Post-Inaugural Challenges

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

There is an art to the peaceful, orderly and effective transition of power. The problems of partisan politics should (at least in theory) be supplanted with the problems of governance, as political ideology has its stark limitations when applied to complex economic, social, environmental and technological problems. Accordingly, the time for rhetoric and slogans is over as the time for creativity, innovation, insight, effective management and common sense dawns across the nation. In essence, we need less noise and more signal – less distraction and more focus.

Personalities aside, the incoming President and the entire nation face massive challenges on an unprecedented scale, as the exponential function applies both graphically and psychologically.

The President and the nation collectively face the following adverse scenario:

1) Financial insolvency via a growing national debt approximating 20 trillion dollars, coupled with a projected raise in the debt ceiling.

2) A relatively stagnant economy coupled with a highly unfavorable trade deficit.

3) A weakened geopolitical and geostrategic position in an increasingly unstable world.

4) A grossly ineffective educational system.

5) Obsolescent infrastructure and urban decay.

6) Concentration of power and influence in the hands of self-serving special interest groups at public expense.

7) An increasingly hyperbolic, polarized, inflamed and political climate, aggravated by extremism, exclusion, obstructionism, pseudo-elitism, hypocrisy and corruption, resulting in increased popular frustration and alienation.

If any of the above issues are to be effectively mitigated, we need a more systematic, scientific, economic, ecological and creative approach, as the current governmental partisan political and bureaucratic conceptual framework is clearly inadequate in the face of hyper-complex problems. Fortunately, the communications and information technology exists to form a more inclusive virtual national think-tank, transcending regional, cultural and political differences, working towards a more innovative and cooperative community.

In order to make any progress, the new administration, as a sine qua non, needs to help free the inventive American Spirit, towards a more enlightened society. Our national survival depends upon it.

Fake News

A Nation Divided Takes No Prisoners

Time has finally arrived when the media is considered so powerful they believe they can sway elections. The days of Walter Cronkite style journalism are over and so is the credibility of national news agencies. Many people have not respected or trusted the national media for at least a couple of decades, myself as well and I don’t believe we have hit bottom yet.

Even FoxNews’ Megyn Kelly, during the presidential debates was given the task as a moderator and arrived as a viscous opinionated attack dog journalist with a personal agenda of women’s rights instead of asking questions about global or national issues.

Recently Donald Trump justifiably accused NBC of presenting “Fake News” to the public as legitimate news stories: “Totally biased @NBCNews went out of its way to say that the big announcement from Ford, G.M., Lockheed and others that jobs are coming back to the U.S., but had noting to do with Trump, is more FAKE NEWS,” NBC has not responded to these allegations as of yet.

The American media has become a pseudo elitist organization that somehow wants to make the news instead of reporting it. This will continue to be the case as long as the Americans don’t demand better.

Donald J. Trump President elect
Donald J. Trump President elect
In other instances the New York Times has been accused of printing stories that are totally untrue or contain intentionally biased wording. Bad journalism, as of late has permeated the media either by intentional miswording or subtle bias, by use of subtle accusation or obfuscation of the facts.

Being a journalist by trade, I took a journalism ethics course along with my degree, to work in print media. When I graduated and found work with a daily newspaper, I found what was taught at the university and what was practiced in the field were two different things. Of course I understand that people have different ideas and political ideologies and might want to fudge a little on the facts and that’s what editors are for. They check sources on copy that looks a little biased or outright untrue. There are many students coming out of these universities that should be supervised, Which could mean much of this error is intentional.

Inauguaration Day Protesters or Sore Losers

Massive Protests and Demonstrations By Many Organizations Planned For Inauguration Day and Days Leading To It.

Opponents of Donald Trump plan massive demonstrations for Inauguration Day in Washington DC along with other cities. They plan to block traffic and generally become a nuisance, create media coverage and generally show themselves as taking the phrase “sore loser” to a new high.

According to news sources, Anti-Trump minions and haters plan to cause havoc using “blockade” tactics to cause massive disruptions at security checkpoints to a dance party outside the VP-elect Mike Pence’s house. An organization called #DisruptJ20 has announced various plans to cause as much disruption as possible at Trump’s inauguration as well as the days leading up to it.

Local marijuana advocacy group DCMJ will begin handing out 4,200 free joints, (which is legal under DC law) to protesters a 8am. They will begin marching (without a permit) toward the National Mall at 10am with plans to “light up” 4 minutes and 20 seconds into Trumps speech.

Many groups will be protesting with permits with the idea of thwarting Trumps presidency and maligning Trumps character. A womens march on Washington will feature names lide Amy Schumer, Katy Perry, Cher, America Ferrera and Uzo Aduba. “We are not a protest march,” said Jackie Savage, an organizer.

The point to be made here, is why would anyone try to disrupt the inauguration of a constitutionally and fairly elected president. These action are contrary to the best interests of America, it’s allies and it’s national interests. I can’t recall protesters lined up at Obama’s inauguration. The only thing that comes to mind is the Democrats were blessed with a substandard, corrupt and lying individual as a presidential candidate and lost the race.

