The Rumor Mill: Keeping it real by refuting the lies against Dover PD

Dover PD has a great record of not tolerating misbehavior even if it is not backed up by the Departments of Justice both Federal and State. We have a situation where a person was shot while trying to avoid custody. The person was an adult criminal who had outstanding warrants and was reported by a witness to be armed in a call in.

I issued the following statement on Social Media also published in the Sunday Delaware State News.

Here is the real story about the officer involved shooting on S. New Street today. The one shot was armed, would not put his weapon away, was 21, and shot in the leg. The street rumor says the officer shot an unarmed, 15 year old in the back twice while he was running away. That is a dangerous lie. Help keep your city safe by sharing the truth.

Just like we took a strong stand against that horrible officer assault, we take a strong stand against anyone who would threaten our officers. We stand on the side of justice. Today justice is with the officer who thankfully can go home to his family. I think any thinking person is grateful that both are living tonight because of the choice of the officer.

There are other accounts that you have read without bias here. They are not like the street rumors but result from different perspectives of vision. You can not see what a person with their back to you 50 feet away may have been doing and contradict the person standing in front with complete confidence. I 100% believe one of the witnesses in the article because I known her for 17 years as an honest but outspoken person, but it is about visual perspective. An investigation will be pursued. I believe this would be a great opportunity for the new Civil Rights and Public Integrity unit at the Justice Department to be involved. I am confident that the full story will exonerate the officer of at least criminal liability. There is nothing to hide therefore I call for an independent investigation ASAP.

People have legitimate concerns about flushing a guy towards a daycare believed to be armed then shooting near the daycare. Some witnesses believe the gun found did not belong the suspect. It could have been from an earlier crime. None of us including the police want to believe that. He was reported with a weapon and seen with what was believed to be one by another officer. 1 plus 1 usually equals 2. It would be terrible if he had a cell phone or something and ran instead of surrendering. With the report and his record then added to his behavior, I could see a tragic accident happening. The odds are way against that scenario, but we will know in less than a month. Bad guys are destroying our community and it is amazing how many people don’t see anything when they do something to one of our people, but appear out of no where if it is alleged police involvement. On the other side, this guy wasn’t known to be violent. These have to be reconciled. That is why I call for the DOJ to assist.

Thugs shot 21 people in our community this year and police shoot 1. People fill the streets over the 1. I ask why? If you can deal with the 21 through the process, you can deal with the 1 going through the process. Social Media is flooded with videos of the incident and not one shows Dover PD doing anything improper. They are blamed for medical personnel not evacuating him for an half hour, but they stabilized and treated him on the scene. Medical personnel would not come into the area because of people in the streets yelling at and pushing the officers. It was the fault of the protesters. That additional police had to come in to secure the scene. 20 to 30 minutes is normal time in most of Kent County. We are just used to better in the city because our services are so good. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t scare away the first responders then be mad they don’t come.

My cousin was 17 when he was killed and cut in pieces then thrown in the trash by drug dealer. It is not the police who are the problem. My stepson was not robbed a few weeks ago by the police. The lady who came to me about her grandchild shot down wasn’t complaining about the police. The 18 year old boy who was shot 3 months ago in broad daylight in his car and paralyzed the day after he was on our porch talking with the family was shot by drug dealers like the suspect not the police. I spent time up in an undisclosed hospital at his bedside. Yet some people want to push the police away. Get real. Stop flashing weapons, shooting people, and destroying our neighborhoods and you won’t get hurt.

I am tired of funerals or talking with young people who lost their third or fourth friend in 2 months. People the drug rings are at war with us, but obviously we are not at war with them. Well I am. I am fed up with the violence. Policing is not the whole answer but it is part of it. We will either stand with our officers or we will stand at gravesides. It is our choice.

Dover PD will be cleared. We will move forward as a community. When we move forward, we need to address larger, long term issues. We need to root out the crime and drugs and replace them with hope and opportunity. We will write about that way forward over the coming weeks.

The Shooting of Terrance Fletcher By Dover Police, Justified?

Conflicting Reports By Different News Agencies and The Dover Police Dept. Causes Anger in Dover’s Black Community.

After reading conflicting reports about the shooting of Terrance Fletcher 21, by Dover police on the 100 block of South New Street on August 28, I decided to attend an open meeting of community residents and leaders at 6pm Saturday to get closer to the real story of what happened.

Apostle Marion Lott, "if you can't stand up now, my God, when are you going to stand up."

Apostle Marion Lott, “if you can’t stand up now, my God, when are you going to stand up.”

