Kent county?

By all means, let’s beat the hell out of that man and now make him travel fifty miles a day so a Kent county jury can let him off on all the bogus and blown out-of-proportion charges.

Lookit, Sussex county is not teeming with childhood victims of Eric Bodenweiser. Whatever happened with this kid and Eric….and they each have two different version of events….stop involving Delaware in this thing and let the victim gets his recompense in a civil court.

Not that common sense should matter or anything.

Arlett-Will He Go Dirty?

I’m not trying to stir things up here but I got to wonder if RobNew Picture (18) Arlett will ever be throwing out the fact that the Sussex county GOP voted to NOT endorse his opponent, Vance Phillips, for the 5th councilmatic district?

I’d love to talk to Arlett’s campaign people and see what they have planned. While at it, wonder what they’ll do about a civil lawsuit coming up next year which is the reason the Sussex GOP voted not to endorse Vance, as recommended by Delaware GOP chair Charlie Copeland.

Vance Phillips,-one more time about this 5th councilmatic district race…

Vance Phillips has just the best commercials on WGMD, kudos to Phillips and a nod to Bill Colley, who is helping lead the Phillips’ campaign.

The ads speak of the low taxes in Sussex county and how Vance has been a guardian of same for fifteen years.

Arlett has absolutely no argument against this.

But he always has the forgotten CIVIL lawsuit which really has nothing to do with nothing as concerns the Sussex County Council.

Oh and Bill Colley also did a nice commercial about the straw poll from hell. It was great!

The Valenzuela/Simpler Debate-It’s Causing Talk.

I did a post on the recent Valenzuela/Simpler debate
-these being two folks who want the Republican nomination in Delaware to run against Matt Denn.

So there’s some controversy on this event but it’s kind of lame. Seems Valenzuela wanted no video or audio taken during the debate. Simpler, afterward, gave an interview complaining about this. For while his campaign did agree to the rules beforehand, Simpler wanted it known he didn’t think it was such a great idea.

Valenzuela, on the other hand, said she was worried about video or audio glitches.

Or something.

Well I don’t know but frankly, hey Valenzuela campaign, this really does make your candidate sound like a scaredy cat. Sher did just fine at the debate, she should be proud to have her works quoted.

And Simpler brought cookies to the debate and once again I should point this out.

Senate Candidate Kevin Wade’s Weird Trips

He went to Israel and got some press. Now I am to understand Wade is at the Mexican border somewhere?

I just don’t know about a not so well known senatorial candidate running all over the world and if this is a good campaign tactic.

Ruth Briggs-King-Where is she?

She’s got a big truck with her sign on it on Route 5. Sometimes you catch a glimpse of her at a meeting.

Other than that, and though she is running for for Delaware representative for the 37th district, we hardly see the woman!

Ruth…..come out of hiding!

Finally, the Candidate Campaigning the Least and the Most

George Cole, running for his seat on the Sussex county council….he’s enjoying the weather and taking it easy now that George Parish dropped out.

And the hardest working candidate? STEVE SMYK!

He’s everywhere, on the radio, at Surf Bagel, right the hell in front of my porch one day!

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Got another Fly on the Wall coming up. Interesting lesson on bureaucracies.

GOP Primary Debate In Dover

The State Republican Party is hosting a State Treasurer and US Senate Primary Election debate on Thursday August 28th at Grotto’s Pizza in Dover. Grotto’s Pizza is located at 1159 North DuPont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901.

The format for the evening is as follows:

6:30 PM – 7:00 PM: Social

7:00 PM: Opening Remarks by Chairman Copeland

7:10 PM: Treasurer’s Debate

7:45 PM: Break

8:00 PM: US Senate Debate

8:45 PM: Event Concludes

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_8/27/14___Edition-

The Treasurer Debate-Valenzuela versus Simpler on 8/27/14- Who won? It’s complicated. Read on.

Couple of things first off. The Simpler people bought cookies. This is something that should be noted.

It was the debate sponsored by the Sussex County Republican Women’s Club (SCRWC) and a few other groups, including something called the Sussex Republicans. It was held on Tuesday evening and it was perfect, just perfect.

Before getting to the meat, let me put out a shout for the President of the SCRWC, Alana Keely. Here is a bright and vibrant woman who did a wonderful job overseeing the debate, kudos to you child and the SCRWC! Someday I will be writing aq column interviewing Keely as she too runs for an elected office, mark my words.

Audience members were invited to submit debate questionss and good ones were asked.

New Picture (12)Right from the start Valenzuela called herself the only “conservative” running for Delaware Treasurer.

Say what?

I liked it, of course. But I would never have considered Ken Simpler a liberal.

More than anything I think the scratching heads want to know why Valenzuela threw her hat in the ring, almost at the last minutes, against a guy who seems to be a good candidate, Ken Simpler.

I deduced that Sher wanted to establish herself as the conservative, the Tea Party candidate, versus the north of the canal liberal.

My ears went up. I would listen closely to ascertain just whether or not Simpler is a liberal.

In fact Ken did respond to the liberal accusations though I was confused to his logic. He spent some time expanding on his work history and experience as well as giving much detail on his family. Simpler painted a fine picture of himself but does this make him conservative?

In fact Simpler did expand a bit on the need for Delaware Republicans to broaden its horizons in that the Delaware legislature is filled with Democrats. Now I don’t interpret that innocuous comment as making Simpler a liberal wanting to reach across the aisle. I considered the words common sense but like all teabaggers out here in la-la land, my antennae went up and my ears opened.

When a Republican starts talking about working with Democrats we the weary get worried. Of course the two parties should work together, we do get this. But at some point you got to have a line and many of us heathens in Sussex county worry about lines being crossed in the name of working together.

Valenzuela asserted that she will take no salary and is self-funding her campaign.


Sher said one major thing she would do is allow us, the public, to have “immediate input” by pushing a button. She also mentioned, several times, about Delaware’s so-called “unclaimed property”.

Having once been a CFO (and consider that The Wise I is as qualified as Simpler to run for Treasurer though I’m not nearly as handsome) I know about abandoned property and let me flesh it out.

I worked in a hospital. People came in and paid their bill and maybe later their insurance covered it. Really in any business if the money overpaid or not collected is from the government, the monies should be returned to the state.

The city of Baltimore was entitled to these patient over-payments, NOT the hospital. Or maybe the state of Merryland, memory is fading. I had to do an unclaimed property report every year and send in all patient credit money to the appropriate government agency.

In fact, here in Delaware I too got a notice about unclaimed property belonging to me and I scratched my head. I still don’t know what it is though due to some recent real estate transactions of mine, involving several banks and bureaucracies, my property tax got overpaid by about $200. I did get a check sent to me so fooey on it, I don’t want to go through the crap of figuring out what else it might be.

Valenzuela’s point, however, was that cronies of Markell are running the unclaimed property division and this money, which is evidently quite a bit, is being used to fill in the holes in Delaware’s budget. I will be doing more investigating into this because this unclaimed property seems to be a big deal in this state. Give Valenzuela credit, she seems to have an understanding of it.

Simpler had to spend one full question time assigned to him New Picture (13)explaining about casinos and how he never, NOT EVER, espoused raising corporate taxes. Ken explained that he was part of a business that wanted to open a casino in Millsboro and he went on to explain how he and his partner had been willing to fork up 62% of the revenue to the state.

Or something.

I know that Simpler’s involvement with Senator Bunning was an issue the Valenzuela campaign picked up on and frankly it is a problem for Simpler.

First, a casino in Millsboro? Right there you got people not happy. The insinuation of Simpler’s cronying up with local politicos, that’s part of it. Frankly the Valenzuela campaign scored a goal with this talking point though it’s probably not fair. Witness Simpler’s constant need to clarify, a clarification that even I did not really buy.