My last thought: How will the police deal with the protester without permits and the protester that are at this event soley to disrupt? We’ll find out those answers on January 20th when Donald J. Trump takes the oath of office and becomes the President of the United States of America.

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 12/18/2016

Improving Public Safety by Breaking the Cycle of Recidivism

By: Delaware Commissioner of Corrections, Rob Coupe

Hello, I’m Rob Coupe, Commissioner for the Delaware Department of Correction. At the Department of Correction, we’re focused on keeping the public safe by providing effective supervision to individuals whose behavior has brought them into contact with our criminal justice system. And we’re taking new steps to give these individuals a better chance of turning the page on their past and building new, productive, and law abiding lives. It’s a fact that more than 95% of inmates will be released from incarceration and return to the community. Historically, after release many of these individuals commit new crimes and return to prison. Many factors can influence criminal behavior, and even those who are determined to chart a new course must overcome significant barriers as they reenter the community. A criminal record, lack of job skills, and limited family or community support can make it difficult to make that fresh start. More than half of the offenders under our supervision have been diagnosed with substance use disorders and mental health needs, which can influence criminal behavior. Staying clean and obtaining needed treatment, therefore, is a constant challenge. We’ve learned that individuals have a greater chance of success, and a lower likelihood of committing new crimes, when they receive treatment, training and other support while serving their sentences. During Governor Markell’s administration, more than 3,000 incarcerated men and women have received reentry assistance, such as access to social services, housing and healthcare, and job search assistance through our innovative I-ADAPT Reentry Process. This process brings state agencies and community service providers into our prisons to assist inmates who are preparing to transition back into the community. Thousands of individuals have received educational and vocational skills training so that after release they can find employment, care for their families and contribute to the communities they live in. And many more are receiving specialized behavioral health treatment, counseling and addiction treatment while in the custody of the DOC. Together, these efforts are giving individuals a better chance to achieve personal success and break the cycle of recidivism. And that will keep Delaware moving forward.


DE Governor’s Weekly Message 12/9/2016

Expanding Pathways to Career Success for Delaware Students

By: Delaware Governor, Jack Markell

Delawareans and all Americans face a changing global economy, one where employers can increasingly move anywhere in the world to find talent and, because of technology, they produce more with fewer employees. The most effective thing that our state can do to increase opportunity and prosperity is to ensure everyone has the skills to compete for good jobs. That requires bringing together our K-12 schools, our colleges and universities, and our business community to create a pipeline for success. It’s the reason I was so excited about our announcement at A.I. du Pont High School this past week, when we awarded nearly half a million dollars in grants to 16 high schools to expand our Pathways to Prosperity initiative. The program provides hands-on training to students in growing fields like manufacturing, information technology, finance, and healthcare, with support from higher education institutions like Delaware Tech. Pathways works because it involves the employers who know the job market better than anybody. They help design curriculum and provide hundreds of internship opportunities over the summer. We have enhanced that relationship with additional support, including private funding from Bank of America and the Delaware Business Roundtable. Our funding partners recognize that they are not doing this out of charity, but out of necessity for the state’s future workforce. Students graduate with industry recognized certificates and college credits. In just two years we’ve increased enrollment in the program from about 30 to nearly 6,000 students from 38 high schools. With our latest round of grants, we are creating three new pathways for next year – in environmental science, nursing, and teacher preparation, while expanding current pathways. By continuing to expand this program so every student has the chance to participate, we’ll create more opportunities for them; we’ll support economic growth, and we’ll keep Delaware moving forward.


DE Governor’s Weekly Message 12/02/2016

Reducing Home Utility Expenses While Protecting the Environment

By: Delaware Governor, Jack Markell

As temperatures drop, some Delawareans worry about utility bills that spike this time every year and their ability to keep their families warm during the winter season. Many households spend a large portion of their monthly income to heat poorly insulated homes, while drafty doors and windows allow heat to escape. That’s where Delaware’s Weatherization Assistance Program steps in to insulate and weather-proof homes at no cost to reduce the financial burden for low-income households, especially families with children, seniors, and individuals with disabilities. The Weatherization Assistance Program benefits Delawareans in several ways. First, home weatherization creates safer and healthier homes. While determining the weatherization that’s needed in each home, trained and certified workers also inspect homes for air quality, properly functioning heating systems and water heaters, and safety devices like smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Second, home weatherization saves Delawareans money by saving energy. Properly weatherized homes use less energy, so you pay less. With the Weatherization Assistance Program, residents have saved 30 percent or more on their utility bills. According to the Department of Energy, families receiving weatherization services save more than $400 a year on their energy bills. And third, home weatherization helps protect our environment. Weatherization and energy efficiency reduce a home’s carbon footprint, or the amount of greenhouse gases emitted to power, heat, and cool a home. The Weatherization Assistance Program has helped thousands of Delawareans, and this year it celebrates 40 years of providing this valuable service. To learn whether you’re eligible to participate, please visit Delawareans deserve a safe, healthy, and affordable place to call home, and the Weatherization Assistance Program is helping to make this a reality for more of our people, while supporting our economy and our environment. And that will keep Delaware moving forward.


