Limited State of Emergency Lifted in Sussex County

From the Governor’s Office:

Delaware Governor,Jack Markell, announced that the Limited State of Emergency for Sussex County has been lifted, effective at 1 p.m. today as follows:

Strong winds over the weekend held water in the inland bays, causing extremely high tides throughout the state and requiring several roads to be closed, and a Coastal Flood Advisory remains in effect for Kent and Sussex Counties until 7 p.m.

“Thousands of State and local government officials continue to work across Delaware to ensure the safety of residents effected by this weather,” said Governor Markell. “I want to thank first responders for their swift actions to support those in need during this event. Though the precipitation has ended, the impact from the rain and wind will continue until water levels recede. We encourage motorists to avoid driving through flooded roads and contact local agencies if they require assistance or support.”

DERC is an Insider Whitewash


By: Dave Graham

The creation of the Delaware Expenditure Review Committee by Governor Markell’s Executive Order 52 is a prime example of insider whitewash.

There is no question that a serious bottom-up review of state budget outflow is needed to address Delaware’s sinking fortunes in the face of shrinking revenues.

Decreased revenues can be partially blamed on the failure of the Republican legislative leadership to support the proposed ten cent increase in fuel tax, which would have been used by DelDot for major job creation and economically-stimulated highway transportation projects.

These same Republican legislative leaders, in collusion with the Democratic legislative leaders, then secretly granted annual salary raises in excess of $10,000 each for favored legislative staffers, while state employees were told that there is no money for cost of living increases, in the face of raised payroll deductions for health insurance and higher insurance co-pays.

There are some serious issues with the potential effectiveness of the assembled group, a sub-committee of DEFAC.

First issue: Of the twelve members, there is only one woman, Ann Visalli, formerly the Assistant Treasurer when Governor Jack Markell served as Treasurer from 1999 to 2009, who was subsequently appointed as Director of OMB by Governor Markell in 2009.

Second issue: Of the remaining eleven male members, several are lawyers, and some are former elected officials or members of DEFAC. The others come from Christiana Care, Capital One, Community Foundation, DESEA, Community Bank, and the University of Delaware.

Third issue: Of the twelve committee members, there are no small business owners, no health insurance executives, no members of the Delaware Society of C.P.A.’s, and no Delaware State Merit Employees.

Fourth issue: This subcommittee is heavily weighted with insiders. There is no true partnering with the private sector.

Fifth issue: While the stated goal is to reduce overall expenditures, the disclosed focus is Medicaid, which is a federally-mandated program; and pension costs, the result of promises made to Delaware State employees for services rendered.

Sixth issue: While there are several other stated cost-cutting goals, don’t be surprised if further cuts to state employee benefits show up as the marquee headliners in the final recommendations due by January 29th.

Republican Senate Minority Leader, Gary Simpson, is to be lauded for forcing the creation of this committee that should have been formed way back in 2009 when Governor Jack Markell first took office, at the depth of the “Great Recession”.

However, without the injection of fresh ideas and analysis from truly independent outsiders who would bring the experience, know-how, and analytical skills required to perform a no-holds-barred complete review, it is doubtful that the monstrous task of effectively and thoroughly bringing the State of Delaware expenditures under control can be completed in less than four months.


[ Disclosure: Dave Graham, of Smyrna, was the 2014 Independent Party of Delaware Candidate for Attorney General, the 2012 Independent Party-endorsed Republican Write-in Candidate for Governor, the 2010 Republican Write-in Candidate for Attorney General, a 2008 filed Republican Candidate for Governor, and a Candidate in the 2004 Republican Primary for Governor. A 1979 graduate of Goldey Beacom College and a Delaware-licensed C.P.A., in his youth, Mr. Graham served as a sergeant with U.S. Army First Armored Division in Germany. ]

The real issue with Kim Davis

“Conscientious objection is a right that is a part of every human right. It is a right.” Pope Francis when asked about Kim Davis

I agree in general and specifically. America has been a nation that recognizes the right of the individual to walk to the beat of a different drummer while respecting the right of the majority to have standards. Right now we seem to have a court that over rules the majority in almost every vote, its own precedent and case law, and Federal law which restricted its jurisdiction to suddenly change the rules. At the very least, those caught in that current should be treated with the deference to their conscience. It is not hard to find ways to allow some individuals to exercise their new rights while allowing people who believe that they are being made to participate in a fraud to go their own way. Not doing so creates unnecessary conflict.