Simpler did dish up some snark about Valenzuela and hey, I liked it! HE pointed out that Sher did not attend the 38th straw poll meeting and hey, maybe Sher was out buying more straws, did you ever think of that Ken? They ran out of straws and the whole thing was generally chaotic as my spies told me.

Simpler also said that Valenzuela rant for Lt-Gov in 2012 and only got 36% of the vote.

“And that’s likely all she’ll get the same low percentage for Treasurer unless she engages the Independents and Democrats,” as I paraphrase Simpler’s assertion.

Somebody needs to tell Ken that a 36% vote is pretty darn good for a brand new Republican candidate running in a predominantly Democrat state. If Simpler thinks this is an insult to Sussex county voters, the ones watching the debate, he’s wrong.

We’re used to being the minority here in Sussex county and come on, if she got 36% of the vote on her first try, that’s hardly a problem.

If I seem like I favor Simpler over Valenzuela….well I don’t. I will probably vote for Valenzuela, mostly because she’s from Sussex county and given a choice, I will choose Sussex over Newcastle, come on, I got brains.

However, I will NOT be upset should Simpler win. By me he’s a fine young man, classy, neat, knowledgeable and experienced.

Sher runs a business in Delaware and this voter will never buy Simpler’s argument that a CFO is the best for the job of State Treasurer. Valenzuela is a CEO and that’s a fine background for the job.

Both candidates did a good job of explaining the money board thing and the failures of Chip Flowers-Delaware’s current Treasurer.

Whoever wins this primary will be going up against a Democrat beloved and appointed by Markell.

By me either of these candidates will be up to the job.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Tidbits, full of rumors. You’ll love it.

Could This Be Our Future?

In France, a highly political search and destroy mission is underway to smear and criminalize conservative leaders connected with former President Nicholas Sarkozy. They used false charges to undermine him and now they want to stop his comeback. Polls showed he would win an election and oust the Socialists. Now the case has taken a new turn. IMF Chief and former Finance minister Christine Lagarde is being charged with negligence for allowing an arbitration award to a Conservative supporter. Lagarde was only following the law, even if the panel were as the left claims, a sham, it is not her appointment. After 5 years of investigation, they cannot find anything even linking her to the incident except a name stamped letter which was done by staff. It doesn’t even show anything criminal, but even if it did, it is a letter that she never saw. It was name stamped not signed because she was out of the office when it needed to be processed. I hope the IMF board of directors gives her the presumption of innocence on this minor charge. It seems like a blatant attempt to smear one of the world’s leading conservative women, coincidentally about the same time that new French Parliamentary elections are being called with the current President’s dissolving of the government. She is popular and could be President in own right if Sarkozy gets taken down by these false scandals.

This is not unusual in France, Charges were brought against every Conservative President or former President in recent history. The criminalization of politics is a menace to a free society and has led to instability in places like France and Italy. It tends to favor those who hate business because corruption is seen as working with the evil, greedy capitalists.

Enter the crazy indictments in Texas in recent years by a rouge prosecutorial unit in Austin. We see political prosecutions aimed at smearing and destroying Perry and successfully derailed Tom Delay in spite of his innocence. We also saw that in Alaska where Sarah Palin was hounded out of office by attempting to bankrupt her with bogus ethics charges. Ironically, Delay and Palin were derailed by “good government” reforms they supported being abused and twisted. In Delay’s case, the Republican caucus had a rule that you could not serve in leadership if you were indicted. That was not a house rule, it was a “higher standard”. What it turned out to be was an invitation to use the very low bar of indictment to target an effective leader. Once Delay was out of the way, it was easy to take the House for a few years. It was evil. If the Perry case is allowed to succeed, it would send a message that will chill qualified people going into high office. Legal activity can be interpreted in novel never anticipated ways and get you indicted and put in legal jeopardy. France is coming our way unless we stop it.

In our system of government and culture, what goes around, comes around. The aggressor sets the rules. If this is rewarded, the novel theory will not be novel and will be applied in novel ways to both sides. Our government will stalemate like never before. Talent will continue to flee. Honorable people will not want to be soiled by threats of criminal action for standing up for right as they see it after a lifetime of building a reputation. The plain reading of the Constitution will be undermined by case law and government will be by lawyers. Eventually the entire system will collapse and good government laws which helped will go with it. Who knows what will emerge from the chaos? Maybe something simpler and more limited as the founders envisioned. Maybe a simpler and more powerful government. Dictatorships are efficient and simple. History favors the latter. The natural state of mankind doesn’t appear to be liberty. Our fallen nature seems to take us down to the lowest common denominator unless we purposefully choose to follow our higher nature. Liberty is not an accident. It is a morally superior choice which must be pursed with constant vigilance. If we do not stop the gamesmanship soon, we all are at risk of losing our unique exceptional heritage.

Phillips Launches Primary Air Campaign; Colley Endorsement

A powerful endorsement and two powerful ads are the start of Sussex Councilman Vance Phillips comeback campaign. He gets back to basics and reminds people of his15 year successful track record of conservative government and taxpayer advocacy.

We will keep track of this race and any other that heats up.  Ads submitted by Friends of Vance Phillips.

Bill Colley’s endorsement

Conservative candidates, is your campaign on the move? Contact me. I like to give you opportunities for your message to reach thousands of informed opinion makers in your own words.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_8/25/14___Edition-

We interview AG candidate Ted Kittila, a Republican who plans to stop the Attorney General position in Delaware from being a waiting room for the Governorship. Guy’s got it all.


New Picture (4)It’s a pretty summer morning, quite early for such as interviews, when I speak to candidate Ted Kittila about his run to beat Delaware’s Lieutenant-Governor, Matt Denn, to take over Beau Biden’s current seat. Beau will, of course, with all the help Newcastle can provide, ascend to the Governorship.

I am tempted to begin with “What’s not to like?” but let me expand.

Ted has been married for 15 years and has two children, a son age 9 and a daughter age 6.

Kittila grew up and graduated high school in Seaford, Delaware, making him a Sussex county native. He went to the University of Delaware where he graduated with honors. He studied in Europe for a while then got a JD at the University of Minnesota law school. In all of Kittila’s education endeavors, including his stint in Europe, he graduated with honors, from summa cum to magna cum. Guy’s smart.

In terms of job experience, Ted began clerking in chancery court and worked in New York for a while. Kittila worked for several law firms and eventually hung up his own shingle. In 2007 he returned to Delaware and put in his time as a solid courtroom lawyer. Once he even represented a small Caribbean nation.

When asked why he wanted to be the Delaware AG, Ted waxed on about the problems with such a small state being represented by a single political party. In terms of his own ideology, Ted describes himself as Conservative, but sometimes he’d say he was moderate. His moderate-ness comes from his fervent belief that every defendant deserves the best defense possible.

I suppose that might be considered moderate but the stating of that sentiment is more impactful from a man running for a position some might considered anti-defense.

“It’s like the Medical Examiner problems. There could be lots of overturns in the future. Who knows what consequences this might have?”

Along with the tricky situation with Delaware’s Medical Examiner’s office, Kittila is concerned with the rampant crime problem in Wilmington.

I asked Ted what he thought about the Bodenweiser case. Here it gets a little tricky. I read between the lines.

Kittila seemed to think that arresting Bodenweiser, especially when it occurred right after he was elected by the people, did seem odd timing. But with such a sensitive thing as the charge it was deemed wise by Biden.

“I just don’t know what evidence they had, what justification, whether the prosecution is holding stuff back.”