Stein out of luck in PA? Election finally over

It looks like no Pennsylvania recount. Jill Stein missed the deadline for a Pennsylvania recount. Unless some court rules that a candidate with no chance of winning and who has no evidence that the vote was wrong, has standing to set aside the law. Frankly, the election is so far from being close enough in PA that a recount is one in a million to be optimistic. Wisconsin is not much different and Michigan is not one in a 100,000. No one believes that. The odds of turning all of them has to be 10 billion to 1. Hillary Clinton’s campaign joining the effort borders on delusion. They admit that they investigated and found no evidence of a problem. If Stein wanted Clinton to win, she would not have run. Johnson took more votes from Trump than she did from Clinton. The Conservative/Libertarian vote would have been divided, Clinton may have gotten just enough votes to win as a minority President. She has no standing to complain about a foreseeable result of her own actions. Notice Stein is not challenging the closest states which would be a mix that would be mostly Clinton states like New Hampshire, Virginia and Nevada along with Michigan. Pennsylvania would not even be one of them. She is only challenging Trump states that were close.

This also undermines the argument of Clinton narrowly winning the popular vote. She did not win the majority. The center right votes for all parties exceeded the center left votes. If we had a parliamentary popular vote democracy, Trump would likely be the one forming a government or if we had a Presidential democracy like France. Russia or other places, there would be a runoff. You cannot set up a system that does not build a consensus among a broad swath of the nation. The electoral college does that in a uniquely American fashion. These United States of America are not a unitary government. It is a federation of states. We want a consensus based upon the people in the states so that a region does not dominate the rest of the nation. This would split us apart.

The real problems with the vote are in VA where the Governor pushed through many thousands of people illegally into the voting roles. Trump is the one who lost a close state due to rigging the system not Clinton. If the race were close enough for a recount, I would support it. I supported Al Gore’s right to one until he wanted to count Democratic counties one way and Republican counties another way, which would have over counted Democratic votes and undercounted Republican ones thereby stealing the election. You count the whole state by the same standard to protect everyone’s vote equally. That is what the Supreme Court ruled. After 4 attempts to circumvent the ruling and cherry pick, the high court said enough. Sadly, there is a myth saying the High Court stopped the recount and gave the election to Bush. In fact, Bush won the count, the tabulation, the recount, the second recount and the third recount. The papers did their own recounts after the election. Bush won something like 8 recounts. No matter how you counted them, he won. The only possible way he lost was to count the Democratic counties by one standard and the Republican by another and allow the 1500 military ballots that arrived late by mail not to be counted.

This myth had a negative effect on the first few months of the Bush administration. It allowed the Democrats in the Senate leeway to delay many lower level appointments. 9/11 showed the problem with an understaffed administration. Many important positions were just filled that week or after it happened. I am concerned that “the Russians changed the vote conspiracy” will cause a similar issue if people don’t speak up. This nation is already divided enough. We don’t need it. It is a fool’s errand. Then again, maybe Democrats don’t care. Maybe they think it is payback for the “He’s a Kenyan” nonsense (nonsense because it is undisputed that his mother is an American therefore he is no matter where he was born, which happened to be the state of Hawaii) that may have been a psychological retaliation. It appears that we are stuck in a vicious cycle. I wish that we could call it even and move forward as Americans.

Our voter registration system is a mess. Motor Voter had some serious flaws along with advantages. We should allow registration to be easy and at other sites. What was wrong was making it difficult to clean up lists from people who move, die or are incarcerated. There is also not proper checks in some states to keep those who are not citizens from registering to vote. Many states actually forbid asking people for proof of citizenship. You are supposed to take their word. The result is millions of duplicate or illegal registrations and that is undermining confidence in the system. That is why the true the vote movement is sweeping the country and requiring voter ID to insure that people do not take advantage of someone who moved or died to vote in their stead. In ten years, the average person has moved at least once. The motivation is not trying to suppress minority voters who happen to have ID anyway. That is a broad statement, there were a couple of states that used voter ID as a backdoor poll tax to suppress poor and disproportionately minority voters. They deserved to be struck down and were. That does not reflect the other 28 states.

Let’s get a consensus on reforming the system so that we have a broad voter registration that reflects our citizenry accurately. We need it to be both broad and accurate. Every citizen who wants to vote, should be able to vote. We don’t want non citizens voting or what is the point of citizenship?

Donald Trump Comments on Death of Fidel Castro

President-Elect Donald J. Trump Statement re: Death of Fidel Castro

“Today, the world marks the passing of a brutal dictator who oppressed his own people for nearly six decades. Fidel Castro’s legacy is one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable suffering, poverty and the denial of fundamental human rights.

“While Cuba remains a totalitarian island, it is my hope that today marks a move away from the horrors endured for too long, and toward a future in which the wonderful Cuban people finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve.