According of the Dover Police media release Friday afternoon:

At approximately 1:24pm (Friday) Chief Bernat notified the mayor to inform him of shots being fired at 111 South Ne, the details are still coming in however, a perpetrator confronted two Dover officers with a handgun and was told to put the gun down and he did not comply. One of the officers fired several shots. Subject has now been transported to Bayhealth condition is unknown at this time. Chief Bernat, Dep Chief Mailey and the Mayor were all on scene shortly after the event.

There is currently some disorderly conduct taking place, please do not go near the area, so the police department can conduct their duties and responsibilities as necessary. When more details become available we will make you aware.

However, at the community meeting I attended at the Center of Faith, Church of God Led by Apostle Marion Lott, I received much different information from two eye witnesses that spoke of the incident at the open meeting and gave details to me later in interviews that differ from the police report, concerning Mr. Fletcher’s possession of a gun.

New Street resident Regina Seville spoke to the group stating, she was with Mr. Fletcher and he was not is possession of a gun when he started running from Dover police. “He did not have a gun at all,” said Seville adamantly several times. After Seville’s eyewitness account of the incident a man stood up and said the police yelled, “here he comes, shoot him, shoot him. He didn’t even tell him to stop.”

Regina Seville, stating Fletcher did not have a gun

Regina Seville, stating Fletcher did not have a gun

Another New Street resident, Regina Morris, not only stated Mr. Fletcher did not have a gun, while speaking to the crowd but to me later in a brief private interview. I don’t believe either woman was lying and this raises the question of whether this gun the police claimed was thrown down by Fletcher, was an attempt by the police to justify the shooting by looking for a gun one of them had just thrown down.

A thorough investigation needs to be made by an outside agency, not the Dover Police or the Delaware State Police, but a truly unbiased agency with no dog in the race. The Dover police never stated they thought they were in danger of being shot or harmed by Fletcher. As I drove down New Street in Dover, traveling to the meeting the streets were filled with angry non-violent people, with one man standing up with his fist in the air shouting, “yes we’re ready.” This is clearly a powder keg ready for the slightest spark to set it off.

Many residents of the area also bitterly complained that an overwhelming response by many different police forces, filling the streets was totally unnecessary. They believed the size of the police response was unjustified and the arrests for disorderly conduct were out of line.

I would suggest the Dover Police Dept ascertain whether Mr. Flectcher’s fingerprints are on this alleged gun or not. I don’t want what happened in Ferguson MO. to happen in Dover Delaware. This shooting stinks to high heaven with different accounts that don’t add up.

The larger question is, are the Dover Police targeting this area simply because it is in downtown Dover, close to the General Assembly and the seat of Delaware’s power structure? Citizens spoke of, South New Street being a targeted area because of their poverty and ethnicity. They spoke of the same officer coming back night after night, threatening and harassing the neighborhood. There were cries at the meeting to have this officer moved to another patrol area. This is what is called “Institutional Racism.”

This community only wants to form committees to help their people rise above the racism and poverty. It was clear to me that a serious problem exists here in the Dover power structure and in the Dover Police Dept. This problem will not go away and needs to be addressed.

Expanding Educational Opportunities for Students – Governor Jack A. Markell Weekly Message

As we welcome students back to school, I am optimistic about the year ahead. Educators and school leaders across the state are working hard to ensure our students learn the skills they need and have the opportunities they deserve in and outside of the classroom. That means implementing higher standards that prepare our children for college, careers, and life; giving more young people access to college-level classes and workplace experiences before they graduate; and working together to find out which teaching techniques and lessons are working the best. Their efforts are paying off as more students graduate on time and enroll in college. And, much more often than in the past, they leave our schools with a head start on earning a degree or securing a job. Our young people are making great progress. But our mission to ensure all students receive the best possible education never ends, so I am excited about the new opportunities available in the coming year. More than 15 high schools will launch hands-on Pathways to Prosperity programs that prepare students to excel in expanding industries, like manufacturing and computer science. We’re increasing assistance filling out college applications and securing financial aid, because no one should be denied the chance to continue their education because of an inability to pay. And we’re expanding our world language immersion initiative to 16 programs, giving more than 2100 students the chance to take half of their classes in Chinese or Spanish and become proficient by fourth grade. Our children are our future and the prosperity of our state relies on helping them realize their potential. By expanding educational opportunities to best serve all of our students’ talents, we’ll keep Delaware moving forward.

My Reflections On Katrina 10 Years Later

Kartina cost over 1800 lives and $125,000,000,000. It was the third most deadly Hurricane in American history and the most costly storm. It did not just devastate New Orleans, but wiped out 93% of Gulfport, MS and created a disaster that stretched from Louisiana to Alabama.