I understood. Ted committed to nothing but my sense was that he’s not at all sure why a hung jury like Bodenweiser’s warranted a new trial. Maybe they know something we don’t, or so Ted opined.

Kittila really thinks he is going to win this thing and he hinted at polling that seems to be giving him a shot.

And I think hey, Matt Denn. Who the hell knows who Denn is? I’m a political junkee of sorts and I can’t think of a single accomplishment or famous action by Denn.

I agree with Kittila….looks like Denn wants to use the vehicle of AG to go to the Governor’s mansion.

What’s not to like?

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

Next-YES! I am going to the Venzuela/Simpler debate. Come back cause I will be posting fireworks!

The official Corrected 38th district Straw Poll Results

From an email correcting an error:
The correct results of our straw poll are:

1. US Senate race:
Smink=4 votes from 38th voters and 10 from “Other voters” for a total of 14 votes.
Wade=59 from 38th voters and 32 from others for a total of 91 votes.

2. DE Treasurer:
Simpler=55 from 38th voters and 38 from others for a total of 93 votes.
Valenzuela (Joy Hill was the speaker)=9 from 38th voters and 8 from others for a total of 17 votes.

3. 5th Councilmatic District (CD):
Phillips=9 from 5th CD voters.
Arlett=34 from 5th CD voters.

4. Reorder of Wills:
Green=55 from 38th voters and 27 from others for a total of 82 votes.
Butler=10 from 38th voters and 16 from others for a total of 26 votes.

5. Sheriff:
Christopher=44 from 38th voters and 29 from others for a total of 73 votes.
Lee=20 from 38th voters and 18 from others for a total of 38 votes.

Again, I apoligize for my error and hope this email clarifies the results.

Thanks, phil
Philip M. Dre

Crime In Delaware

Dover’s bloody Sunday with 2 two dead and 1 in serious condition for the normally quiet Capital City’s 2nd and 3rd murders is cause for concern. 3 murders have occurred in 31 days after only 1 murder in more than a year and a half. Two occurred in broad daylight and at least one may be linked to a Pennsylvania assailant. The other was a shooting as people were leaving a party. Two were injured, the two had no connection except being at the same location last night. Of course Wilmington had an issue this weekend as well.

Speaking specifically to the fact that 3 black youth have been killed in my district in the past month, I think we have a real problem. Sure at least some of the problem is out of state criminals visiting people here, but why haven’t they been reported? A group has approached those of us on city council about alleged lynchings in the area. At least one person was indeed brutally assaulted and an attempt was made on his life. He has been of little help because of his changing story, which may have resulted from a head injury suffered in the assault or others point to his drug dealing conviction in past and question whether he is covering up a drug revenge crime. Regardless, he did not assault himself and it is disturbing the assailants are still at large especially in the light of pro-lynching flyers. However, it seems that from the crime statistics, the larger threat we have in the black community is internal. We need to fight the enemy within with at least as much passion as the one without. It appears the Klan, WAR, or any other racist group is much less of a threat than a culture mired in apathy, poverty, family breakdown and dependence. Let there be no doubt that I oppose racism everywhere it manifests itself. That however seems less of a threat to my constituents than the thug culture which devalues education, family, and respect for authority including the police. This discussion must be had soon. It is understandably sensitive but vital.

I think we need a larger conversation about how we achieve deep cultural change. I believe it starts with spiritual change, relationship training, valuing education, achievement, and entrepreneurship. We need to honor our achievers and offer a hand to those who want to escape a criminal life. We need to stop grinding people into the ground who reach out for change. We need to have a system of rehabilitation not retribution, especially for non-violent people who are getting out of prison or off probation anyway. We are going to live with those people. We can either bring them back to the mainstream or push them further into the criminal subculture. Of course the big music industry promoting Gangsta Rap and other celebration of the criminal culture doesn’t help. The liquor industry, the predatory lenders, and the pop music industry are making money off of an enslaving of the mind or robbing of opportunity to succeed. Crime and violence is not a black thing and anyone who wants to make it so should be called out. Honor service, and dignity are our heritage. We need to celebrate that not just in February, but year around. Economic opportunity must be for all. Economic inclusion has to be part of the discussion. Until Rand Paul broached the issue of poverty, it has largely been lacking from both parties since Jack Kemp passed. We can no longer redline communities into areas of economic and cultural depression then hope for productive pursuits.

Of course crime in Delaware is not an Urban or Suburban issue. Rural areas have it as well. A recent home invasion in Greenwood illustrated the issue. If you go into the background there, you will also find with at least one of the defendants (all three are white), there was a broken family and a cycle of dependency. I have not had the opportunity to look in all three backgrounds throughly. The same core issues exist. As we see the disrespect of marriage and the breakdown of the family grow across the board, we see the crisis of crime spread.

Delaware needs to get back to basics of life, faith, family, basic fair play for all, and honor.

Dropout Watch- Flowers Still On the Ballot

I have been intrigued that State Treasurer Chip Flowers has yet to be withdrawn from the primary ballot. According to the state Elections Commissioner, she still has not received the withdraw notification. I heard from sources that it was being submitted last Thursday, but as of COB Friday it still had not been received according to the Elections office. It appears that Chip Flowers is in no hurry to make life easy or simple for his primary opponent and presumed Democratic nominee Sean Barney. I don’t have much doubt that it will happen. We will check again Monday and each day afterward. The lack of urgency is intriguing.

Is he just suspending his campaign or is he just letting them sweat a week or two? Since Republicans have a statewide primary, there is no downside to saving the state money if he misses the deadline.

Simpler Riding a Wave of Good News

Ken Simpler, candidate for State Treasurer won an overwhelming 84% at the 38th district straw poll where over 110 Republicans paid to attend. Other winners included Jeff Christopher who won big 78 to 31 for Robert Lee for sheriff and Robert Arlet 34 to 9 for Vance Phillips for 5th district Sussex Councilman. Simpler also had a huge 10 to 1 lead in fundraising the 30 day finance report and had a great guest opinion in the Sunday News Journal. He headlined the Delaware Republican Victory Gala to rave reviews by most who spoke with me including some his primary opponent’s supporters though his jokes were less successful, but contrary to some detractors though they jabbed at his opponents he avoided being mean or personal. He seems to have bounced back from less than glowing reviews of the first debate. Another is coming up this week. Currently, he has the momentum 3 weeks before the primary. We all know campaign momentum can change on a dime, but it is better to have it than lack it.

The Simpler Campaign put out the following release celebrating the straw poll victory and thanking the participants. This release is unedited.

Simpler Wins Straw Poll
Defeats Valenzuela 84%-16% in Heavily Republican 38th District

Roxana, DE — The Ken Simpler for State Treasurer campaign won a decisive victory in tonight’s Straw Poll held by the 38th District GOP Committee at the Roxana Fire Hall, defeating Sher Valenzuela by earning over 84% of the vote.

“We’ve been amazed and humbled by the support we’ve received from Republicans here in Sussex County ever since we began this journey many months ago,” said Simpler, who was on hand for the event. “To receive their support in this fashion is heartwarming and very much appreciated. We’re working very hard and enjoying every minute of it.”

In addition to winning the Treasurer poll, Simpler was the top overall vote-getter among all of the selections at tonight’s event.

“It was clear in the room tonight that our message is resonating,” said Simpler campaign manager Jim Gibbons. “The State Treasurer is a finance position, and it requires someone with finance experience. Ken is the only person in the campaign in either party with that experience. It matters to people, and that showed tonight.”

Ken Simpler presently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Rehoboth Beach-based Seaboard Hotels. He previously managed a successful billion-dollar portfolio for a global financial institution, Citadel LLC. Ken is a board member for Draper Holdings, the parent company of WBOC TV, and a finance committee member of Beebe Healthcare.

