Judge Jan Jordan Promoted

Governor Markell’s controversial Superior Court Judge Jan Jordan was confirmed as President Superior Court judge by a vote of 19 to 2 with Senators Colin Bonini and Harris McDowell voting no. Jordan took heat for a controversial sentencing of a child molester with DuPont Family ties to probation. Senators criticized the sentencing but apparently found her entire record worthy.

Alleged Bodenweiser Victim, Charles N. Deprisco III (Sonny) Arrested on Gun Charges

The Alleged victim in the Bodenweiser Trial Charles N. DePrisco III (Sonny) was arrested on weapons charges on 8/31/14. In a strange turn of events Sonny DePrisco was found to be possession of a Mossberg 12 guage shotgun, which he claimed was for protection, while his wife, who bought the shotgun claimed she bought it for hunting. Sonny DePrisco is a convicted felon, with a conviction for Domestic Battery by stragulation, a felony in Florida.
The first trial ended in a hung jury and a change of venue was granted to move the trial from Sussex County to Kent County. The trial is set for April 13, 2015. Below in blockquotes, I have I have added the arrest report of DSP Officer Rodriques, Troop-3.

1. I have been employed by the Delaware State Police since April 2011 and am currently assigned to Troop-3 that:

2. On 8/31/14 I responded to 948 Hartly Road for a report of a shotgun located by PC1. PC1 states that while looking for clothing in the basement of the residence she observed a shotgun against the wall. PC1 stated it is not hers and she believed it belonged to Charles Newton Deprisco III.
As he lives in that portion of the residence with her. In the basement I observed in plain view a black Maverick (Mossberg) 12 guage shotgun was not secured in a safe as to not be available to D1. PC1 stated D1 was last at the residence on 8/30/14 and had been transported to Kent General due to a medical condition.

3. I conducted a national criminal information center inquiry for D1’s history and observed he was convicted in N court case 522010CF02488AXXXNO in the 6th District Court (FL052015J) of the State of Florida for Pinellas County on 3/34/2011 of the charges of DOMESTIC BATTERY BY STRANGULATION. This charge is listed as a felony.

4. On 8/31/14 I responded to Kent General Hospital and made contact with D1. During a post Miranda interview D1 advised he is aware of the shotgun is in the basement where he resides. D1 states however it is for safety due to a recent investigation he is assisting in. D1 Advised P2 (Tiffany Walsh) purchased it and it belongs to her. PC2 also lives in the basement with D1. I asked if D1’s finger prints would be on the shotgun and he advised they would on the shotgun and he advised they would because he is responsible for cleaning it. I asked PC2 what she would need a shotgun for and she advised for hunting which contradicts. what D1 states it is needed for. D1 is aware he is a convicted felon. It should be noted I confirmed DF1’s identity after I observed an NCIC picture of D1.

My point here is There was not enough evidence to prove that Bodenweiser committed any crime, why spend another 1.2 million dollars with another trial. Clearly, this witness has very little credibility with any jury whether in Sussex or Kent County.

The Sword that Executes the Law is Not Above It

With that quote, a federal district court in Pennsylvania declared that President Obama’s executive action violated the Separation of Powers and was unconstitutional. The issue at hand did not require the court to set aside the policy so it did not. This ruling gives powerful ammunition to the next Congress to defund an action ruled unconstitutional. If the President then pursues it, Congress can say wait, you are not just fighting us but defying the courts. It takes opposition to it out of the realm of politics.

Read the ruling here.

Delaware to Get Sales Tax?


The Delaware government has enormously increased expenses, driven particularly by a 120% spike in Medicaid cost as well as a 138% rise in expenditures for teachers’ salaries.

The rise in costs has not been matched by revenue from franchise tax increases or by revenue from gambling.

According to a recent article from Delaware Online:

“Gov. Jack Markell discussed the problem during a meeting with News Journal reporters and editors last week. He said Delaware’s tax collections don’t adequately reflect growth (or decline) in the state’s economy, making it difficult to plan and budget.

“There is a lot of interest in taking a hard look at the reliability of our revenue sources,” Markell said. “This is not a precursor to saying I think we ought to have a sales tax. But in a world where more than half of our revenues are not really reflective of the economy, it does make it a challenge.”

Markell administration officials produced documents Monday showing that 56 percent of Delaware’s revenues, including gambling taxes, corporate franchise fees and abandoned property collections, are not directly tied changes in Delaware’s economy. Those same documents said Delaware is “too dependent on static sources” of revenue.”

Personally, I think Delawareans have just been alerted to the fact that the still Democrat dominated legislature will consider a sales tax, low at first, but then gradually ratcheted up enough to stop the tri-state influx of out of state raiders who shop in Delaware.  The still depressed economy will then lose the purchasing power and economic stimulus of the raiders.

Look also at the possibilities of rising taxes on gasoline, property, sewer, water and electricity, especially for Wilmingtonians, who have seen all of those taxes soar even while services decline and crime increases.

Link to article: http://www.delawareonline.com/story/firststatepolitics/2014/12/16/delaware-taxes-panel/20477569/





Dover PD Gives Back

On Wednesday, December 10th, nearly 30 officers took 24 under-privileged children to the Dover Target store to go Christmas shopping for themselves and family as part of the 2nd annual Heroes and Helpers event. Each child was given $125 to spend, in addition to arts-and-craft activities, free pizza for the children and families by Little Caesar’s Pizza, and free play day gift cards from Hoppin’ Good Time in Camden. While the children were shopping, Cpl. Mark Hoffman and Sgt. Chad Bernat surprised each parent with an additional $125 gift card which caused tears to flow in the room. Throughout the store, officers and children were seen laughing, smiling, and playing together as they went shopping. As the night ended, it was clear that the officers and other volunteers were impacted as much as the children being helped.

This is only one of many things Dover PD has done for the community just this week. I recently told the leadership of Dover PD to start documenting and sharing on social media what they do all of the time and I would post it. Among other activities this week, the FOP gave away 500 free coffees at WAWA that they paid for to citizens. The officers supplied Code Purple so the homeless could have needed supplies during the winter. It is what they do and who they are. I am proud of my Dover Police Department. I say mine because each citizen in Dover can say that. It is our Department and we can be proud of those who protect and serve us.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

Vance Phillips Retires

This last election caused the retirement of long time conservative Councilman Vance Phillips of Laurel. Tuesday, December 16th was the last meeting for Phillips. To mark the occasion, dignitaries and citizens from all over the county and a Councilman from Dover came to council and a sort of retirement party afterward.

Phillips drew praise for his tenure of service from both sides of the aisle as he was hailed for his conservative leadership. Phillips retrospective was emotional but controlled. His personal testimony about his renewal of faith and Divine intervention after his accident was genuinely gripping. Phillips was a little chocked up that it was time to find something new. “For 16 years this is what I did on Tuesdays,” stated Phillips.