“Though the tragedies, deaths and pain caused by Fidel Castro cannot be erased, our administration will do all it can to ensure the Cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity and liberty. I join the many Cuban Americans who supported me so greatly in the presidential campaign, including the Brigade 2506 Veterans Association that endorsed me, with the hope of one day soon seeing a free Cuba.”

Trump’s Early Choices Show Commitment to Promises

President-elect Donald J. Trump has stirred concern on the far left with some of his choices for staff and cabinet officials. They show that he understands that personnel is policy (Morton Blackwell quote). Sessions will enforce laws not write them. He will ensure conservative jurists are appointed to the federal judiciary. Currently, at least 80 vacancies exist.

Governor Niki Haley shows that he is willing to look outside of the foreign policy establishment. She is obviously accomplished, more than most UN Ambassadors, and has experience dealing with foreign interests. As governor, she worked to successfully bring and protect jobs into South Carolina. Many of those were with large foreign companies. The interesting move could make Haley a contender for a 2020 ticket or beyond. The popular governor will now have strong foreign policy credentials, assuming that she does not crash and burn, which is highly unlikely based on her past performance.

The administration will have more billionaires than ever. DeVoss, Ricketts and Ross make the cabinet worth an estimated 35 billion dollars so far.

Lt. General Flynn retired is a strong choice and his deputy, Ms. KT McFarland. Their national security credentials are beyond question. They may be controversial among the Radical Islam Terrorism deniers, but they proved to be correct.

Steve Bannon is extremely controversial and in the opinion of this author, the one skunk at the party. He has been a poisonous divider of the GOP who has launched unfair and untrue attacks on Speaker Ryan, Fox News and others. His insensitivity to minorities is well known. His ability to message to working class whites is why he is in the mix. He is an important part of the Trump messaging coalition. The former Navy Officer from a blue collar family who made his money on Wall Street is a global populist. He is an ardent opponent of the global order which has made him a target. He needs no Senate confirmation.

RNC Chairman Renice Priebus will bring stability and the ability to move the Trump agenda through Congress. He is a strong choice. Donald McCann will help Trump fulfill his campaign promises to undo and redo Obama executive orders. He is an expert at rewriting regulations at the FCC.

The national security team is strong. The soon to be CIA director understands the threat, the National Security Council led by Pence and Flynn are strong advocates for keeping America safe. He has a great list for State and Defense.

The economic team is still being formed. Dr. Ben Carson would signify a serious attention to the cities of America. Trump is one of the few Presidents who is from a major urban center. He seems serious about rebuilding the infrastructure and the urban economy. He is serious about changes to education. He is serious about immigration and trade reform.

While the media would like to alienate Trump supporters from the President-elect by predicting that he will back off from his promises, it is unlikely to happen when you look at what he actually promised. The media puts up many straw men. They claim that he said this when he gave entire speeches saying that. They take a one liner that he took back, like the pause on Muslim immigration (he never wanted a ban), which he withdrew under fire from all sides within days, then claim that he is backing off of it. He campaigned on increased vetting from terror-prone nations. The dishonesty of the media is a national poison. Will people get over their own cynicism and let Trump have a chance to govern?

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 11/25/2016

Giving Thanks Through Giving Back

By: Delaware Governor,Jack Markell

The first Thanksgiving, which took place nearly 400 years ago, launched a tradition of coming together to give thanks, break bread, and deepen connections between neighbors. I hope that on this Thanksgiving weekend you have the opportunity to do the same. While I have always appreciated this opportunity to gather with family and friends and focus on all we have to be thankful for, as Governor, I’ve also had the privilege to better recognize the Delawareans who quietly work every day to make our communities stronger, with little fanfare. They are public employees, including service providers, public safety workers, educators, and many more, and all the support staff who make the impact of their collective work possible. They are the men and women in uniform who are deployed abroad in service to our state and country, and who respond to emergencies at home. While the start of the holiday season marks a time of great joy for many, we are reminded that for those who struggle to provide their families with basic necessities, or who live in the shadows of our communities, this time of year is especially difficult. I am thankful for all of you – from non-profits, faith communities, government agencies, businesses, and from all walks of life – who give of their time and financial resources to help those less fortunate, and who remind us that we can all make a difference. There are many ways to get involved: volunteering at a shelter, making a donation to a social service organization, or reaching out to a family in need. Sharing a small portion of what we have through a simple act of kindness means the world to a child who is hungry, or a fellow Delawarean who feels alone. By giving thanks through giving back, we’ll keep Delaware moving forward.

You Tube:

Delaware Grapevine’s Celia Cohen retires

After 42 years of political writing for the News Journal then her own Delaware Grapevine which was picked up in Delaware Today and the Community Newspaper network, Celia Cohen recently announced that she had enough. 42 years of political writing is enough, she posted, Cohen out. Cohen was also the author of the book on Delaware Politics in 2002,Only in Delaware: Politics and Politicians in the First State

Cohen was a fixture at events the regular media used to cover but started to ignore. This allowed her to make contacts and bring both unique insight and inside information to the informed public. If there were a rumor that kept bubbling up that I wanted to know definitively, sometimes, I would just call Ms. Cohen who would know if it were true or false. She had a Rolodex and was not afraid to use it to bring insight to the behind the scenes world of the Delaware Way.