Those who object to the moderation of His Holiness request for mere accommodation are undermining the very moral argument of their position. When one looks at the ACLU filing in the Kim Davis case, it is clear that they do not care primarily about rights but a cultural cleansing of view points they find objectionable. Those who reject that simple truth stated by Pope Francis have a lack of understanding of Americanism. If we followed their point of view, Senator Seward and his wife would be in prison for helping the underground railroad. Seward became Lincoln’s Secretary of State and one of his most trusted advisors. He was vital in helping introduce Lincoln to the Northeast. Lincoln himself was an objector to Dred Scott and Kansas/Nebraska Act. The Liberty movement in the states trained jurors to use their right of jury nullification not to convict slaves who escaped to freedom and their helpers when tried under the federal fugitive slave laws. In World War 1, Wilson tried to imprison dissenters and was somewhat successful. Harding pardoned people afterward. We passed laws for conscientious objectors in drafts, in medical care, and other areas.

We realized that as the government became more invasive into nontraditional areas that we need to protect the individual. We cannot advance the collective at the expense of the the individual. If we act with arrogance that the latest and greatest is the only way, we become unmoored from reality. We will become shipwrecked. That is the normal flow of history not advancement. It takes intentional effort to listen to dissent on all sides to insulate us from the passion of the moment ruling our future.

NK Talks Peace While Building Nukes and Missiles

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

North Korea’s Foreign Minister, Ri Su Yong, speaking before the UN General Assembly, has advocated a peace treaty with the United States according to UPI. “With the current armistice, peace on the Korean peninsula can no longer be maintained,” Ri said on Thursday, according to South Korean media source , Yonhap.

Meanwhile, back in the DPRK, a freight train is currently confirmed moving towards North Korea’s Sohae Satellite Launching Station in Tongchang-ri, North Pyongan province. It is suspected of carrying materials for a possible missile launch on or about October 10, according to South Korean, Japanese and US intelligence sources.

Yesterday, North Korea’s ambassador to the UK, Hyon Hak Bong, declared that the DPRK could launch rockets “at any time,” and send nuclear warheads 10 times more powerful than the Hiroshima atomic bomb across the Pacific.”, according to the Guardian.


DE Governor Comments on US Education Secretary’s Resignation

Governor’s Statement on Secretary Duncan Stepping Down

By: Delaware governor, Jack Markell

Wilmington, DE – Governor Markell issued the following statement in reaction to today’s news that U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan will leave his position in December:

“Secretary Duncan stepped into his role at a challenging time, when our changing economy means that the level of education and training our young people receive, from pre-school through postsecondary programs, is more important than ever,” said Governor Markell. “He recognized that we must improve the resources available for our schools to do their jobs, while doing more to hold our system accountable for serving all students.

“As a country we can be grateful that he never shied away from this hard but necessary work. As a Governor, I particularly appreciate his focus on challenging states to find new ways to increase opportunities for students, while providing unprecedented opportunities for us to implement innovative solutions through initiatives like Race to the Top and the Early Learning Challenge. His determination to get more of our youngest kids the opportunities they deserve raised awareness about the importance of high quality early childhood programs and raised expectations for what should be available to kids from communities that have long been underserved.

“During numerous visits to Delaware, Secretary Duncan showed a commitment to seeking out what’s working and what needs to be improved in our schools, and Delaware students are better off for his efforts. I thank him for his service and wish him and his family well in whatever comes next.”

DE Governor’s Weekly Message 10/2/2015

Combatting Climate Change While Growing Our Economy

Governor Jack A. Markell Weekly Message:

A new power plant we celebrated in Dover this past week represents more progress toward a vital goal for Delaware’s future – powering our state with cleaner, more efficient energy. Calpine’s Garrison Energy Center combines gas and steam turbines to produce up to 50 percent more electricity and less air pollution than a traditional plant. Last year, we brought the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to this site during construction to promote President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, because that initiative recognizes what Delaware’s story proves: making our air cleaner and addressing climate change can also be good for our economy. The vision of people like the leaders of Calpine and new efforts by the state have made it possible for Delaware to reduce greenhouse gas emissions faster than any other state and become a model for what’s possible in a new era of energy production. Construction of cleaner energy projects like this Center put hundreds of Delawareans to work, while building on our state’s efforts to combat climate change. They help make Delaware a better place to do business by displacing older, less economically efficient sources of power. And we’re enhancing the reliability of electric power for businesses and residences throughout the region. The Garrison Energy Center’s opening marks another milestone in making Delaware a leader in building the energy future we want for ourselves, our children, and many generations to come. It complements our state’s efforts to transform old power plants, invest in renewables, and make our buildings more energy efficient to reduce pollution and costs. By continuing to work with the private sector toward cleaner, more reliable, and more efficient energy, we’ll keep Delaware moving forward.