The event was vintage Phillips. He was completely in his element with hugs, well wishes, and even an autograph seeker. The unity at the event was tremendous. Phillips enjoyed the bipartisan display of affection and recognition. Former Council Presidents, former and current legislators, staff, and all of current Council but Councilwoman Deaver who left after session, gave tributes.

Councilman Vance Phillips Receiving His Retirement Award

Councilman Vance Phillips Receiving His Retirement Award

Sussex Legislators Presenting a House Tribute to Councilman Vance Phillips

Sussex Legislators Presenting a House Tribute to Councilman Vance Phillips

Senator Venables and Councilman Vance Phillips share a retirement moment

Senator Venables and Councilman Vance Phillips share a retirement moment

3 former Council Presidents reunited

3 former Council Presidents reunited

Comments are welcome on Ms. Fish’s post which covers the same subject.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_12/16/14___Edition-

The Sussex County Council Meets for the Last Time in 2014. And boy what a session it was, beginning with mine own council woman-Joan Deaver, who was, eh, not functioning that well. Chicken houses, and eating dead cows next to live cows….all here.

Let us begin with the fact that this was not only the last meeting for the Sussex County Council in 2014, it was also Vance Phillips last session as a councilman for Sussex county’s 5th councilmatic district. In 2015 the council will be joined by Rob Arlett, who won that seat in the most recent election.

We thank Vance for his fine service on the Sussex county council and we know he will move on to bigger and better things. With Vance’s experience…AND DON’T FORGET THE BOOK!- Vance has a bright future and we understand healthwise he is also faring well.

For whatever combination of reasons, this county council meeting was very interesting. I learned all you want to know about chicken houses and how they are taxed.

Then there was the sniping between the council people and I say right now that it was my own council representative, Joan Deaver, who started it all.

Let me start by saying that had I been at that meeting today I would have gathered Joan Deaver in my arms, murmured sweet comforting words into her ear, and gently led her out the door.

Because I just don’t know what was going on with Deaver today but, sadly, she had all the attendees at the meeting laughing at her and, indeed, her gaffs were many.

For now let’s discuss chicken houses.

My granddaughter, formerly from Baltimore and a child of its suburbs, once grouchily complained about an assertion I made about a chicken truck in front of the Jeep. “If it’s one thing I know Mom-Mom,” Kaitlyn said as feathers flew all around us from the chicken-filled truck in the front, “I know my chicken trucks.”

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. This child of the Baltimore suburbs never saw a chicken truck in her life before moving to Sussex county Delaware but now she declares herself an expert.

I am not at all sure why the lecture on the chicken houses. There was no motion made about chicken houses, it wasn’t old business, and if it was new business I failed to see where it was going.

The media packet included many tables and calculations about chicken houses in Sussex, Kent and Newcastle (do they even have chicken houses in Newcastle county?) counties. The crux of it all was to illustrate how property tax is calculated on chicken houses.

As it would turn out, there is a rate charged per square foot for chicken houses and a percentage of this calculation becomes taxable at the property tax rate for the applicable county.

Actually it’s not much different than how our own houses are appraised for the purposes of property tax assessment except chicken houses are valued at square footage times the current county rate whereas our homes are valued at what? Point of sale?

One of the attendees at the meeting commented, to the effect, that it was unfair to tax chicken houses because they might not make money. They should only be taxed on the money they bring in.

Somebody needs to tell these people, …well hell I’ll do it….PROPERTY TAXES ARE BASED ON THE VALUE OF YOUR PROPERTY! They don’t reduce my taxes if I lose my job or the pension checks stop coming in. If a dime one doesn’t come into the many homes over Sussex county, still their owners must pay property taxes.

Why should the chicken houses be different?

Then Sam Wilson compared taxing chicken houses for property tax to taxing a construction worker’s toolbox.

I know Sam meant well but his rather silly argument was that making chicken houses pay property taxes is like making a construction worker pay property taxes on his toolbox.

Say what?

We’ll be keeping an eye on this great chicken house debate as I still don’t know what it was all about.

On to the first drama-mam incident of the day. It involved a request for money for a huge charity in Sussex county, the Delmarva teen challenge.

There began a kind of wrestling with the money, which council person should give what out of their personal councilmatic accounts. Vance Phillips offered some money and asked the others to kick in funds.

The request came from somebody representing that organization and the sob story was a bit maudlin. Still and so, the Delmarva Teen Challenge is a good organization and well-respected in the area.

joan deaverSo Joan Deaver inputs, for no discernible reason, that Vance Phillips always has a big shindig with watermelons and all for this charity….snidely she was. Indeed Vance does put on a big event for this charity but this has nothing to do with the price of eggs in China.

It was an unnecessary comment and hardly a nice thing to infer that somehow Vance Phillips was looking to somehow request questionable funding. His last meeting on the council and Joan, sounding like she might have had a few before the council meeting, wasn’t very pleasant. Gosh Joan, he’s going away already, couldn’t you have been a little nicer?

My eyebrows rose at the sniggery coming from Joan Deaver but it didn’t stop there.

Several conditional use of land issues came up and it was on the first one when Joan caused the entire chamber to stifle giggles.

The conditional land use was for a storage shed facility somewhere down on Route 1 and you know this county council….they don’t even want a shed put up anywhere in Sussex county much less a storage facility.

Joan votes FOR the storage shack conditional use with a smile in her voice and a song in her heart. Her co-council members were confused. Joan almost always votes against any kind of growth in her councilmatic district because live people are near her to complain whereas there is usually only one entrepreneur.

The four other council guys vote against this conditional use of land and meanwhile Joan goes on and on about how happily she votes FOR the storage shed facility. Somebody asked her if she wasn’t a little confused.

“You know your vote is FOR the storage facility to be built there, don’t you?” asked a councilman amidst the sniggers in the room.

“Heck no,” Deaver said, “I want to vote for what the Board of Adjustments recommended.”

She then went on and on about why she was against the storage shed facility and at some point somebody adjusted her vote.

The county council went on to veto a wedding facility which, AGAIN, Deaver voted different than her intentions and by this time the attendees from the public could hardly hold their laughter.

“Is this mockery of me going to continue?” Joan asked at one point.

I mean, Joan, honey…..you need to watch the video of today’s council meeting because any you invited any mockery coming your way.

Joan, was that really water in that Deer Park bottle?

The most interesting change of land use, APPROVED, was allowing the dairy people on Route 9 to set up a cooker on their property, grilling steaks and such.

I am pleased this was approved, do not misunderstand for I am not afraid of business.  But while the notion of eating ice cream with live cows all around, the notion of eating dead cows with live cows mooing in the surround is….eh…a bit odd.  But it’s okay, give the tourists a chance to meet the cows they might be eating next year.