Some criticized Cohen for being part of the Delaware establishment culture. That is what made her so unique. She gave normal Delawareans insight into intrigue and maneuvers that would otherwise be unknown in any definitive way.

Cohen knows Delaware, its culture, its politics and its character well. Her writing reflected a unique and truly Delawarean perspective that was respected on both sides of the aisle. We are losing, for now, a well-respected voice in the Delaware blogosphere.

Delaware Politics bids Celia Cohen a fond sendoff to her next adventure in life.

DE Governor’s Weekly Message: 11/18/2016

Celebrating Delaware’s Thriving Tourism Economy

By: Linda Parkowski

I’m Linda Parkowski, Delaware Tourism Director. Tourism is big business for Delaware. It’s a fact I share with people all over the state every day. Since 2009 tourism employment in Delaware is up 25 percent. The industry is currently responsible for 52,000 jobs in Delaware. It now produces $3 billion a year in economic impact for the state. That saves each Delaware household nearly $1,400 in taxes annually. This makes attracting visitors and their dollars to the state essential. One of the biggest efforts made in recent years to do that has been a new tourism branding for the state. When we rolled out “Visit Delaware: Endless Discoveries” in 2015, we wanted to spark possible visitors’ curiosity, lead on them on a journey of discovery. A part of that was television advertising in TV markets surrounding Delaware. We reached 18 million people in 2015. While the ads were on the air, traffic to jumped 400 percent in Washington DC alone. This fall we got more confirmation the brand is working. FutureBrand – a mega-brand consulting firm – did an independent study of all state tourism marketing campaigns. FutureBrand determined Delaware has one of America’s two best tourism marketing campaigns. The study showed after seeing our tourism website, official travel guide and other marketing elements 52 percent of people were more interested in visiting Delaware than they were before seeing them. This success has a direct, positive impact on everyone living in Delaware – from, like I mentioned, smaller tax bills to improved quality of life. Governor Markell has helped us put our foot on the gas for tourism promotion during his administration. Now is the time to press down even harder. Delaware has a great story to share – beautiful state parks, pristine beaches, fun major festivals and events. Together we can tell that story more loudly and more effectively than ever, and that will keep Delaware moving forward.


Trump Administration Taking Shape

There is a lot of pressure for the Trump administration to dump its promises that offend the Washington establishment on trade, immigration, life, and a new approach to national security. If personnel is policy (Morton Blackwell), then the early appointments show that he is going full steam ahead. Watch out sanctuary cities.

If he appoints Dr. Michelle Rhee to Education and Mr. Robert Woodson to HUD, that would also signal that he intends to remake the political map for the long term. Trump is the second urban President of our lifetimes, but the first, President Obama, did nothing for the cities. Trump has a chance to truly make America Great from the cities to the countryside. He seems like he desires to take it. He is being bold and that is to his credit.

Will Republicans find a way to lose the 10th Senate seat

There is a movement by some to skip over conservative and proven candidate John Marino.  Rumor has it that some want to push a pro-common core, pro-tax increase  and anti-parental opt out candidate.  Considering that turnout is what wins special elections, that is hard to understand.

In a longer, regular election, Michelle Walls would be a saleable candidate because of her other many strengths.   It would be a harder sell to Republicans and Independents in a special election against a popular and well known Democrat.   We see no reason to revisit yesterday’s endorsement.

‘America’s Arch Enemy George Soros, Who Is He?


Although I posted this article earlier in the year, under a different headline. I am reposting it again out of popular demand. This man is a declared enemy of America as a Constitutional Republic and the people have the right to know who this man is and what his intentions are toward our nation. Should he be indicted by the new Attorney General or not?

Gyorgy Schwartz, AKA George Soros was born on August 12, 1930 to Jewish Hungarian parents in Budapest. His father Tivadar Schwartz, a lawyer was an escaped prisoner of war.

When he was 13 years old, and Nazi Germany occupied Hungary Gyorgy even survived the “Battle of Budapest”in 1945. He moved to England in 1947 and lived with his uncle and later attended the London School of Economics, where he became a student of the philosopher Karl Popper. He became deeply influenced by Popper’s book, “The Open Society and its Enemies.” He moved to New York City in 1956 and worked as a trader for F.M. Mayer until 1959. George Soros is now chairman of “Soros Fund Management,” a hedge fund company.

In 1997, Soros was known as the man who broke the Bank of England and he was blamed by the Malaysian Prime Minister of collapsing their currency during the Asian financial crisis. Soros was also convicted of illegal financial dealings in France. His current goal is to collapse the U.S. dollar and the free enterprise system. According to Forbes, Soros’ fortune is currently worth $24.9 Billion

The Koch Brothers and Soros spend extensively on Progressive causes. They support anti-constitutional issues, Individual candidates and contribute to political party campaign funds. They lobby politicians, bankroll political action committees and have established foundations and think tanks to influence politics.