I was on the ground within 3 days of the storm as part of the Delaware Army National Guard. Watching the coverage of the suffering of my fellow Americans spurred me to call and volunteer to go if a chance became available. I received the call while I was at work. I was asked if I could be at the New Castle County Airport in 4 hours. I called my district manager, called my wife and asked her to throw clothes in the laundry, finished my mandatory reports in half an hour, and hurried home to pack and change into uniform. I had my gear ready just in case, but still needed supplies. She picked up the kids from school. They decided to have the downstaters meet in Smyrna and catch a bus up so the family was able to say good bye. They saw nothing but chaos on the news with reports of desperate people doing whatever was necessary to survive. Even worse were the reports of some bad elements robbing and raping. The family was concerned but proud.

We flew out of on a C-130 which made us human cargo. I never look forward to flying on those because you sit in the cargo haul on a bench with backing often with your gear stuffed in front of you with less than exemplary temperature control settings. We flew that way for 4 hours in noisy conditions.

Our mission was to aid the Mississippi National Guard which was overwhelmed and undermanned due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Something like 2/5 of the state’s national guard was overseas at the time so Governor Haley Barbour used the interstate agreements to request assistance from other states. The states responded. In Louisiana, the incompetent Governor Kathleen Blanco, also had similar issues, but seemed less successful in managing them. 1/3 of her National Guard were overseas. The storm was overwhelming. Mississippi did a great job at evacuations, but more than 230 people still died. Gulfport was 93% destroyed. It looked like the old pictures of Galveston Texas almost 100 years before. Only steel buildings remained. We flew into near Gulfport. I won’t forget the images that I saw. Buildings turned into debri as far as the eye could see. Barges grounded. There was no cell communication, no landlines. Many roads were unpassable. Power lines were not up anywhere.

The following weeks were some of the most fulfilling in my life. Whenever we entered a town the spirits of the people lifted. They knew they were not forgotten. I saw local government make a real difference in people’s lives. I saw it work for the better and I saw it not work at all. I saw towns that worked like a well oiled machine where we fit in well. I saw places that got in our way and tried to take our items to give to special people who had connections. One of those places had a shooting over bags of ice. I saw that FEMA is not joking when they say have at least 3 days supply of water and essentials. In a massive disaster, it will take at least that long to get to you. A week is better. Local government matters. State leadership matters.

I was also very impressed with Pat Robertson’s Operation Blessing. They were better than FEMA at getting supplies out. Churches became lifelines. The Salvation Army was good. I was less impressed with the Red Cross and even slightly disappointed. Those are 3 organizations that I contribute to on a regular basis. They are all vital to relief. I was also impressed with Anheuser-Busch. No private company did more to aid the relief effort in Mississippi.

I learned a lot from my experience there and almost a dozen other emergencies and disasters. I took extra FEMA training and became an expert utilized in special circumstances including helping test new communication headquarters and software for the Guard. Helping my fellow Americans in Katrina was one of the most formative experiences of my life. It showed me that government matters and it needs to be staffed with people who can make it work.

Debate on Iran Nuclear Deal Intensifies

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

US Ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Powers, in a recent editorial in Politico has stated that the United States could find itself isolated from the international community if it rejects the proposed Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) with Iran, according to a L’Agence France-Presse (AFP) report.

“If the United States rejects this deal, we would instantly isolate ourselves from countries that spent nearly two years working with American negotiators to hammer out its toughest provisions,” Powers wrote in an opinion posted late Wednesday. “We would go from a situation in which Iran is isolated to one in which the United States is isolated.”, she continued.

According to an article by Deb Reichmann, carried in the Huffington Post, President Obama has adequate authority to lift most sanctions against Iran by executive order, despite a override of his expected veto of Congressional disapproval of the nuclear agreement.

Two US Senators, Bob Menendez (D-NJ) and Mark Kirk ( R-IL), have introduced legislation to renew the Iran Sanctions Act . Currently, 45 Democrat Senators have expressed support for the JPOA and 15 are, as yet, undecided.

Meanwhile, Secure America Now has launched a major ad campaign urging people to contact their US Senators to urge them to reject the deal.

ONI Issues Chinese Navy Identification Chart

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) has publicly issued an identification chart of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Navy. The poster is downloadable as a PDF file and is available at:

For an interesting companion article read Business Insider :

Senator Marco Rubio on Education

Senator Marco Rubio, who is running for the Republican Presidential nod, released the following.

It’s an exciting time of year: Our kids are heading back to school and millions of young adults are going off to college.

But the schools they’re headed to aren’t nearly as good as they should be. And the burden of going back to a mediocre school is borne most by those who can afford it least — the least fortunate kids, who most need a better shot.

Year after year, Democrats just want to throw more money at our outdated, inefficient system, trying to fix the problem by legislating from Washington and paying off their political backers who want to protect the broken status quo at all costs.

I want an alternative, based on three important principles:

Restore local control and stop Common Core.

Modernize our higher education system.