At any rate the Sussex county council ended the year and all in all I still think they do a pretty good job.

Even Joan Deaver although Joan, my love….I’m going to find somebody to run against you next time.

I think it’s time for you to retire and take life easy.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : The picture compilation was met with great clamor so maybe another one from The Wise I.

The National Scene-Sunday Political Talk Shows-12/14/14

Dick Cheney wins Sunday political talk show guest of week, disdains comparison of CIA to Japanese during WWII. Then guess who compares CIA to Japanese during WWII? Hint, he’s from Cheney’s own political party. All the lowdown nice and condensed for yon reader by The Wise I.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Jose Rodriguez, a former top CIA operations officer who ran the agency’s interrogation program; Karl Rove, former top White House Advisor to President George W. Bush; Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I.
MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Former Vice President Dick Cheney; Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore.
FACE THE NATION (CBS): Sens. Angus King, I-Maine, John McCain, R-Ariz., and Saxby Chambliss, R-Ga.; Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich.
THIS WEEK (ABC): Former CIA Director Michael Hayden.
STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y.; Gov. Deval Patrick, D-Mass.

Fox News Sunday had Karl Rove as a guest and I don’t like that guy. He is still trying to quell the existence of WMD’s in Iraq and convince us that Jeb Bush should be our next president. Fox News Sunday also had some really dumb paean to Mitch McConnell’s campaign manager, Josh Holmes.

What the hey?

Meet the Press, however, did not disappoint. For none other than Dick Cheney, this week’s winner for Sunday political talk show guest of the week, took MTP host Chuck Todd to task as Todd spit out stupid administration talking points.

dick cheneyTo begin Todd asked Cheney to define torture. Cheney said, emphatically and beautifully, that he defines torture as what happened to over 3,000 of our citizens on 9-11-01. Which is exactly what every Republican with any backbone should say when so queried, say it over and over again.

Folks, if those Democrats, especially that horrible Feinstein woman, think that Americans are going to boo-hoo over a bunch of terrorists being forced to wear diapers or being made to listen to endless rap songs….ain’t gonna happen. These are people who behead people and put it on the Internet!

Chuck Todd evidently got his suggested talking points as he pointed out that some prisoners at Abu-Gharab were forced to wear diapers on their head. Cheney pointed that Abu-Gharab was handled NOT according to established standards. Then Todd asked Cheney how the CIA was any better than the Japanese during WWII? Cheney disdained that concept out of hand even though Todd inferred that the Japanese too used water-boarding. The former VP says the use of water-boarding by the Japanese is nothing to compared to their other torture techniques.

Finally Todd played some silly video of Dick Cheney during a 1994 interview in which Cheney advised we keep Saddam Hussein in power.

First, what the hell was that about? What does that have to do with CIA torture. Of course Cheney flipped the video aside, explaining how things were in Iraq at the time compared to some time later. It was obvious, at least to this viewer, that the video was meant to portray Cheney as a boob who wanted to keep Saddam Hussein in power.

Cheney said his health was good, he got a new heart a few years ago, and he did, indeed, look very well. Glad Dick Cheney’s still around because you never know when a rogue American administration will release some lying report that would have America put in danger by Islamic extremists.

On This Week with George Stephanopoulous dear Lord we had some woman giving a dreary recitation about some terrorist or another taken to some CIA black hole and held for 19 months until he was let go, having been found completely innocent.

And so?

They pulled these people out of terrorist cells and attacks and it took some time to sort them all out. I am sure that little terrorist boy wasn’t attending mosque when he was captured by CIA operatives….that’s life when you play war. The whole segment was so utterly stupid; no American would watch this sob story, by the guy’s lawyer no less, and think the entire CIA should be taken down.

Then we had former CIA Director Michael Hayden on and I lost all respect for this man. He spoke from the right side of his mouth, then the left side of his mouth…never taking any kind of stand.

“Would you use waterboarding,” the interviewer asked. “I don’t know,” Hayden answered over and over and over and over.

Maybe he should try to know something once in a while, you think?

Over on CNN, the lame duck hostess Candy Crowley interviewed Mr. Chuck Schumer, God bless this man yon reader, please.

For he is very worried about the Republicans and especially Ted Cruz.

Schumer said he was very worried about the chasm upstarts like Cruz cause in the opposition party and aren’t we bless to have this man’s concern for our party?

But oh no, Schumer said, there is no rift in the Democrat party although Elizabeth Warren herself voted the same as Ted Cruz, insert smirk here.

It was obvious that Schumer, who never met a camera he didn’t like, was sent on to help patch up the sudden hole in the Democrat party over the banking bill that was part of the budget deal.

Now we have Face the Nation and guess….GUESS, who was that show’s first guest?

None other than John McCain, our own former presidential candidate and a fellow who made himself politically based on his past torture in the hands of the Viet Cong.

And we do, really, we do respect McCain’s service to this country but you got to admit he boxed himself into a really tricky stand on this torture issue.

Because Americans, trust The Wise I on this yon reader, are not feeling any outrage that the CIA treated those captured terrorists so mean. Yet the Democrats call on McCain to take their side on a silly, useless report written by one political party with no input from the affected agency. And he must do so because…well that’s his mantra, no?

Well that and Campaign Finance Reform….damn I was so worried that we’d never get that and every morning I wake up and thank God for Senator McCain and his legislative priorities.

And guess what the first thing McCain compared the CIA Enhanced Interrogation Techniques to?  The JAPANESE DURING WORLD WAR II!

In summary it was obvious that all the political talk shows got their talking points from this administration in regards to the CIA Senate report.

They tried so very hard to make this debatable but Americans, silly souls, do not think those who terrorize, behead and ram airplanes into buildings deserve kid-glove treatment.


I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : The Sussex county council report. It’s Vance Phillips’ last council meeting. We’ll try to make it special.

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_12/13/14___Edition-

It’s an ALL PICTURE edition of Delaware tidbits. I just chose pictures that intrigued me. With some I included a little sarcasm.


Good Question

It was Vance Phillips who pointed out on his Facebook page that the welcoming Delaware signs no longer tout us as a sales-tax free state.  Look what it touts now.


A Bunch of Good Guys

I suppose I really should name those featured in this pic but I don’t know all their names.  I only know David Anderson, mine own editor, is far right.



Punkin’ Chunkin’

Came across this flier supporting Punkin’ Chunkin’ coming back to Sussex County.

Good idea.

punkin chunkiin


Delaware 9-12 Patriots Christmas Cake

This is from the KEnt County chapter Christmas party as I am to understand.


A Spiffy Governor Candidate

Lacey Lafferty looks cool as all get out in this pic.


Steve Smyk Gets Award from MADD

Hey Steve…have the courts prosecute and punish some of those drunks they catch behind the wheel.  No good catching them if the courts let them go.