According to Federal election records, Soros had donated more than $25 million to boost Hillary Clinton with whom he has a 25 year friendship. By the end of June he had donated $7 million to a super PAC supporting Clinton called, “Priorities USA Action. He has also committed $5 million to a super PAC called Immigrant Voters, that would turn out Hispanic voters in key swing states. To date, he has only donated $3 million of that money. Another $5 million committed to a nonprofit, “The Voting Rights Trust that will fight conservative efforts to restrict voting from illegal immigrants. That group is run by Clinton’s campaign lawyer, Marc Elias.

Soros is known to be the cause of extreme violence and hatred against the Trump campaign rallies. It has become known, he financed the logistics of busing violent demonstrators, even paying for food and time spent on the job, through proxies to eliminate Trump from winning the 2016 GOP primary.

Should we fear world class billionaires like Soros and the Koch Brothers. The answer to that question should absolutely be yes. America is a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy as so-called progressive liberals, socialists and Marxists would tell the American people. The 2016 presidential election is not about Donald J. Trump vs Hillary Rodham Clinton. It is about two polarized and distinct political ideologies in a violent wrestling match.

The first of these two polarizing political ideologies which is a Constitutional Republic, and has stood intact for well over two-hundred years. It is ensured by a Constitution, a Declaration of Independence and a Bill of Rights that guarantees equal rights for every citizen. America is blessed with a free enterprise that guarantees every citizen according to their abilities to prosper. It guarantees life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

The opposing political ideology is endorsed by Obama, George Soros and the Clintons. It would remove the Constitutional Republic and enter into a globalism era. There would be no civil rights or the right to freedom of speech or redress of grievances. An ad-hoc police state would exist. All debate would end because the state would teach the children what the state wanted them to know, ending parental rights. The new pseudo-elite would have the power and money and the new proletariat class would just exist to work for and praise the glory of the state.

There are only two candidates on the Presidential ballot that can win in November. They are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Each individual voter has the awesome responsibility of choosing what form of government they wish to live by.

George Soros easily “owns by influence,” by thinly veiled bribery both Obama and Hillary Clinton. To believe that Hillary Clinton will not follow the instructions of Soros if elected is an absurd and ludicrous assumption.

John Marino for Senate

He is a true conservative, has name recognition, did the hard work against an incumbent and should be the candidate for the 10th district special election. Everyone has a right to make their case to the party. No candidate is perfect. The fact is that Marino came within 300 votes of defeating a popular sitting senator. He knows the district and it likes him. He has the signs and volunteer infrastructure. In Delaware, many people run a few times before they win. Karen Peterson and Bill Roth, Mike Ramone, Nancy Wagner, Donna Stone and David Anderson all come to mind. The idea is for a candidate to take on a tough race, build and win. That is the way to win these tough races. You don’t have a candidate take on the tough race then dump them and start fresh. It defeats everything that you just accomplished if you discovered a strong candidate.

Democrats were so scared of Marino, that they had to break laws to keep him out. Republicans would be wise to get behind him as the best shot to take the senate. One party rule would be broken. It is worth the fight so lets go with a our best.

What is the Soros Agenda besides paid agitation?

Craigslist has ads offering up to $18 an hour to protest Donald Trump. I considered posting a link but it would probably disappear then be reposted as seems to be the standard operating procedure. They are so easy to find that anyone wanting to see them can. Why pay to protest and disrupt? At least some of these have been traced to George Soros front organizations. What is the purpose of trying to undermine and divide America in this way with astroturf protest? Is it because they are trying to spark more real protests and keep the left angry and afraid?

Trump is the first Republican from a major city. He is proposing an Urban agenda that would put the party on offense and offer a chance to break the next blue wall, the lock on many cities. No wonder they want to hinder and distract. They would rather lives remain broken than Trump take away their power base. Of course, they could always join him, but that seems to be the furthest thing from their minds. There is something evil and bigoted at the core of the hard left.

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 11/11/2016: Ending Veteran Homelessness in Delaware

Ending Veteran Homelessness in Delaware

By: Delaware Governor, Jack Markell

In 2015, we committed to ending and preventing homelessness among veterans in Delaware. I said something then that remains true today: Even one homeless veteran is one too many. That’s why this week I was thrilled to announce that – after more than a year’s work with our local, state and federal partners – we have effectively ended veteran homelessness in our state. We now have the systems in place to ensure that homelessness is prevented whenever possible; that it is rare, brief and does not reoccur. Many groups deserve our thanks for their work to ensure that all veterans in Delaware have a safe, quality place to call home. The Delaware State Housing Authority led the statewide initiative with support from the U.S. Departments of Housing and Urban Development and Veterans Affairs, but it would not have been possible without the determination of local leaders and advocates. They include mayors across our state – from Wilmington, to Dover, to Georgetown – and all of the members of a state working group, including teams in each county made up of local officials and service providers on the ground. I’m confident that we are well-positioned to maintain our progress. We have developed a formal process to share data, improve coordination between Veteran-specific resources, homelessness prevention services, and landlords who help us find permanent housing for veterans. Since last January, we have found permanent housing for more than 400 formerly homeless Delaware veterans – people like Henry Smith, who I met this year at Salesianum, where a group of students are supporting our efforts by raising money. Henry said that after being homeless for seven years, he thought housing “was impossible.” Thank you to everyone who has made it possible to get our veterans the help they need and deserve. Showing them the same level of commitment they made to our country will help keep Delaware moving forward.​