A Delaware native, Ken received his diploma from St. Andrew’s School in Middletown and graduated from Princeton University. He holds advanced degrees from the University of Chicago in both business and law, and is currently completing his Master of Public Administration from the University of Delaware.

Ken is a resident of Newark along with his wife, Liz, and their three children.

The National Scene-8/24/14-The Sunday Political Talk Shows

The shamelessness of Missouri Governor Nixon. ISIS Discussions and endlessly they drone on about the “Gentle Giant”. Ben Carson/Jesse Jackson debate. A question for Steve Smyk.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Gov. Jay Nixon, D-Mo.; Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich.; Rev. Al Sharpton; Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., and his medical mission to Guatemala to perform eye surgery; Peter Westmacott, Britain’s ambassador to the United States.

FACE THE NATION (CBS): William Lacy Clay Jr., D-Mo; Rep. Paul Ryan, R-Wis.; Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H.

THIS WEEK (ABC): Reps. Michael McCaul, R-Texas; Clay.

STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Nixon; Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Jack Reed, D-R.I.; Detroit’s police chief, James Craig; Dallas’ deputy police chief, Malik Aziz; Montgomery County, Maryland’s police chief, Thomas Manger.

Lots of foreign policy experts on this morning, including Mike Morell, the former head of the CIA now, imagine this, a political consultant for CBS! Good thing he helped save Hillary on Benghazi.

Also the triumvirate of wars: John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Kelly Ayotte, were out and about and wanting us to invade Canada.

I listened carefully and bear in mind that a journalist was beheaded this past week, by a British rap star of all things. And if that turn of events doesn’t blow your mind, well it gets worse.

Retired general Jack Keane said there should be a world summit on ISIS and I was intrigued. Only problem is, the only one that would show up would be America. Unless it’s a golf day for President Obama, of course.

I learned on Face the Nation, with host Bob Schieffer wearing a gorgeous tie, that France and most of Europe pay ransoms when the thugs called Jihadists capture prisoners. America does not. So they behead OUR guy.

The Ferguson, Missouri took up a large portion of the Sunday talk shows and I learned that there will be three representatives from the White House attending Brown’s funeral, which is tomorrow.

Ben Carson and Jesse Jackson had a mild debate on Fox News Sunday. Carson did not come out as vocal against this sham of a PR spin as I thought he would. Carson did tell Jackson that the issues are much bigger than this one case….well duh.

Host Chris Wallace asked Jesse Jackson about reports that Brown might not be such a gentle giant after all.

“We know he was shot unarmed six times,” Jackson answered.

And this means what? If the guy was charging the cop with an obvious deadly intent is there a limit on how many times the officer charged can stop the threat? Never mind, Jackson has an agenda and The Wise I is not fooled. Neither are any of yon Wise Readers.

Chris Wallace pointed out that 91% of black murder victims are killed by other blacks, NOT the police.

Of course Jackson wanted to hear none of this.

On Face the Nation we had Paul Ryan dodging questions about another Romney run.

Come on guys, I got to tell you everything? No way would Romney and Ryan be out an about if not fueling rumors of a 2016 run. And hey, I think it’s very possible.

Missouri Governor Nixon was out and about and I’ve got a question for this loser-burger. First, great going guy….got your face on TV and only had to sell this country and what it stands for down the tubs.

Oh yeah…it was Nixon who declared that there should be a “vigorous prosecution” of the police officer involved.

Maybe Governor Nixon does not know that a “prosecution” effort means somebody is guilty? And for him to call for a vigorous prosecution on national TV when the investigation was not complete is sleazy and bad-mannered.

New Picture

I wonder if Governor Nixon has any children. Or grandchildren. Because he sold his soul to get the exposure he so obviously adores all for his response and command to sit up straight as told by the Obama administration.

I mean it’s not like we’re not going to be seeing this guy every week and on every talk show from now to noon and who knows, maybe he will get a nod for a VP offer in 2016?

I know politicians have no soul but to demand another American’s “prosecution” so obviously just sucks.

However, the fine, fine Governor Nixon did mention, to a query posed by the host, that, indeed, the police in Missouri do look a tad too armed and obvious.

“We need to have a national discussion about this,” Nixon said.

Yeah, you think.

Steve Smyk, me and you are going to talk about this as the nation is now talking. For Americans have seen too many instances of local cops looking like members of the Taliban storming down on infidels and questions are being asked.

Let’s talk.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : An interview with Ted Kitilla , more tidbits, Just Soup….we hope, Another Fly on the Wall Coming Up. I personally trained that fly.

Seriously? They Ran Out of Straws at the Straw Poll?

Yon reader should please excuse this departure from my normal form.  But first thing this morning I am told that the 38th RD had a covered dish straw poll last night at the Roxana firehall.  UPDATE-The straw poll off by 20 points on Rob Arlett!  The questionable results!




No I am not making this up!


And who is the 38th RD?  Also running for 5th Sussex county councilmatic district?  Also head of fundraising of the Sussex county GOP?


Sorry Rob….this looks really bad.  Especially with you beating Phillips by around thirty votes.


They ran out of straws!  How much do straws cost?  Couldn’t they have sent out for more straws?
.  US Senate race:Smink=4 votes from 38th voters and 10 from “Other voters” for a total of 14 votes.  Wade=59 from 38th voters and 32 from others for a total of 91 votes.
2.  DE Treasurer: Simpler=55 from 38th voters and 38 from others for a total of 93 votes.  Valenzuela (Joy Hill was the speaker)=9 from 38th voters and 8 from others for a total of 17 votes.
3.  5th Councilmatic District (CD):
Phillips=9 from 5th CD voters.
Arlett=34 from 5th CD voters.-Heh, originally reported as 54 votes, a full twenty off.  Not to mention the missing straws!
4.  Reorder of Wills: Green=55 from 38th voters and 27 from others for a total of 82 votes. Butler=10 from 38th voters and 16 from others for a total of 26 votes.
5.  Sheriff:
Christopher=44 from 38th voters and 29 from others for a total of 73 votes. Lee=20 from 38th voters and 18 from others for a total of 38 votes.

The FLY ON THE WALL-Orchestrating the Trayvon/Brown Racial Drama

This is a new feature I’m trying out. It’s my buddy the Fly on the Wall and I trained him and taught him and he tells just how it all came down. Today, the story behind the Michael Brown case.

“So come on in,” I heard Valerie Jarrett’s assistant say to a young guy who I knew not.

I am the proverbial Fly on the Wall and I surreptitiously fly around various meetings to record conversations my scribe would never know about if not for me.

“Wow, I didn’t know this place existed,” I heard the young man say to Valjar’s assistant. “My names Marsha and I will be your mentor as you are trained in the art of public relations.”

The young man extended his hand to Marsha. “I’m Josh and I’m so happy you chose me to work here. Are we in the White House?”

New Picture (24)Well Josh asked this question because hey, I’m a fly and usually understand where I’m at but gosh I hid in Valjar’s blouse sleeve as I had been trained and I lost all sense of direction and placement. Once inside I quickly flew out of the sleeve and onto a nearby wall that I may hear it all.

“We are not,” Marsha answered sharply. “And if you know what’s best for you, you won’t be asking such questions.”

Josh quickly shut up. He’s been warned he was going to the “spin room” and he had some idea that this was where the administration polished and spit-shined all news to the public.

Marsha sat down next to Josh and leaned in toward him in a serious manner. “We like your writing Josh so you were recruited to be part of our team. But understand that this is all confidential, that the distribution and shaping of the news is sometimes a bit…..,” with this Marsha looked to the ceiling for an answer. “….well you got to change things a bit, orchestrate stuff.”