Finally, the Prettiest Pic of All

The Circle in Georgetown, about as pretty and peaceful as you can get.

The georgetowncircle
I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT :National Scene- Sunday Political Talk Shows 12/14/14. Catch up on the government shutdown.

The Troubling case of Eric Garner

All clear thinking Americans should be disturbed by the death of Eric Garner. Dr. Charles Krauthammer calls the non-indictment incomprehensible and a miscarriage of justice. George W. Bush calls it sad and hard to understand. The Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Committee said a “government which chokes its own citizens for selling loose cigarettes is not living up to Biblical principles.” Of course those who read my reaction after the decision know that I fully agree plus some. Voices on the left agree. Russell Simmons says we haven’t seen protests yet. Juan Cartagena of HuffPost calls for grand jury reform, which is much needed. The NAACP is “deeply disappointed”. The ACLU is strident saying that Garner’s near last words have to be prophetic,” It stops today”. If Rush and the NAACP or GWB and the ACLU are on the same side, lightning has struck. We had better pay attention.

I know that some say that he had been arrested before so he knew better. Sure, but does that justify not letting a man plead his case for 2 minutes? I think we teach that you should use words before jumping a person from behind and choking him. This is not an issue of race primarily, but of government overreach. Some say race had nothing to do with it, I don’t go that far. I find that hard to believe that a white person talking respectfully but passionately with a police officer over a petty offense would be jumped from behind in the first place. Maybe I am wrong, but I hope that I am not because otherwise there is no chance for federal civil rights prosecution. I think if he were viewed as a human being with dignity and not a nuisance he would have been treated differently.

The BBC wondered why some are so apt to blame the victim and not look at the poor choices of the officer including not letting up from the hold when Garner never resisted him, was not a danger, and had two other officers in control of Garner’s arms. Their take was disturbing. Then people wonder why these things take a racial dimension. Sometimes that blinds people to cases like Michael Brown’s where the real victim was the Police officer just trying to do his job when he was brutally attacked, but it is worth a quick review to give context. It seems there is always an excuse to do the inexcusable when it is a black person. That is what fuels distrust and anger.

Emmett Till should not have whistled at a white woman.

Amadou Diallo should not have reached for his wallet.

Trayvon Martin should not have been wearing a hoodie.

Jonathan Ferrell should not have run toward the police after getting into a car accident.

Renisha McBride should not have been drinking or knocked on a stranger’s door for help in the middle of the night.

Jordan Davis should not have been playing loud rap music

Apart from that, the central element of zealous enforcement against the most petty crimes illustrates the point that my 31st district GOP vice chairman, Ron Poliquin made recently when he cautioned against zero tolerance law enforcement. He said that it inevitably causes civil rights and liberties violations. Many strongly disagreed with him, but he is right. We have to give discretion to our law enforcement officials so they can use professional judgment and common sense. A larger question that I have is why do have so many petty laws in first place. The nanny state invariably becomes the overbearing and overprotective parent. Those who don’t feel a natural part of the family are the first to notice, but everyone will feel it eventually. It may be poor minorities today, but it will eventually be the Martin Niemoller scenario if all clear thinking Americans do not speak up. If one does not speak up for others, it may be when his/her turn comes, there will be no one left to speak up.

Just a reminder of how evil our enemies are

From the ACLJ “The Christian Vicar of Baghdad is reporting that ISIS terrorists demanded that four children recant their faith and “say the words that you will follow Muhammad.”

These brave Christian children – all under 15 years old – refused, saying “No, we love Jesus.”

ISIS cut off their heads.”

These are the people the left thinks will talk with us if we are nice to them.

Is Warren a terrorist?

We narrowly avoided the Elizabeth Warren shutdown. Of course when Ted Cruz inspired one, he was called a terrorist among other things by Democrats. Elizabeth Warren is building her influence and stock by fighting for what she believes. I can buy that, but I think it applies to both sides. I find interesting that in the new media age, two freshman Senators from the class of 2012 have so much influence in the lower House and nation. For the record, I may agree with Warren on this one, but the language is so complicated that I am not sure what the provision actually does. It is a good political issue though. Warren fights to protect taxpayers from future bailouts and stop banks from playing fast and loose with money we guarantee. I am not sure that is the case derivatives can be valuable to safeguard investments. The devil is in the details, but since she is the expert in that field, I will tend to trust her more than the big banks that crashed our economy. Yes, the fact that in a debate where I am unsure that I may trust a left winger like Warren is a measure of how much I distrust the big banks.

As you may know, the House passed a CR to fund the government for two days to allow the Senate to pass the other one that funds everything but Homeland Security (funded for 3 months) for the fiscal year. Those of us concerned about the ill legitimate immigration power grab by the President live to fight in 3 months. Democrats got most of what they wanted and Republicans got some of what they wanted, but the real winners are always the lobbyists.

Who’s getting rich in Washington? Special interests in the ‘CRomnibus’

Christmas in Dover

It looked a lot like Christmas Thursday and for Kent County Republicans, it may have come early.

Of course, we are concerned about the La Mar Gunn race. We are still awaiting a ruling on the motion to dismiss our appeal to reverse the certification of his losing opponent.

What was exciting was seeing two energized candidates for Governor, Senator Colin Bonini and retired Trooper Lacy Lafferty. One of them has a good chance to be the next governor. Then later that night, we found out that a former elected official is testing the waters for a run for the U. S. House seat. He is a smart, competent, credible person who knows campaigns. The great news is that people are starting early. It really is looking a lot like Christmas.

Will Dover Lead The Way In Protecting Taxpayers?

As usual, I am fighting the good fight for taxpayers. My friend, Councilman Tim Slavin developed a proposal that just makes sense. It requires a tax hike greater than 9.5% to go before the people in a plebiscite– a non-binding referendum before it can pass.

This is not a radical proposal. It does not prohibit or even hinder a moderate tax hike that may or may not be necessary. What it does is put the brakes on wholesale looting of the taxpayers, destruction of confidence in the job creating business community, and a crushing surprise on families that are already on the edge. Passing this sends a message to those who want to invest in Dover that we will manage our finances well and give you economic certainty. Dover is poised to have nearly a billion dollars of private investment flow into the city in the next decade. Will the city risk it by not giving a measure of certainty? If we can’t say to our families and businesses that we can’t keep tax increases in the single digits then we do not know how to manage our city.

In the competitive job market of the late 21st century, we need to compete with places that offer some measure of certainty for the cost of doing business. A cap on tax increases makes sense.