Joy and Fear: President Elect Donald Trump

Joy and fear seem to be the two emotional poles that a President Donald Trump seems to evoke. May I say that the fear is overblown. The Democratic party has spent the last few months painting Trump to be a monster, KKK, sexual assaulter, and general bigot who is going to blow up the world. Some people actually believed it. He has to reassure them. He doesn’t have to win them over right now, just show that he won’t kill people, restore segregation, shutdown every mosque in America or round up people who look Hispanic. The 60 minutes interview Sunday was a good continuation of the tone he set with his victory speech and meeting with President Obama.

Back when I was young, I was concerned about Reagan then in a month, he showed me that all of the media hype was wrong. Within two months, I was on board the Reagan train and never got off. He represented my values. I see a crack in the Blue wall not just geographically. Three interesting facts, 1 in 7 Black men voted for Trump. That is the difference between winning and losing in Michigan and Pennsylvania. If Hillary Clinton carried white women instead of losing them (Trump had 53%) She would have carried Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Arizona. He picked up more Latino voters than expected and that was the difference in Florida. Not everyone in groups that were supposed to fear Trump bought into it. Now Trump has a chance to expand the base by keeping promises to rebuild our cities and make life better for working mothers.

An interesting by product of this election was the fact that non-southern white voters behaved like an ethnic voting group and voted their self interests. That is naturally condemned in the elite circles as something dark and foreboding. It is heralded when other groups do the same so I do not understand the issue. Could it be a bad thing for America? Yes, if it were misdirected or based upon racism and exclusion. While there are a few voices who favor such, they are few. Most want to build a new majority with similarly situated minorities. If you are black and laid off because of bad trade deals or if you are white and laid off, it doesn’t matter. The economic grievances are not racial. The solutions are not either. Fixing the problems in education, the cities, the economy and national security will win hearts and minds. If the party is satisfied with only 48%, then the victory won’t last long. If it expands, it will lock the Democrats out for another decade. It controls 69 and hopefully 70 statehouses and around 33 or 34 governorships. Democrats only control 6 states completely (hopefully 5 when we win the state senate early next year).

Democrats declared that the Obama coalition was the future and the GOP was dying. Republicans are far from dead. They are alive and well. Republicans should recognize that Democrats are down, but not out. Republicans need to meet expectations over the next two years and grow the base without losing the base. They cannot blow this two year gift of total control. They have to show that they are for the people.

Election 2016 Delaware

Democrats did what they expected statewide. They went 4 for 4. The numbers were not as high as the highwater marks of 2008 but they still got the job done. 53% voted for Clinton. That proved to be the statewide floor not the ceiling. As expected, John Carney was the top vote getter. There are cracks in the state blue wall.

The biggest upset of the night was President Pro Tem Patricia Blevins to rising conservative star Anthony Delcollo in the 7th Senate district. The District is 49% Democratic to only 23% Republican, but the Delcollo team pulled off a narrow upset. The campaign was run as close to a perfect campaign as can be imagined. Delcollo had a statewide presence. He ran a tireless campaign that now puts the GOP within one seat of its first majority in the state senate since 1972. Bethany Hall-Long’s election to Lt. Governor will force it to be a 10 to 10 tie in 67 days. A special election will be ground zero politically in 2017.

The three cities voted Democratic, Wilmington, Dover, and Newark. Kent, Sussex and the 11th district stretching up to Middletown, all went for the Republican party. The red wall from the 33rd South is in tack except for the 14th district. Rep. Trey Paradee of the 29th served a district that barely went for Trump but he won reelection easily as a Democrat. Sussex County government is now a one party government. Democrats lost their last seat in county government and now only hold the 14th Representative district. There is a tale of two states There is only the one Rehoboth Beach seat south of Dover held by Democrats in either the House or Senate.

DON AYOTTE Comments on Election EVE

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

On the day before the 2016 Delaware General Election, Independent Party of Delaware (IPoD) 20th District State Representative candidate Don Ayotte shares his thoughts:

“America is at a most critical crossroads. The choices that we make will radically affect our future. We have a choice between living in a constitutional republic or a social dictatorship. That is why we must choose a path of individual freedom and liberty that will lead to greater prosperity. The alternative is very bleak indeed.”

IPoD 20th Dist. State Representative candidate, Don Ayotte, speaking on the Circle in Georgetown, DE
IPoD 20th Dist. State Representative candidate, Don Ayotte, speaking on the Circle in Georgetown, DE

“Fortunately, there is a new spirit of Independence dawning throughout the land. The special interest driven two-party system and its political polarization no longer serves the People. WE need a constructive independent alternative. That’s why I am running to serve the people of the 20th District in the Delaware House of Representatives”

Don Ayotte is an independent thinker who is not restricted by political ideology. “I deal in practicality for the greater public interest and will work towards greater public integrity, economy and efficiency in government. That is why we need an independent elected constitutional state Office of Inspector General to combat waste, fraud, abuse and ineptitude in Delaware government.”