Valeria Jarrett entered the room and Josh jumped to his feet.

“Sit. Sit. You are Joshua?”

Josh nodded affirmative to Jarrett but said nothing.

Valerie Jarrett took a long sip of coffee placed before her by her assistant.

“Josh, we have a situation in Missouri that requires our action.”

Marsha sat down next to her boss and Joshua beamed with joy to be included in this “action”.

“We have a young man who was shot dead by a cop in Missouri that we’d like to take advantage of,” Jarrett said, stopping for another sip of coffee.

“You see Josh,” Marsha took over the conversation, “this administration was elected by several factions, or groups of people with a common interest. One of those factions is the African-American vote, this is no secret.”

Joshua quickly nodded that No, this was no secret.

“There’s still rampant racism in this country, Josh, make no mistake. And the only way to deal with it is to create a national dialogue to make the people aware of it.”

Josh’s eyes remained wide but wheels were spinning in his head, even I, a mere fly, could see. Joshua was a black guy although by me he looked just human as all flies are black and we have no racism issues. While Josh didn’t really think there was “rampant” racism in the country, he sure understood how it appeased a big base of the president. At least as I the fly-on-the-wall considered but I’m just a fly.

“We want to create a scenario that the cop shot Brown in cold blood, while he was kneeling and with his hands in the air.”

“Is that what happened?” Joshua asked.

Valerie clucked her tongue. “We don’t really care what really happened, Josh, and glad you asked because this is part of your job. You are to create a reality that WE decide is appropriate. The truth is irrelevant.”

Joshua leaned back with the force of these words.

“It’s not just us, Josh, get over it. The Bush people tried to change the reality of Katrina, the Clintons tried to lie and make Monica a deranged stalker. It’s what administrations do, they set the national dialogue. Here at the Obama White House we are very good at it.”

“No problem,” Josh said with animation. “What do you want me to do.”

“Josh, we want you to work with an experienced spin doctor here….that’s what we call them, with affection of course. Josh, we need about two weeks.”

“Two weeks for what?”

Marsha folded her fingers into a tent presenting a woman in thought. “We need to create a crisis,” she said, slowly. “We really don’t care what went down in that incident. We try to create a race crisis whenever we can cause like I said, African-Americans are a large part of our voting base. When we come across an incident involving a cop and a black person we check it out and jump in if it seems like a good case. You remember Trayvon Martin?”

Joah shook his head, he did, indeed, know about the Trayvon Martin case. “I do remember that but the guy doing the shooting got let off. I’m not sure I’d call it a PR victory.”

“IT WAS A PR VICTORY OF THE HIGHEST ORDER,” Valerie Jarrett shouted out loudly, causing both Josh and me, a little old fly, to jump.

“It doesn’t matter that the Zimmerman guy got let off, Josh. It’s only about the first week and during that first week is when we have to get out and make the drama on the national stage. Like this shooting case in Missouri….more than likely Brown was involved in some nefarious activity. The truth of the matter, Josh, and we know it, is that most cop shootings, be the cop white or black, of young black men are completely justified. The justification, Josh, usually comes AFTER the event. We don’t care bout that.”

Joshua blew a breath wind up his face. “Okay, I got you. What do you want me to do?”

At that another, older fellow, entered the room. “Hi Josh, I’m John Braden. We’ll be working together on this.”

After all introductions, this John Braden began to talk.

“We’re going to send Eric Holder to this place, Josh, but first we got to set up the narrative. We got at the most two weeks to create our version of reality before the truth gets out. Speaking of, we already got an assignment for you.”

Josh sat up straight to hear the cherished assignment that would make him part of this PR machine, his dream come true.

“We hear there’s a video of our victim strong-arming a convenience store. We want you to do everything possible to keep the owners of that video from releasing it. Threaten an IRS audit, if need be….we have contacts in the IRS that can make people miserable. Understand Josh, we only need you to hold them off for a week, until we set the national dialogue we want.”

Joshua had pulled out his Blackberry and was furiously typing stuff as Braden continued.

“With my help we need you to compose a statement for Holder, also we need to work on what words the President will say. We want you to work with the Ferguson police department to get the cop who did the shooting out of the limelight. We plan on bringing in a Missouri state police captain, a black guy. We need a speech from him that will emphasize his blackness.”

Joshua continued typing on the Blackberry and looked up in surprise. “I got it!” he shouted. “I get your plan. Is there any way we can get some high placed elected guy to make a strong statement? How about the Missouri Governor?”

John Braden leaned back and smiled at both Valerie and Marsha. Braden knew this Joshua kid had what it takes, just needs a little training is all.

“In fact we’ve arranged for Governor Nixon, a Democrat, to put a fairly strong statement. You and John will be writing his narrative for the Sunday talk shows but we want the words “vigorous prosecution” used by the Governor in reference to what will happened to the cop who did the shooting,” Valerie Jarrett said.

“Now Josh, Nixon is a Democrat and is going to need the support of this administration. He’ll do what he’s told and you’d well learn a lesson on how to force folks who owe you to do your bidding.”

“He’s going to get a lot of criticism for using the word “prosecution” before the facts are released and/or known,” Josh said, softly but he was concerned and the concern showed in his words.

Valerie Jarrett stood up and straightened her clothes, finished her coffee. “Josh, like we told you, we need a week to spread whatever we want our version of events to be. No, it’s not a version of events that reflects the truth or anything. Whatever comes out later, we ignore or deal with. For now, this is what we do, we invent a truth that will further our cause. Are you in or out?”

I real quick flew down and buried myself in Jarrett’s sleeve so I could get outside with her. Need to deliver my tape to my scribe, the writer of this Blog post.

Look for more Fly on the Wall’s in the future because, hey, I like this job!

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Not sure yet but it will be something.

Valenzuela Claims Victory in Debate


August 21, 2014

WDEL’s Rick Jensen Rips Simpler Debate Performance: Weak, Awkward and Creepy

WDEL political talk show host Rick Jensen has leveled devastating criticism toward Ken Simpler and his performance in the recent WDEL Treasurer debate. Jensen described the performance at times as “weak,” “awkward” and “creepy.”

Speaking live last week on his daily radio show, Jensen said Simpler’s opponent, Sher Valenzuela, was “strong, tough and every time Simpler took a swing at her, she blocked it and hit him real hard in the face.”

Jensen concluded that he “didn’t think [Simpler] is very good at this debate stuff.”

Throughout the debate, Simpler continued his efforts to mislead the public about the role of the state Treasurer. Simpler claimed that the Treasurer handles the “collection, investment and disbursement” of state money and “controls” investments.

In fact, as the state Attorney General has made clear, the “constitutional powers of the State Treasurer do not include the power to make investment decisions regarding State funds…. Whatever inherent constitutional powers the State Treasurer may have, [they] relate to the receipt, care, and disbursement of State funds, not the investment of the State’s $2 billion cash portfolio.” Attorney General Opinion No. 13-IB09, November 26, 2013.

As Valenzuela and the Attorney General noted, decisions regarding the investment of state funds are left to the sole discretion of the state Cash Management Policy Board. Jenson said Valenzuela “nailed” this point, as you “didn’t hear Ken Simpler” quoting Constitutional authority for his view of the state Treasurer’s role.

Jensen outlined numerous false, “twisted, and “insane” attacks launched by Simpler throughout the debate.

First, Simpler claimed that Valenzuela had proposed outsourcing the functions of the state Treasurer. In fact, since Simpler’s claims that he will be a “super investor” for the state are false (again, the Treasurer does not make state investment decisions,) Simpler is essentially running for the role of “super accountant/book-keeper.” Valenzuela’s point is that we don’t need a high priced elected official for that job – that could be outsourced. Instead, the Treasurer should do more and be an advocate for growth, limited government and lower taxes, as is the case in other states. For these reasons, Jensen described Simpler’s outsourcing claim as “weak” and “twisted.”