Partial State of Emergency in Sussex County, DE

Coastal flood warnings in effect along Atlantic Coast and Delaware Bay

Wilmington, DE – With moderate to major coastal flooding expected at high tides today and tomorrow, along with high wind warnings along the coast, Governor Jack Markell has issued a Limited State of Emergency for Sussex County, effective immediately. State offices will remain open and no driving restrictions are being implemented, however localized road closures may occur as conditions warrant it. See full text below.

Residents of flood-prone areas of Sussex County and throughout Delaware are at risk of significant flooding and residents of those areas should seriously consider taking precautionary measures, including evacuating voluntarily or planning for potential evacuation and use of travel routes around flooded streets and roads. A list of flood-prone areas is included below.

“Though predicted rainfall totals have dropped and the expected path of Hurricane Joaquin remains well off-coast, high winds and coastal flooding will significantly impact Sussex County,” said Governor Markell. “State and local officials are taking the necessary steps to prepare for possible evacuations and road closures and the National Guard has been deployed to Kent and Sussex Counties to support those efforts, as needed. Residents in flood-prone areas of the state should prepare accordingly and continue to monitor communications from state and local agencies for updates.”

Shootings, bombings, and speeches in a world gone wild

The Afghan government took back its 6th major city from the Taliban. The short lived Taliban victory in the North should be a wake up call to those who wish to abandon our hard fought gains to free that fractious nation from Islamic extremism.

Another season another campus shooting–we pray for the victims. We keep talking and the President keeps touting meaningless legislation that will not go anywhere but we avoid the core issue of mental wellness.

Russia did not just eat our lunch, they emptied the fridge. The U. S. is scrambling to figure out its role in Syria. It is just as well, we made a mess there. Now Russia and Iran want their chance to make one.

What are your comments on the news of the day?

FAS Reports : Chinese Strategic Ballistic Missile Defenses

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

Behind the Dragon Shield

The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) has released a new report regarding China’s misslie defenses. ” Understanding the Dragon Shield: Likelihood and Implications of Chinese Strategic Ballistic Missile Defenses“, written by Bruce W. MacDonald (Adjunct Senior Fellow at FAS) and Charles D. Ferguson (President of FAS), analyzes the PRC’s ballistic missile defense (BMD) systems strategy and anti-satellite (ASAT) capabilities vis-a-vis current US strategic doctrine in light of recent Chinese modernization.

The entire report is available at:

Trump Campaign Cancels VA Campaign Event

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

Donald Trump has announced cancellation of his Oct 2 Virginia Beach campaign event as follows:

“Due to Hurricane Joaquin and the declared state of emergency in the great state of Virginia we have postponed Friday’s Rally. Mr. Trump stated, “While we were expecting 10,000 people based on demand, and it would have been a happening, everyone’s safety is of far more importance to me. We will reschedule the event very soon and I look forward to being there.”

I have yet begun to fight!

When Commodore John Paul Jones was taking heavy fire from a superior British vessel which had the advantage in tactical position and a reinforcement on the way, he was asked to surrender. He responded, “I have yet begun to fight!” When we are in a fight for survival, you push hard and play out your hand. In Paul’s case, a grenade blew shell casings into the powder storage of the British ship. Paul was able to recover the advantage and made history. In order to catch a break, you have to play the game. Republican leaders on Capitol Hill do not get that.

The recent vote on the 10 week stop gap funding of the government illustrated the capitulation of the leadership. The whole thing as driven by fear. The fears are these fear of the media not telling the truth, fear of President Obama and the Democrats shutting down the government and blaming them, fear of the conservatives stirring up primary voters, and fear of becoming the narrative because they never scripted their own. So they did not pass funding for the year with items problematic to conservatives because they feared conservatives. They did not pass on reconciliation funding for the year without the problematic areas because they feared liberal reaction. They could not allow funding to expire because they fear the public at large who employs them.

The result was that Speaker Boehner announced his retirement then passed a bill that 151 members of his conference opposed and depended upon unanimous Democrat support of 186 to replace them. The Hastert rule is dead. Planned Barrenhood still gets Title X funding. Amnesty by decree is not defunded. Our Defenses are still underfunded. Even worse, we have to it all over again in December.

I have yet begun to fight is not supposed to mean I don’t fight. We need to clear up the confusion with our leadership. Surrender is not an option.