If the need for a huge tax increase is vital to the people’s interest, we can trust them to ratify the decision of Council. Large tax increases are disruptive to people’s livelihoods, budgets, and confidence in their government therefore they should have a buy in from the people. Without that buy in, they will ultimately fail. The circumstances that one could envision such as a large natural disaster that requires bonds to rebuild would have people’s support. There already is a provision for a referendum to increase the general obligation debt beyond a certain level, yet poor fiscal planning gets a pass. So why should we have one to increase taxes because of debt, but not have one to increase taxes because of poor policy or management? The fear is that people would not support a large tax hike. I say that is good. Large tax hikes are bad policy.

This is common sense. I have long favored referendum and tax limitation and will continue to fight for it. I fought to insure it goes to a floor vote in January and I hope that you all will take up the fight and get it passed.

Here is the State News coverage. http://delaware.newszap.com/centraldelaware/137059-70/dover-proposal-referendum-on-large-property-tax-hikes

Coddling Evil

I strongly support enhanced interrogation when necessary to gain information from key terror suspects. Senator Dianne Feinstein is ideologically opposed to the program and warped a senate report over the opposition of the facts, the CIA, and Republicans on the committee. If she gets her way, the world will be more dangerous. People have a right to question the value of the program versus our “values”, but they do not have to lie about what it gained. Di Fi is a liar. Just like her gun control agenda, she attacks the wrong people and gives aid and comfort to those who hurt Americans. It is the same attitude that reflexively condemns police before gathering facts and embraces hardened criminals. At home and abroad, progressives are a clear and present danger to the American people.

Listen to an expert.

“It’s a bunch of hooey,” James Mitchell told Reuters in an interview published Wednesday.
Story Continued Below
“Some of the things are just plain not true,” he said, adding that the report “took things out of context.”
Echoing other critics of the report, Mitchell said he believed it was intended to “smear” those involved with the interrogation program, although he wouldn’t not specifically say which parts were inaccurate, citing a non-disclosure agreement with the government.
In a separate interview with CBS, Mitchell took specific aim at Sen. Dianne Feinstein, chair of the Senate Intelligence committee.
“There is some sort of a beef with the CIA and Senator Feinstein and this is just her effort on the way out as the chairman to smear the men and women there,” he said.
Mitchell was referenced in the report by a pseudonym, along with Bruce Jessen, the other psychologist who devised the program.
Their company, Mitchell Jessen & Associates of Spokane, Washington, was outsourced much of the interrogation program from 2005 until it end edin 2009, Reuters reported.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/12/torture-report-senate-cia-113492.html#ixzz3Ld3EAxF1

Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The_12/11/14___Edition-

Some Delaware tidbits to include the highest paid Delaware employees….why all that overtime? Also Delaware massage parlors and a Sussex county council update…much more.

Cape May Ferry Getting Fix Up For Better Emissions

The first thing I ever learned about Delaware was its Lewes Ferry and, indeed, once when visiting Ocean City-and when I didn’t even know Delaware had beaches of its own-I took a ride on the Lewes Ferry with my then boyfriend.

It remains one of my better memories, though not the boyfriend, and I took my granddaughter on the ferry a few times and she loved it.

But man I was so worried about the emissions that thing was putting out that it took away some of my joy.

So now Delaware gets a big grant-formerly known as bribes-of almost a million dollars and is fixing this issue.

Gov. Jack Markell will join all three members of Delaware’s congressional delegation in Lewes on Monday to announce the $975,000 grant from the Environmental Protection Agency.
Officials say the Delaware River and Bay Authority will use the money to upgrade the Cape May-Lewes Ferry with low-emission marine propulsion engines in order to reduce toxic air emissions.

Who made the decision to use the grant money for this and was it the best choice?
Sussex County Council Updates

samwilsonFirst we have our Politico picture of the week, a new feature weekly on this Blog. This week we have Sam Wilson, a candid pic of this Sussex county stalwart. Sam looks just like….well Sam Wilson in this picture.

Sussex county Finance Director Gina Jennings gave a report on the new animal control contract. Below, as I was amused, a list of some of the abused animals picked up by animal control.

4 foxes, 1 lizard, 5 pot bellied pigs, 1 bat, 1 pony, 11 horses, 2 chickens.

2 Chickens?

Anyway the bill for Animal control will be $682,000 next year.

Next, about those councilmatic grants….below the list submitted for funds this past council session.

1. Eastern Shore AFRAM Festival for MLK Day of Celebration.
2. Laurel Fire Department to upgrade the handicap entrance.
3. West Rehoboth Community Land Trust for the purchase of property.
4. Rehoboth Beach Historical Society Museum for building improvements.

Note that first request. Not that I have any problem with AFRAM, whatever that is though I suspect it’s some sort of African-American solidarity type organization.

The question then arises, would an Italian-American organization be considered for such a grant? Going even further, should these councilmatic grants be allowed at all?

For once upon a time I was all for them, figuring better to have private organizations do some of this charitable/social work than to create more bureaucracies.

Then in a recent Sussex county council press packet I discover that the county, without both or stipulation of the particularly county council person assigned, has almost a million bucks it too gives out in grants, overseen, honestly and with great scrutiny I am sure, by the above mentioned Gina Jennings.

So these councilmatic grants are really just ways to buy votes and not relied upon to avoid bureaucracies as I once thought?

There’s welling debate about this practice and The Wise I is going to be doing some interviewing of the current council people on this matter in the upcoming weeks.

Finally, this past council session there was a vote to allow an RV park somewhere not zoned for such a thing and a campground also for somewhere not zoned.

The campground won the go-ahead from the county council but the RV park did not.

Joan Deaver, for whatever oddball reason, voted AGAINST both of these matters.

So okay….you people have got to decide what you want Sussex county to be. Do you want it to remain farm country? Something not likely to happen save for a few exceptions.

Does yon reader want Sussex county to rest its laurels on its wonderful beaches with trips to some family farms for an ice cream cone on rainy days?

Sussex county has a plethora of small town police departments. The county council wants nothing to do with a Sheriff and instead rents time from the Delaware State police. Isn’t it time we have a talk about law enforcement in this county, where we want to go with it. I came from Anne Arundel county Merryland and we had a county police force. Perhaps time for Sussex to do the same?

As for campgrounds, come on, Sussex county LOVES campgrounds!

RV’s? Not so much.

Again, time to have a discussion on where the living quarters of Sussex is headed. For many people, like myself, are re-locating to Sussex county for the high property taxes in NJ and Merryland, as they work to raise them high here as well.

We are a changing and growing locale and frankly I’m not sure the Sussex county council is up to the task.

Maybe if we take away their vote-buying money they can better concentrate on the future.
Massage Parlor Giving More Than Massages in Rehoboth Beach.

And yet we learn more about Sussex county’s confusion from the many “police” involved in this operation.

The Sussex drug force? The Sussex Governor’s Task Force? Troop 4 Major Crimes Unit?…on and on and on. We really need all this to shut down a massage parlor “business”?