Second, Jensen noted that Simpler attempted to use derogatory language toward Valenzuela early in the debate, then lied about it later, denying he made the remarks. For example, at one point Simpler called Valenzuela an “upholsterer” in degrading fashion, then denied using the phrase altogether.

Third, Simpler launched an “insane” attack against Valenzuela’s work for the federal government. Jensen noted that small, private businesses doing work like Valenzuela’s for the U.S. military is a positive. The alternative would be, as Jensen noted, creating a massive federal work force with the government doing all the work itself. Jensen was left with just one question about Simper’s off base attack – “What the hell were you thinking?”

Fourth, Simpler poked fun at a trade journal article identifying Mr. Simpler’s hedge fund as a “case study” for the problems in the financial industry that led to the 2008 recession, claiming that the link to the article was “dead.” In fact, the article is available at:

“While Mr. Simpler wants to discount the credibility of this article,” Valenzuela said, “there are numerous reports about his hedge fund’s activities, although he will probably tell us next that sources like Bloomberg, Business Insider and the New York Post are non-credible too.”

Options Scam Lets Citadel, Hedge Funds Exploit Bonds, By Caroline Salas, Bloomberg, September 12, 2006, available at:

Analyst Kinnucan Shakes Down Citadel: The Feds Wanted Me To Wiretap You And I Didn’t So Pay Me Already, by Courtney Costock, Business Insider, April 5, 2011, available at:

Griffin’s Citadel a Leader in Leverage, by Michelle Celarier, New York Post, April 9, 2014, available at:

Simpler’s hedge fund background is more consistent with the Democrat party, Jensen said, whose major backers include the likes of hedge fund titan George Soros. In fact, Simpler’s former hedge fund, Citadel, is a major supporter of President Obama’s former Chief of Staff, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and it has been rewarded handsomely by insider political deals with Democrats.

Hedge Fund Owned By Emanuel’s Top Campaign Donor Stands To Profit Off DePaul Arena Deal, Apr 9, 2014, available at and

The Hedge Fund That Ate Chicago, 05/09/2014, available at:

Referring to Simpler as “Mr. Hedge Fund Guy,” Jensen said Simpler needs a “reality check” when it came to his hedge fund past.

Taking a position that is perhaps unique among candidates anywhere in the nation, Simpler attempted to claim that hedge funds were “conservative” investors.

Jensen noted that hedge funds played a critical role in creating the debt-fueled stock market crash and recession of 2008.

After the debate, Valenzuela said, “the idea of placing a former hedge fund manager in place of state investments (again, contrary to the state Constitution but advocated by Mr. Simpler) would be a gamble we just can’t take. Mr. Simpler’s view that hedge funds are conservative investors should send shudders down the back of all Delaware taxpayers. Citizens want to know that their investments are safe and are not being treated like the ‘high risk, roll the dice in off shore tax havens’ investments for which hedge funds are known,” Valenzuela said.

Commenting on what can only be described as a bizarre section of the debate, Jensen suggested Simpler’s repeated “whining” to the Moderator sounded as if Simpler was “crying to his mommy.” These were “awkward” and “creepy” moments, leading to Jensen’s assessment that Simpler had “wimped out” and that Valenzuela had delivered a “smack down.”

“Every time [Simpler] tried to take apart [Valenzuela’s] platform, he failed,” Jensen said. Valenzuela “turned all of Simpler’s attacks into positives and turned them around on him.”

Jensen concluded that Simpler had finished the debate “weakly” and that Valenzuela “would have done much better [than Simpler] in a debate against Chip Flowers.”

Summing up the debate, Valenzuela said, “Clearly, Mr. Simpler got into trouble with the facts on more than one occasion, even going so far as to claim that he would be responsible for ‘investments’ as Treasurer, despite the office holding no legal authority to make investment decisions.”

“Honesty is a conservative value,” said Valenzuela. “Either my opponent doesn’t know what the Treasurer does, or he’s deliberately misleading voters about his ability to control investments.”


Listen to Rick Jesen’s debate review here:

The Preceding post is a campaign media release.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_8/21/14___Edition-

The Blue Blood Elected Republicans are fighting Common Core? Who knew? Upcoming political events, and a great update on the Bodenweiser debacle. New laws and much more.

RNC, Common Core, Schools in Delaware

At this point I am more concerned about my granddaughter having classes in a tent in Georgetown elementary school this fall due to the almost 100 border children said to be attending that school this year.

But Common Core-that national joke that will federalize schools forevermore, is very much on my mind.

So I am surprised that the national RNC is working on it and that a local Delaware politico is also involved on this national level.

Resolved, The Republican National Committee commends the work of the mothers, fathers, and other citizens who fought or are fighting to persuade their state executive and legislative branches to faithfully and fully resist federal intrusion into education policy-making, particularly via the Common Core State Standards.

Primary Sponsor: Ellen Barrosse, RNCW, DE

APUSH stands for the Advanced Placement US History exam provided by the College Board for high school AP students. The students take the popular AP courses to earn college level credits while still in High School. The architect of Common Core, David Coleman, is CEO of the College Board and there is recent, significant controversy over apparent liberal changes to the US History Curriculum and exams which will be effective in school semesters starting in September, 2014. The “College Board” is a non-profit organization and is not a government agency.

I did not know about this APUSH thing but hey, there’s so much we don’t know about out here in la-la land where we might as well spit into the wind as to stop this runaway train that is our gubmint.

We are working on Common Core and soon we shall be updating the status and our fight against it.

When in doubt, remove the federal gubmint from everything you possibly can, that should be our aim.

And running the local schools of our children?

Come people, stand up and fight.

Upcoming Events

There are many fundraising events coming up and while I’d like to go to all of them, well I can’t.

I did receive some kind invitations to some and will take up the offers, thank you all very much.

For now, and for what little public exposure this Blog may make, one or two people out there, the information on upcoming events-some are real soon- all that I have, is provided below.

New Picture (16)New Picture (18) New Picture (17)

3rd Annual Covered Dish Supper & Straw Poll Event
Saturday, August 23 at 5:00pm
Roxana Volunteer Fire Company in Frankford, Delaware

Ignition interlocks Makes Me MADD

I think the Mothers Against Drunk Driving are a bunch of nothing-burger losers, no insult to anyone I know might belong.

Come on, name me one mother who’s IN FAVOR on drunk driving!

However, if these ladies really want to stop drunk driving, quit giving the gubmint and cops more power to put stuff on our car ignition locks and let’s not forget the hidden compartment thing.

According to information supplied by the Delaware Chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), which supported the new law, “ignition interlocks can reduce the rate of re-arrest among drivers convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) by a median of 67 percent, making them more effective than other prevention methods.  Drivers with interlocks also had fewer alcohol-impaired driving crashes than drivers who had their drivers’ licenses suspended because of a DUI conviction.”

The new law requires all drunk drivers convicted with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08 or greater to use an ignition interlock on their vehicle for at least four months.  Offenders with a BAC of .15 or greater, or who are repeat offenders, would be required use the interlock for a longer period.

Notice that bit about REPEAT OFFENDERS. Maybe these repeat offenders should have their license removed or maybe…THROW them in jail!

One of my beloved sources always posts news articles that depict this or that drunk driver and the number of their prior offenses. Seems Delaware judges are letting these people go even if they’ve been caught many times prior for driving under the influence.

Hey MADD, if you really want to change something, protest and boycott the judges letting these people go!

Gun obsession laws.