Give parents a choice.

Stopping Common Core: High standards and great curricula are key parts of a great education, but federal bureaucrats pushing Common Core should not be meddling in decisions that can and should be made locally.

As President, I would sweep away the federal incentives to stick with Common Core and leave all decisions about curriculum and standards to state and local authorities.

Higher education for the 21st century: Our colleges and universities are the best in the world, but they’re too expensive, they aren’t offering the kind of degrees Americans really need, and our kids aren’t graduating on time.

Hillary Clinton wants to raise taxes and spend billions on an outdated system. I want to enable colleges to innovate, bring down the cost of a good degree, and get kids the education they need to build a New American Century. Read more about my plan to control costs and spark innovation here.

Choice: Parents and students shouldn’t be stuck in bad schools year after year. Innovative charter schools, private schools, and religious schools can offer a way out, and as president I’d do all I can to help parents send their kids to the right place for them.

Plus, school choice isn’t just about giving families what they want, it also works. The best studies have repeatedly found that school choice improves outcomes for students, especially in our cities.

To stay up to date on my ideas for education and plenty of other issues, follow me on Facebook and Twitter.


Trump not popular with Hispanics, but some in GOP Field are gaining Favor

Unsurprisingly, Donald Trump’s hardline immigration stance is not gaining him towering levels of popularity in the Latino quarters. Pundits who with hand wringing, warn that the “Republican brand” would ever be damaged by having a spirited discussion and fight within the party are so far wrong. According to Gallup, Bush and Rubio have gained in popularity with Hispanic adults. You see Hispanics are not shallow and uniformed, as some seem to presume. They can decide who they like and don’t without looking at labels.

Trump should stay true to his beliefs. It is working for him. I would also submit that Bush and others should stay true to theirs. It may be working for them in the long run. Let’s engage in a battle of ideas. It is good for America.

I wish the numbers where broken down by registered voters as many of the adults are not registered and a few may not be citizens. In elections, voters matter. Most Latino Americans are or are eligible to vote but at least 1 in 4 are not.

Personally, I reject the Trump plan because I do not favor tampering with 120 standard of citizenship. I have long favored a touch back provision if people want a pathway to citizenship. They have to leave and let us do record checks then comeback right. I do not agree with the idea that we should ban people for life from being a citizen because the crossed the border to save their families or happen to miss a Visa deadline because they were sick. I do want the border secured and want a real wall. I do want e-verify. I want the criminals out. Trump has some sensible proposals. The other candidates are scrambling because they thought they would have to deal with empty platitudes and bombast. Trump has proven that he is a serious candidate with sensible proposals. Those of us who disagree now have the burden to explain where we do and what the alternative is. I think that is refreshing and new polling shows that discussion will not sink us with Latino voters if we can do it in a mature fashion.

I say to the candidates, engage don’t run. That is one lesson they all can take from Mr. Trump.

Is Clinton Student Loan Program Meritorious?

How long should people be paying student loans? Why did the government ban refinancing at today’s lower interest rates? Why ban student loans from being discharged in bankruptcy? The student loan program was rigged by government to benefit the lenders, the colleges, bankers, and the bureaucrats. It became such a disgrace that President Obama got away with nationalizing the 1.3 Trillion Dollar boondoggle. Sadly, except for some common sense reforms to help people who cannot pay their loans, it just changed who took the money. Students and families did not benefit greatly. How is that a surprise?

Senator Elizabeth Warren stumbled upon something that is just plain common sense. People are being forced to pay loans at 8% interest. Just let them refinance like every other borrower at today’s lower interest rates. This idea would be beneficial to taxpayers who guarantee the loans by allowing more people to make payments and pay off loans; it would help the federal budget by allowing less to be written off taxes when loan interest is deducted; and it would stop the debt bubble from growing as rapidly with the power of compounding. It is an idea that sounds right out of the Republican playbook. Why is not every Republican embracing it? Are they afraid of the finance industry lobby who owns the old loans and likes the profit they lobbied to lock in when no one was looking? Clinton is now supporting this, we must as well.

The student loan program was a Republican idea that was the brainchild of Milton Friedman and adopted by President Eisenhower. It was a direct program, but in order to expand it, it moved to a guarantee program so that it would not be an expenditure in the budget for every dollar loaned. Clinton’s husband restarted Eisenhower’s direct loan program but could not replace private lenders as he wanted. The health care bill completed that process.

Clinton proposes to reduce the interest rates on federally-backed education loans to the level at which covers the government costs, but no higher. Current borrowers would also be allowed to refinance their loans at today’s lower rates.

Clinton also proposes to expand Americorps to 250,000 slots instead of 75,000. Allow people to earn their way through valuable service that benefits the community and gives them valuable real world experience.