On Thursday December 4, 2014 a joint operation was conducted targeting two local massage parlors in the Rehoboth Beach area. The following agencies were involved in the investigation: Delaware State Police Sussex Drug Task Force, Sussex Governor’s Task Force, Troop 4 Major Crimes Unit, Department of State Division of Professional Regulation, State of Delaware Department of Justice, and Department of Homeland Security Investigations.
The investigation began Thursday morning when an undercover detective arrived at the Top Quality Spa located at 37169 Rehoboth Avenue Extended for a massage. While performing the massage, the masseuse, Xiangyu Jin, 44 of Rehoboth, offered to perform a sex act in exchange for cash.

DNREC Sneaky Shenanigans

The Wise I wrote about a plan to raise hunting and fishing license fees, yada, yada….recently.

Thanks to the Cesar Rodney institute we learn the following:

Thanks to your phone calls, emails and faxes voicing opposition to the illegal manner in which DNREC’s Fish & Wildlife Division was attempting to cram license fee increases down the throats of Delaware’s hunters and trappers, The Advisory Council on Wildlife and Freshwater Fish voted last night to reject those license fee increases, at least for now.

In the closing hours of the 147th Delaware General Assembly, DNREC used an arcane legislative trick to add language in the “Epilogue” of the Bond Bill to give itself powers to raise fees for “services and activities”. Legislators tell us that this language was intended to give DNREC the power to raise fees in State Parks for one year, until DNREC could come back to the Legislature to get proper approval for fee increases that would be permanent.
DNREC was attempting to use that language to by-pass the Legislature in order to dramatically increase the cost of Hunting Licenses and Trapping Licenses across the board. Their actions are clearly unconstitutional and constitute a clear violation of the Separation of Powers Doctrine”.

It’s what happens when a bureaucracy goes viral, folks. DNREC is the first cousin of the federal EPA and they consider themselves just as powerful.

Our legislators are in on it as well, as recreational hunting and fishing is very popular in these parts. Our cowardly politicians don’t want to be on record as raising these rates so they look the other way as an unelected bureaucracy does the dirty deed.
When is overtime pay a little too much?

Again thanks to Cesar Rodney we learn of the two highest paid state employees in Delaware. The highest is a guy with a base salary of $99,000 yet total wages for the year at $371,000. That makes this guy’s overtime almost four times his base salary.

Same with the second highest paid employee with a base salary of $60,000 receiving overtime pay of over twice that base at $149,000.

Did payroll for thirty years folks….I’m an expert. No way would I ever let this go by. You got someone making triple or quadruple their base pay in overtime means one of two things: THERE IS NEEDED ANOTHER, MAYBE TWO, MORE PEOPLE TO DO THAT JOB!



Fifth, the compensation packages for selected individuals jump out from the data. Dr. Orlando George, Jr., for example, received $99,000 of supplemental pay on top of a salary of $371,000, making him far and away the highest paid state employee.

The second highest paid employee was Ekeoma Wogu in Health and Social Services who in addition to a salary of $60,000, received $149,000 of overtime pay and $15,000 of “other” pay. That much overtime pay seems equivalent to holding at least three full-time jobs, making sleep difficult.

I’m jus’ sayin’.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT :Will definitely put up the Sunday political talk show post, maybe more tidbits before this.

Newsweek features Wilmington as One of Most Dangerous Cities

It’s too bad the attention Wilmington is getting is negative, but there it is.  It truly is murder city.  I think Newsweek did a fairly good job of reporting conditions.  The fact of the matter is that unless Wilmington is cleaned up, the rest of Delaware will continue to suffer from its systemic poisoning.

Read the entire article here: http://www.newsweek.com/2014/12/19/wilmington-delaware-murder-crime-290232.html


Delaware Politics and Tidbits-Read It and Weep-The__12/8/14__Edition-

Today I write of many things for which I am not familiar. Indulge me as I ponder these strange twists of fate. Biff Lee, Bodenweiser trial and upcoming Sussex county GOP election news are covered, along with much more.

In Memory of Biff Lee 


I really don’t want to turn this Blog into a big exercise of in memorium what with the loss of a choir mate, the death of my priest for said choir members ceremony, and now….well I didn’t know Biff Lee though I did meet him once.

I am to understand that Mr. Lee served in the Delaware legislature and was a fireman in Laurel for many years.

Former Delaware state Rep. Clifford G. “Biff” Lee, who represented the 40th District (Laurel), died Tuesday afternoon at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Lee, a Republican who served 22 years in the Delaware General Assembly prior to retiring in 2012, had been battling cancer. He was 66.  His 67th birthday would have been Dec. 8.
Lee was also a retired Delaware State Police trooper, served on the Laurel Town Council and was a U.S. Air Force veteran. He was first elected to the Delaware General Assembly in 1990.

I met Biff Lee at a Sussex county GOP meeting. I recall he gave a rousing speech urging all of us to vote Republican.

Sounds like a good man to me. Three good men now in heaven.
Bodenweiser Trial Granted Change of Venue

Not that I am surprised save for that little quote about the change of venue being requested by the BODENWEISER defense.

Hey, I’m no lawyer but I’d think the prosecution would benefit more by a change of venue, NOT the defense.

The Eric Bodenweiser retrial will take place in Kent County and not Sussex. The change of venue requested by the Bodenweiser defense (Joe Hurley) was granted by Judge E Scott Bradley. The reason is the large amount of media coverage given to the trial and the hung jury results. Note to all involved: Delaware 105.9 can be heard in Kent County too…and I hear a rumor that Kent County also has the internet.

Eric Bodenweiser was arrested the day after his election to replace Delaware legislator Joe Booth for molesting a young boy many years ago. His first trial, held in Sussex county, ended with a hung jury.
Dewey Beach Winter Gala Cancelled

So I came across this article and was intrigued.

Seems some Dewey Beach business owners hold a winter gala during those cold times when the tourists are gone. The gala’s intent is to raise money for the Dewey Beach police department and for Dewey Beach’s lifeguard service.

As I am to understand, some upstart city business manager disallowed taking of funds specifically for the police department. And since some of the businesses/people participating in the Winter Gala evidently specify their contributions be given to the Dewey Beach police department….well can’t have people donating money where they want it now can we?

I understand the concept of a business donating to a police department might have the same police department beholden to those who donate.

And this is bad because?

If a business buys twelve tickets to the annual police ball are they not contributing to the police department.

I apologize if my ignorance shines but this just looks like more bureaucrats being….eh…bureaucratic.
Sussex GOP Holding Elections to its Executive Committee

Applications are now being accepted for all positions within the Sussex County GOP Executive Committee. Existing members who wish to continue, as well as any new folks interested in an Executive Committee position, must submit the required application form to the Secretary no later than 12/29/14
at Sussex GOP HQ, 131 East Market St, Georgetown. Forms can be left at HQ or scanned/emailed to Linda Creasy:  lindalou358@hotmail.com.    Any registered Republican in Sussex County is eligible, so please consider joining us!   Please use the on-line submit form and there will be no need to drop off or scan form. On line registration will be submitted directly to the Secretary.”