DE Governor Jack A. Markell Weekly Message 9/25/2015

Promoting Effective Learning by Ensuring School Safety

By: Deaware Governor, Jack Markell

Our children and educators spend more than a third of their time in schools – time that is critical to ensuring our young people have the best chance to reach their potential. Unfortunately, we have also seen that our schools face a variety of threats – from natural disasters to violence. We all want to provide a safe and secure learning environment for our children and we have a sacred responsibility to be ready to respond when anything threatens it. Advances made by our schools over the past few years mean they are better prepared than ever before to deal with a wide range of emergencies. The Omnibus School Safety Act I signed in 2012 required state-of-the-art school safety plans for every Delaware public school within 5 years. It was a laudable goal, but I felt, and the General Assembly agreed, that we could do better. Three years later, we are celebrating that all of our public schools are operating under a state-of-the-art school safety plan to being this school year. That means a comprehensive strategy that has been coordinated with our first responders and tailored to the specific layout of each school. As we recognize this achievement, we also know that it cannot signal an end to our efforts. We must always strive to evaluate the systems we have in place and pursue improvements. That’s happening at places like Richey Elementary, where this summer, district and school leaders pursued further safety enhancements, like creating a door entryway that funnels visitors into the office rather than directly into the school. By ensuring our schools are as prepared as possible for any circumstance, we will allow our school staff, teachers and students to remain focused on learning and educating. And that will keep Delaware moving forward.


John Boehner’s Term underappreciated

When Speaker John Boehner announced his retirement, the loudest cheers came from his fellow conservatives. One would have thought that he was an adversary, instead he was one of us. He left a nice record of accomplishment which I will recap. So why the frustration aimed at him?

Frankly it is 3 fold. First and foremost is that he was a deal making, tactical pragmatist when we needed a visionary leader who could lay out alternatives to the Obama administration and make a case to the people. He was not the right man for the time. Instead of passing an alternative to Obama Care that most Republicans could live with, he wanted the perfect bill. It was unnecessary because the President would have vetoed it or the Democrats in the Senate would have filibustered it. They could have developed stronger alternatives as they went along. You don’t like this one, try this one. Put all 6 Republican versions before them. The idea that we did not have a plan would have been shown fanciful. Paul Ryan did that with the budgets with great results. We had no such vision on other issues. If Boehner would have allowed Dr. Price to take the lead on healthcare, and others on tax reform, others on infrastructure, others on jobs, right down the line, it would have saved him grief. The bills were introduced and ready to go.

Second, he rarely explained the real accomplishments that he and the team made in order to encourage the country and rally the people who felt disenfranchised. He allowed the consultants who thought that they could raise more money off of angry donors than realistic ones. The cynical consultants still get checks, but John Boehner is gone. He would do well firing them on the way out as a public service. It seems easier to say the country is falling apart send money to save it than say we can’t get a balanced budget right now because the Democrats won’t even vote on one in the Senate, but we did force them to have real entitlement reform and cut the deficit by 2/3 in only 2 years which was said to be impossible without lots of pain.

Third, Boehner was a tactical thinker not a strategic one. When President Obama played by the rules in 11 and 12, House Republicans won. Around the last half of 2013, the administration decided to start breaking the rules and rule by decree like Putin or someone. Boehner was afraid to go to war to stop it because he did not have a strategy for an effective endgame. He failed to adapt. Frustration built until it exploded. He was a casualty of the anger against the other party because it was easier to believe the easy answers that Republicans are just in bed with Obama and letting him get away with things than understand Constitutional constraints and the complicated web constructed in bills like the Unaffordable Health Care Deform to avoid 90% of the funding being in the annual appropriations. You see they thought about what would happen if they lost one house and made it automatic funding paid for out of taxes and premiums. To stop it, you have to repeal at least part of it. Roberts could have given us the opening but when he saved Obama Care the last time, he took that off the table. The Speaker had a crazy job with his party divided and the opposition united in trying to stop him. He did a credible job and allowed us to stop a lot of permanent damage. He just was not the leader for the time. To his credit, he recognized that fact and is stepping aside.

I am not writing this to bash the Speaker. I like him. He led the House into reforming entitlements enough to cut the long term deficit by trillions and held the line on spending resulting in cutting the annual deficit by 2/3. He eliminated earmarks. His Select Committee on Benghazi maybe what gives us a Republican President. He stood for Marriage, Life, the Second Amendment (even in the face of an avalanche of sympathy with the Connecticut school shooting which allowed clearer thinking. The pork laden Export/Import Bank was allowed to expire. Changes were made to NCLB. He gave us what he promised, putting the breaks on the administration despite criticism of being the No caucus. He was always realistic, if unimaginative. and honest. By forcing the President to go with Presidential Memos and Executive Orders, he gives us a chance to repeal those just as easily as they were implemented by the stroke of a pen. Many are being overturned in the Courts even now.