These are sound proposals that should not be dismissed. Only Marco Rubio seems to understand the power of this issue with half the families in America.

As Rubio pointed out, her proposal goes off the rails. Clinton thinks for profit schools are evil and wants to get tough with them. We should be encouraging, as Rubio does, the entrance of more competition and for profit schools. We need higher education that works for everyone not try to push everyone into one learning track. That is the main failure of common core.

Another problem is that she proposes to expand what Pell Grants can be used for. No longer just tuition and books but allow it be used for living expenses. That is a bad idea. It dilutes the amount available. If you need to cut living expenses, stay home and commute. We do not have an obligation to give free living expenses to every able bodied person with a pulse and a brain.

Her free public college block grants are a bad idea. I like programs like Delaware’s where students are inspired to keep a decent grade point average in order to get their free two years. 2.5 is enough to keep you focused without being a barrier. One size fits all programs eliminate state standards. It is the reason that I do not like the administration’s proposal. Making public colleges and universities univeral like public schools will lower them to the level of public schools. Yes, everyone who wants a higher education should be able to get it. We should make sure it is not handed to people who don’t want it. That will lower the value of the degree and degrade the quality of the colleges to high school atmospheres. The reason higher education works in America is that the majority want to learn.

Clinton plans to raise taxes to pay for her $350 billion program (ten year price), but does not seriously reevaluate how we spend the current $164 billion a YEAR. Rubio does that.

I give Secretary Clinton credit for starting a serious discussion on a serious issue. I hope Republicans engage because her program is thoughtful but seriously flawed. America would not be well served if it is the main basis for action.

Rubio Is the Worst Nightmare for Progressives

If the election were yesterday, what would a Rubio v. Clinton election look like? Rubio would win by 2 or 3 points, but would have a strong showing in the electoral college giving Clinton the doubt in VA, NH, MN, and Rubio IA and OH where he leads within the margin of error. New polling puts him solidly ahead in MI and PA.

Map created at

By Comparison Donald Trump is not at that level currently.

Map created at

A Bush v. Clinton race would be unpredictable.

Map created at

Iran to Build a Nationwide Nuclear Science and Technology School System

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

The Director of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI), Ali Akbar Salehi, announced last Tuesday that the agency plans to build special nuclear science and technology training schools across Iran.

Speaking at a groundbreaking ceremony of the new Nuclear High School in Mashad, he said, “The country’s second nuclear energy school will be constructed in Mashhad and a memorandum of understanding has also been signed among the AEOI, Khorassan Governor General Razavi ‘s Office and the Khorassan Education Department in this regard.”

The AEOI also has plans to construct a hospital with advanced nuclear medicine diagnostic and treatment facilities in Tehran, according to Salehi.

Planned Barrenhood Underfire

Planned Parenthood is unworthy of taxpayer support or even existence. Money spent on them should go to real community health facilities that do not charge what Planned Barrenhood does for health related services then demand subsidies while they rake in large amounts for disgusting practices resulting in their reputation among critics as America’s Killing Fields. Thousands are protesting across America for good reason. Enough said.

Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Egypt May Discuss Syrian Crisis

Conference Expected to Convene in Moscow Next Week

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

FARS News has reported on Wed Aug 19, 2015 that there is likelihood that a multilateral conference on the Syrian situation will be convened in Moscow next week. Yury Barmin, a political analyst of Russia Direct Research Institute, stated that the concurrence of visits by senior officials from Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan and Egypt has given rise to speculation that they might take part in joint talks on regional crises.

During a face-to-face discussion with Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir in Moscow last week, Russian Foreign Minister,Sergey Lavrov, reiterated that Russia will not accept exclusion of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from the peace talks, however, he also stated that Russia and Saudi Arabia had “agreed on practical steps to facilitate the political process in Syria.”

The Russian media had reported that Saudi King Salman would travel to Moscow on August 25 and Al-Ahram wrote that Egyptian President, Abdul Fatah al-Sissi, will travel to Russia next Wednesday, August 26.

Further details are available at:

Combating Crime in Wilmington, DE


By: Steven Washington, M.Ed

How do we combat crime in Wilmington, Delaware? It appears that nonsense shootings are happening almost daily and we constantly look for solutions. Have we exercised every avenue or do we really want it to stop? We really must become proactive and not reactive.

I would like to introduce safety right in the palm of your hand via your mobile phone. This app will help deter crime and build communication. Don’t hesitate to visit my web-site:

UbnAppd is a video recording and safety alerting app:

What would you do if you got pulled over by the Police, walking alone or had an incident with someone? Would you want an eye witness?

Parents, Do you worry about your kids safety? Would you want to be alerted within minutes of an incident they have?