Man, they dream of guns. These gun obsessed lawmakers have dreams of storming our houses and wresting our guns from our hidden compartments and now we have this big state police agency that’s going to focus on illegal gun sales.

Gov. Jack Markell announced the move Wednesday at a press conference in Wilmington. Portions of the city have been plagued by violent crime that has often been committed with illegally obtained weapons.

According to the governor’s office, the new unit will be specifically tasked with investigating crimes related to firearms transactions, including violations of laws regarding:

•Possession/purchase of firearms by persons prohibited from owning them;
•Providing a firearm to a person prohibited;
•Criminal history record checks required to be conducted on firearms sales;
•Private sales requirements for federal firearms background check;
•Engaging in a firearms transaction on behalf of another person (straw purchases); and
•Mandatory reporting of a lost or stolen firearm.

THIS will stop the violence in Wilmington!

Do we really need to spend state tax money on this? Is the illegal possession and sale of firearms really such a big Delaware issue that we should add a whole nother state police unit to it.

I understand there are rules for firearms but the gangs and violence in Wilmington has nothing to do with me selling my gun to my neighbor on the QT.

Those state cops being assigned to this nonsense should be let loose on the streets of Wilmington and start arresting the street thugs out and about and up to no good.

Bodenweiser update

So there’s now an entire web site devoted to the silliness of the Bodenweiser trial and the AG decision to re-try the guy.

(August 20, 2014) Georgetown, DE….Nearly two years after the arrest of Eric Bodenweiser in a case that has garnered national attention, the state of Delaware has spent more than $1.2 Million dollars on a trial which ended without a conviction.

The accuser, a twice convicted felon (strangulation, witness tampering) who admitted to lying under oath to the court has not been charged with perjury, but will again get to testify in a second trail after the State of Delaware determined a second trial is in the best interest of the people of the state of Delaware. During testimony, it was learned through a Facebook posting that the accuser hoped to earn “Mad Ass Cash” from a conviction followed by a civil suit. is one avenue for average taxpayers to respond that enough tax dollars have been wasted and that this case serves nobody’s best interests, by signing a petition to the Attorney General’s office. The site summarizes the case, presents an outline of events from the initial accusations to the present time, and displays contact information for the people’s voice to be heard.

On June 16, 2014 the trial of Eric Bodenweiser ended in a hung jury. The “evidence” consisted mainly of the accuser’s description of the defendant’s home and several inconsistent accounts of sexual abuse. No other victims have come forward and the accuser’s testimony has no corroborating witnesses.

The state has spent more than $1.2 million dollars and failed to secure a conviction. The timing of the accusation, the reputation of the accuser, the amount of time since the alleged incidents, and the lack of transparency over who is authorizing all these tax dollars suggests the decision for a retrial and additional wasted dollars that don’t serve the people of the state of Delaware suggests a hidden agenda.

At the time of his arrest, Mr. Bodenweiser had just won an election and was perhaps the loudest Christian Conservative voice in the state. Regardless of politics, the petition at is for ALL Delawareans to make their voice heard about the spending of tax dollars that do not serve the community. The accuser still has every right to a civil trial, which has a lesser burden of proof. Visit to sign the petition and learn more facts about the entire case.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : I got more tidbits, folks and there will be more. Chip Flowers, the new anti-heroin drug, some snark, gossip and political discussion. Also working on interview with AG candidate Ted Kittila.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_8/20/14___Edition-

Sussex county accepts withdrawal of Pires proposal for a country western festival in Sussex. The inside skinny on why and how. Also, “For the Love of Sussex”-a maudlin dedication to my new home county.

Sussex County Council Accepts Conditional Use Withdrawal

So I went back and read all the council minutes and even my
own post on the matter.

Let’s summarize. Mark Baker owns a big farm, over a thousand acres, right around the corner from me, in a fashion, so I am not doing a NIMBY (not in my back yard) on this issue. Baker wants to team up with Alex Pires, a local entrepreneur who…..gasp….wants to start businesses and make money.

The plan was for this newly formed LLC to mark off 500 acres of the Baker farm and set it up for music festivals.

Pires presented his proposal to the council and had submitted various resources to the Bureau of Funny Walks…NO WAIT….to the Bureau of Planning and Zoning. In addition the LLC consulted DELDOT and the county engineering.

The Bureau of Funny Walks….oops, Planning and Zoning, suggested vetoing the idea because….well Alex Pires walks kind of oddly.

So last week the concept was up for a vote and go to hell, let’s not have Sussex county think ahead or anything, don’t be trying to bring those people in here maybe four times a year and keeping us awake and blocking our roads.

Not that the county council aren’t supposed to be leaders and have the best interests of Sussex county in their votes.

It was obvious, even to Joan Deaver for God’s sake, that Vance Phillips, once it became obvious that the council might vote NO to the Pires proposal, was looking for a way to block the vote.

The council attorney said, in response to Phillips’ query if a vote to withdraw the request could be made….and how. The council did postpone the vote until this week.

This past week-Tuesday 8/19/14-Alex Pires pulled his proposed music festival from consideration.

This was done because once the council votes NO on a proposal such as this…..IT TAKES A WHILE TO BRING IT UP AGAIN!

But since the proposal was withdrawn, well Pires and his people can address the concerns of DELDOT and the Bureau of Funny Walks.

Hey, Sussex county council, act like leaders. Especially you Joan Deaver, who is supposed to represent ME but has yet to vote for one issue like I would like. I understand the woman has other constituents besides me but I know quite a few people that think like me and it’s like Deaver does not represent them. I’m grooming a replacement for her but for now it’s like Deaver flips us the bird every chance she gets.

Of course you had eight or nine people show up to protest that which might bring dust motes into the very air, might bring a few more cars around the area, might have some inconvenience.


And DELDOT kind of shrugs over the matter while the Bureau of Funny Walks recommends NO to the festival because, well they don’t want to be thinking about a Sussex county using its inland areas that will be bring people also to our wonderful coast, making it WIN-WIN for everybody.

It’s obvious that Vance manipulated the vote so that Pires can take his proposal and, I’m thinking, with a little help from some folks, maybe get around the several homeowners that would complain if you were putting up a fruit stand across the way.

The people that would be in FAVOR of this idea are many. The Wise I has conducted a very scientific poll around these parts and most of them are okay with a limited music festival that would bring jobs and increased tourism to the area.

Of course the Bureau of Funny Walks could care less about tourism.

You guys on the Sussex council, think about it. In the long run this is a great idea. Act like the leaders you were elected to be. And to Joan Deaver, I say if those homeowners who protest the thing hurt your feelings I will personally kick the crap out of every one of them.

I suggested in my prior column and will re-iterate. Figure out a way to have at least ONE festival take place.

Then let sit down and discuss the problems. Then the concerned homeowners’ concerns will make more sense instead of the dreams their worried heads are digging up.

DO NOT let this opportunity pass by. Pires is a successful entrepreneur in this area and now he can go back and dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s, maybe give a few bucks to the Bureau of Funny Walks, whisper sweet nothings in Joan Deaver’s ear.

I’m thinking Phillips will help open the doors for the LLC and get a proposal that covers all the concerns, even if they have to lie.

Consider the greater good for once you guys!

For the Love of Sussex

I took a drive south bound on 113 late last evening and I realized just why I love it here.

First, we have lots of wonderful breezes here near the ocean and that’s great.

Second, you drive around you got big farms, then small towns, then stretches of stores.

Sussex county is a great combination of farm and semi-rural and the county council has done a pretty good job of keeping it all contained.

I saw the election signs: Arlett, Wheatley, Phillips, Butler. I smiled, good old American campaigning.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could entice a new and dynamic business that would promote tourism and promote our inland with sweet visions of the nearby Atlantic ocean?