I am not a fan of John Boehner. He is not my hero. I do appreciate that he stepped up and did a thankless job when we needed someone to do it. I do appreciate that he accomplished more than most people realize. I am grateful for his service and respect him. I am not cheering his departure. We could be worse off. I was sort of hoping that he would finish his term and we would have a chance for a great Speaker to emerge. We could have a new President and new Speaker of the House. Instead, we may likely get another tactician without enough imagination to read a bedtime story. If Republicans are to succeed, they must understand why both Boehner and Cantor fell from favor. Don’t change style and personalities and keep rolling.

On the the other hand, I could be hopeful. Maybe we can stop fighting each other long enough now to fight together to reclaim our birthright of American Liberty and limited government.

Memo to Republican Party: We do not need speech codes

There is a controversy fueled by Delaware Right blog against certain people in the Sussex GOP. They are old comments, but the controversy is renewed because the Delaware Federation of Republican Women has taken up the issue and gotten the Party Chairman, the Senate Caucus and now the House Caucus to issue statements condemning the statements which were not made in any official capacity. That is their right to do so. The party has a right to insure private views are not confused with official views.

For the record, I not only value and support the dignity of our Republican Women but all women, and for that matter I support then dignity and freedom of the human spirit. As His Holiness Pope Francis reminds us, our job here is to look after each other, “To protect creation, to protect every man and every woman, to look upon them with tenderness and love, is to open up a horizon of hope; it is to let a shaft of light break through the heavy clouds; it is to bring the warmth of hope!” (3/19/13)

I also believe that you do not judge who a person is by one snapshot. You judge actions or words not people. You understand the character of a person over time. This is why I have an issue with the latest phase of this controversy, calls for a code of conduct. We already have one, we do not need one with speech codes.

This party has strongly disagreed with speech codes on college campuses, in workplaces, in the military and elsewhere. Some people are calling for a new code of conduct in our own party that does just that. Some people want action taken against the people involved in the controversy. I disagree. People have a right to express their viewpoints and of all people, the Republican Party should not have some Politically Correct board sorting through statements to determine if they are PC. The way to address speech that you disagree with is with more speech. I disagreed with those who wanted to remove then Executive Director John Fluharty for going against party orthodoxy on marriage on grounds of his speech not being in official capacity. I am once again standing on the same principle. I don’t care if I agree or disagree with what you say. I do support your right to say it. This party will never become the majority party by instituting rules that will cause perpetual infighting. Such a code of conduct will just be used by one faction against another to undermine officers of the party. Could a talk show host or writer even do their jobs and be a party official? Will this apply to elected officials? Look, if you disapprove often enough of someone’s opinion, vote them out the next election. If it is egregious enough, go through the process of bringing a vote on the issue. We have those rules in place. One time statements of this sort do not rise to that egregious level and should not.

You deal with speech that you do not like by contributing speech that you do like. That is what Chairman Copeland did.

GOP Statement In Support of Delaware Federation of Republican Women and Sussex County Republican Women Continue reading Memo to Republican Party: We do not need speech codes

Dr. Ben Carson Outlines His 1st Hundred Days in office

It is time to get back to the issues. Dr. Carson gave a very thoughtful outline of our critical issues.

Sadly, most of the media is stuck on the irrelevant Meet the Press answer so let’s address it. Anyone who has spent time in Muslim countries knows that once they get 51% control they start to fundamentally transform a society. I could support an Islamic Modernist or Mystic being President who lined up with me on the issues, but it would be a critical mistake to support many Muslims as President. Dr. Carson is right. In his full answer he nuanced that more properly, but in the clip most often shown, that was left out. Look around the world and tell me that countries are freer where the Islamists won. I defy you to give me one. There should be no legal restriction based upon any religion. No one’s religion would be a disqualifier for me, but it would play into the overall philosophy that I consider as a voter. If someone’s philosophy is not advancing our American ideal, they do not get my vote. Until Islamic modernism reasserts itself, I am very concerned with the direction of Islam in government anywhere at a Presidential level. You should be as well. That is all he was saying. Now we can get to issues that actually matter this campaign.

Dr. Carson outlined to the Washington Examiner his vision for the first 100 days of his Presidency. Check it out. You can find this and more on the Midlantic Dispatch.