UbnAppd is an app that records video, alerts emergency contacts within minutes of an incident & tracks GPS location. Once video is uploaded video can’t be deleted for 30 days and has an emergency panic button alert system

Be proactive instead of reactive to incidents or crime to help keep you and your loved ones safe in today’s unpredictable world.

Cost is $2.50 a month ( billed annually ).

Would you rather be safe or sorry? UbnAppd is a no brainer to have on everyone’s phone.

Iran to Submit Syrian Peace Plan To UN

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

FARS News has reported that Iran will submit a new peace plan to the United Nations in favor of a political settlement in Syria.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian said that the plan was drafted after “detailed consultations between Damascus and Tehran” and is an amended version of an Iranian initiative presented last year.

He also was quoted as saying that “The proposal amounts to one of the most effective and serious plans on the agenda of the UN and international players.”

Trouble Brewing On The Korean Peninsula; War Talk From Japan

In lieu of a recent exchange of hostilities between North and South Korea along the heavily guarded Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), North Korea has warned it could strike US targets anywhere in the world. US intelligence chiefs said North Korea probably had missiles capable of attacking America’s west coast as well as one or two nuclear missiles, according to Daily Mail foreign reporters

Japan’s Defense Minister Shigeru Ishiba said, “Our nation will use military force as a self-defense measure if North Korea starts to resort to arms against Japan.” The US has substantial military assets in Japan and these would be considered targets of North Korean Missiles.

Although Japan’s post war constitution bans war as a means to settle disputes, Ishiba proposed working with the US in developing a joint defense system and Japan is currently in negotiation talks with Washington about a “theater missile defense system. This system would be a version of the “Son of Star Wars,” program, that would shield US troops in Asia.

Japan became concerned after North Korea launched a ballistic missile that passed over Japan in 1998. Currently in Japan, people as well as Japan’s Department of Defense are concerned about North Korea’s Nuclear weapons program.

In a belligerent but dubious comment yesterday, during an interview in Pyongyang, foreign ministry official, Ri Kwang Hyok said, “wherever they are, we can attack the Americans. There’s no limit to our attack ability. The strike force of the Korean People’s Army will take on the enemy wherever he is”

North Korea was declared in breach of nuclear safeguards by the International Atomic energy Agency (IAEA). A UN fifteen nation council has the power to impose economic sanctions, a step North Korea has previously said would amount to a declaration of war, according to news sources.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un warned his country to be “fully ready for war,” after the exchange of artillery and gunfire at the DMZ between North and South Korea. He declared a “quasi state of war” and said he would put his forces on a “fully armed state of war,” starting from 5pm on Friday.

The North Korean warnings came after South Korea fired a barrage of artillery rounds across the DMZ on Thursday after the North shelled across the DMZ to protest against anti-Pyongyang propaganda broadcasts by Seoul. there were no casualties or damage on either side.

South Korean President Park Geun-he told defense officials to “react firmly to North Korean provocations, according to news sources.

US assets in South Korea include about 28,500 military personnel and US officials said they are closely monitoring the situation. US State Dept. spokesperson Katina Adams said, “such provocative actions heighten tensions and we call on Pyogyang to refrain from actions and rhetoric that threaten regional peace and security.”

Tension between North and South Korea has been on the increase recently, but the focus of North Korea’s leadership is clearly on attacking US military assets. The closest US military assets in the region of course are placed in South Korea and Japan.

Markell Is Right to Veto The Jail Zoe Hart Bill

Delaware is absurdly strict already when it comes to regulating consensual relationships between therapists and patients. They cannot have sexual relationships for 3 years after the professional relationship ends without risking losing their license. That is of course absurdity. 6 months is more than enough cooling off period We should be moving toward respecting adults and their choices. Representative Williams introduced HB 130. She must be jealous of Dr. Zoe Hart so she introduced the jail Zoe Hart bill. (See the popular show Hart of Dixie). The popular show is perfect the illustration for my point that health professionals are just people. No one would pass a law like this for lawyers, plumbers, ski instructors, mechanics, ministers, or real estate brokers. The idea that the aftermath of criminal activity on rare occasions should be used to criminalize legitimate relationships is absurd. Punish rapists not daters.

A state that cannot distinguish between adults striking up a relationship on their own terms and predatory relationships. Is a state that is astonishingly inept. We see this with zero tolerance laws that punish kids for taking tylenol at the same level as crack in schools or drawing a gun and clipping it out as if it is a real one. Now we are taking that same mentality so that if you and the LPN who gives you a shot every year at the doctor’s office cannot date even if you don’t remember each other from the office. It is not the right of government to determine with whom you enter a relationship as an adult. The nature of that relationship does not matter. Adults can have professional and personal relationships with the same person. Adults do not need the government protecting them from their physical therapist, dental hygienist, nurse, or doctor. They are not predators and sex is not evil. If you are lucky enough to find someone to marry that you love, it is not bad that they are a professional and you can trust them if anything happens.