Another Blogger who I shall not name mentioned this normal turn of events with a long spiel on why the whole Sussex GOP election process is crooked and meant to create a new political elite.

Goodness. First of all, Chairman John Rieley already said he had no intention of running again so anybody who is a registered Republican in Sussex county can run for the position. Got until 12/29/14 to do it.

Fred Silva is the Vice-Chair and I heard he intended to keep that position. Still and so, one can run against him but goodness, when did Fred Silva every bring any harm to the GOP? Not to mention his pretty and hard-working wife.

Said disgruntled Blogger would also run for Silva’s position.

And if anybody wants to work doing Secretary or Treasurer work step right on up!

Also openings for area ED’s (electoral district chairs) or RD’s (representative district chairs), sign up.

Don’t let grumpy Bloggers discourage you.
Did you Know Delaware Had Its Own Day?

Delaware Day — December 7th, 1787
Since 1933, the Governors of the State of Delaware have proclaimed December 7th as Delaware Day in honor of that day in 1787, when Delaware became the first state to ratify the Federal Constitution, thus making Delaware the first State in the new Nation.

Something I didn’t know.

Bottle Deposit Law Expires

All I know about this new developing is that some years ago the Delaware legislature, with cajoling by DNREC, bureaucracy to end all bureaucracies, put a deposit on all bottles of soda except the two liter bottles.

This is the so-called “recycle” law that the state wants desperately to hide from us peasants that we not know what it’s for.

From a recent press conference held by DNREC we learn that the state has collected millions from this deposit and many pretty recycle containers have been purchased.

Be interesting to see if this year’s legislature, not quite the Democratic super-majority it once was, puts that deposit back in place.

We shall keep yon readers apprised.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT : Going to BJ’s tomorrow, can’t do Sussex county council meeting. Somebody call me if anything important happens.

China’s Economy not really as big as ours

China’s purchasing power may be as great as ours. It is the first step to China’s climb into the top position. Reports that China has the World’s largest economy are premature. It is only by one measure, purchasing power while all other measures show the U. S. solidly ahead. It also is an estimate Marketwatch did without having data to analyze after the year ends and may be off 15% either way. In other words, it is more useful as a headline than a fact. Forgive me for not hyperventilating over the headline. Still, it should open up a discussion.

In the 1870’s, the U. S. took over from the U. K. as the world’s largest economy, at the rate we are not growing and China is, sometime in the next 15 years, China will prove their theory that the history operates in 500 year cycles between East and West. The good news for the U. S. is that we are a Pacific Rim nation. We are poised to profit either East or West. None of this is inevitable.

The problem is that we have lost almost a decade with terrible economic polices and are poised to keep losing ground. The average American has not seen income growth of significance in 15 years. During the Obama years, 95% of income growth has gone to 1% of the population, which makes Democrat cries of income inequality worse than empty rhetoric. Merely transferring wealth around does not grow an economy. Europe proved it just leads to stagnation. The Communists proved it can lead to worse. The American experience and to a lesser degree the Chinese experience shows that economic growth is the key to prosperity.

The sad part is that America is consumed with media generated controversy while our economy is being plundered. If the people really knew what was going on, they would be in the streets for something that mattered. People are frustrated, but they have no idea who is responsible or how to fix it so it goes on unabated.

If we reformed our regulatory state so it wasn’t such a burden on innovation, fundamentally reformed our tax system via the Fair Tax, controlled our debt increase, practiced truly free trade not manipulated trade to benefit to groups that write deals, real financial reform that includes a 21st century Glass-Steagall Act, and a modern infrastructure, we would be unstoppable. We don’t demand it so we don’t have it.

Oil, Oil, In Abundance, The Magic Elixir That Feuls The Masses

I arose from a sound sleep to put the cat out, make coffee this morning and turn on Fox Business for the stock futures. Lo and Behold, oil had dropped another $1.35 a barrel and was now at the unheard of price of $64.49 over the weekend.

Wow, I thought, that dropping gas prices must soon follow. After all, when I spoke to my brother who resides in South Carolina, he had just filled his 40 foot RV for $2.34 a gallon at a local gas station for a run to Tucson Arizona. (lucky dog) I started to think about why after the price of oil drops almost daily with occasional rebounds, that the price of gas in Delaware is at about $2.75 a gallon. I already know all the disclaimers of delivery zones and charges for that, but I don’t believe that for one minute. They have to come up with a better excuse. Heard rumors that in Oklahoma, gas is being sold for under $2.00 a gallon! Hard to believe, have to check it out later.

I know they didn’t pass the 10 cent per gallon hike at the general assembly. Thinking of that proposed gas tax hike, Gov. Markell will certainly be looking to replace that lost revenue from the failing casinos. He found out the hard way that levying a 43% tax, right off of the top from the casinos wasn’t working (Duh). With the competition so stiff in the casino business, I’m surprised that our casinos are still able to compete at any level after being ravaged by the Delaware General Assembly. Why didn’t they arrive at the casinos with masks and guns and rob them? At least then, the insurance companies would have reimbursed the casinos. And of course, with the current Dept of Justice, they would not have been arrested.

It may take an Act of Congress

The Fort Hood soldiers shot by Army psychiatrist Maj. Nidal Hasan turned terrorists may finally get the designation as having battlefield recognition in what was said to be the deadliest attack on a domestic military installation in American history. The Pentagon has refused to give such recognition and the benefits including PTSD treatment that goes with it. The incident has been classified as workplace violence.

After much frustration with 3 Secretaries of Defense, the House passed on voice vote the Carter, Conway, and Williams amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act which would give them the recognition the Texas Republicans believe they should have. This time, the Senate seems on board with Senators Cornyn and Cruz giving it top priority.

The amendment according to the Washington Examiner would allow Purple Hearts to be awarded to “members of the armed forces killed or wounded in domestic attacks inspired by foreign terrorist organizations,”. In the age of ISIS calling for domestic attacks and internet training (which is how Hasan began to radicalize), this is something that we need to get right. The War on Terrorism is not just overseas.

These patriots should not have to wait another year to be properly served. This has been a national disgrace. If it takes an Act of Congress to fix it, so be it. One does have to wonder where the vaunted pen has been for this one. It was within the executive’s authority to do this. Let’s be grateful that after 5 years, Congressmen Carter, Conway, and Williams did not give up.

The National Scene-Sunday Political Talk Shows 12/7/14:

 My man Rush Limbaugh blows them away on Fox News Sunday. Wife of Eric Garner tells it like it was. Mayor de Blasio continues to throw cops under the bus. Much more.