Ben Carson: Well I would call a joint session of Congress and make sure they understand that with this administration we understand that we work for the people. They don’t work for us. And so that everything we do puts the people in the center. Of, for, and by the people, with the government there simply to facilitate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the people. Then I will make it very clear that we’re in a very precarious situation.

We must immediately harden our electrical grid and have multiple layers of alternative energy. That’s critical. And that we also must beef up our cyber capabilities both offensive and defensive. That we will not be passive if we experience cyber attacks. We will very rapidly enhance our military. We have a woefully small Navy now, a woefully small Air Force, and in recent testimony before Congress the Commandant of the Marine Corps said half of the non-deployed units are not ready. We have to invest in our military but we also have to be efficient.

There’s a lot of waste there that can be trimmed, and in virtually every department. One of the things I want to do is call in every department director. There are 438 agencies and 200-and-something sub-agencies. I would call in the directors of all of them. Tell them that I expect a three or four percent cut in waste over the next year. And anybody who can’t do that might as well resign now because you’ll be fired. We need to bring that under control.

I will ask for a moratorium on hiring, on government hiring. Thousands of government employees retire each year. We simply will not replace them. We’ll do that for three or four years. That will get us down to a reasonable number and that I will not be signing any increases in the federal budget at all. Not one penny. And you do that for three or four years and we will have a balanced budget. We’ll bring fiscal responsibility back to the table. And we’ll be talking about a number of ways to do that.

Now there are 15

Once a top tier contender who was leading Iowa and in the top 3 nationally, Governor Scott Walker’s poll numbers collapsed as did his fundraising. His campaign built out when money was coming in easily and burnt through cash leaving nothing for the drought since the August 6 debate. Walker wants everyone to gang up on Trump.

Governor Rick Perry never had gotten his hard money fundraising going. They both had some super pac money, but one cannot hire campaign staff with super pacs.

It is silly that polling is so in play before actual votes. What is not silly is that frugality matters.

The First Caucus is in Delaware

Update: Fiorina Wins! Rubio, Carson, and Cruz have strong showings. Update: Still time to come out.

31st District Republican Committee Announcement


September 14, 2015

31st District Republican Committee Annual Breakfast

The 31st District Republican Committee Annual Breakfast will be held on Tuesday, September 22 at 7:30 am at the IHOP Restaurant, 21 S. Little Creek Road, Dover, Delaware 19901. Tickets are $15 and can be acquired via Eventbrite or David Anderson.

This meeting will feature updates from about our party leaders. The Keynote speaker will be Senator Colin Bonini. Congressional candidate Han Reigle will also speak. The event will also have an Iowa Caucus style straw poll for the Presidential race. Participants will be able to give a two minute pitch for their favorite candidate and we will have a straw poll testing the early local favorites.

For more information please contact David Anderson at 302-339-1047 or


Carney is taking a second bite at the Governor apple

The untimely death of former AG Beau Biden has set off an expected musical chair experience. Congressman Carney is going again for the Governorship. Carney is touting his 3 decades of experience at the County, State, and Federal levels of government.

Through my three decades working in federal, county, and state government, I’ve seen how government works and learned how to make it work better. I’ve learned that you don’t get anything done by fighting, or demonizing your opponents. I’ve learned that Delawareans want their public officials to be honest and straightforward.

Many thought that Carney would have competition from New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon for the nomination of the Democratic party, but recent moves have made his intention a mystery. Republicans have two candidates already running, Ms. Lacey Lafferty who was first to declare and Senator Colin Bonini.

DSU Assistant Director of Aviation and former Mayor of Wyoming Delaware, a 20 year veteran of the Air Force Reserve, Hans Reigle is planning to announce his candidacy to replace Carney with a Republican September 30th. Those interested in meeting him earlier will have many opportunities including at Tuesday’s 31st District Breakfast at IHOP.

Democrats are lining up to replace Congressman Carney. State Senator and corporate attorney Bryan Townsend of Newark announced his candidacy the day after Carney made his announcement. Townsend is from the far left of the Democratic Party focusing on social issues in his short tenure of 3 years. He rose to fame by defeating in a primary the discredited President Pro Tem. Townsend may be out of the mainstream on issues such as making us a sanctuary state, but he is smart, kind, and engaging. Representative Byron Short who is more in the mode of Carney is also planning to announce. Many observers do not believe they will be the only candidates.