“Unlike my Democrat opponent, I will not vote to raise your gas tax. Unlike my Republican opponent, I will not vote to raise your traffic fines or put up more red light cameras. I will staunchly oppose all legislation that runs contrary to the US and Delaware constitutions and read all bills before voting on them”.

He also supports term limits and state constitutional amendments establishing initiative, referendum and recall to place more power in the hands of the people. He pledges to work hard to attract new businesses to the area and make it easier to start businesses in Delaware. He also supports formulation of an effective state energy policy, help for Delaware’s veterans and greater consumer protection for the rights of manufactured home owners on leased land.

In conclusion, he stated that “This election isn’t about taking care of your buddies, taking special interest and PAC money, or which politicians endorse a given candidate. It’s about public service, protecting the greater public interest, improving public integrity, upholding the constitutions of Delaware and the United States and protecting individual freedom and liberty — anything less is not worthy of the people of the 20th District, Delaware and America”.

Further information is available at: .

WASHINGTON Mayoral Campaign Gains Momentum

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

Independent Party of Delaware Wilmington mayoral candidate, Steven Washington reports that his campaign is gathering momentum with voters.” Positive messages are pouring in from all corners of the city across ethnic and party lines”, he said.

He faces Democrat waterfront developer, Mike Purzycki and Republican real estate agent, Robert Martin in a three-way election on November 8.

Purzycki won the 2016 Democratic Primary over seven other candidates with the help of over 1500 Republicans who re-registered as Democrats in an organized GOP drive. Martin announced his candidacy after three months of GOP secrecy on September 1, the last day to file as a candidate. Washington steadily organized his campaign from February of 2015 and was nominated by the Independent Party of Delaware in March, 2016

Steven Washington IPoD mayoral candidate
Steven Washington IPoD mayoral candidate

He strongly advocates greater transparency, efficiency and integrity in city government and is very tough on public corruption. “I will work to change the politics of exclusion the politics of inclusion for all people of Wilmington. I am the candidate of the people and the community – not the special interests. Development needs to be structured to benefit the greater Wilmington community – not just the insiders”, he stated.

Despite being misquoted in a recent News Journal article, in a refreshing and honest self-evaluation he frankly admitted, “I don’t pretend to know everything about being the mayor, but I do know how to connect dots”, during a recent debate.

His central campaign theme is one of “Education, Appreciation and Communication”, aimed at bringing about a more creative, cooperative, innovative and inclusive political culture in Wilmington. “My administration will be open to new ideas, expertise and input from citizens. I am up against two party machine candidates, but I am confident that the people of Wilmington will prevail by electing an alternative to politics as usual”, he said.

Further information is available at:

Photo Feature: TRUMP Team Delaware Rally in Georgetown

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

The TRUMP Team Delaware caravan rode through Delaware and held a rally at high noon on the Circle in Georgetown DE, earlier today. About fifty people participated as the rally also received many supporting honks and waves from passing motorists.

TRUMP 2016 Team Delaware Rally on the Circle in Georgetown, DE
TRUMP 2016 Team Delaware Rally on the Circle in Georgetown, DE

Delaware TRUMP 2016 State Campaign Chairman, Rob Arlette led the rally an introduced various speakers including GOP gubernatorial candidate St.Sen Colin Boninni, GOP Sussex County Chairman Billy Carrol, Independent Party of Delaware Chairman and 20th district State Representative candidate Don Ayotte, Sussex County Clerk of Peace candidate, Norman A.Jones, Jr.

Trump 2016 Team Delaware State Campaign Chairman, Rob Arlette opens rally on the Circle with Sussex GOP Chairman Billy Caroll (left, rear)
Trump 2016 Team Delaware State Campaign Chairman, Rob Arlette opens rally on the Circle with Sussex GOP Chairman Billy Caroll (left, rear)

GOP gubernatorial candidate, St. Sen. Colin Boninni
GOP gubernatorial candidate, St. Sen. Colin Boninni
Don Ayotte was cordially and spontaneously invited to speak at the rally by virtue of the IPoD’s official endorsement of Donald Trump for President. “This election will determine the future of America for the next forty years. The choice is critical. Do we want to live in a constitutional republic or a social dictatorship? “, he said. He was well received by the audience. Ayotte faces Democratic Challenger Barbara Vaughn and incumbent Republican 20th District St. Rep. Steven Smyk (who did not attend the rally) in the November 8 general election.
IPoD 20th Dist. State Representative candidate, Don Ayotte, speaking at TRUMP rally in Georgetown
IPoD 20th Dist. State Representative candidate, Don Ayotte, speaking at TRUMP rally in Georgetown

The tone of the rally and the mood of the people was positive and optimistic. Subsequently, the caravan proceeded northward to points in Dover and Wilmington.

TRUMP Caravan heading towards Dover
TRUMP Caravan heading towards Dover

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