Liberals seem obsessed with sex. They want to proclaim openness to everything no matter how abnormal, but put barriers in front of relationships they don’t like no matter how normal. Governor Markell had a choice between sanity and insanity. He choose sanity.

Governor Markell framed the issue well and it is worth repeating.

“House Bill 130 would make all sexual contact, including consensual sexual contact between two adults, a Class F felony punishable by up to three years in prison and registration for twenty-five years as a Tier II Sex Offender, which results in a mandatory loss of professional license, if one of those adults is a health care professional and the other is a patient being treated by the health care professional. Notably, the same sexual contact, if non-consensual and offensive to the adult victim, is a Class A misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of one year in jail. The law as written could apply in a situation where, for example, a general practitioner starts dating a patient who comes in for annual or bi-annual physical exams, perhaps sees a nurse practitioner in between appointments for a flu shot, and may occasionally call for a refill of allergy medication. If the doctor failed to remove the patient from the patient list the moment the relationship began, that relationship could fall within the “course of treatment” to which this statute applies. House Bill 130 does not distinguish between situations where there is consent and no consent, or account for the fact that a doctor-patient relationship may be different in one context (e.g. a mental health counselor) than another (e.g. a dental hygienist). For these reasons, I veto House Bill 130 and return it to the House of Representatives without my signature,” wrote the Governor in a statement delivered to the House of Representatives.

Does the Animas River Spill Show EPA Has Lost Its Focus?

We all know that that while inspecting a containment pond of toxic mining chemicals that EPA inspectors caused a spill of 3 million gallons of Arsenic and Lead tainted water into the Animas River in Colorado which eventually polluted the water supply of 3 states.

Accidents happen. What was most disturbing was the lack of a coherent response. There was no containment. The unspoken strategy seemed to be close down the rivers and let them naturally purge themselves. Imagine if private industry suggested that. The EPA director was slow to make it out to Colorado and never went to the original site. Imagine the press if the FEMA director behaved the same way.

The EPA has become more focused on the exotic and less on the practical. The EPA budget has been cut by 555 million dollars in the clean water area, but the administration increased it in the area of fighting “global climate change”. The EPA is no longer equipped to accomplish its core mission, in my view, and has become an ideological crusader. Are we better off? I sincerely doubt it.

The Obama fundamental transformation of America continues. Maybe this is one more reason to have a return to normalcy the next election.

Fallout From Iran Nuclear Deal (2)

A Russian-Iranian Alliance?

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

Recent developments in Russo-Iranian relations have some Western observers increasingly focused.

• On Wednesday August 19, 2015 Russian Deputy Foreign Minister , Mikhail Bogdanov announced that Russia and Iran have finalized an arms agreement over purchase and delivery of four advanced long-range S-300 VM (Antey-2500) mobile surface-to-air anti-ballistic missile systems by the end of 2015. [ This is presumably an Iranian effort to counter anticipated Israeli missile strikes of its nuclear R&D facilities. ]

• In the wake of lifting of UN sanctions as a result of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, this is actually a new revision of an earlier Russian/Iranian contract for deliveries of (now discontinued) S-300 PMU ABM systems, interrupted in 2007 by the UN Arms Embargo.

• Russia and Iran have increased naval cooperation, as evidenced by docking of a Russian navy fleet docked in the northern Iranian facility of Bandar-e Anzali, on the Caspian Sea.

ValueWalk reported yesterday that there are clear indications a newly emerging axis between China, Russia and Pakistan that may also include Iran.

Read the entire article by Polina Tikhonova, as well as related topics at: ValueWalk .

Information, photos and specifications of the S-300 VM ABM system are available at: .

German Bundestag Approves Third Bailout of Greece

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

After hard lobbying by Chancellor Angela Merkel and Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble, the German Bundestag has approved a 3.2 billion Euro ($3.53 billion) bailout of Greece.

Read more at: and

Despite some opposition in the form of opposing votes and abstentions with,in the ruling CPD/CSU party coalition, the measure passed by a wide margin.

Fallout From IRAN Nuclear Deal (1)

IAEA Withholds Information From US Senate and Obama Administration

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

An official spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) claims that International Atomic Energy (IAEA) Director, Yukiya Amano, in response to direct Iranian pressure, has withheld secrets of the “Roadmap of Cooperation Between Iran and the IAEA” [an apparent separate agreement with Iran] from the U.S. Congress and Obama Administration.