Fiorina’s Star Rising– Biden donors rally

In the race for President the ebbing of the fortunes for some equate to the rising tide of the fortunes of others. This far out polls shouldn’t matter, but they do. Why? People don’t understand that they do not matter and are surprised with upsets. They do matter because people are kept off the debate stages based upon polls before the campaign has fully engaged or a vote has been cast. They matter because big money donors are following polls that mean so little because they want to buy into a future administration and not be left out in the cold. They matter because the press has so cut back on staff levels that they often do not cover candidates who they think are not going to get traction which they determine by polls. Polls this far out are a factor of name recognition and momentum. They are valid for what they are. They are a snapshot in time. They are nothing more and nothing less. Enough snapshots can equal a front page one of a victor. It is also true that since polling began, it has been proven that the only poll that matters is the one where people legally vote.

The Snapshot today is that Clinton is sinking and donors are begging Vice President Biden to enter the race. Biden has never lost a general election.

Former CEO Carly Fiorina was the star of two consecutive debates. She is now tied for second with Dr. Ben Carson. The 3 outsiders have the majority of the vote if the election were today. Dr. Carson’s momentum stalled with his skepticism of not only the Iraq War but the Afghanistan War. That puts him at odds with both parties. Even though Fiorina made one silly statement that she would not talk with Putin (you have to talk with him), the rest of her performance wowed people. She was inspiring, impressive, and passionate. Those who questioned if she were auditioning for VP are likely hoping no one remembers how dismissive of one of the strongest candidates they were. Just because you have not heard of someone two years out does not mean that everyone will not know them by election time. Locally, who had heard of Ken Simpler? The same is true of Lacey Lafferty. Campaigns matter. Senator Rubio also soared and the latest poll shows that. Governor Huckabee gained and Senator Cruz held steady as did Governor Bush. Those are the top tier above 5%. The only other one even in shouting distance is Rand Paul who gained a couple of points now that he wasn’t sick and trying to debate. Kasich and Christie seem safe from being cut from the next debate unless Walker rights himself or Santorum surges. It would seem that Carson, Huckabee and Cruz have the bulk of social conservative vote with Trump, Rubio, Fiorina and Bush getting a slice. It is hard to see where he has room to grow.

The amazing story to me is that Governor Walker who was supposed to be the Koch brothers favorite that would dominate Iowa and become the consensus choice has dropped to 0. Before Donald Trump, he was in contention to be the front runner and now he is polling an average of 1.8% and could not even break 1%. Governor Perry fell apart on the debate stages 4 years ago which explained his drop. Mr. Cain was victimized by a made up scandal. Michelle Bachmann never came up with a credible plan to address anything. There was a reason each of them faded into obscurity from front runner. Governor Walker had no real issues, people just forgot about him. The good news for Governor Walker is that boring is curable in politics. People can remember you as fast as they forget you. If he raises 25 million, he can ad blitz and put a ground force in the field in the early states. If the Koch brothers do get behind him because he shows that he can win in one of the early states then he will get enough soft money to compete throughout. The problem is that this drop in the polls could drop him from the next debate which will damage him with those donors. They split between Rubio, Fiorina, and TBD. Will TBD be Bush, Kasich, or Cruz? Only time will tell.

A month from now, this will have been an interesting musing. I think one truth will be that Fiorina will be in the top half to stay. It is time for her to start immunizing herself against the attacks on her tenure at HP. This time she knows what is coming. Senator Perdue proved that a business man can overcome them if they are taken head on. I disagree with Dick Morris that we cannot nominate a business person because of attacks. No matter who is nominated, they will be attacked. The Senators because they are part of Congress, the governors for some part of their state underperforming, the business people for laying people off and being rich, Dr. Carson for speaking his mind, and Governor Huckabee for being a preacher. There is no one who won’t be attacked so prepare to counter attack. Fiorina needs to be putting out a powerful video bio. It is hard to believe that neither her campaign nor the super pac has put one out. They have to tell the narrative or it will be told by her enemies. If she does that she may be the nominee, if not she will have to be in someone’s cabinet or someone’s VP. The next month will be vital to sustaining her rise.

Dover’s Captain Spicer Graduates FBI Academy

I am very pleased to see Captain Dave Spicer graduate from the FBI academy. He is someone who understands the meaning of protect and serve. In my interactions with him over the years, he has been stellar whether it was solving an identity theft of my wife, an assault on my stepson, or the theft of my debit card.

Captain Spicer’s career was almost cut short March 24, 2001. He was shot by a criminal 4 times. Thankfully his vest worked, but he was also shot once in arm and once in the shoulder. It took a year before he could return to full duty. Instead of backing away from the profession he loved, he rededicated himself to it. Now Cpl Spicer is now CPT Spicer. In spite of his experience, he never lost his compassion. He is a true star and now everyone has proof.