FOX NEWS SUNDAY (Fox Network): Radio Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh; Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La.

MEET THE PRESS (NBC): Esaw Garner, widow of the unarmed black man whose chokehold death has sparked protests across the country; the Rev. Al Sharpton; Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter; Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed; Cyrus Vance, Manhattan district attorney; Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, governor-elect.

FACE THE NATION (CBS): William Bratton, New York Police commissioner; Cornell William Brooks, NAACP president; John Scott Thomson, police commissioner in Camden, New Jersey; Peter Westmacott, British ambassador to the U.S.

THIS WEEK (ABC): New York Mayor Bill de Blasio; Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif.; Gov. John Kasich, R-Ohio.

STATE OF THE UNION (CNN): Former President George W. Bush; Julian Castro, Housing and Urban Development secretary; Rep. Joaquin Castro, D-Texas; Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich.

Hands down my man Rush Limbaugh wins the best guest of the week prize. He was wonderful.

Rush did make an error in the use of the word “literally”, something that is my personal pet peeve. Rush, verbal wordsmith that he is, often mis-uses this term, as do many.

Limbaugh said that these riots “literally” tore apart the fabric of the nation.

No, Rush, there is no “fabric” to “liberally” be torn apart. Rush meant those riots “figuratively” tear apart the fabric of our nation.

rushlimbaughRush did made two important points with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. First, about the Eric Garner case, did anybody take note that he was taken down by FOUR cops for selling single cigarettes? Rush rightly pointed out that if it weren’t for NY State wanting the tax money those single cigarettes would bring in maybe Garner wouldn’t have died.

Rush also, again rightfully, pointed out that for all this fake fear of a government shutdown-so-called, that what? Maybe 15% of the government was shut down, that those people got paid leave time, that President Obama shut down a WWII memorial for mean spite and all White House tours even though the secret service was working. So right there the notion of a government shutdown is fake.

Then Rush said, God bless the man, that the elite Blue Blood Republicans do NOT want to defund Obama’s dictatorial immigration executive order because it’s what they want as well.

Which is true, so says The Wise I, who totally agrees with Rush.

Oh, and Rush did push his recent book so I must mention that my granddaughter got a copy from me for her birthday party yesterday. SHE LOVES RUSH’S BOOKS! I hear she’s already reading it.

Over on “Meet the Press” we had the wife of Eric Garner and good ole Al Sharpton as guests.

First, let me remark that Al Sharpton’s head is entirely too big for his strange and newly thin body. I’m jus’ sayin’.

As for Esaw Garner…yes that’s her name, she was right honest about her husband, who she says was “lazy” and that’s why he sold cigarettes singly on the street.

At some point MTP had a round table that featured allegedly intelligent people saying it was time for this country to discuss police brutality and while we’re at it…something called “income inequality”.

Heh. Looks like the liberal guests got their talking points this morning…ie…be sure to link these recent police deaths with income inequality and soon we’ll pass laws that everyone must make the same amount of money.

Or something.

I’d heard that CNN’s Candy Crowley, a perfectly awful political talk show hostess who I complain about quite often, was, snort, “leaving” the network.

CNN’s “State of the Unions”, still featuring that horrible host, castrobrothershad an interview with George W. Bush, for his book it would seem, and had those magnificent Castro brothers on.

• From Wikipedia

Julián Castro Spanish pronunciation: [huˈljan];) (born September 16, 1974) is an American politician who became the 16th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development on July 28, 2014. Castro served three terms as the Mayor of San Antonio, Texas
Joaquin Castro was officially sworn into office on January 3, 2013 becoming a member of the 113th United States Congress,

These two guys, jokers both, had nothing of worth to say. Still they are obviously on track to be the next Hispanic Obama so we must keep eye upon.

Over on “This Week” we had that horrible Mayor of New York , Bill de Blasio, he who sold his soul for the mayorship. As he did this past week, de Blasio threw his city’s police force under the bus and vowed he would “re-educate” them.

What a perfectly horrible man.

Speaking of horrible men, Paul Krugman was also on with George Stephenopoulous and he defended de Blasio, which I imagine what he was paid to do.

Finally we had “Face the Nation” featuring William Bratton, New York Police commissioner. This guest spoke out of both sides of his mouth so much I can’t even tell yon reader his stance on anything.

The narrative this week was mostly on those two grand jury results and these elite media types all sit around discussing this somberly when it happens so seldom.

I do not respond to comments on my posts. I certainly have no problem with such commentary and, indeed, encourage it. But I’ve written my piece and I don’t want to argue it further.

Please feel free to email me at patfish1@aol.com if you want to send me a special comment or have any ideas or information you want to share.

NEXT :Sussex county council and a couple of steaming tidbits.

Road Kill

Poor Mary Landrieu, she was abandoned and left for road kill before she was even defeated 57 to 43% in yesterday’s runoff.

How do you already have 1.9 million in ad time already reserved then pull it publicly? How do you abandon a senior member of your caucus and committee chair when the logic of her campaign is that her seniority and respect on the Hill is why voters need to keep her. It gives them clout in both parties.

Then when she needed a vote on the Keystone Pipeline XL that President Obama once said he favored and his own State Department says is safe and will create 40k jobs and have 172 billion dollar boost in the U. S. economy, they let her swing in the wind 1 vote shy with the White House working behind the scenes to undermine her. It is a foregone conclusion that the bill will pass in two months. Democratic constituencies such as labor and lower income working class voters see blocking it as a symbol for what’s wrong with Democrats. Some environmental groups put up a big fuss, but they have no logical case. Not having the pipeline won’t stop the oil from being used. Without it, it will be transported in more hazardous ways such as tankers both sea and rail. If Landrieu had the victory and the 2 million, maybe she could have made conservatives who voted for someone other than Cassidy feel like it didn’t matter if they showed up. Maybe she could have motivated blacks who supported her but needed better work to come out. Maybe she could have recovered the labor portion of the white vote, the almost half of her white support that she lost with her slavish support of the Obama agenda.

In the end, Democrats didn’t care about Senator Landrieu because she was relatively moderate. The party is sliding hard left and outside of the mainstream of much of the country. It seems that they where happy to lose Pryor and Landrieu.

Much coverage is given to the fractious fighting in the GOP. It is real and deserves coverage. What is overlooked is that the hard left is doing the same in Democratic Party. The Occupy wing is driving the rhetoric of the party–though not substantive action.

It is why Hillary Clinton feels compelled to make GOP ads. She would rather be recorded saying that businesses don’t create jobs or we need to empathize with our enemies than have a Bernie Sanders come in strong on her left. She is terrified of being tea partied except from the left.

After watching poor Mary being stabbed in the back then tossed on the side of road, who can blame her?

Where public policy meets common sense