Deaver, please represent me, just once!

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Tidbits-funny, serious, big and small. This and that, here and there. Come back for an amusing, informative read, with details of upcoming political activities.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_8/18/14___Edition-

It wasn’t any of the attendees of the 9-12 Patriot’s debate last week who convinced me that Sheriff Christopher’s the man. It was a Lewes liberal who set me on the right track. Check in for update on the mighty (NOT) Sheriff candidate debate.

So I consider the circumstances all this past weekend and review my conclusions.

It was a beautiful evening and the locale was perfect at Independence Hall in Millsboro. The tables were laid out nice with little sheriff badges on the table, some sparkles, a flag. They told me to sit at a white table because I didn’t reserve in advance but I sat at a red table with one of my clandestine sources named Matthew Opaliski.

Goodness there was a fabulous spread with lunchmeat, fruit and all sorts of desserts. Coffee and soft drinks were available. The deviled eggs weren’t near the caliber of mine but you can’t have everything.

Everyone knew in advance that the two challenges, another Republican and the only Democrat, were NOT going to show up.

“It would be walking into a trap,” was how one of the candidates too cowardly to come allegedly described it.

Well we are heathens here in Sussex county and would sooner rip off disagreeable heads and poop down the necks than to allow an open an honest debate.

If nothing else, this turn of events should convince all of yon readers that Sheriff Christopher is going to win this thing.

There were three other speakers that evening, Doug Beatty of WGMD, Mike Peroutka, a fellow who won a spot on the Anne Arundel county council, jeez might even be my old district, Pasadena, Merryland. Both were amiable fellows, inspiring in a low key manner.

New Picture (4)Sheriff Richard Mack from Arizona was on hand and yes, surprise, he was selling books!

Actually he was selling an idea, a concept, a truth. Mack served as a motivational speaker and nothing wrong with that. I even browsed through his book and he pointed me out as the “pretty lady” looking at his books so hey, got to like this.

I had to leave before Christopher spoke but hey, I got to hear Sheriff Christopher for a full 45 minutes one night, all to myself. I even commented about how mesmerizing he was in the post I wrote of that interview and got mocked for it.

Sheriff Christopher is a mesmerizing speaker but I get that you got to be really interested in what he has to say.

I also get that Christopher fought his position for arrest authority to the state supreme court and he lost.

We heathens in Sussex county don’t care. We’re going to elect Jeff Christopher again so get over it.

Actually it wasn’t the speakers of that night or even Matthew Opaliski to my left who convinced me that Sheriff Christopher was going to win this election. It was a Lewes liberal who I happened to have lunch with today who convinced me.

Now not all residents of Lewes are liberals, I hasten to insert here. But there’s a lot of them on the other side of Route 9 and I know most of them.

A “Lewes Liberal”, as I describe it, is a person with a socially liberal outlook but is conservative in every other way. Many Rehoboth Beach Residents are such liberals as many are our Sussex county homosexual brethren.

You get the Lewes Liberals you win the election. Glen Urquhart failed to get the Lewes liberal vote and he lost the election.

New Picture (5)

So this Lewes liberal asks me about politics and surprise, I had some input. I mentioned the Sheriff debate and everyone in Sussex county knows that Jeff Christopher wants the elected law enforcement office of the sheriff to have more power in Sussex county, including full arrest power.

The Sussex county council, however, the guys with all the money, don’t agree with Christopher and no money, no power.

Or something.

I try to cautiously phrase my summation of the sheriff issue. “You know,” I began my explanation, “the current sheriff wants to expand the sheriff powers in Sussex county?” The Lewes liberal did, indeed, know this.

“It’s just that Sussex county has a lot of little towns that have their own police department….,” I said before the Lewes liberal held up his hand.

“Whatever the case,” he said, “it’s always better to have the elected guy with the most power.”

I smiled and shut up, moving on to descriptions of the setting and food as I did above.

This is why the opponents didn’t come to the debate that pretty evening. Because the heathens in Sussex county will always choose somebody elected over somebody appointed.

In fact I had been thinking that exact sentiment all weekend but thought….Nah….it’s too simple.

It really wouldn’t matter what the two opponents said. Jeff Christopher talked the talk and walked the walk and us heathens in Sussex county are going to send all elected folks a message.

The rule, per a Lewes liberal: It’s always better to have an elected guy with the most power.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

Next-Sussex council votes on the country western festival, we’ll be watching, trying to catch up with Ted Kitilla.

Time for Grand Jury Reform

They lost their minds in Austin. They indicted Governor Perry for exercising his legal and constitutional authority in an open and transparent fashion. They claimed he abused his power. Now that is not a criminal issue, that is a political issue taken care of by legislative overrides, court injunctions, elections, or in extreme cases impeachment. When you start to criminalize the political system, you become either third world or Italy. The people who did this need to be indicted for a misuse of the criminal justice system and false charges, better yet Perry should call a special session and the prosecutor should be put on impeachment charges.

Perry had no personal benefit and was acting in what he believed was the public interest of not having a drunk who allegedly resisted arrest as head of a prosecutorial unit. I personally think arrest is not a conviction and people should have their day in court so I disagree with Perry’s action even though the incident was on video. That is a policy issue not a judicial issue.

I love this quote from New York Magazine which is not a Rick Perry cheer section. The article is entitled “Rick Perry Indictment is Unbelievably Ridiculous”. The danger of this is in the money quote in the passage, “The theory of behind the indictment is flexible enough that almost any kind of political conflict could be defined as a ‘misuse’ of power or ‘coercion’ of one’s opponents”.

But that statute also specifically exempts “an official action taken by the member of the governing body.” The prosecutors claim that, while vetoing the bill may be an official action, threatening a veto is not. Of course the threat of the veto is an integral part of its function. The legislature can hardly negotiate with the governor if he won’t tell them in advance what he plans to veto. This is why, when you say the word “veto,” the next word that springs to mind is “threat.” That’s how vetoes work.

The theory behind the indictment is flexible enough that almost any kind of political conflict could be defined as a “misuse” of power or “coercion” of one’s opponents. To describe the indictment as “frivolous” gives it far more credence than it deserves. Perry may not be much smarter than a ham sandwich, but he is exactly as guilty as one.

This incident has made me look into the issue of state grand jury reform. Half of the states rarely use them any longer. They have been perverted from independent investigatory bodies into one sided rubber stamps that lack any due process. Only one side of the story is told. The accused may not even know they are investigated let alone see the evidence and challenge it. Evidence collected illegally is allowed. It takes in many states only a majority vote to charge and there is no minority report.  Even worse is that the state is not obligated to present all of the evidence even if it may be exculpatory and show  the defendant’s innocence.   Over the the last three centuries, we lost what the grand jury system was supposed to be. Now it is tool of injustice. Prosecutors have a 98 to 99% success rate in getting indictments. One has to wonder what the 1% of cases must have looked like. We need to have a discussion about making the system fairer and more meaningful.

I support 7 simple reforms.  All evidence needs to presented.  Defense counsel should see the evidence after the prosecution rested and be allowed to argue their theory and present exculpatory evidence much like a preliminary hearing.  Witnesses should have a right to counsel unless they have immunity.  Secrecy of grand jury deliberations, while they are going on, but with allowance of disclosures in their presentments, they should have access to the laws and case laws to understand what applies.  There should be a super  majority to get an incitement.   They should be selected by a neutral party not the prosecutor or judge and selected at random from the general public, with perhaps some filtering to remove biased individuals and provide balanced representation, but without “stacking”.

For those interested in how the system got so perverted, CATO has a great report.

Where public policy meets common sense