Captain Dave Spicer, of the Dover Police Department, joined two hundred and twenty-five Law enforcement officers that graduated today from the FBI National Academy Program at Quantico, Virginia. The 261st Session of the National Academy consisted of men and women from 48 states. Included in the class are members of law enforcement agencies from the District of Columbia, 23 international countries, five military organizations, and five federal civilian organizations.

Here is the release. spicer

The FBI National Academy is considered the most prestigious law enforcement school available. The National Academy has long been a vital element in the continuing improvement of law enforcement standards, knowledge, and cooperation throughout the world. The FBI National Academy provides a wide range of leadership and specialized training, as well as an opportunity for professional law enforcement officers to share ideas, techniques, and experiences. Attendees are invited after being nominated by their department. Once nominated, the Officers undergo an extensive background check and interview process. Admission to the FBI National Academy is very limited: only 1/2 of 1 percent of all law enforcement in the world are invited by the Director of the FBI to attend the academy. Law Enforcement officers from around the world submit to concentrated studies and demanding physical training for ten weeks. Once the officers graduate from the National Academy, they are encouraged to join the FBI National Academy Associates located in their State or region. The Dover Police Department is extremely fortunate and proud to have 25 officers graduate from the FBI National Academy to this date.

Internationally known for its academic excellence, the National Academy Program, held at the FBI Academy, offers ten weeks of advanced communication, leadership, and fitness training for selected officers having proven records as professionals within their agencies. On average, these officers have 19 years of law enforcement experience and usually return to their agencies to serve in executive-level positions.

FBI Director James Comey was the principal speaker at the ceremony.

Training for the program is provided by the FBI Academy instructional staff, Special Agents, and other staff members holding advanced degrees, many of whom are recognized internationally in their fields of expertise.

Since 1972, National Academy students have been able to earn undergraduate and graduate credits from the University of Virginia due to the accreditation by the university of the many courses offered.

The graduating officers will be represented by the class spokesperson, Ian Stratford, Inspector, Toronto Police Service, Cambridge Ontario, Canada. A total of 48,561 graduates now represent the alumni of the FBI National Academy since it began in 1935.

Trump Being Attacked for What?

What in the world is the issue with attacking Donald Trump for a question asked by someone else? He answered it properly. He laughed at the premise and answered the real question about the training camps. It is not his job to defend President Obama. You dismiss it and make him go to the real question or move on to the next person. You never engage the silly prefaces and get into arguments over nonsense. It is silly season. He could have said let’s talk about the future or I made him produce his birth certificate so I know he is a citizen, what is your question? The fact the question was the musing and grandstanding of a radical is not a reflection on the candidate.

As you know, I do not support Donald Trump. I have problems with some of what he actually says, but this attack is so outrageous that all fair minded people should defend him. He wasn’t even asked about the President, that was just a little speech by the guy before his question about the radical training camps. When Hillary Clinton was asked that question in the media in 2008 about President Obama being a muslim, she said their is no evidence of that I know of. I take him at his word. It was not much different than the statement that Trump offered afterwards that she condemned as divisive and out of bounds.

I hate that we are not talking about rising poverty, the destruction of our military capability, Planned Barrenhood, the decline of the middle class incomes, or a modern energy policy.

The media is our problem. They focus on the nonissue. It is the bread and circus mentality that precedes an empire disintegrating.

I think we need substance in the race. I don’t think Trump gives much except on immigration and I am not a big fan of part of that proposal. I am a big fan of touch back. If you are here illegally, you need to leave, have a background check, sign on to some sort of penalty, a fine or community service, then comeback. Criminals stay out. Terrorists get rounded up. I long believed that. We have to enforce that we have a right to control our borders or we are not a country. We don’t have to do it in a way to grind people into the ground or destroy families. Illegal immigration is not even a crime, unless you do it repeatedly. We should not treat it like some lifetime felony. Changing the 14th amendment interpretation is something that I don’t buy. Most immigrants are good people even the illegals.

While I think Trump is not the person we need, he is finally giving us a chance to talk about what matters. We need someone who unites this country like Ben Carson or Marco Rubio. Carly Fiorino is impressive. Mike Huckabee has real answers to real problems. Donald Trump has raised two of the most crucial issues ignored, our poor trade policies and the decline of the middle class. Rand Paul is bringing liberty and uniting this country up. Rick Santorum is addressing middle America. This is the most substantive campaign in a generation. The media focus is on petty nonsense. It is a disservice to America.

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