Behrouz Kamalvandi, speaking in a meeting with Iranian lawmakers in Tehran on Monday August 17 declared that “If secrets of the agreement are revealed, we will lose our trust in the Agency.”, according to the FARS News Agency

The announcement as it stands can have serious implications for US Senate ratification of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed in Vienna on 14 July 2015 (commonly known as the Iran Nuclear Deal).

The complete text of the FARS Monday Aug 17, 2015 6:44 posting follows:


Spokesman: Grave Consequences Discouraged Amano from Revealing Iran’s Secrets to US Senate

TEHRAN (FNA)- Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Yukiya Amano didn’t disclose secrets of its recent agreement with Iran to the US Congress for the fear of its aftermaths, an Iranian spokesman said Monday.

“In a letter to Yukiya Amano, we underlined that if the secrets of the agreement (roadmap of cooperation between Iran and the IAEA) are revealed, we will lose our trust in the Agency; and despite the US Congress’s pressures, he didn’t give any information to them,” Spokesman of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Behrouz Kamalvandi said in a meeting with the Iranian lawmakers in Tehran on Monday.

Kamalvandi said revealing the secrets of the roadmap wouldn’t have been good for him either.In relevant remarks early this month, Iran’s Envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency Reza Najafi warned the UN nuclear watchdog to avoid disclosing its secret agreements with Tehran.

“The agreements signed between a member country and the IAEA are definitely secret and cannot be presented to any other country at all,” Najafi said.

Referring to the discussions at the US Congress during which the US officials elaborated on the nuclear agreement between Iran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany), he said, “The discussions revealed that the secret texts between Iran and the Agency have not even been provided to the US administration.”

“For the very same reason, they cannot be presented to the Senate members either,” Najafi added.

He also said that Tehran has already warned the IAEA chief against the repercussions of a disclosure of its agreement with the UN nuclear watchdog agency.

“Iran has clarified it to Amano that the text of its understanding with the IAEA cannot be presented to the Senate,” Najafi reiterated.

He further warned that “the Agency knows what it means to disclose a secret document”.

The Iranian envoy also cautioned Amano that he is duty bound now to accept possible invitations of other countries’ legislatures after he accepted to attend a US Senate meeting.

Amano and Head of the AEOI Ali Akbar Salehi signed a roadmap of cooperation in Vienna on July 14.

The roadmap contains secret arrangements stated in one or two documents entailing on the methods to be used by the two sides in their cooperation.

Senior Iranian nuclear officials have said that all IAEA member states have such secret agreements and the UN nuclear watchdog is duty bound to keep them secret to any third party individual or state.

After the roadmap was signed, Salehi announced that the new agreement would fully settle all unresolved issues pertaining to Tehran’s nuclear activities in the past.

“All past issues will be resolved completely after Iran and the Agency adopt some measures,” Salehi told reporters after signing an agreement called the Iran-IAEA Cooperation ‘Roadmap’.

He said that all agreements, including the measures decided for Parchin military site, will be implemented with full respect to Iran’s redlines.

Iran had earlier announced that inspection of the country’s military sites are one of its redlines.

“I hope that a new chapter in relations and cooperation between Iran and the IAEA will start after the settlement of the past issues,” Salehi added.

Salehi made the remarks in Vienna just a short time after diplomats acknowledged a sum-up agreement had been made between world powers and Iran.



O’Malley calls out DNC for stifling Debate; Harkin Says Biden won’t run

Retired Senator and Iowa powerbroker. Tom Harkin is endorsing Secretary Hillary Clinton saying it is past time for a woman President. He says Vice President Joe Biden is not contacting people and likely will not run.

Another day and another 17,850 emails that are relevant to legal requests are discovered originating from Clinton staffers.

But State officials responded Thursday with the news that they had inexplicably found 81,159 emails on Reines’ “.gov” email account despite asserting two years ago that none existed.

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Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Rejects Iran Nuclear Deal

By Wolf von Baumgart,Staff Writer

U.S. Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, has announced he will reject the proposed nuclear agreement with Iran, despite major White House efforts aimed at securing Senate ratification.

Read more here: .

Lifeguard Times to be Reduced at Delaware State Park Beaches

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

Seasonal cutbacks of weekday lifeguard hours will be in effect at two Delaware State Park beaches starting Monday, August 24.

The Tower Road area at Delaware Seashore State Park and the Fenwick Lot area at Fenwick Island State Park will be guarded only on weekends and unguarded on weekdays from Monday, Aug. 24 through Friday, Aug. 28, and Monday Aug. 31 through Friday, Sept. 4 according to the DNREC Division of Parks and Recreation.

The Cape Main and South Side Inlet state beaches will remain guarded from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day through Labor Day (Monday, September 7) with reduced swimming areas and fewer lifeguards on-duty.

For more information, call the Division of Parks and Recreation’s Operations Section at 302-739-9200.

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